MG FF Vivah Bandhan-Part 6


He was behaving like machine, even though he sat in theatre he did not look at the movie name also, he was just nodding his head for whatever Sameera said without listening to her



Maan loved Sameera whole heartedly, when Amardeep and Pallavi came to know about Maan and Sameera they strictly said that they will not accept Sameera as Daughter in law of Khurana’s and also warned him saying if he wants to marry Sameera then first he should kill his parents and then he can go ahead and marry Sameera. Maan loves his parents very much and he did not want to hurt his parents to he agreed to get married to the girl his parents select for him, for him love is Sameera and he thought that he do not have any right to think about other girl then Sameera. But he heard lot about his parents from his Dadima, she used to tell him how his parents did vrat and poojas to give birth to him and how much they struggled also. So he thought it is his responsibilities to look after them very well and also see to that they are happy

Maan Geet shadi keliye sirf kuchi din bacha hai, and here Arjun is not able to digest it, he was not able to sleep and eat properly, he likes his sister Geet very much and will not tolerate if she is in slight pain also, if she get little pain he wont leave is mom and dad also, and will shout at them, at last Geet only should convince him


For Mohinder and Rano, Geet and Arjun were like two eyes for them, Geet was everybody’s favorite, Geet was very good in studies and when she got passed in all classes by getting first rank, she even completed her degree when she was 18 years, her parents and brother were proud of her

Arjun who completed his BE and after he got job in Tech Mahindra he used to spend half of the salary for Geet dress, flowers, movies, Geet also likes Arjun very much. She will be waiting for him till he comes from office; if he comes late she will get restless unless she sees him, she will be standing near the gate. So Arjun will never go with other friends to any of the parties or anywhere, he will come directly from office to home, if he is late due to the work or anything he used to call Geet and inform her in advance so that she wont get tension, Mohinder friends and Arjun friends were surprise to see bonding between them

Today Arjun came to home soon after getting permission from his office so that he can spend sometime with Geet, when he entered his house he saw Rano who was busy telling how to behave in her sasural

Arjun: maa aab bus bhi kijiyee…aur kitna torture karogi mere behan ko and called Geet to his room and when Geet came inside he said “Geet get ready soon, we will go for movie

Geet: Bhaiya aapko pata hai iss maine hum kamse kam 5 movie dekh chuke hai…this month half of your salary went for movie itself, you will do OT and not take enough rest also, if you do like this then your health will be spoiled..Scolded Arjun lovingly

Arjun: Even I am not interest to watch movie Geet, I just want to spend some time with you, if we start talking maa will get irritated with us, so movie ka bahana karke tumhe bahar le jaa raha hoon. First of all your would be husband is strict, and after marriage if you also get his disease then it will  be problem so before your marriage I want to finish off all the talking with you..only few days left for the marriage and from Geet you will become Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana, wife of a famous foreign return doctor and that too Daughter in law of rich family…then will you listen to me…said Arjun jokingly

Geet had tears in her eyes after listening to Arjun and said “why are you troubling me bhaiya? Mein kisi ka biwi banhu par kya farq padta hai, you were my loving brother and will be always my best buddy, in your love I was so much happy here, I dunno how my life will be after marriage”

Arjun: Geet I was just pulling your leg dear, but you have already started to cry. You see Maan will love you more than me, in his love will forget us , now firest get ready its getting late

Geet loves her brother very much, she was just thinking about her future, after marriage she should go to her sasural, she was getting worried thinking about leaving her parents and brother she should go, if she suffer from small pain also Arjun was not able to bare that, daily he will bring her flowers and sweet, he will help her in putting gajra on her hair, brother and sister talk so much in the night after his work he will come to home and after dinner before going to sleep they both will share what happened on the day and laugh pulling each other leg. Sometime Rano used to get irritate with their talk and shouts at them then they will go to sleep, Looking at Arjun and Geet bonding Mohinder thought to bring Daughter in law first, but his wife and Arjun strictly denied saying he will not marry, and then without any other option Mohinder started to search alliance for Geet with the help of Arjun


Here Pallavi tried to make Maan happy by telling Nakul to prepare his favorite food and she used to make him sit beside her, and then used to praise Geet beauty and her melodious voice m but Maan kept quiet listening to his mother without objecting.

Pallavi (ST): kya hum galat kar rahe hai Maan ko iss shadi ke liye zabardasti karke, par uss Sameera ke sath Maan ka shadi hargiz nahi hogi…shadi ke badh sub teek hoga…Geet bahut achi ladki hai…wo Maan ko seedha karegi

Pallavi showed all the jewels which she selected for Geet to Maan and said “Maan just look at the jewels design once and if you don’t like then we can go and change, and then don’t tell me that these all are old fashion jewels anyhow you only should like it when Geet wears it”

Maan without interest said: Maa how will I know about designs, I know only to check diseases of patients and without waiting for the answer he went to his room

Pallavi got hurt with his behavior and she went to Amardeep and informed him about Maan’s disinterest in the marriage. Amardeep was also worried and consoled Pallavi saying “Pallavi utna math socho, shadi ke pehle sub aise he behave karte, shadi ke badh biwi ki pallu mein chipake rehete hai…I dunno why are you worrying so much?…agar tume itna tension ho raha hai toh hum Maan ka shadi uss Sameera se karva lete hai…badh mein jaye wo dono, hum shimla mein jake rahete hai…Mohinder ji se mafi mang lete hai…its all fate chalo hamara bagh mein bete aur bahu ka sath jeena nahi lika hai”…Amardeep shared his feelings with his wife

Pallavi: aap kya khe rahe woo, agar Maan aise hey rehna chaye toh mujhe manjoor hai, agar hamara vansh agay nahi bada toh mujhe dukh nahi hai par mein uss characterless ladki ko mera ghar mein bahu ke roop mein kabhi nahi dekhsakti…saying sternly Pallavi went out of the room


After few days marriage preparations started


Sangeet ceremonies are fun filled occasion and a time for singing and dancing to the beats of dholak and tunes of latest pop music. The sangeet was combined with a cocktail party. Arjuns friends, Mohinder’s friends and relatives joined the function and even it was same in Maan’s house




Left leg

Right leg

Four lamps or diyas are lit and Geet is made to sit facing them. Oil is constantly poured into the lamps, so that the glow from diyas is reflected on her face. Vatna involves applying the paste made from turmeric powder and mustard oil all over the Geet’s body by her female friends and relatives. This is done to make the girl look more beautiful on the special day of our life

Ghara Ghardoli
The Ghara Ghardoli follows the Vatna. In the Ghara Ghardoli ritual, the bride’s sibling or sibling’s spouse visits the nearby temple and fills a pitcher with holy water. The girl is then bathed with this holy water. Thereafter, the bride wears their wedding attire. The ghara ghardoli and the vatna ceremonies take place at the groom’s house too. But over there, the boy’s sister-in-law brings the pitcher of water. As per the tradition, their wedding dress is presented to them by their respective maternal uncles.


Maan and Geet Marraige



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