MG FF Vivah Bandhan-Part 13



Aur hey Amardeep Singh Khurana ka vaada hai tumse, aaj nahi toh kal Maan Geet to apnahega. Tum dekhte jao…Maan badlega…usko uski galti samaj mein ayega….and gave smile to Pallavi. Maan aur Sameera ke pyaar mein etna dum nahi hai ki wo Geet ka samna kare…Geet akeli kafi hai Sameera ko uske jagah dekhane ke liye, before that Maan should open his eyes and heart to see who is genuine and who will support to him till end of his life. Once Maan decide on that he will be succeeded you wait and watch



After listening to the conversation between Pallavi and Amardeep, it pricked his heart, he forgot that he came out of his room to bring water for him, he went directly to his room and sat on his bed thought “If Geet does not come back, then maa and papa will go far from me. I know Geet is angry with me, and she got hurt with my behaviour. If she does not come back, than he shivered thinking about the consequences, he knows what he did with Geet is wrong, he would have atleast talk to her regarding his feelings. He would spoke to her before the marriage also or after marriage I got so many chances to talk to her but I was in my own dilemma and neglected her, today I came to know that Geet was one who was taking care of my needs, I thought Nakul was doing all this. Maa and papa loves their daughter in law more than me, I can understand that from their words.

As Papa said if he convinced Geet for the second……..he dipped his head in shame, he was not able to keep his wife happy, then he thought about Amar words against Sameera “As Papa said, mera aur Sameera ka pyaar ko koi matlab nahi tha kya…meine socha ki mein Sameera se pyaar kartha hoon phir jab meine Sameera ko mera shaadi ke bhath pata chala, wo bhi itna serious nahi thi, kya Sameera ko koi farq nahi padtha mera shaadi se. pata nahi mein kab teek se iss barien mein decide kar pavunga…from now I will try to give importance to Geet and I should talk to Sameera also then only I can decide about anything” then he prayed god saying “please baghwan Geet ko ghar bhej dijeeye”

Maan went to sleep, he was changing his place from one end of the bed to the other end but he was not able sleep, then he saw the bedspread which is not changed from two to three days…he got very much angry on Nakul for not changing bedspread, then without any other choice he only changed bedspread, then he saw the flower in the vase is dried, he took the dried flowers and throwed to the dustbin and thought “I am suffering here alone and this Geet is enjoying with her parents, its already ten days why cant she come back”, then he thought about himself for getting angry with Geet unnecessary and smiled thinking about his situation “when Geet was here I never tried to talk to Geet when she was near to me, and when is not in front of my sight I am thinking about her” he again smiled thinking about his foolishness and went to sleep

Here Amardeep used to call Mohinder everyday asking when they are going to send Geet. Arjun got angry and he said in front of everyone that “when Geet’s husband is not concerned about her then why we should send Geet there, leave writing letter to Geet or calling her atleast he can say to us right to send Geet, but no he is not doing that and her father in law is always behind us asking when we are sending Geet back”

Even Mohinder did not like Maan’s negligence, but he did not want to show in from of his son so he said “Arjun, you don’t understand anything, still you are acting like school boy, who knows may be Khuranas are much into this traditions, may be in there house only head of the family decides so Amardeep only called us. Then tell me what is wrong in that if damad call us or Amardeep call us what is the difference, he is head of the family and maybe Maan and Pallavi ji must pressurised Amardeep to call…hey bhi toh ho sakta hai naa Arjun, you always try to find fault in Maan. And one more thing Arjun, Geet ke zindagi mein zada dacal andaji math karo, beti shaadi ke baad parayi hoti hai and we should not interfere in their lifes. Now Geet is not small girl, where you stand behind her and guide her, she can make her own decision and if she need any help from us we are there to support her” then Mohinder looked at Geet and asked “kya Geet, mein sahi bol raha hoon naa…dekho beta you are princess of this house and always be, no one can take your place in this house and nor in our heart, and when you think that you need support and help we are always there for you and I hope you wont hesitate to come to us”

Geet just looked at her brother once and then father and said “jii papa I will come to you and bhaiya whenever I think I need support from you”

Arjun: leave it bauji, you will never listen to me, and always supports to SIL

Geet sat next to Mohinder and kept head on his chest, Mohinder smiled at his daughter and patted her back. And for Geet it was very difficult, she was not able to decide anything, and also she cant say it to others and thought “I am just DIL of Amardeep Singh Khurana and nothing to Maan, what a irony? They know that my husband love someone then why did they forced Maan to get marry to me? I think Maan is also suffering here, first of all he cant accept me as his wife and also he is not able to forget Sameera” . Geet was feeling pity for Maan, she is not angry with him. And then thought “what if I kill myself, then I no need to suffer” but she shrugged of her thought thinking “if anything happens to me then Maa, papa, bhaiya, and my in-laws also will suffer, no I am not so coward, I cant let them to suffer it the end of their life, now I am only suffering but I cant let others also suffer, then she prayed babaji please give me strength to face the situation”


Next day when Amardeep came to Geet house, without showing their pain Handa’s sent Geet back to her house, even though Arjun was feeling bad, he did not want to show in front of his sister, so he sent Geet happily to her sasural. Here Maan came to home after his duty, he was cursing Geet for staying long let her place, and he wanted her back in his house. When he went inside his room he saw the room which is cleaned, new bedspread, fresh flowers in the vase, curtains have been changed, the room was looking lively for him, which he was missing from last fifteen days, every inch of the room indicated Maan that Geet is back, he was very much happy, one that Geet is back, second his parents will be happy from now and thirdly he need not to be worried about this things, now he knows Geet will take care of him, he happily changed is dress and went down so that he can get glimpse of Geet



Amar not feeling well…

Maan calling his wife name for the first time


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