MG FF Vivah Bandhan-Part 17


Banner credit goes to Misti


Next morning early morning Geet woke up from the sleep, she was trying to think where she was, it does not look like her room where she sleeps daily, she was feeling very tired to wake up, it looked like there is no strength in her legs and hands, she turned her face to right side and saw Maan sleeping like baby next to her, he was looking handsome while he is sleeping, she felt like touching his cheeks, her heart was beating rapidly, when she was about to touch his cheeks she came out of her trance. Then Geet slowly woke up without letting Maan know, she took bath and came down, Nakul saw Geet coming down and went to kitchen and prepared tea for and gave to her, meanwhile Pallavi also woke up from sleep and came to kitchen after freshening up, she saw Geet in kitchen, Pallavi scolded Geet for coming for kitchen, but Geet convinced Pallavi by saying “nahimaa I am ok now, i was feeling bored, yesterday full day I have taken enough rest. Now I cant take rest maa…please…I wont to any work”




Arjun took leave from office and went to home in hurry, he wanted to inform to his parents about Geet. When Arjun came back to home, he informed to Mohinder and Rano about Maan’s call and also he is planning to go to Delhi to meet Geet, Rano got worried thinking why Maan got Arjun immediately to Delhi, and thought there will be something or else Maan will not call them, so she informed to Mohinder and Arjun that “Arjun hum bhi chalte hai tumare sath, Geet ke shadi ke badh hum sambandji ke ghar nahi gaye…kyun naa hum ek bhar Geet se milkar hayee”

Mohinder: haan Arjun mujhe bhi hayee sayi lagta hai, hum bhi tumare sath hate hai

Arjun: teek hai papa, mein apke tickets book karta hoon


Arjun booked tickets to all three for Delhi and everyone packed their bags for one day and along with driver they headed towards Delhi. When they reached Geet’s house it was around eight in the evening, Arjun was very scared while entering house, because he thought something has happened to Geet.  When Arjun Mohinder and Rano entered the house he saw Geet coming out from kitchen wiping her hands in duppatta saw Arjun first, she rushed towards him and cried hugging him very tightly, Arjun did not know why Geet was crying but seeing her in tears he also cried along with her, Mohinder and Rano both were looking at Arjun and Geet. Pallavi who heard Geet’s cry came out of kitchen and saw Geet parents and Arjun standing at the door. Amar Pallavi Mohinder and Rano were waiting for Arjun and Geet to calm down. Meanwhile Maan came from hospital and saw his in-laws standing near the door, he too blessing from Mohinder and Rano and informed them to sit on couch. And went near Arjun and Geet who were still crying and said “Arjun, what is this? You are also crying along with her, I called you to console her but you also crying along with her”

Arjun: nothing jiju, when my Geet is crying how can I control myself, see she is still crying

Maan took the telegram from his pocket and gave to Arjun and said “this is the reason behind your sister crying”

Arjun smiled when he read the content of the telegram and informed same to Mohinder and Rano also, then he hugged Geet and said “Geet, dekho mein bilkul teek hoon? Mujhe kuch nahi hua hai…this is done by Ramesh, he asked me your address telling me that he should visit Delhi for his cousin marriage and wanted to meet you, so I gave you address to him, see this is what he has done, don’t worry I will take care of him”

Everyone smiled looking at Geet and Arjun’s bonding. Pallavi and Amar were happy because of this atleast they came here to see Geet, and that day they prepared all the dishes according to Geet parents and brother taste. Geet was very happy today, because first her parents and brother in her house and Maan was talking to them freely, she was scared thinking that her parents and brother will come to know about the difference between them, but nothing so happened. Geet today was next to Nakul and Mohan who were preparing dinner for everyone, though Rano taught Geet about cooking, but she did not cooked till now in Maan’s house.

Next day Maan took Arjun along with him to hospital and introduced him to his colleagues and also to his some patients, Arjun was with Maan when he was examining patients, Arjun was proud of Maan, because he did not differentiate been rich and poor, Maan treated Arjun like his friend. When they came back home for lunch he heard Mohinder saying to Pallavi and Amar “Agar aap log bura nahi mane toh kya hum Geet to kuch dino ke liye ghar lekar jaa sakte hai…anyhow we are here so we wish to take her home and we will send her soon”

Amar and Pallavi kept quiet, even though Pallavi was not interest to send Geet again and again to her mayka, but she can be rude to Geet parents, and Amar was also not happy sending Geet to her home, they both looked each other face and nodded their head. Maan who heard that Geet is going back to home, went silently to his room, Geet came to room to pack her clothes, Maan saw Geet coming in, he wanted to stop Geet, but he was not able to tell  this with r Geet,

Geet before going out of the room looked at Maan who was holding some files for name sake and told “mein ghar jaa rahi hoon” her voice was loud enough that Maan turned his face towards her, there was eyelock, Maan’s voice was showing so much emotions, Geet was confused looking at him and thought that Maan want to tell something to her, when Maan was about to say something to Geet, Arjun interrupted them in middle and said “Geet,Jiju ka face dekho, kaise pale ho gaya hai” and then he looked at Maan and said “Jiju…don’t worry we will send Geet as soon as possible, we will not give much problem this time by keeping Geet with us for so many days”

Maan just gave faint smile to them, has Arjun was there in the room, he sent Geet with love, he wanted to hug Geet once to let her know that he will miss her but, but has Arjun was looking at them he just blinked his eyes, he know he will miss Geet like anything but he cant do anything now. After Geet went to her home, Maan was feeling lonely at house, he used to imagine Geet everywhere, he was attracted towards Geet, he was thinking about her talk, smile, and her behavior, he was trying lot to concentrate much on his work but he was feeling like Geet is next to him. Next day when he went to his cabin also the same thing repeated, so he gave responsibilities to his assistant and came to his private room and was thinking about Geet, he was imaging her face, Maan came out his trance when he felt someone’s hand on his shoulder, he opened his eyes and saw Brij who was smiling at him, Maan was not happy looking at his friend Brij, he was irritated with his behavior but did not showed it to him, Maan just gave smile to him and said “hai Brij…how are you? Did you forgot about your pub, bar and films…how come you are here today? any help needed from your friend?

Brij felt change in Maan’s voice but he was not ready to accept it because he had promised Sameera that he will bring Maan today and with smiling face he said “you did not come my house, its more than fifteen days…so I came in search of you. Dad Mom and Sameera were also missing you, so I have promised them that I will bring you today…anyhow you are looking free today come lets go”


Brij forcibly took Maan along with him to his house, When Maan’s car stopped in front of Sameera’s house, instead of being happy he was feeling bad to go inside, Rishab and Pammi Khanna welcome Maan with so much love, they made Maan to forcibly stay till dinner. After dinner when Maan was about to go to his house, Sameera said “Maan why are you so much hurry? Come lets play cards now” then she looking at Brij she said “Brij you also join us”, Maan was about to refuse but when Brij joined them he did not had any other option so he started to play with them. After two three games Maan was feeling bored so he kept cards on table and said “Sorry Brij, no mood to play games now, I will go home”

Brij: Maan just wait, I will come ….saying this he looked at his sister and winked at her and went out of the room

Maan was waiting for Brij, in the meantime Sameera came close to Maan and put her hand behind his neck and said “Maan you forgot me, you are not coming to house like before” Maan looked at her eyes, there was not love only lust in that, he thought “Maan tum isse kaise pyaar kiya, kya dekha tumne use ankhonmein uss samay, see she is only interest to have physical relation with you, itna samay hogaya, mera shadi Geet se hoke, till now she did not even tooke chance to hold my hands also, and see here is ready to sleep with you before marriage” he came out of the trance when Sameera pulled him close to kiss him, when her lips where about to touch Maan lips, Maan pushed her and said “hey kya batamizi hai Sameera, cant to sit properly, why you always fall on me, I am not  your lover now, I am Geet’s husband

Sameera got angry on Maan and giving her back to him “tum darpok ho Maan, tum kabhi bhi mera kwahish pura nahi kiya, I never thought that you will ditch me like this said giving devilish smile and thought “itna asaani se tume chodne wali nahi hoon Maan, I wont allow you to forget me, I know how you get sympathy from you, you are only mine Maan, I want to get marry to you and I will throw your parents out of Khurana Mansion, un logon ne Sameera Khanna se panga liya hai, I will show them my true face for messing with me, this idiot Maan is not ready have physical relation with me, even when he is drunken also he will go like nothing happened…or else by now I would have blackmailed him

Maan was sad listening to Sameera and said “Sameera mein jaan bujh ke tume dokha nahi diya, maa aur papa dono hamare shadi ke kilaf the and when you proposed me I told you that I will get marry to you only if my parents agree. They both decided about my marriage and I was not in the position to oppose them, for me my parents are more important than any other relation so I got married to Geet according to their wish. Par ek bhath kaa haffsose hai mujhe, naa mien Brij ka sath dosti karta, naa mien itne bada problem mein hulaztha… I would have never made friendship with Brij, now I would have happy with my life, now I knew why my parents where against my friendship, see now where I stand”…Sameera was shocked listening to Maan, she never thought that Maan will regret his friendship with her brother, so she taunt him saying “I know Maan why you are regretting Brij’s friendship and our love, now you got beautiful wife so you are acting in front of me like you are not at fault, if you would have convinced your parents now I would have been in place of Geet”

Maan shouted at Sameera saying “if I would have given importance to beauty then by now I would have completely forgotten you…mind it Sameera…Tum Geet ke…” he stopped his words in the middle and regret saying like that to Sameera

Sameera came near to Maan and try to convince him by saying “Maan, get divorce from Geet, we can get marry after that and live happily

Maan: Sameera what are you saying, is it that easy to get divorce? Maa aur papa mujhse zada Geet se pyaar karte hai, if they came to know about this they will throw me out of the house without even thinking that I am their son, and they will not look at my face also, I am not ready to do that, and for my mistake why should I punish Geet, what is her fault in that, I don’t want her to suffer unnecessarily

Sameera came towards Maan and sat next to him, while caressing his hair she said “why will she suffer Maan…you are not getting my point, she is still young and beautiful, anyone will get marry to her”

Maan who was till now patiently convincing Sameera and thought that because of him Sameera got hurt but he got angry when he heard Sameera saying Geet to get marry, his eyes were spitting fire and then slapped hard on Sameera’s cheek and said “Mind you language when you are talking with me Sameera, Geet koi aira ghaira ladki nahi hai, she is Amardeep Singh Khurana’s favorite daughter in law and wife of Maan Singh Khurana. Tume kya pata hai parivaar ke barien mein? Do you even know how to respect elders, jab dekho pub mein padi rehta hai tumara parivaar, koi bhi acha khandan ka ladka apni behen ko kisi bhi ladke ke sath chodke nahi jata hai jaise tumara bhai abhi kiya hai…aur koi bhi izzat dari ladki kisi ki pati ke samne aise chote chote kapde painke nahi hati hai, jaise tum mere samne kadi hai”

“Sameera I have never crossed my limits with you, I was treating you like a friend, even I told you about my marriage, then also you did not took single step ahead to come and convince my parents and now you are telling me to leave Geet, what you know about her, she is really gem, come once and see how she treats her in-laws, she wont differentiate between family members and servants, so even in my house servants give lot of respect to her….How dare are you to talk about my wife, I know how to look after her and I don’t want your advice in that, Geet meri patni hai aur hamesha rahegi…Geet ka jagah koi nahi le sakti nahi..nayee mere ghar mein nayee mera dil me, I love Geet, and I am nothing without her. If you want me as a friend I will always there to support you and don’t accept more than this from me and from now be careful when you talk about my wife Geet” saying this he came out of her room, his face had become red with anger, hearing his voice Brij and Pammi came towards them to convince him, Brij eyed at his sister to ask sorry with Maan, so Sameera came in front of him and said “I am very sorry Maan, I thought you are not happy with Geet , so I just suggest you to get marry to me that’s it I am really sorry and wont cross my limits with you, I am happy just being friend with you” but he did not stayed there even single minute and rushed to home


Sameera was very much angry on Brij and after Maan went from her house she said “why did you told me to ask sorry with Maan, see he is very much happy now, you told me that you wont let him to forget me…see now he is happy with his wife”

Brij: shut up Sameera, Maan is the one who is spending money for our lavish life, and I have clearly warned you to not to talk about his family life and be like normal with him so that he can get more money from you, but why you will think about it, see because of you he got angry and went away, do you know from the college I am trying hard to become good boy in front of his parents, but they did not accept my friendship with Maan and how can you think that they will accept you, because of my friendship he accepted you or else he would have not seen your face also, do you know how many girls in college were trying to be close to him but he never even looked at him ….forget about you becoming Maans wife which will not possible till his parents are alive

Sameera: phir tum kyun mujhse kaha Maan ko propose karne ke liye

Brij: I thought once Maan will fall for you he will don’t care for his parents also but his parents won in this also

Sameera: aab hum kya karien

Brij: kuch nahi Maan see shamaa manglenge…as usual and be like his friend in front of him and time dekh hai kuch karienge

Pammi: I don’t think it will work Brij, see first time he shouted at Sameera

Sameera: not only he shouted at me maa but also slapped me…aahhh kitna jorse mara khadus nee

Brij: kuch pane ke liye kuch kona padta hai Sameera… we will wait till we get chance,hum dekte hai Maan humse kaise dur jahega


When Maan came home Pallavi opened door for him, he was looking more serious and his face and eyes were red, so she asked “Maan tum teek ho?Tumara cherha kyun lal ho gaya hai?”

Maan: kuch nahi Maa, saying his he went to his room and locked it from inside



Maan and Geet thinking about each other……New entry….Geet back to sasural



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