MG FF Vivah Bandhan-Part 16


Hearing this Geet face showed happiness and she gave sweet smile to him and thanked him through her eyes and went down. Maan was still looking at the door, he was assuming that Geet is still standing in front of him, he was not able to forget the concern Geet had for the child and also the way she was standing near door…his heart was asking him to go near Geet and kiss her or atleast hug her once





Maan used to go daily to the child’s house until he got cured and did not forget to inform Geet about this, Amar and Pallavi again had a hope that everything will go fine with Maan and Geet, so they decide Geet to take full care of Maan and Pallavi used to avoid giving things to Maan, whenever Maan calls Pallavi she used to send Geet on behalf of her. Everything was fine with them and Maan almost avoided Sameera’s call

One day Maan was ready to go to hospital, at the same time he received telegram, he was shocked with the news that Arjun is serious so he immediately informed to his mother and at the same time Geet came out from kitchen and listened to their conversation, she was numb and fainted on the floor, Maan and Pallavi turned their face when they heard sound and was shocked to see Geet  fell unconscious on the floor

Maan and Pallavi immediately rushed near Geet and Maan took Geet in his room carried her to his arms, Maan made Geet to sleep on the bed, at the same time Amar came to his room checking Geet, Maan looked at his Dad’s flush face and said “nothing to worry Dad, everything is fine Geet fell unconscious because of shock that’s it” saying this Maan checked Geet pulse rate and heartbeat, then he gave injection to Geet, and informed same to Pallavi

Maan called Arjun to check on his health, has he did not get response from him, Maan called his office to check. Receptionist informed Maan that Arjun is in meeting and to call after half an hour. At first Maan was surprised and then he re-read the telegram once again, so he messaged Arjun to call back him once Arjun is free


When Arjun came out his meeting he got message from receptionist that his BIL called him, first he was surprised and then happy thinking that after so many months Maan called him for the first time, so he checked his cell phone to call Maan back and saw message from Maan and Arjun immediately called him

Maan: Arjun, Geet wanted to see you, if possible can you able to come to here tomorrow, to which he agreed, Arjun was shocked thinking about Geet, he was about to ask for Geet and thought to meet her face to face once and applied leave for two days immediately


Maan informed to his parents that Arjun is fine and he had called Arjun to Delhi and he will come home tomorrow and waited till Geet get conscious back. Even though Geet got conscious back she was not in position to think about anyone, her eyes were craving to see her brother, her feelings started to flow from her eyes in form of tears, and Geet did not even try to wipe tears from her eyes. Maan came near Geet and wiped her tears and said “Geet, Arjun bilkul teek hai, kuch nahi hua hai usko, meine Arjun se bhath ke hai, who kal subahe tume dekhne ke liye yaha ayega, aur Geet aaj April first hai, so someone has tried to fool you that’s it, and I have not informed about telegram to Arjun, I just told him that you wanted to meet him, so he agreed to come tomorrow” listening to Maan, Geet felt relief , Maan sat on couch and then after some time she saw around and came to know that she was sitting on Maan’s bed, she felt embarrassed and immediately got down from his cot, Maan who was reading newspaper till now saw Geet who was ready to go to study room, he immediately asked “kyun utt gayi tum Geet, aur thodi der so jathi”

Geet: I don’t feel like sleeping…saying this Geet went to her room with the help of the wall, Maan did not know what to tell her, he knew why Geet went from there, he was helpless now and he did know not how to convince Geet to sleep on the bed, he was at fault, he was again surprised by her gestures, if any other girl would be in Geet place she would have stayed back, but Geet did not, she went to her room and slept, in the meantime Pallavi came to Maan’s room and asked “Maan, Geet kaha hai”, Maan just showed his finger towards study room indicating his mother that Geet is in that room, he kept his head down, he was not able to face his mother

Pallavi went to Geet’s room and caressed her head asking “kaise wo Geet?…ek kaam karo, sleep for some more time, you will feel relief and by tomorrow evening Arjun will be here…don’t worry about him, Maan had already called him and invited Arjun, even he agreed to come…see your face is looking so pale”

Maan Pallavi and Amar tried a lot to convince Geet then also she is not ready to come out from the shock, Maan did not want Geet to talk to Arjun now because he know she will cry and Arjun will get unnecessary worried about Geet including her parents also, and he was not able to see Geet frighten face so he thought “its better that Geet sleep, or else she will only think about Arjun” thinking this Maan took seductive and filled it in syringe and called “Geet” with full authority

Geet was shocked when she heard Maan calling her, she immediately woke up from the bed and came to his room soon, even though Pallavi was also with Geet, she was still dreaming that her son called his wife or not and then she looked at the bed and found Geet missing so she immediately came to Maan’s room to check what is going on? Then Pallavi saw Maan with syringe, she smiled at her son and came out of their room, Maan saw Geet standing near the door like statue, he slowly went near her and hold her waist, Geet was looked at Maan with surprise but Maan was not even ready to blink his eyes when he touched her bare smooth skin, both looked at each other, there was the eye lock, Maan first came out of his trance and made Geet to sit on his cot and gave injection to her saying “if you keep on thinking about Arjun then your health will get spoil and I cant take that risk and the better option now is either I should keep you occupied and looking at you I don’t think you are interest in that and the second one is to sleep, which you are not ready to do, so I gave injection to you so that you can take rest today” Geet with shock looked at Maan, she was not able to understand whether Maan is feeling for her really or he is just treating her like his patient and she wants to think more about Maan now but not able to do that because she was feeling sleepy, first time Geet cursed her husband in her mind for making her sleep. Maan made her sleep on his bed and caressed her hair lightly, after she slept he came out of his room and met his parents in living room and said “maa, don’t wake Geet now, let her sleep for sometime or else she will keep on thinking about Arjun and spoil her health, unless she see Arjun in front of her she will not be in peace…aur maa I will try to come as early as possible”…saying this he went to hospital without interest

Amar and Pallavi looked at their son and Amar happily said “Pallavi sun liya hamara bete ka bhath…abhi taqh Maan tume khe raha tha ki…apki bahu meri patni nahi ban sakthi…par abhi tum dekh rahi wo naa Maan kaise uski patni ka seva kar raha tha, abhi bhi hospital janeka mann nahi tha usko, shadhi ek pavitra bandhan hai, jab ek ladka aur ek ladki iss bandhan mein bandh liya hai, hey itna asaan nahi hai isse chutkara pane kaa…issliye hamara purvajo ne shadi ke liye itna hemiyat diya hai…tum dekho Maan aur Geet ek dusre ka saccha humsafar banenge…Sameera Maan ke jeevan se bahut jaldh dur wo jahegi…Maan ko Geet ka hemiyat bahut jald essaas hoga

Pallavi: if they both understand each and leave happily then I don’t need anything other than that Amar, I want Maan to give all rights to Geet that a wife get from her husband…

Amar and Pallavi both were happy thinking about Maan giving importance to Geet, in that they forgot that Geet is unwell


Maan while going to hospital he thought to come home early, but when he entered his cabin he saw lot of patients waiting for him, even though he was irritated, but he did not neglect his job, he patiently examined each and every patient, he was not able to come to home for lunch, but he did not forget to call his mother  to check on Geet, when he came to home after his duty it was eight in the evening

Pallavi came to know from Adi that Maan was very busy today, and there were lot of patients today, when she saw Maan who was very much tired when he came to home she felt bad looking at her son, so she treated him well…after his marriage Maan was not able to get love and affection from his parents when they came to know about his indifferent behavior with Geet, and also when his parents came to know about his love affair with Sameera, they opposed for the first time, earlier Pallavi and Amar used to agree for whatever he say, even when he showed his interest in studying medicine they did not oppose him even though they felt bad that he did not join his family business, but today when he felt his mother caressing his hair, he felt that his body got new energy, Pallavi feed him food and even Amar also talk to Maan happily, today Maan was very much happy with his parents.

When Maan came to his room, he sat on couch and looked at Geet who was sleeping on his bed like small child, Geet was looking so cute, he was very proud thinking that he got married to Geet, who is so beautiful and also very good at heart…when Maan was checking out his wife Geet, Amar came towards their room and Amar knew that now Maan will take care of Geet fully and they do not need to worry about Geet. Then Amar said “Maan….Geet is sleeping from morning, she did not have anything, she may feel tired, is it ok or we can wake her and give some food for her”

Maan: Dad…Geet ko abhi taqh neendh puri nahi hui…hum Geet ko uttaya toh bhi wo khana nahi kayegi…hum Geet ko kitana bhi console kare.. tab tak Geet Arjun ko nahi dekhegi usko chain nahi milegi…isliye miene usko injection diya, takhee wo todhi der so jayee….aab Geet ko uttakar dhoodh dey sakte hai

Amar nodded his head and informed Pallavi to bring milk, when Pallavi was about to go to Maan’s room Amar signaled her to keep milk on table and come, Pallavi did as her husband signaled to her and came out and went to their room

Maan kept quiet till they went out of room, because he saw his father’s signal and smiled thinking about his father intention, after his parents went out of is room he got up from the couch and closed the door first then walked towards Geet who was sleeping on his bed. Maan sat next to her and called “Geet……….Geet” with love, but Geet was not in the position to understand his feelings, Maan slowly took Geet and made her sleep on his chest, and made her drink milk with little force, then he made her sleep and cover her with duvet, listening to his heart he slowly moved his face towards Geet and kissed her forehead, he cleared the curls which was on her face and hold her face in his palm, Geet was looking like an angel who came from heaven only for him, first time his heart was beating fast looking at Geet. Here Geet was feeling like she was dreaming all this, Maan again covered her with duvet and slept next to her, his heart was in peace first time sleeping next to his beautiful wife. Maan then made Geet to sleep on his chest and kept on patting Geet, his heart beat was stable now, he was feeling like he is in heaven while holding his wife in his arms, he never felt this with Sameera, Maan hold Geet tightly and slept peacefully

Next day early morning Maan woke up first to go for gym and saw Geet sleeping on his chest peacefully and his hand on her waist, he did not had mann to go for gym, he knows he wont get chance again to sleep with his wife, unless and until he accepted her fully as his wife, looking at her behavior till now Maan knows that once Geet awake from sleep, she wont sleep next to him, and go from there, so when she was in sleep, he want to cherish this moment. Maan hugged Geet tightly and slept dreaming about her. After sometime Geet woke up from the sleep, she was trying to think where she was, it does not look like her room where she sleeps daily, she was feeling very tired to wake up, it looked like there is no strength in her legs and hands, her head was paining because she was sleeping on Maan’s chest whole night, she turned her face to up side and saw Maan sleeping like baby and she was sleeping on her, he was looking handsome while he is sleeping, she felt like touching his cheeks, her heart was beating rapidly, when she was about to touch his cheeks she came out of her trance. Geet was about to get up from the bed she felt tug on her waist, first she was thinking why she was not able to get up from the bed, then Geet saw hand on her waist, looking at the owner of hand her face had become crimson red. she thought “Geet, toh pagal wo gayi hai…how can you sleep on Maan…pata nahi kal mujhe kya ho gaya hai…i never slept like this but see how I am sleeping jaldi se utt jaa agar Maan ko pata chal gaya ki mein unke upar so rahi hoon, toh wo tumhe bahut bada injection denge…pata hai naa kal unhone kaise tume injection di hai…dust danab kahi kee…dekho kaise so rahe hai…bache ka tarah…pata nahi kyun badi badi ankhe dika ke tume darate hai..babaji aaj bacha lena mujhe, unko pata nahi chala dena ki mein unke sath so rahi thi” …she was talking enough loud that Maan was able to hear…Poor girl little she know that Maan only took her in her arms and slept. Then Geet slowly woke up without letting Maan know and she took bath and came down.

Here Maan who woke up when Geet was cribbing, he was enjoying and he didnt want Geet to get embarrassed so he pretended to sleep, after Geet went down Maan got up from the bed and stood in front of the mirror and said “Dekh liya Maan, see you are looking so handsome but your wife is calling you as dust danav…meine kab Geet ko badi badi andkhe kar dekha hai…see she was telling that I am scaring dare she is..wait Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khurana…I wont leave you…haan today I will tell Dad to tell to his daughter in law to prepare snacks for me, and then I will kiss her in front of everyone on her hand its punishment for you Geet for calling me Dusht Danav…MSK se pangla liya toh bugatna padega darling…”  Nakul saw Geet coming down and went to kitchen and prepared tea for and gave to her,  and went to Maan’s room to coffee for him and was surprised to Maan talking in front of mirror…Looking at Nakul’s reflection at mirror, Maan came near him and took coffee from him and sent him. Meanwhile Pallavi also woke up from sleep and came to kitchen after freshening up, she saw Geet in kitchen, Pallavi scolded Geet for coming for kitchen, but Geet convinced Pallavi by saying “nahi maa I am ok now, i was feeling bored, yesterday full day I have taken enough rest. Now I cant take rest maa…please…I wont to any work”


Arjun in Delhi….Geet back to Mumbai…Maan in Sameera’s house



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