MG FF Vivah Bandhan-Part 2


About Maan family

Maan is only son of Pallavi and Amardeep Khurana. Maan love his parents very much, he can do anything for their happiness. Amardeep wanted Maan do take over their construction business, but Maan wanted to become Army office like his chachu Vikram Khurana, When Pallavi came to know about this she and Amardeep went on hunger strike at home, so Maan then decided to become doctor because he always wanted to serve for country or people.  Pallavi and Amardeep did not pressurize him when he said he wanted to become doctor, they were happy that their son will be with them

Later when Maan completed his studies Amardeep constructed Khurana hospital and gifted to Maan, then from Maan to he became Dr Maan Singh Khurana.  Maan is closed to his dad’s friend son Dev and his wife Naintara, When Maan became doctor Amardeep appointed Dev has CEO of Khurana Constructions and Maan will be there to help Dev.

Maan has one more best friend Brij from college, Brij and Maan became friends in one the cultural programs later Brij invited Maan to his home and he used to come to Maan’s home also. Later Brij got failed and Maan continued his studies. And his sister Sameer loved Maan from the day one. Maan used to visit Brij house every now and then and when Sameera proposed him he was not able to say no to her because of Brij. Even her parents involved in trapping Maan . Brij and Sameera’s Mom and Dad, they both don’t like each other, Rishab will always be going behind girls and racing. So Pammi wanted Sameera to get married to royal family so that she can enjoy her life

Pallavi Khurana and Amardeep Khurana  love their son very much, they did not had good opinion on Sameera’s character so they looked alliance for Maan. But Maan is ruthless, arrogant, hot and handsome guy, but loves his family very much, his parent are his life, He is 28yr young Doctor, have achieve all. His looks are killing’ well built body, dark eyes. This weekend he is supposed to meet a girl, selected by his parents, he did not want to go because he loves Sameera, she also knows about this


Maan’s rista for Geet

Maan and Geet meeting for first time



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