MG FF Vivah Bandhan-Part 14


Next day when Amardeep came to Geet house, without showing their pain Handa’s sent Geet back to her house, even though Arjun was feeling bad, he did not want to show in front of his sister, so he sent Geet happily to her sasural. Here Maan came to home after his duty, he was cursing Geet for staying long let her place, and he wanted her back in his house. When he went inside his room he saw the room which is cleaned, new bedspread, fresh flowers in the vase, curtains have been changed, the room was looking lively for him, which he was missing from last fifteen days, every inch of the room indicated Maan that Geet is back, he was very much happy, one that Geet is back, second his parents will be happy from now and thirdly he need not to be worried about this things, now he knows Geet will take care of him, he happily changed is dress and went down so that he can get glimpse of Geet



When Maan came down Amar and Pallavi looked at Maan and smiled inwardly thinking about their son, then they both looked at each other and Amar raised his eyebrow at his wife showing that what he was saying other day about Maan and Geet was right. Pallavi just nodded her head and they both smiled at each other. Maan came and sat next to his mom and said “aaj aap bahut khush lag rahe hai kyun maa”

Pallavi: mein…khush….kya kherahe wo tum Maan…I am same like I always used to be nothing is changed…then looked at her husband and said “kyun jee mein teek khe rahi hoon naa”

Amar: haan Pallavi tum teek wo aur hamesha ki tarah wo…wo kya hai naa logon ka dekhne ka nazar mein hoga

Maan kept quiet because he knows if he starts again then his parents will pull his legs so he was took newspaper and was reading has if he was much involved in the paper. Though he was reading paper his eyes was looking at kitchen to get glimpse of Geet. Nakul came out with snacks for everyone and he was followed by Geet carry tea cups. Geet gave tea to Pallavi and Amar and she did not know that Maan was also there. Nakul kept the snacks on the table

Maan: Nakul itna fried items…who told you to prepare

Nakul: Geet madam ki maa ne beja hai Mumbai se

Maan: ohh ok

Geet who saw Maan also sitting, she went and prepared black coffee for him and gave it to him. She sat next to Amar, then Amar asked what all she did in mayka so Geet said where all she went with Arjun and how she spend time with her parents, and her masti, while saying this she forgot that Maan was also sitting, here Maan was amused to see Geet so much enthusiastic. He was fully endorsed with her and ate fried snacks, Amar and Pallavi were shocked to see Maan eating fried items, because Maan always used to avoid oil stuffs

Amar: Maan tum teek wo naa?

Maan: haan papa…aap aise kyun puch rahe wo

Pallavi: kuch nahi Maan, you always used to avoid oil stuffs and today you are eating this so we just want to check whether everything is ok

Maan: kuch nahi maa…bahut tasty hai hey snacks…Rano maa ko thanks khena chahiye, and I should kiss those hands which prepared snacks, these snacks are so fresh and tasty

Geet felt happy when she heard Maan saying her maa has maa

Amar teasingly: Maan which you liked so much in these snacks

Maan: papa hey stuffed pakoda and also sweet

Amar: then Maan you can do one thing, you can kiss Geet hand, because she is the one who prepared this with help of sambandji. So now you can kiss Geet’s hands

Maan wide open his eyes, he never thought that Geet has done that, when he heard from Nakul that Geet mom Rano has sent it, so to impress Geet and also the snacks were tasty he said that, now he fall on his own trap in front of his parents, he was embarrassed in front of his parents and closed his eyes. Geet was full red listening to their conversation; Maan opened his eyes and saw Geet who was looking much cuter with blushing face, Geet and Maan had a eyelock, Amar and Pallavi saw the eyelock between them and coughed so that they both can come out of their imagination. Their eye lock broke when they listened to cough and Maan cleared his throat and said “papa, kya sabot hai ki aapki bahu ne banaya,”

Amar sternly: what do you mean Maan

Maan: Dad cool down, ok now listen tell your bahu to prepare same snacks here and if the taste is same then I will accept your challenge…saying this Maan winked at Geet and Amar , then went to his room smilingly

Geet and Amar both were having shocking expressions on their face, Geet blushingly went to kitchen and Amar smiled thinking about them and also informed same to Pallavi. Later Geet joined her in-laws they all were chatting and most of the time Amar and Pallavi used to pull Geet’s leg about today conversation with Maan and also the way he winked at them, Geet was sharam se pani pani When they were having dinner Geet purposefully avoid to eat with them thinking that again her in-laws will pull her leg again, and she was not ready to face Maan

When Maan came for dinner he saw Geet is missing, he asked “papa, kya aapki bahu abhi snacks prepare kar rahi hai kya? Abhi tak kahan ke liye nahi haya”

Amar: pata nahi Maan…chalo Nakul se puch the hai

Nakul was bringing dinner to them, and when placed bowl on table Amar asked “Nakul, Geet ko bulav”

Nakul: jee saab

Nakul informed Geet that Amar is calling her, and she hesitantly came to dining table then Pallavi said “kya kar rahi thi Geet, khane ka time ho gaya…chalo baito khana khalo hamare sath

Geet: kuch nahi maa

Amar teasingly said: tumara pati tume puch raha tha, aur usko laga ki tum snacks prepare kar rahi wo

Geet kept her head down they all had their dinner silently and after some time everyone went to their respective rooms. Geet came to their room and kept milk on the table along with apple slice and went back study room without looking at Maan, his soul was happy today after a long time he was enjoying the peace feeling in his heart and went to sleep. Jab insaan khush hota hai aur jab uska manko sukoon milta hai tab nidradevi un logon ko uske bahoan mein leti hai…wahi hua Maan ke sath, aaj Maan ko Geet ko dekhkar sukoon mila hai, aur hai iss ehsaas ko pyaar ka naam nahi dena chata hai..kyun ki pyaar itni jaldi hoti nahi, aur wo iss ehsaas ko inkaar bhi nahi karna chata hai…he himself was shocked with his behavior first he thought it is because now Geet has come back and his daily routine will not change and he no need to go behind servants to get his work done, has now Geet is there she will take care of that. When he sat with his mom in the evening the moment he saw Geet has he was relief, he got scared that if Geet will stay back then he will lose his parents love and affection on him but looking at Geet’s eyes he forgot everything and touched when she gave coffee to him, that too his favorite. He was mesmerized by her beauty, he dunno how she manages to look so beautiful in simple salwar without any make-up, and jewelries. Thinking about Geet Maan went to sleep, a peaceful sleep which he was missing from the day Geet went to her Mayka. Because of heavy food Maan was feeling thirsty and woke up from the bed to drink water, while having water he saw the light in study room was still on, he slowly went, opened the door without noise, he was surprise to see Geet, reading some book with full concentration, and looking at the way anyone can say that she is intelligent student. Maan was watching his wife and admiring her at the same time he heard some footsteps, so he came back to his room, opened the door and came out of his room

Pallavi: Maan, Amar is not feeling well, he is suffering from fever, I told him that I will call you but he denied saying that he is ok, but now he is shivering and temperature is also high

Maan came to his parent’s room and checked Amar and then he came back to his room to take his medical kit, Geet came out from the room and saw Maan taking medical kit and going down she also followed him, when she came inside in-laws room she saw Amar was blabbering something

Maan took syringe out to give injection to Amar and he got scared seeing Maan with syringe and said “Maan, show your doctor work in your hospital and not at home, I am not taking injection from you” saying this he covered himself fully inside duvet. Maan and Pallavi tried to convince Amar but he was adamant that he will not take injection

Geet who was mute spectator till now came towards Amar and said “paa…aapka temperature zada hai, agar aap injection nahi liya toh, aapka tabiyat aur karab hoga…please mere liye injection lejiye…”  Amar looked at Geet face, which was showing concern, affection and love, and also she had tears in her eyes, he did not want to hurt Geet so he said “ok Geet, I will take injection, beti ka bhath manni padega naa, and then looked at Maan and Maan you can give injection to me now” saying this Amar kept his hand out

Maan gave injection and also tablet to Amar, and went out, he came to living room, Maan sat on couch and was thinking about his father and thought “Amar is very stubborn, he wont listen to anyone and that too when he fell ill then god only should save Maan and Pallavi, to take one tablet, both mother and son try to convince and agree for whatever he says, sometimes Amar will get convince and sometimes both mother and son will on hunger strike, and if he did not bulge for this then Maan used to call his chachu Ayushman Khurana, who is in Army, because Amar will only listen to his brother, even his chahu should try hard to convince his brother but today, when Geet said Amar to take injection he took without creating any fuss, Maan was very much surprised, earlier he thought his parents only like Geet but today he came to know what Geet place in his house…he was proud of his wife but somewhere in his heart he was feeling bad for her because he know Geet is suffering because of him…and before the situation go out of his hand Maan want to take right decision”

Ayushman Khurana

Here Geet was still sitting in her in-laws room, and then Pallavi said “Geet, tum jake so jao, I will look after him”

Geet: nahi ma, you were awake till now, so you sleep, I will look after paa, and if I need your help I will call you.

Then Geet forced Pallavi to sleep, and within few minutes Pallavi slept off immediately, she is from very rich family and she is not used to this. Here Maan tried to sleep but he was not able to sleep so he went down to check his father once again. When Maan came to his father room her saw Geet who was giving glucose water to Amar and his mother was sleeping peacefully, Maan just shook his head thinking about his mother and then Geet stood up from the stool and gave place to Maan

Maan sat next to his father and checked his temperature once again and went to his room, Amar saw Geet was still standing and said “Geet, tum jake so jao, bahut dher ho gaya hai, I don’t need anything else”

But Geet denied saying “nahi paa, mein teek hoon, aap so jaheyee”...then she came out of the room and sat on the couch, she used to check Amar’s temperature now and then and was sitting on couch till morning

Maan checked his father’s heath before going to hospital, and informed the medicine to be given to him to Geet and his mother, once he reached hospital he called two times to check his father’s heath condition, Pallavi informed Geet to take rest, and forcibly  made Geet to sleep

When Maan came for lunch, he went to check Amar, and instead of decreasing the fever temperature was raised, Maan was shocked and asked with his mother she said “jaise tum kaha hai Maan waise humne davayee dee hai”

Maan came to give injection to Amar but he refused to do that, Maan was getting irritated because he should give injection to his father or else temperature will not reduced, Maan came and took Amar’s hand and was about to give injection but Amar pulled his hand back and said “mujhe injection nahi chahiye Maan” and took duvet and covered his face and slept

Maan came out and saw his mother and both of them knew that Amar will not listen to them and then Maan said “Maa, we do not have any other option, papa is simply behaving like a small child, if I do not give injection then temperature will not reduced”. Pallavi went to kitchen to inform Nakul to prepare some light food to Amar

Maan suddenly thought of Geet and he knows only she can convince his father and called “Geet………Geet jaldi havo”

Pallavi who was in kitchen was surprised to hear her son calling his wife first time, Maan turned his face and saw his mother looking at him in smiling face and said “maa…please Geet ko bulha lejihe naa, papa will listen only to her now”, Maan kept his head down not able to see his mother face, he was shy.

Pallavi: Geet….Geet

Here Geet who heard her husband calling her for the first time, she was shocked first and she wanted to hear her name from his mouth so she was waiting to Maan to call her again, but when she heard Pallavi calling Geet came out of the room and saw Maan waiting with syringe and understood the situation, she went to Amar’s room followed by Maan

Geet took Amar hand and kept out Amar saw his DIL, he just turned his face to other side and Maan gave injection Amar and was happy like he just climbed Mount Everest



Sameera calling Maan

Maan came home drunk



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