MG FF Vivah Bandhan-Part 5


Geet went and sat near the window, when she just closed her eyes Maan’s picture came in front of her, there was no admiration for her, she was able to feel his uneasiness, and thought “like Arjun said, is Maanjii is arrogant and have attitude, or as papa and mom said he is suitable for me, I am not able to understand anything, she dunno who is right and who is wrong” then she came out of her thought and stood in front of god and said “aaj tak job hi hua hai mera zindagi mein aap meri sath hamesha the, babaji aapki bacchi ka shadi ho raha hai, please mera sath relijiye, aur mujhe himmat dijiye ki shadi ke badh mera hare k kartavy puri karoob”




 Geet went to her bed thinking about her future, meanwhile Arjun entered her room and asked “Geet, tum teek toh ho naa?”

Geet; haa bhaiya mein teek hoon…aap aise kyun pooch rahe ho

Arjun: Pata nahi Geet, mujhe aisa kyun lag raha hai kit um pareshaan mein hoo

Geet smiled at him and said “Bhaiya aap phele jake so jahiye, kal Monday hai, aap ko office jana hai”

Arjun caressed her head and said “Geet ek bhath dyaan mein rako, tum mera subh kush wo, abhi bhi aur shadi ke badh bhi, kuch bhi problem wo promise karo kit um phele mujhe batavogi, you should not hide anything from me Geet, you can call me anytime and don’t think that tum parayi hogaye”

Geet: haan bhaiya mein aapko batavungi aap chinta math kejiye…mera shadi ke liye abhi bhi waqt hai, uske barien mein him badh mien bhath karlenge, now go and sleep its already late

Arjun smiled at his cute princess then pinched her cheeks and ran to his room because he knows she will take her revenge. Geet was first shocked and then fumed in anger then decided she will look after him in the morning and went to sleep.


Here when Khuranas reached Delhi it was midnight, none spoke with each other, dinner was prepared by Nakul and he was waiting for them, after dinner everyone went to their respective rooms.

Next day morning itself Amardeep called Mohan and told “Mohan mujhe Maan ke shadi jaldi karana hai, aap phele Mohinderji se bhath karlijeye uske badh Pandith is milkar ek Subh muhurath nikaliye…mujhe Geet ko mere bahu ke roop mein dekhna hai”

Mohan: aap fikar math kijeye Khurana sabh I will look into that and let you know

After sometime Mohan spoke to Pandith Balaram purohit and told him to come to Khurana Mansion As Balaram was friend of Mohinder he informed him that he will reach as soon as possible because he is in Delhi today. Mohan informed same to Amardeep and they waited for Balaram

Around lunch time Balaram entered Khurana Mansion and was spellbound with the interiors it was looking not less than palace. He was happy that Geet is going to have princess life here also

Amardeep: Pandith Ji ladki wale se mera bhath ho chuki hai, unn logo ne muhurath nikalneka samay hamara upar chod diya hai, aur aapko hamara barien mein pata he hoga. Hame dowry nahi chahiye, Maan is my only son, all this property belongs to him only so we are not expecting anything from girl’s side, bass shadi acchi tarase hoo

Balaram: Khuranaji hume apke barien mien pata hai…aap chinta math ke jiye Mohinder Geet ke shadi doom daam se karna chate hai, wo kya hai naa Geet uss ghar ka princess hai, ab usko bahut payar karte hai, Geet apke bete Maan ke liye bani hui hai, bahu sundar , sushil aur sulji hui ladki hai…he praised Geet

Amardeep: Pandithji mujhe bhi pata hai ki Geet Maan ke liye sacchi jeevan sathi hai, isliye mein unn dono ka shadi jaldi se jaldi karna chati hoon…aap aaj he Mohinderji se bhath kar lijiye…ek acche muhurath nikal ke hume inform ke jiye

Balaram:  ok Khurana ji mein apko jaldi se khush kabar dedunga

Later after lunch Balaram, Amardeep informed his driver to drop Balaram at railway station, after Balaram went Amaradeep was in deep thought, he dunno what he is doing right or wrong, so he decided to talk to his wife Pallavi and called her to their room

Pallavi came inside room and asked “aap ne mujhe bulaya”

Amardeep: Pallavi tune Maan se Geet ke barein mien kuch poocha kya?

Pallavi: Maan se kya puchna jii…Maan ne hume phele hai hey zimandari soumpa kee hume aapne bahu ko choose karne ke liye, and he also said that he do not have any problem with that and if we ask now he will say the same thing, Maan ne Brij se friendship karke bigad gaya hai

Amardeep: Pallavi isliye meine socha ki Maan ka shadi jaldi se kardena chahiye, Agar hum Maan ka bhath sunkar Brij ke bhehan se Maan ka shadi kar liya toh hum dono raste pe kada honge, uski maa aur baap dono club mien subhe se shaam taq peethe rahete hai. Jaise Maa aur Baap waise beta aur beti bhi hai, uska avatar meine mera dosth ka party mein dekha hai, sharab peena, smoking karna aur toh aur ladke ke aur girke dance karna, Maan ko hey sabh nahi dikta, usko lag raha hai ki hey sabh modern trend hai, isliye hume sochna pada Maan ke zindagi ke barien mien

Pallavi: aap teek keh rahe hai, mujhe bhi mera dosth ne Sameera ke barien mein kafi kuch bataya, par abhi Maan shadi keliye haan kaha hai, jab hum Geet to dekhne gaye the Maan ne ek baar bhi Geet ke taraf nahi dheka hai, mera chinta hey ki kal kuch hoonch neech hogaya toh Geet zindagi bar rote rahegi…mien uske zindagi barbad nahi karna chati

Amardeep: Pallavi tume bhi nahi pata kya Diamond or glass ki difference. Geet diamond hai, jab Geet uske samne rahegi toh wo uss Sameera ke barien mein nahi sochne ka time nahi milega aur mila hey bhi toh uske barien mein nahi sochega…aur mujhe mere bete mein pura barosa hai, Maan ko hamara parampara, risthey , Bhagwan mein pura barosa hai…dekho Pallavi Maan mera umeed nahi thodega, ek na ek din Maan ko hamara decision sali lagega.  Ek baar iss VIVAH BHANDAN mein pada toh then he cant come out from Bandhan that easily.

Amardeep told this to convince his wife but andar hi andar he was afraid of Geet’s life. Here Balaram met Handas and they decided marriage date after 15days because it was very auspicious day and informed same to Khurana and they happily agreed to that. Pallavi informed about the wedding date to Maan to which he did not told anything.


Maan is very down to earth, and he sometime he will not take consulting fee from the patients who were financially poor, even he used to pay for their medicines also, for him all patients are equal he never differentiated between rich and poor patients. Even though Khurana Hospital is private you can find both rich and poor there, Maan is very strict in his job. Sometime people used to wait for him even if it is late, patient used to get cure soon.

 Maan was in his hospital; Sameera who came to hospital parked her car and came to Maan’s cabin, where he was busy checking his patients and prescribing medicine to them, Sameera came inside without knocking his cabin door saying sexily “hi Maan”. Maan did not like Sameera entering his cabin and he did not want to show in front of his patients so he welcomed her and told her to sit in couch. Sameera came to know that Maan did not like her in his cabin she patiently waited for him without cribbing, after patients went out Sameera said “Maan you wont get free from you patients only, I dunno why you treat poor patients when they cant afford your consulting fees also”

Maan did not like it and said “Sameera you cant understand that so leave and tell me why you are here”

Sameera: no Maan you are taking me wrong has my mom said you can treat rich and earn more, you should give special treatment for them

Maan did not want to continue this talk and asked “how come you are here Sameera”

Sameera: tumse milne ayee hoon Maan, Mujhe aur koi nahi pata hai edar..bore ho raha hai Maan chalo bahar chalte hai

Then Maan called his assistant Dr Aditya and informed him to take care of the hospital and went along with Sameera. When they reached parking area Sameera said “PVR Select Citywalk Saket mein acche picture hai, chalo naa Maan chalte hai”

Maan: nahi Sameera patients zada hai, Aditya cant handle, I will join you some other day, keeping patients here if I got to movie then it will against my ethics

Sameera pulled him forcefully and made him to sit in the car and said “tum aise nahi manogi chalo”

Maan was not feeling good, he was not able to decide anything, he was silent then Sameera saw his face and touched his cheek and said “kya Doctor jee, aapki girlfriend aapke sath hai phir bhi aap deep thought mein hai

Maan: Sameera, I think you would have come to know that my marriage is fixed, so I am not interest in anything

Sameera: yeah Maan, Brij told me everything, but I dunno why you are taking it so seriously you are behaving like volcano hit on your head

Maan was shocked when listen to Sameera, “he thought Sameera will cry after getting know about his marriage and request him to not to leave her, and force him to not to get married, but everything was upside down, leave about crying even there was no pain in her face and she was smiling as usual “

He was behaving like machine, even though he sat in theatre he did not look at the movie name also, he was just nodding his head for whatever Sameera said without listening to her



Maan thinking about his and Sameera relation

Arjun and Geet talking

Pallavi showing jewels to Maan

Maan and Geet Marraige


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