MG FF Vivah Bandhan Part 3

Vivah Bandhan



Mumbai is a city of dreams.Mumbai like any other metropolitan city is beautiful. It has its own problem but at the end of the day, its beautiful. It was Saturday evening in Mumbai, has it is evening time, enjoying and refreshing breeze.   Mohinder was instructing Rano who was in Kitchen to prepare dishes for the Mehmaans fast and also to Geet to get ready before the boy family comes,  Mohinder got ready and came to the front door each and e very minute to check whether the boy family has come or not. Meanwhile Arjun, who went out to bring some things which his mother told him, parked his car and came inside and saw his dad Mohinder who was eagerly waiting for Khuranas and said “Papa, aap shanti se edar baiteye” showing  the couch and continued “you no need to take tensions, Khurana’s are also human beings and they will be here by 4.30pm as the broker said and I have already informed the broker to call me when they are near to the house, so please be clam and wait for them”…saying this he went to Geet’s room

Even though Arjun told Mohinder to not to take tension, Mohinder was not able to sit quietly ,then he remembered how they have started to search alliances for Geet before six months itself, some guys Mohinder rejected thinking that the guy is not suitable for his daughter and some guys have been rejected by Arjun because he need prince charming for his sister who was not less than princess,  they both did not even ask Geet whether she liked or not when Rano said to her husband and son to check with Geet  atleast once but they both denied saying that once they find suitable match for Geet then they will ask her because they know what is best for Geet. Marriage broker Mohan was pissed off with their behavior so many times. Then he said “Mohinderjii  abhi tak aap 10 to 12 guys reject kar chuke hai, please aab aap mujhe bataye ki aapko kis tarah ki ladka chahiye, so that  it will be easy for me to search”.

Arjun gave Geet’s photo to Mohan and said “Dekhiye Mohanjii, phele aap meri behaan ko dekiye, hey ek Pari hai, aur mein usse aisse ghar mein dekhna chati hoon jahan wo rani ki tarah rahe,  uska sasural mayke jaise rehna chahiye, ladka bhi educated hona chahiye,  handsome, who respect elders and girls, and sankari bhi”. Mohan was just looking at Arjun without blinking his eyes then said “Mohiner jii jaise aapke bte bataye jaise ek rishta hai mera pass, wo log bhi aisse ladki dekh rahe hai, aap log Khurana’s ke baremein suna hoga naa” to which Mohinder nodded his head and then Mohan showed Maan’s photo to them and said “wo log dowry expect nahi kar rahe hai, sirf hey chate hai ki shadi todha acche tarah se hoo”

Geet Photo

Maan Photo

Rano came to hall after getting ready and saw her husband who lost in his thought, Rano came near to him and said “kya hua jii, aap kya soch rahe wo”

Mohinder: kuch nahi Rano mein bass Geet ka bare mien soch raha tha, uska riste ke bare mien dekho naa Rano hamara beti etne jaldi badi bhi wo gayi, I was thinking about the day when I hold her in my arms first time, now see samay etna jaldi beeth gaya”

Rano: haa jii aap teek key rahe wo, hamara bacche bade hogaye’.aab hey soch kar math baitiye ladke wale hane ka samay ho gaya hai, aap jake Geet  ko dekhiye mein kitchen ja rahi hoon

Here Arjun came to his room and saw his sweet sister who got ready. Arjun looked at his sister once and Geet who saw Arjun she bends her head down with shy and light smile on her lips

Then Arjun naughtily said “Geet, tume dekhne ke badh mujhe nahi lagta ki Doctor sahib tume shadi takh edar chodke jahenge, mujhe darr lag raha hai jaise Sharukh picture dilwale dulaniya le jahenge, Doctor sahib will take you along with him while going”…saying this he pinched her cheeks which was already red listening to her brother and then said with fake anger “chaliye bhaiya mujhe aab pata chala ki aap abhi taqh wait kar rahe the ki jab mera shadi wo and jab mein yahan se chali jahoon, jahiye aab araam se sohiye”

Her one word was enough for Arjun to prick his heart, he became serious, his smile vanished and tears forms in his eyes. Geet looked at her brother who did not replied to her, she saw his face which was changing and she felt bad for saying such rude word for him and asked “bhaiya, kya apko mere bathon se bura laga”, Arjun just nodded his head and hold her face in his palm and said “Geet, tum kyun ladki hoke janam li? Mein tume dusron ka ghar chodh kar mein kaise reh skata hoon? Jab mein kaam katam karne ke badh ghar avunga jab mein kisko dekhonga? Geet jab tum sasural javogi tab mein kaise ravunga ? pata nahi kisne hey reet riwaz banaya hai”

This words were enough for Geet to cry, she hugged him cried and Arjun also stated to cry looking at his sister, at the same time Mohinder who came to see Geet is ready or not looked at his son and daughter and felt bad, even he had tears in his eyes, he did not want to show in front of them, he slowly wiped his tears and said “Kya Arjun, Geet thon a samj hai, kya tume etna bhi akal nahi hai kya, aur tum dono ko apne dukh batne keliye koi aur waqt nahi mila kya, Geet ka chehra dekho kaise ho gaya hai, chodo usse wo phir se tayyar hona hai”

Then Arjun wiped Geet tears from his hanky and said “jaldi tayyar ho jav Geet, I have bought your favorite flowers”

Geet went to washroom and washed her face once again and got ready, then Arjun made to sit in front of mirror and took jasmine flower in his and kept on her hair and said “Geet, once you get married then I should teach your husband how to put flowers and I will also inform him that my sister will happily keeps gajra on her head when someone keep it on her hair and she does not know to keep  gajra’.till now I have taken care of that and now onwards it will be his duty”….Geet toh sharam se pani pani, then Mohinder said “Arjun you can tease your sister later” at the same time they heard car horn and they all knew that Maan’s family is here. So Mohinder said “Geet, tum tayyar ho naa, edar hee baito mein badh mein tumne bulati hoon” saying this he took Arjun with him and went to welcome Khurana’s.

Geet who was sitting in her room listened to their conversation and came to know that boy family is her, her heart beat raised, she was feeling nervous to go in front of them. At the same time Mohinder told Khurana;s to sit on couch and came once to see Geet, he was happy with the makeup because his daughter was looking soo beautiful, he just gave smile to Geet and went to kitchen, Mohinder introduced Arjun and Rano to Khurana’s and Amardeep introduced his wife and son to them. Arjun started to talk to Khurana’s, but he was disappointed when Maan answered to his entire question with one word. Arjun was friendly in nature and did not like Maan’s behavior. Rano served them tea and snacks after that Rano went inside to bring Geet.

Rano was very much happy because he liked Maan and his family and said “Geet, ladka toh rajkumar jaisa hai, agar babaji ka marji ho aur iss shadi fix hogaya toh tum bahut lucky ho javogi Geet, acche khandan ka ladka hai, log bhi acche hai, waha tumhe beti ka darja milegi dekhna, tum ek kaam karo, unke samne ek Veena bajake ek bajan gavo gudiya, unhe accha lagegi”. Then Rano took Geet to the hall and made her to sit on carpet and gave Veena to her hand

Geet’s Veena

When Geet was in college she had participated in many singing competition and has got so many prices, but she was nervous to sing in front of Khurana and Mohan who saw Geet’s face came to know that she is nervous and said “beta fikar math karo, everyone likes songs and Khuranaji is bhakt of lord Krishna, they like bajans so sing any good bhajan”, to which Geet nodded her head and decided to sing Khana song. Geet’s fingers stared to play on Veena strings, and then she started the song



Pallavi and Amardeep liked the song very much, they were spellbound with her voice, Armadeep who was fond of songs told her to sing one more song and Geet with hesitant sang one more song which Amardeep told her.

Amardeep and Pallavi had tears in their eyes listening to song and Amardeep said “Geet, saraswati maa aap ke andar hai’bagawan aapko sada khush rakiye”…But Maan was sitting silently with saying anything

Arjun for very happy and thought “if Maan get married to Geet, he is lucky enough to get such a beautiful wife”. Pallavi and Amardeep spoke for sometime and Amardeep said “Mohinder jii hamme Geet pasand hai agar log ko bhi pasand hai toh hum aaj hee rokha aur engagement karlenge”



  • Maneet engagement
  • Arjun did not liked Maan
  • Arjun informing parents about his wish
  • Geet’s opinion on Maan

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