MG FF Vivah Bandhan-Part 12


Arjun got doubt with Geet’s married life and thought that there is something serious matter is there, or is Maan so shy type? He was trying to find answer for number of questions rising in his mind and decided this time he will talk to Geet and find the reason for her seriousness. And Geet informed to her MIL and FIL and went to her mayka along with Arjun



Geet was completely silent till she reached home, when Geet came to home she was welcomed by Mohinder and Rano, she happily chatted with all of them and went to her room, she touched all her things to reconfirm that she is in her room. Rano prepared all Geet’s favorite food, Rano was very much happy. Days were passing, everyday Rano used to give new list to Mohinder or Arjun, which contained grocery list. Mohinder used to spend some quality time with her, Rano used to prepare new items and make her daughter eat and Arjun used to take her to movies, temples and beach, everyone used to look after Geet like she is a big treasure of their house, and they were missing her badly

Days were passing Arjun used to watch Geet closely, after she came to Mumbai, Maan did not called her neither she called him. Arjun sometime used to tell her to call Maan and check everything is fine, but Geet did not showed interest to call Maan, she just gave some lame excuses and went from there. It confirmed Arjun that his sister is not happy because he had seen when his friends get married the way they like to spend time with each other, in office also his friends used to call their wife or husband so many times and talk with them. But it is completely opposite with Geet, neither she showed interest nor Maan called her, not even message exchange between two of them. He never saw Maan and Geet talking to each other also after their engagement.  He came to know about this when he checked Geet’s cell phone. So he thought to check directly with Geet or else her life will be spoiled. Then he told Geet to get ready for movie and informed Rano and went out

Arjun parked his bike near the park and took Geet inside the park, she was surprised thinking that her brother told they are going for movie and now he brought her to park, then ask “bhai, you said we are going for the movie but why are you parking your vehicle in the park”

Arjun looked at Geet seriously and sat on the park bench and he indicated her to sit next him. Once Geet seated he asked “Geet, you are hiding something from us, its already ten days you came from Delhi, but Maan till now did not called you once, and are you only talking to your in-laws. Even I invited Maan so many times to come to our house but he did not agree till now, like always this time also he said he don’t have time and busy with the patients. Looking at this, I can understand how well he is looking after you, if he has money and power it is for him, I care dam for that. We thought he will look after you very well so he got you married to him not that we cant give food and shelter for you. Geet this time you are not going back. If he need you let him come or else let him come to us when he feel that he need his wife then we will send you to your sasural or else we can apply for…. “

Geet closed Arjun’s mouth from her palm and thought “if I show my weakness little also then bahi will create big fuss” and then said “bhai why did you get this doubt, ok if you are thinking about the calls then I can make it clear to you that, your juju wants me to call him first or write letter to him first and I want your jiju to call me or write letter for me first. So we both are not calling or writing letters, and we are getting information about each other from maa and pa, please don’t decide anything looking at Maan’s serious face

Arjun: Geet are you sure that you are not hiding anything from us, still I don’t have trust on you I feel that you are hiding something from us, and you are thinking that if you tell us then we will feel bad for that so you are not telling to us and hiding your pain in yourself, do you know how much you have changed, there is no sparkle in your else, where is you bubbliness Geet? For maa and papa they are happy with this relation, they failed to notice that you are not happy, they only say to everyone in proud that they got foreign return damad, and your in-laws are rich that’s it. But I am missing my old Geet, I made a big mistake by agreeing to this marriage. I would have stopped your marriage…saying this Arjun closed his face in palm and cried

Geet thought: I was very careful while talking to our parents and brother, but my brother guessed it and if I not stop him then he will shout at maa and bauji…he will also suffer and make them also suffer, before he conclude this I should talk to him or else he will not rest in peace until he make me to leave in Mumbai and then said

Geet: thank god bhai, you did not tell this in from of your jiju, he would have felt bad listening to your words; first of all he was not at all interest to send me here, and thinking about his saala he sent me here only thinking that he should not hurt you. And you don’t think bad about him, bhai listen to me carefully, shaadi ke badh sabh kuch badal jata hai bhai, abhi aapki behen sirf aapki behen nahi ek unche kandhan ki bahu bhi hai, aur usko uski kuch responsibility bhi hai, then smiled looking at her brother and continued, aur bhai aapki behen bhi sab ladki ke tarah apne sasural mein apna responsibilities nibhal rahi hai, so you can expect some seriousness in her face.  That does not mean that I am not happy and all. please stop thinking about me, and if there is anything serious I will definitely come to you first and now don’t tell this is maa and bauji they will also feel bad, they are happy seeing me here and not don’t spoil their mood by your unnecessary doubts

Even though Arjun’s doubts did not get clear, but he was happy, the way Geet taking side of her sasural and thought “Geet, mujhe pata nahi tumara aur Maan ke beech kya chal raha hai,I am sure that you definitely will not tell me   but I can assure you one thing that, he will definitely fall for you character and beauty. If not today definitely everything will go right in your life tomorrow. But I am there to support you always”

Geet shook Arjun who was in deep thought and then they both went home happily. They had dinner with Rano and Mohinder and went to sleep


Here in Khurana Mansion everything changed after Geet went to her mayka. Though Pallavi and Amar missed Geet they used to call each and every hour to Geet and talk to her, so Geet’s presence did not affect them much. Whenever they missed they called Geet. But the major affect was in Maan’s life because, his shaving set is not cleaned properly, his hot water temperature for bath is not proper, his breakfast pasta not baked properly, his dress not ironed properly, and the black coffee he took sip and spilt out. He glared at Nakul asking “what is this??” Nakul just took the coffee mug and said he will prepare new coffee to him but Maan said no need I will take in hospital. Geet who was taking care of each and every needs now everything had become upside down, Even though Pallavi saw this she did not care to ask Maan , she went directly to her room smiling at her son’s foolishness. It was clearly showing that he is missing Geet’s touch in his work and he cant say anything directly now

Evening when Maan came to home he was tired. Before marriage Pallavi used to take milk to him every night, but after Geet came to house it was Geet’s duty to take milk to Maan. After Geet went to mayka it was Nakul’s duty. Nakul entered Maan’s room and gave him milk. When Maan took the glass of milk it was not as usual like Geet gave so he called Nakul and asked “what is this Nakul? Why you are also doing like this? I am seeing you are not preparing breakfast like always, my dress is not iron properly, and now this milk is not hot enough and in that also you have put sugar for that”

Nakul saw Maan at once and said “chote saab humne nahi pata hai, hamesha Geet didi apke sare kaam ka dhyaan rakh rahi thi, abhi woh nahi hai toh hum kaam waise hee kar rahe hai jaise apke shadi se phele karte the” saying this he went out from his room

Maan kept the milk aside and slept and thought “so this is the change, Geet was taking care of my things and now she is not there so no one is bothered to ask her once and then preparing according to my taste, and even she is not interest to call the servants once and inform them to prepare according to my taste…woh Maan when Geet was there in the house you never cared for her and not even talk to her also then how will you expect her to think about you…one thing is clear Geet is very strong minded girl, inspite on my indifferent behavior also she took care of me mom and dad, and I was feeling jealous on her thinking that my parents giving importance to her, why will they not give importance Maan, Geet is very good at heart, she treated everyone very well, did’nt you see the way Nakul answered you, he is not afraid of me earlier you used to get scared when I call him to my room”

Next day it was very late when Maan came to home, because of some serious patient came in the last minute and after the operation when he reached home it was around twelve. Pallavi was waiting for him. Maan was happy that after so many months he is seeing his mother waiting for him like before. Looking at Maan’s tired face she felt bad for him and said “why you work so late Maan, you are straining your health also in this, you are not taking proper food and nor rest also, hume tumara paisa ka eccha nahi hai, you dad and grandfather had already saved so much, that even if our three generation people sit and eat also it will not affect. Because you wished to have a hospital so we opened hospital for you, not to spoil your health like this”

Maan: Maa do you think I have greed for money, every human on the earth should fulfill his responsibility and that too I am doctor,  as a doctor it is my duty to look after my patient, I should take care of them first

Pallavi: yes Maan you are correct, she looked at Maan and said” see I am seeing a very responsible person who is fulfilling all his duty properly without any fault also in front of me everyday”…..saying this Pallavi gave sarcastic smile to him and went to her room

Maan was numb after listening to his mother, it was as if someone has kept hand inside his heart and pulled it, he felt pain in his heart, he was thinking how to explain to his mother about his pain… thinking this he went to his room, he took cold shower to reduce his burning heart and changed to his night dress. He wanted to have water; he looked around to found the water jug empty. He cursed Nakul was not keeping water in his room and came down to take water from kitchen at that time he heard his father voice who was scolding Pallavi

Amar: “what Pallavi, you think that I would have given green signal to Maan and Sameera’s marriage? What are you talking? Are you in the sense or not. Maan unke hatho mein unka suki jeevan ko barbad kar raha hai aur tum usko support dey rahi who. Geet is so pure and innocent, did you ever see her behaving indifferent with any of us, like her own father and mother she is looking after us, she even treats our servants well, cant you see respect for Geet in our servant eyes, when a servant can find out the best quality of Geet , they why cant Maan. Cant Maan lead his life properly with Geet, kyun Maan Geet ko patni ka darja nahi deh raha hai, till now I thought he will change but now I am sure that he do not want to change”

“Maan ko Geet jaise ladki ke sath jeevan karne ka naseeb nahi hai. Tumhe kya lagta hai Pallavi, agar abhi bhi Sameera ko chatha hai toh usse shaadi karne ko kaho, Sameera ke sath Maan ka shaadi karvata toh aab Maan ghar mein nahi, club mein sharabh pekee pada rehta tha uss Sameera ke sath. Usse phele mein Geet ke shaadi karvata hoon, for Maan’s mistake why Geet should suffer, I will look alliance for my daughter, I am waiting for Geet to come and after I find best ladka for Geet I will fall on Mohinder’s leg for spoiling Geet life, I will ask his forgiveness, we are not so lucky Pallavi to keep Geet in our house. Now Geet is not only DIL of this house but also my daughter”

Pallavi: what are you saying Amar? I just told you because we forced Maan to get married to Geet, so if he marries Sameera atleast he will be happy right?

Amar: so what you want to do, to your sons happiness, you want him to get marry then what about Geet, Pallavi how can you be so selfish, and don’t even try to come and talk to me like this. Tumara beta, agni ko sakshi man kar hazzar logon ke samne Geet ko vaada kiya hai, kya tumara beta woh vaada nibah raha hai, nahi par usko kahi park mein bait kar Sameera ko diya hua vachan yaad hai, yeh shaadi ka pavitr bandhan hai Pallavi mein bhi dekta hoon kitna din tumara beta Geet ko apnane se inkaar kar hai.

Aur hey Amardeep Singh Khurana ka vaada hai tumse, aaj nahi toh kal Maan Geet to apnahega. Tum dekhte jao…Maan badlega…usko uski galti samaj mein ayega….and gave smile to Pallavi. Maan aur Sameera ke pyaar mein etna dum nahi hai ki wo Geet ka samna kare…Geet akeli kafi hai Sameera ko uske jagah dekhane ke liye, before that Maan should open his eyes and heart to see who is genuine and who will support to him till end of his life. Once Maan decide on that he will be succeeded you wait and watch


Maan thinking about Geet

Geet going to her house with FIL


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