MG FF Vivah Bandhan Part 19


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Geet who came to her mayka was confused with Maan’s behavior, she was not able to understand him, Geet was thinking whether Maan is loving her because the way he took care of Geet when she was fallen ill, she was not able to come to conclusion, whether it is love Maan was showing or else he was just treating her as a patient and thought “Geet tu sach mein pagal hogai ho, how can he love you, and if Maan really loves me then he would have called me now, instead of thinking about Maan, you sleep and take rest, he already told his mother that I am only daughter in law of his house and not his wife, let babaji decide about it and you don’t worry” Geet consoled herself and went to sleep




Note: special thanks to all who liked this FF



Maan who came to home after dropping Arnav and Khushi to airport, he was tired both physically and mentally after attending Arnav’s marriage, one side he was missing Geet like anything and another side now he was aware that Geet is his responsibility he should take care of her properly, he want to keep her happy but the main problem for him is how? He dunno about her likes and dislikes, her hobbies, but he know one thing that she dances well, he remembered Geet’s dance, he was looking like angel for him, she came to give happiness for  his family which she is also part of his family, his trance broke when Pallavi came out her room thinking why Maan has not come to home till now and was surprised to see him lost in his thoughts, she came near him and caressed his forehead and said “kya hua Maan, kahan koye hua wo?”

Maan: kuch nahi maa, aise hee’Arnav was with us yesterday and today he went to US back’Zindagi kitna ajeeb hai naa

Pallavi: haan even we are missing Arnav, I forgot to tell you that Dr Shashank from Sanjeevini Hospital has called you, he want to talk to you something urgent

Maan: ohh kab phone kiya tha unhone maa, why he did not called me on my cell’saying this he checked his phone and said “OMG, I phone is switched off, I forgot to charge it yesterday iss Arnav ke chakkar mein”, then he went to his room and kept phone for charging, than went to washroom to freshen up


Geet was with her family trying to enjoy as much as possible, because she knows once she goes to Delhi to her sasural then she will going to miss her parents and brother, looking at Geet lost in her thought Arjun pinched her cheeks saying “kya Geet do din keliye mayke aye wo, hamare sath waqt bithane ne ki bhager tum apne pati ka khayal wo mein koye wo”

Geet: kai bhai aap bhi naa kuch bhi khe te rahete hai, papa dekho naa kaise bhai mujhe chedh rahe hai

Mohinder: Arjun kyun hamara gudia ko pareshan kar rahe wo

Arjun: Papa aap kyun mere piche pade wo, meine kya kiya, Geet humse bhath nahi kar rahi thi toh meine sirf usse poocha

Rano: rhene do Arjun, tumare papa ko Geet ke bagair kuch nahi dikta hai

Geet: Maa aap bhai ka sath de rahe wo

Rano: jab tumara papa tumara sath de toh mein meri bte ka sath dungi naa

Arjun hi-fived with Rano, Geet pouted her face thinking that Rano did not support her, Arjun felt bad looking at Geet and said “sorry, I was just making fun of you, please don’t take it heart”

Geet: its ok bhai

Then everyone spoke for sometime and then as usual Geet went to her room leaving her father and mother, Geet sat near window and looking at stars thinking about Maan “mien sahi thi, Maan mujhse pyaar nahi karte, wo sirf uss din ek doctor ki tarah mera parwa karthe the or else he would have called me by now, can I call him and check how is he??…Geet tu pagal ho gayi hai, if you call him then he will definitely ankhen bade bade kare tume daratha hai, pata nahi uss din kya hua tha unko’kaise besharmi bathe kar rahe the maa baap ke samne mujhe challenge de rahe the, maybe Maan might forgot about that or else he was just making fun of me’dust danav kahinke”

Her trance broke when she felt hand on her shoulder; she turned her face and saw Arjun looking at her questioning eyes “bhai’aap dara diya mujhe”

Arjun: kya bhath hai Geet? Tum itna kyun dari hui wo? What wrong with you Geet, why can’t you share your feeling with me? Itna gum sum kyun rehe thi ho Geet, I am watching you from the day you came from Delhi, you are behaving like you came to someone’s house, what is your problem Geet

Geet: bhai aap bhi naa kuch bhi bolthe rehte wo

Arjun: Geettt

Geet: aap kyun hamesha mere peche pade rahe te wo, mein apko phele bhi kaha hai, bhai mein choti bachi nahi hoon, aap mere barein mein zaada sochiye math, agar mujhe aapki zarurath wo toh mein aapka madath manglungi please bhai let me handle, and by the way wo itne bada issue toh nahi, pati patni ke beech haise choti choti bhath hoti rahe thi hai

Arjun: haan Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khuranaji’I am really sorry, wo kya hainaa I thought that I am talking my choti behan Geet, wo mujse phele sare bhath share karthi thi aab wo kahi ko gayi hai

But Geet interrupted him in the middle and said “yes Mr Arjun Handa, mein choti bacchi nahi hoon and  aap hamesha mere barien mein sochne ke liye, you think about your future wife instead of worrying about me, wo kya hai naa mere barien me pareshaan hone ke liye aap sub Dr Maan Singh Khuranaji ko select kiya hai, so let him worry about me naa bhai, why are you taking his responsibility, Khuranji ko thoda kaam chodiye naa, or else he will become lazy thinking that his brother in law will take care of his wife  

Arjun looked at Geet amusingly; he did not understand whether his sister is covering up her emotions or she is trying to change the topic, he was looking at her in shock,

Geet: aap mujhe aise kyun gurr rahe ho bhai, please don’t take me wrong, you are involving im matter more, in this you will lose your patience and hurt Mom and Dad. Please bhai, I am requesting you once again, agar koi serious bhath hai toh mein aapko sach mien bhatha dungi, apne bahen par todha vishwas ki jee hai, abhi wo apne responsibilities handle kar sakti hai

Arjun: sorry Geet, I thought you need some help so

Geet: its ok bhai…I will freshen up and come down, after Arjun went out her room Geet went oto washroom to freshen up


Here Maan who came out from washroom and called Dr Shanshank

Maan: Hello Sir? How are you?

Dr Shashank: I am fine Maan, how are you doing? I heard that you got married, sorry I couldn’t attend your marriage, I was in London at that time

Maan: I am fine Sir, its ok Sir, anything important sir you called me?’sorry I missed your call

Dr Shashank: yeah Maan, just want to invite you for medical conference

Maan: Medical conference?

Dr Shashank: yes Maan, this time we should attend conference in Mumbai

Maan: ok Sir I will attend it

Dr Shashank: Bring you wife also Maan, 

Maan: woh sir actually my wife went to Mumbai to meet her parents

Dr Shashank: then problem solved even you should come to medical conference so we all meet for lunch

Maan: ok sir

Dr Shashank: Bye Maan will meet you in Mumbai


After talking to Dr Shashank Maan came to living room where his parents were sitting, he came down and sat opposite to them and said “Maa, I have to go to Medical conference tomorrow”

Pallavi: what about you’re staying, last time your conference was in Delhi right?

Maan: I will stay in out farmhouse problem

Amar: which farmhouse Maan?

Maan: hamara mumbai wale farmhouse mein reh lunga Dad

Amar: you mean to say that this time your conference held in Mumbai

Maan: Dad aap bhi naa…if I am going to Mumbai for conference then it is obvious that conference held in Mumbai itself

Pallavi: but how can you manage food, you dont like to take any outside food

Maan: I will manage with hotel food

Amar: But Maan how can you stay in farmhouse because our Manager Munshiji was telling that that there is some event till this weekend?

Maan: Then I should check-in some good hotels, I will look into that

Amar: Maan you go and pack your luggage let me talk to my friends and see what best we can do

Maan nodded his head and went to his room to pack his bag, and he knows his parents will not allow in to stay in some hotels, Pallavi sent Nakul to help him, both Pallavi and Amar were thinking about Maan’s stay then Pallavi said “Geet yaha hoti toh acha hota, hum uska Maan se sath Mumbai bej sakte the”

Amar: Hmm ”..something flashed to his mind and said “hum kitna buddu hai Pallavi, hath mein makkan rake pure desh chan maar rahe hai”

Pallavi looked at Amar amusingly and said “app kya bhath kar rahe hai…mujhe samaj mein nahi aa raha hai”

Amar: Pallavi darling, hamara beta Mumbai jaa raha hai…MUMBAI dear kuch samaj mein haya? Pallavi nodded her head saying no and then Amar continued saying “arre tubelight, Geet aab apne mayke mein hai, aur yahee sahi waqt hai Maan aur Geet ko khareeb lane kaa, today I called Mohinder and said to send Geet tomorrow, so now I will call him and inform that Maan is coming for conference and conference ke badh Maan and Geet will come together to Delhi…isse hamara sare problem solve hogi”

Pallavi: Par Maan toh nahi manega naa Amar, and we know how he behaves with Geet here, and if Rano aur Mohinder came to know about their indifferent behavior then what we will do, till now even Geet did not say anything about Maan to her parents, nahi Amar we should look for other alternative arrangement

Amar: no Pallavi, now Maan has changed and he has not gone to his sasural once also after his marriage and this is the best chance now, Kaam ke bahane Maan will do go Mumbai and he will get some quality time to spend with Geet and her parents, hayee ek nahi shuruwath hogi dono ke liye, aur Maan itna buddu nahi hai, I have confident on him, and I will inform him also

Pallavi: toh teek hai, aab aap phele Mohinderji se bhath kar lijeye and then we can inform to Maan


Amar nodded his head and called Mohinder, and he was surprised to see call from Amar and thought that Amar called to talk with Geet and said “aap ko Geet se bhath karna hai naa…wait I will give it to her…waise did you tried Geet number”

Amar: Mohinderji, I called to talk to you only, actually Maan is coming to Mumbai for Medical conference and he will stay there three days, he cant stay in farmhouse because there is some function going on, and also he is used to have ghar ka khana, so I called you to check whether he can come to stay in your house

Mohinder: aap kya bhath kar rahe hai Amarji? yahi koi puchne ki bhath hai, this is also Maan house he can come here anytime, no need to ask permission with me aur hame to aur accha lagega, shadi ke badh hamare damad phele baar ghar haa raha hai…while saying this he had tears in his eyes and even Amar felt bad because he knows his son is main responsible for this and then Amar said “then I will do one thing I will check with Maan about his flight timings and inform you”

Mohinder: Jee I will be waiting for your call

Mohinder called Arjun Rano and informed them, Geet was in washroom so she did not know about this


Amar went to Maan’s room and said “Maan, I have spoke to Mohinder about your confernece, you will stay in Geet house till your conference get over then while coming you and Geet will come together and they will pick you from airport”

Maan: par Dad..hey teek nahi rehegaa? how can I stay in Geet’s house, I will manage in some hotels…

Amar: I know Maan you can manage but the problem here is you should care for others feelings also, after your marraige till now you did not go to Geet’s house. ek baar bhi tume iss keliye bura nahi laga, just think about that poor girl Maan, till now she did not even informed to her parents about your behavior, everytime I give some lame excuses and bring Geet from Mayka and she is your wife and you have some responsibilities towards her, behave like human being Maan, even geet will be happy seeing you there so that she no need to cover up every time she goes to her house ‘jo kuch bhi hua hai, iss mein Geet kya galti thi, tumara shadi ka faisla humne kiya hai, so is you want to punish then you should punish us and not your wife who was not aware about your affair…this time I dont want any excuses from you, Mohinder and his family is waiting patiently till now, so you should respect their feelings and go there, Geet is also there to take care of your needs, you know today when I told Mohinder about you, he was crying in happiness thinking that finally his son in law is coming to his house, I dont want them to get hurt Maan

Maan was even feeling bad and he know he is sole responsible for this, he bend his head down and said “ok Dad I wil stay in Geet’s house”

Amar was happy after hearing to Maan and meanwhile Pallavi came in she is also happy thinking that finally her son is moving on his life and Amar said “teek hai but tell me at what time you reach Mumbai tomorrow I will inform them”

Maan: I will go myself Dad’why to trouble them unnecessarily

Amar: Maan I am telling you once again, they are not outsides, behave properly with them, tell me at what time you will reach Mumbai, I will inform to Mohinder

Maan: by 7.00am I will be there in Mumbai

Amar happily went to inform to Mohinder…here Pallavi said “Maan, please don’t hurt Geet this time, she has suffered a lot till now, please I don’t want to see her in tears”

Maan: don’t worry maa, I will take care of that


Amar informed Mohinder about the timings and Geet who came down looked at her parents who were looking so much happy and questioned them “kya bhath hai? Aap sabh itne khush kyun hai..mujhe bhi bhatha di jiye”

Arjun came towards Geet and hugged her tightly and said “Geet jiju ghar aa raha hai”

Geet looked at them shocked, she was not able to digest it, when she spoke to her in-laws also they did not inform her about this, she was not sure whether she heard Arjun right, she confusingly looked at her parents

Mohinder came near Geet and said “aaj mien bahut khush hoon Geet’after your marriage I was waiting for this day, pata hai mann mein kuch shanqa thi damad ke barien mein’par aaj sab kuch katam ho gaya hai’abhi Amarji kaa phone haya tha un hone bhataya ki Maan bete medical conference ke liye Mumbai aa raha hai aur hamare sath reh rahe hai kuch din”

Geet eyes beamed in happiness, thinking that her husband is finally coming to her house she thanked babaji enn number of for fulfilling her wish, but some where she is fear thinking that whether he behave properly with her in front of her parents’after everyone sharing their happiness Geet went to her room, she got freshen up and lied on the bed dreaming about her hubby


Amar and Pallavi went out and brought some gifts for Arjun and Geet’s parents, and informed Maan to give them to Geet parents, he was ashamed of himself and said “Dad I would have bought them tomorrow why did you went at this time”

Amar: phele baar mera beta apne sasural jaa raha hai’kali hath nahi jaa sakte issliye we bought this

Maan nodded his head looking at his parents and went to sleep, he was dreaming about his wife Geet, now he got chance to spend some time with Geet, and this time he should make sure that he will talk to her properly and also tell Geet about his feelings. Sleep was far away from each other, they are thinking about each other and after tossing on the bed enn number of times they went to sleep.


Here Maan got ready and took blessing from his parents, they dropped Maan to airport and did not forget to inform Maan to behave properly and to not to hurt Geet and her parents with his behavior, Maan boarded his flight for Mumbai and thought “dekho maa aur dad ko mera chinta nahi hai, sirf unke bahu ke barien mein soch rahe hai’naseeb wali ho tum Geet, sub log tume bahut chate hai’pata nahi tum mera intezaar kar rahi wo nahi, par mein toh tume dekhne ke liye bahut taras raha hoon’pata nahi aaj kal tumare bina kuch accha nahi lagta’I love you Geet’kyat um mujhe maaf karake mujhe apnavogi Geet'”


Geet woke up early and thought first to clean her room and she was worried thinking where they both will sleep, in KM she used to sleep in study room, but here how they will manage, she cant sleep in balcony because if Arjun comes out of his room he can see that. She cant tell Arjun to share his room with Maan, then thought “babaji kya musibat lekar aa rahe wo meri zindagi mein, une gussa toh nahi ayegi naa meri kamre mein rehne ke liye, agar ek baar wo mujhse bhath ke toh kitna acha hota, nahi wo kyun mujhse bhath karenge’pata nahi mera number unke paas hai ya nahi’.OMG Geet panch bajj chukka hai, phele tumara karma toh clean karo’bahut lazy ho gai wo tum” scolding herself she started to clean her room first did dusting and mopping thinking that the servant will be late, after all the work her bedroom she took new white bathing towel and kept it aside

Geet made one shelf clear so that Maan can keep his clothes there, when went to washroom cleaned it. After making sure everything fine then she took bath and came out , she combed her hair and applied vermillion powder and started to dance thinking about Maan coming to her place, she was happy, she was smiling, she dunno what she is doing is right or wrong

Geet thought: Geet tu sach mein unki deewani ho gaye hoo, woh din kitna acha tha mein unke bahao thi’she blushed thinking about her closeness with Maan and they both sharing same bed when she was unwell. Babaji mein naa kuch zada nahi soch rahi hoon unke barien mien, agar bhai agayi toh unko mauka milega mujhe chedne ke liye’chal Geet kitchen mein dekhta hoon maa kya nasta bana rahi hai

When she entered kitchen she saw her mom preparing paratas and then remembered Maan will have only black coffee, she went to Rano and said “Maa, wo sirf black coffee pithe hai”

Rano: black coffee?…par mujhe pata nahi woh kaise banathe hai

Geet: mujhe pata hai maa, unko mere hath ka coffee accha lagta hai..then she wrote in paper what she need to prepare black coffee and said “aap sirf bazaar se hey mangvalijiye” at the same time Arjun and Mohinder came to kitchen thinking why Rano did not give morning tea for them and they were hearing what Geet was telling to Rano  and she was looking at Geet surprisingly and our Geet madam toh apni Maan ki khayal mein koyi hai so she did not see her brother dad and mother looking at her, she continued saying “unko zada oily khana accha nahi lagta hai’oil thoda kam kejiye’namak bhi zada nahi’kam spicy khana khate hai’maa hum ek kaam karte hai mein unko pasta banathi hoon, unko pasta bahut pasand hai’haan yahi teek rahega’kya hua maa aap kuch bolte kyun nahi wo” saying this Geet turned towards Rano but was shocked to see her parents and brother looking at her with shock

Arjun: dekha maa, mein kal sach khe raha tha, hey hai hamara Geet, kitna din hogaya uske bhath sunkar’then teasingly’kya Mrs Khuran aur kohi parmaish’he took list from Rano and said hey sub mein lekar avunga, aur apka pati ko kuch aur lena hai toh bata dijiye

Geet face was red with embarrassment, she never thought she will burt out like this in front of her parents, and Arjun teasing her, Arjun came near her and said “koi bhath nahi Geet, if you are happy then we are also happy..aiseyee rehna Geet’aab chal ready hokar niche aajao, we should go to airport”

Mohinder: hum bhi ready hoke hate hai

Rano: naa jii aap sab jahiye, while you come I will prepare breakfast for all of you and we dunno at what time Maan beta should go to conference

Mohinder: I will also stay with you, let Arjun and Geet go

Arjun agreed for that and before going he gave ingredient slip to Mohinder which Geet wrote and went to get ready. Geet changed her dress and came down immediately

Meanwhile Arjun also came down

Both Geet and Arjun headed towards airport, after forty five minutes they reached airport, Arjun parked his car. Then Geet and Arjun went inside airport, Geet was tensed thinking how Maan will behave in front of her brother, and how he is going to stay with her in her house.

Here Maan flight landed and when he came out he saw Arjun and Geet waiting for him, first he was happy seeing Geet who was looking like angel, he came out from his trance and went towards them, Arjun and Maan both hugged and greeted each other while Geet just gave smile to Maan. They all came out of airport and sat in the car, Maan and Arjun in front seat and Geet in backseat. After some time they all ready Geet house, Maan was welcomed by Handa’s

Maan took blessing from Rano and Mohinder, while Geet went inside to prepare black coffee for him, Rano also joined Geet.

Geet and Rano brought tea and coffee for them all seated together and Mohinder said “Maan beta tum fresh hoke aajov hum bhate shyam ko karenge’tum bhi late ho raha hai naa”

Maan: teek hai papa, I should reach there at 10.00am

Arjun: which hospital you should go jiju?

Maan: Sanjeevani Hospital in andheri east

Mohinder: Geet, Maan bete ko room dikao’and then looked at Maan and said beta tum ready hokar havo

Maan: jee papa

Geet took Maan to her room, he liked it very much, it was showing each and every touch of Geet

Maan: Geet your room to too good

Geet smiled at him and then showed bathroom for him, once he went to take bath she kept his dress separately and went down to prepare breakfast for him



Geet accompanying Maan to conference

Geet and Maan ride back to home from Sanjeevini




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