MG FF Vivah Bandhan-Part 15


Pallavi: Geet….Geet

Here Geet who heard her husband calling her for the first time, she was shocked first and she wanted to hear her name from his mouth so she was waiting to Maan to call her again, but when she heard Pallavi calling Geet came out of the room and saw Maan waiting with syringe and understood the situation, she went to Amar’s room followed by Maan

Geet took Amar hand and kept out Amar saw his DIL, he just turned his face to other side and Maan gave injection Amar and was happy like he just climbed Mount Everest



Geet came to Amar room and sat next to him, meanwhile Nakul came inside to call Geet was lunch, but Geet informed to Nakul that she will have lunch later and she is not hungry, but Pallavi came inside and force Geet for lunch and took her outside. Geet was not able to eat because daily Amar used to sit with her while having today and she was missing her FIL today, Amar used to tell jokes and also he used to share some incidents of college times and also some of his cranky businessmen’s, Geet was not able to put piece of roti inside her mouth, she eat only half roti and informed Pallavi that she is not hungry

Maan, subse Geet kuch khayee nahi…jabse hey ladki yaha hayee hai, usme hum sabka mann jeeth liya hai. pata nahi kis janam mein humne punya kiya hai hume Geet jaise bahu mila hai…said Pallavi feeling bad for Geet and then washed her hand in middle and went back to her room

After Geet and Pallavi left, now Maan was left alone in dining table, even Maan was not feeling to have anything so he also left to his room. Maan was just lay down on his bed and was thinking about Geet. He was feeling proud for Geet, he knew his parents like Geet very much and he never knew that Geetalso loves his parents as much as they love her…while he was thinking about Geet his cordless phone was ringing, he has already informed to his assistant that he will not come in afternoon and to call him only it is necessary, he was thinking why Adi has not called him on his cell phone, then he remembered that he had kept his phone on silent and he received the call and said “hello” and when he heard Sameera’s voice he felt bad. Sameera checked her phone once again and then said “Maan, I called you so many times you were not receiving my calls, then I called to hospital, your assistant informed me that you have left to home. Maan I have arranged a big party in my house, you should definitely come”

Maan: nahi Sameera, I cant come today, papa is not feeling well…so I have taken off today…sorry some other time

Sameera: what’s new in this Maan? Always you have some or other problem…if you don’t come today, I will get hurt Maan, I have already informed my friends that you are also coming for party today…please come naa Maan…meri liya itna bhi nahi kar sakte tum

Maan thought for sometime and then agreed to go, he got freshen up and checked his father temperature once again and went to Sameera’s house because he do not want to hurt Sameera, then he went to her house and joined the party and started to drink, even Sameera got drunk and hugged Maan tightly…Maan was first shocked but he was thinking about Geet at this time also. He was imagining Geet’s innocent beautiful face in front of him, Maan was feeling like Geet is calling him, he remembered her mangalsutra which was telling him that he is belonging to Geet and no one has right on him, Maan was fighting with his inner feelings, at the same time Sameera pulled him inside her bedroom and was trying to kiss him, when he turned his face to other side. Sameera saw Maan who was busy in his thought, so she pushed him on the bed, Maan was feeling like Geet was standing between Maan and Sameera. Maan immediately got up and pushed Sameera aside and came out her room. Maan sat in the car and drive and reached home safety in that condition also

Geet was worried about Maan, he has gone out in the afternoon and not reached home till now, it is already twelve O clock in the midnight, still there was no sign of Maan. When she heard car sound she rushed to open front door, Geet was shocked to see Maan in that state, his eyes were red, his dress was wrinkled, Geet had tears in her eyes looking at Maan.

Maan went to his room with great difficult, has he was feeling sleepy so he did even tried to change his dress and slept peacefully with alcohol effect.  After closing the door Geet came back to his room and saw Maan sleeping without changing dress also, it was looking like Maan was not aware what is going on and he was not in this world, Geet slowly come towards him and removed his shoes and covered him with duvet, Geet did not liked this, a doctor who should advice others to not drink came home fully drunken that too when his father was not feeling well, she did not know from where Maan got this habit, she has seen her FIL holding drinks when they went to party but he never consumed it, she don’t mind occasional drinking because her father and brother used to have and they know their limit till now they never crossed it also, but looking at Maan who fully drunken she was not able to tolerate, Geet did not sleep whole night and cried till her heart felt relief, till today she did not cried so much, she sat near window and wiped her tears, she saw time it was around five, she came out of her room, took bath.

Geet first went to her in-laws room and checked temperature and felt relief, because fever has come down, she prepared masala tea and came to their room, Pallavi also woke up at the same time and three of them had tea together

Pallavi: Geet did Maan had dinner yesterday?

Geet: nahi maa….Pallavi looked at Geet, and she was not able to look at her MIL and kept her head down

Amar took sandwich, Geet gave tablet to him and joined Nakul to prepare breakfast, after sometime she served breakfast to Pallavi also

When Maan woke up it was around ten. He was shocked to see the time and thought about yesterday’s incident and was ashamed of him? He dunno how he is going to face Geet now…and thought “If Sameera calls me again then I will not go, if she force also I should not drink” then he called hospital and informed his assistant to manage today and came down, he checked Amar temperature and sighed in relief, he saw his father who was sleeping peacefully, Maan came to living room and started to read newspaper, then Nakul served him breakfast, while Maan was eating Pallavi called Geet loudly who was in her room. Geet was not feeling to come down she do not want to face Maan, then without interest Geet came down and said “Maa, mujhe bhook nahi hai, I will straight away have lunch”

Pallavi looked at Geet questioning, then she saw her face which was looking pale and her eyes were red, Pallavi got worried and asked “kya bhath hay Geet, why you looking pale, are you not feeling well? See your eyes is also red”

Geet: nothing maa, I have little headache, if I sleep for sometime I will feel relief and she went to her room without waiting for Pallavi’s answer, and she was surprised with Geet’s behavior. Maan who was sitting there knew that Geet got hurt because of yesterday’s incident. Geet who was sleeping alone in her room was feeling that she was alone in world and thought “I cant stay in his environment, she was brought up with so much love and care, her family did not hurt her till now and here the person who brought her to this house is not caring for her…according to her this is meaningless life, she kept on thinking about her life till Pallavi called her”

Pallavi came to study room and took Geet down, when Amar got to know that Geet is not feeling well he too came out of his room to check on her, Pallavi lovingly feed Geet and Amar got worried looking at Geet’s pale face. Amar and Pallavi were thinking about Geet, they know they had done big mistake in their life, by making their son to get married to Geet forcibly, they were happy with their decision but the person who is suffering only Geet, before Amar fell ill everything was fine, even Maan was talking freely with them in front of Geet, and he was laughing also but they dunno what suddenly happened between them that now both Maan and Geet were not facing each other. Geet saw their face she knew that they both were worried about her, so she immediately plastered smile on her face, and talk to them freely, Maan was surprised with Geet’s determination and assurance, till now she was looking so pale and was not smiling but looking at his parents sad, she is behaving like nothing has happened. Then Geet joined them. He was feeling proud of his wife, and also angry on him was not able to spend some time with her…looking at them he went to his room. They were pulling each other legs, after sometime Pallavi started to narrate yesterday’s episode to them…both Geet and Amar listen to her patiently, even though they were not interested. After sometime even Amar went to his room to take nap

Geet and Pallavi went to garden and sat there, has per Pallavi’s instruction Nakul brought raw mutter, they both started to peal the mutter, at the same time one lady came towards them to the garden carrying her son along with her husband, she rushed to Geet and Pallavi and asked “madamji kya doctor sabh ghar mein hai?”, Geet turned her face and look at the source, she saw poor parents who were quiet tensed, Geet felt bad looking at them and said “aap log andar hayee hai doctor andar hai”

Then Geet informed to Pallavi to call her Maan, and Maan who was reading some health magazine came down in his night dress when he heard his mom calling him, then looked at parents who were carrying a little boy in their arms, after knowing from parents, Maan got anger on parents who bring children when they are serious…he made the boy to lay on couch and turned back to get his medical kit, when he turned she saw Geet, coming towards him with his medical kit and he was mesmerized by looking at his innocent wife who acted smart to the situation, he took kit from Geet, and prescribed medicine in prescription and informed Nakul to get injection from nearby medical shop, after Nakul came Maan filled medicine in syringe and gave injection to the boy, Maan got angry with parents shouted at them saying “atleast from now be little serious with the kids, when your children is not feeling well then bring them to the doctor immediately and don’t wait till they are serious, because sometimes even we cant help, we are just doctors not god”

Parents: no doctor till today he was getting treatment in government hospital and when we found that our son is not recovering, we brought him here. We are not in position to pay for private doctors, someone suggested your name so we came here…sorry we disturbed you when you were sleeping

Maan: no, you have not disturbed me, it’s my duty…do one thing give me your address, I will come your housetomorrow before going to clinic, its not good to stress this small boy.

Parents: Doctor aap ka fees?

Maan: no I don’t need fees in that money get fruits to your boy

Meanwhile Geet brought team and snacks for them and coffee for Maan with snacks. Maan loved the way Geet treated his patients, and while going Geet gave them two hundred rupees along with some fruits to them looking at their condition

Maan was again impressed by Geet the way she treated them, she did not even said anything when he refused to take fees from patient side, and in that too Geet gave money to them so that it will help them to buy medicine for the little boy…he liked this nature of Geet, he remembered once in clinic he refused to take fees from some elderly patient on that day Sameera fought with him for not taking fees from them, Maan just laughed at her and now he was able to see the difference between Heer and Kanch. But immediately he started thinking about Geet, how well she understood the problem of other, she was always like a shadow for him; whenever he need something Geet would have kept ready…he still did not understand how Geet understood him so well…now also he thought to give two hundred bugs to those poor parents, and his wallet was in his room, but when Geet gave them money he was first surprised, now he knows that his wife is too innocent and sometime mature, bubbly, even he wanted Geet to be free with him like she was with his parents but haan more closeness, her closeness started to affect him, when she comes near to him, he like to breathe her scent as much as possible, so that she live in his heart lively and his days fill with more liveliness like her…and now for him she is the angel who can understand him more than anyone else…and Geet had all the qualities he was looking at his wife…he feels that he is blessed to have her in his life

Here Geet was only thinking about the small child, she dunno how he is now? She was feeling bad for child mother who was exhausted when they came here… “If I ask Maan, I will come to know about the baby…but how I will ask him? I did not try to talk to him till now…agar mere puchne se gussa hue toh? Nahi baba nahi mein kya karungi bacche ke barien mein janke?…whatever it is, Maan is very good at heart…he was so tired then also he did not showed in front of others, and treated the child patiently…Jaise maa kahe who kyun uss chudail Sameera se pyar kiye? May be that is the reason people say ‘LOVE IS BLIND’…I think in Maan case it is true”

Amar noticed Geet who was endorsed in her thought, he was cent percent sure that Geet was thinking about the baby so he said “Geet, the baby will recover soon, its not because of Maan’s injection but it is because of your sympathy…you don’t worry”…Geet just gave smile to him

Next day Geet was not able to sit in one place, she was waiting for Maan desperately to ask him about the child, she was waiting for the time to be fast one O’clock, because Maan will come at that time for lunch, Geet was not able to have her breakfast also properly, looking at this Pallavi scolded her lovingly “hey kya Geet, you are not eating properly, Maan will take care of his patients and you no need to worry about it, because now you should get used to it, so many patients will come asking Maan, so you should be brave enough to handle the situation and if you keep all this in heart then definitely you will be the patient for Maan for sure”

Geet: nahi maa who…who

Pallavi: nahi beta, see me and you papa both are used to this, so I am telling you to be strong and don’t take everything to heart…it will hurt you

Geet: jee maa, I will try to be strong

Pallavi went inside and Geet was still thinking about the baby, she tried lot then also she was not able to forget baby’s and his parents face…she prayed “babaji please raksha karna uss bacche ko”

Maan came to back home for lunch and he went to his room to get fresh up…Geet wanted to ask with Maan about the baby but her self-respect did not allowed her to do so, she tried hard to not to ask with Maan and without any other goal she came to his room and peeked in, and the words which she wanted to ask with Maan stuck in her throat itself

Maan saw Geet standing near the door through mirror, he liked the way she was standing


Then Maan turned to Geet and asked “Geet, do you want to tell something? You can tell me, I am waiting”, Maan wanted Geet to talk to him freely so he tried from his end

Geet:  woh….woh…I just want to ask about the baby…how is he now?…said stammering

Maan: woh that baby…I forgot to go their house

When Geet heard this from him her face fell, she got hurt, she never thought that Maan will forget about the baby…Maan watched her face expression and knew that she got hurt and then said “Geet…I was just  joking, I had been to their house morning, now he is fine no need to worry about him”


Hearing this Geet face showed happiness and she gave sweet smile to him and thanked him through her eyes and went down. Maan was still looking at the door, he was assuming that Geet is still standing in front of him, he was not able to forget the concern Geet had for the child and also the way she was standing near door…his heart was asking him to go near Geet and kiss her or atleast hug her once


Telegram-Arjun Serious….Maan talking care of Geet


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