MG FF Vivah Bandhan Part 4



Arjun for very happy and thought “if Maan get married to Geet, he is lucky enough to get such a beautiful wife”. Pallavi and Amardeep spoke for sometime and Amardeep said “Mohinder jii hamme Geet pasand hai agar log ko bhi pasand hai toh hum aaj hee rokha aur engagement karlenge”



Pallavi: ek minute lets first ask with Geet then we can proceed further

Amardeep: Ohh sorry I forgot about that, and then turned to Mohinder and said “Mohinder Jee please ask with Geet”

Mohinder: its not necessary, Geet will not go against us. I will call Pandit first

Everyone agreed with Mohinder and he called his friend Balaram purohit and informed about Geet’s alliance and told him to come as soon as possible. Pandit Balaram purohit came to Mohinder’s house after half an hour and checked Geet’s and Maan’s kundali and told them they are made for each other and today is very good day for rokha and if both family agrees they can exchange rings also. All very happy but Maan did not showed any emotions. Arjun who was sitting beside Maan looked at his face and thought “I think Maan is not interested in this alliance and for me Geet’s happiness is important, I cant see Geet in tears, this man who is sitting beside me do not show any emotions, he is sitting like a stone as if these things are not related to him, my Geet is princess she is so beautiful and cute but he did not even looked at her face once, aur Geet itna acche Ghana gayee phir bhi he is sitting like a rock,  first I should stop my father and talk to him privately iss se phele dher ho jayee”. Arjun got up from his seat and said “papa I want to talk to you”

Mohinder: haan beta zaroor par abhi nahi hamme bahut sara kaam hai, hum log araam se badh mein bath karte hai

Arjun kept quiet because he saw Maan and his family was looking at him, Balaram purohit informed them to do rokha before 8.00pm to which both family agreed.  Then Mohinder and Amardeep decided to not to call anyone now, let it be simple function and they decided to have grand wedding

Maaneet Roka

The Roka ceremony where the boy and girl give their commitment to get married to each other is performed at the house of the bride-to-be.. The ceremony consists of a simple puja that is conducted by a Balaram purohit, followed by an exchange of gifts between the two families.

Shagan and chunni chadana

The ceremonies are combined together, The Balaram purohit performed a havan. Mohinder applied tilak on the forehead of Maan. Geet is dressed in clothes and jewellery that have been presented to her by her future in-laws. She is also presented a red chunni by the Pallavi. She receives more jewellery and gifts from her in-laws as part of the ceremony. Her mother-in-law feeds her boiled rice and milk as part of the ritual.

After the ritual Maan and Geet exchanged rings

Geet’s ring

Maan’s ring

When all the ceremonies going on Arjun was looking at Maan who was silent and did not talk to anyone, he was doing all the things has his mom said and did not utter a word also, everyone sighed in relief because they have finished rituals before eight.  Geet just saw Maan face which was shocking so much anger

Geet who was sitting beside her future in-laws looked at Maan from corner of eyes but he was just looking at his cell phone, she was confused with his behavior, from the time he came she saw him more than 4 – 5 times but he did not see her, after sometime Khuranas were ready to leave and Geet stood near the window and looked at him, but Maan went and sat in his car and closed the window, Geet was in dilemma, dunno what she should till now her brother and father took care of everything and today she dunno whether they are right or wrong.


After Khuranas left Mohinder Rano and Arjun sat on couch and Geet went to change her dress and here Arjun said “Papa, mujhe ladka pasand nahi aya, and without our concerns how can you decide so early about Geet ristha we dunno anything about him, he is so arrogant and have attitude,I think its better we cancel this engagement “

Mohinder did not liked Arjun’s talk and first of all he like Maan very much, and thought “Maan beta kitna handsome hai aur hamare Geet ke liye, they are rich also and he is doctor by profession, I want Geet to get marry to Maan”, Rano who listened to Arjun was shocked. Then Mohinder consoled Arjun and said “Arjun, you are also young, you do not have experience in this, see Arjun Maan is rich, handsome and well known doctor, and if he have attitude also it is good, we are from girl’s side and we should take his attitude seriously, but think about Geet, his parents liked her very much”

Arjun: its not like that papa, I was watching him from the time he came in, our Geet is so beautiful and there no admiration in his eyes and he did not even seen her at once also

Mohinder: Arjun you cant expect everyone to be like you, agar tum soch the wo ki ladki samne baiti hai usko goorke dekhna hai phir wo accha sankar nahi hai Arjun, when I got married I did not even seen your mom till our wedding

Arjun: Papa bass kejiye, purane jamane ki bath math kejiye aab, aise lagta hai aap dadu ka bath key rahe hai mujhe jo wo apke shadi ke waqt kaha tha, it you think deeply, history says that at that time they used to conduct swayamvar where girl can select her future husband

Rano: will you both stop now, jab se dekh rahi hoon, ek dusrse se bayes kar rahe wo, jab shadi hogi tab Maan aur Geet ek dusro ko samjkar agaye badenge, aur mera mann key rahi hai ek Maan Geet ke liye sahi hai, ek aur bath engineer sala ke liye doctor jiju sahi hai

Arjun did not like it and said you did not even ask Geet whether she liked Maan or not

Mohinder: jab meine aaj Geet ko dekha, tab mujhe laga ki usko Maan pasand hai, aur tumara bath hayee katam karo Arjun mein jara bahar hoke hata hoon

Then Rano silently went to kitchen , Arjun saw his father going out and Mom to kitchen he went to Geet’s room, they did not knew that Geet has listened to their conversation. When Arjun entered room he saw Geet sitting in bed and playing with her long hair, he came towards her and pulled her hair then turned her face towards him; he saw that she was crying

Arjun wiped her tears and said seriously “Geet, kyun choti bacchi ki tarah roh rahi who, if you don’t like Maan you can tell me dear I am there with you, whatever may happen I will not let this marriage happen”

Rano who came to check Geet, listened to Arjun and said “Arjun, she is crying because after marriage she should leave you and go, you see after some days she will say that she don’t want to get marry and wants to leave with you lifetime” and then looked at Geet and said “Geet, har ladki ko apne mayke chodkar sasural jana padta hai, dekho shadi ke badh tumhe tumara sasural bahut accha lagega, aur tum Maan ke maa aur baap ko apne maa baap samjogi” and then looked at Arjun and said “hamara pyaar Geet ke liye strength banna chahiye Arjun, and not weekness, hamara pyaar uska ageka zindagi karab nahi karna chahiye, leave her alone for sometime once she feel relief she will join us at hall” then Rano touched Geet cheek and said “hai naa beta” to which Geet nodded her head. Later Arjun and Rano went from Geet’s room

Geet went and sat near the window, when she just closed her eyes Maan’s picture came in front of her, there was no admiration for her, she was able to feel his uneasiness, and thought “like Arjun said, is Maanjii is arrogant and have attitude, or as papa and mom said he is suitable for me, I am not able to understand anything, she dunno who is right and who is wrong” then she came out of her thought and stood in front of god and said “aaj tak job hi hua hai mera zindagi mein aap meri sath hamesha the, babaji aapki bacchi ka shadi ho raha hai, please mera sath relijiye, aur mujhe himmat dijiye ki shadi ke badh mera hare k kartavy puri karoob”




Amardeep wants Maan to get married soon

Amardeep and Pallavi talking

Maneet marriage date fixed

Maan sameera meeting


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