MG FF Vivah Bandhan-Part 11


After dinner Geet brought milk and mango slices to Maan and kept it near the table, Maan was about to see her face, but again he saw one side face in that half of the face is covered by her long hair, first time he cursed god for giving long hair to his wife. He saw milk and mango slices but did not have mood to have it, he turned his face to other side and slept. Geet came in the morning to take empty glass and found that Maan did not touched milk nor mango slices and thought “maybe he got by his parents behavior yesterday and these all things are happening because of me ”



Days were passing and Geet had adjusted to her sasural, expect Maan, everyone looked after her very well, for Amar and Pallavi Geet is like their daughter, it was Pallavi’s wish that everyday she used to tie Geet hair in different style, she will take Geet with her to shopping, is she hear any new fashioned dress launched in the market she will make sure that she will buy for her. Geet used to keep her face angry whenever Pallavi buys something to her and go and complaint to Amardeep. But Amar will support Pallavi saying “kya Geet tumara maa ko etna haqh bhi nahi hai kya? Every time you come to me to complain against your mother. Why cant you just listen to her, see the color is too good and it will suit for you“…said in fake anger

Geet: kyun nahi bapuji, mein naa bahut badi galti ki hai, phele maa to mana karna aur dusri apke pass akar shikayat karna…aap toh maa ki kilaaf kuch nahi bolenge aur hamesha unke haan mein haan milate hai…phele hee arjun bhai ne mujhe etne sare kapde di hai…mein hey soch rahi thi mein kya karoon etne sare kapdonka aur maa ne hamesha unkeliye kuch nahi leti, agar bahar jathi hai toh mere liye kuch na kuch lekar hati hai. Hey apko kabhi galat nahi lagta ….hey naa…

Mean while Pallavi entered her room and listened to Geet complaining against her to Amar and said “bechari Geet…” Geet looked at her mother in law shocked and Pallavi smirked at her and continued saying “Dekha Amar apne, Geet mujhe pasand nahi karti hai, mein naa pagal hoon, bhagwan ne hume sirf  ek beta di hey, agar ek betibhi diya hota toh accha hota, isliye mine socha mein Maan ki biwi ko apne beti manlungi. Par nahi iss me bhi unko problem hai”

Geet interrupted her in the middle and said “maa please…mein apke samne hath jodthi hoon, aap chathe hai naa ki mein hey dress pehanloo teek hai mein pehloongi, etna emotional hona ki zarurath nahi hai”

Amar smiled at Geet and said “haa gayi naa Geet tumara maa ke bhato mein, aur agar mien tumara side leti toh, Pallavi ke bhath sunkar tum suki side chali jati issliye meine phele se Pallavi ke side liya…aab samaj mein haya tume”

Geet nodded her head and took the dress to her room and said “babaji, kya family di hai apne mujhe, maa hamesha drama karti hai aur bapuji ne unka sath deta hai. Ek side Pati mera cherha tak dekne nahi chathe dusri aur unki maa aur papa ne mujhe itna pyaar detai hai, pata nahi kab tak mein unke samne hey natak kar sakti hoon, babaji please I want everyone to be happy, my parents and my in-laws also, please bless all of them”

When she was praying there was knock at the door, Geet opened the door and saw Nakul standing there and asked “Haan Nakul kuch kaam tha”

Nakul: Malik aur Malkin garden mein apka intezar kar rahe hai

Geet: tum chalo mein ati hoon


Then Geet went to the Garden and saw Pallavi and Amardeep arguing, but when she lef their room they were happy then what happened to them all of the sudden. she did not understand why they both are fighting, so she went and sat next to Pallavi and asked “kya hua maa? Aap dono kyun lad rahe ho?”

Amar: kuch nahi Geet, who mujse haar gayi so she is annoyed

Geet: haar gayi?????

Pallavi: no Geet he is telling lies, he cheated me while playing carrom

Geet: ok ma leave it naa, why are you taking so serious, I have informed Nakul to bring tea for us

Pallavi: chalo Geet we will prepare tea today She took Geet along with her to kitchen and told her “you babuji won 2 matches today, now I want him to lose once or else he will keep on teasing me, please help karo naa

Geet: itne se bhath hai, we will play and win maa why are you worried about that

Pallavi: nahi Geet this time I want to make in dance

Geet: Babuji knows dance maa??????

Pallavi: yeah he loves dance, but now he lost interest in that

Geet: ok fine we will play and tell him who will win the match should dance, song will be chosen by winner

Pallavi agreed to that, then she and Geet brough tea to Amar and Pallavi said “we are playing one more time and this time the loser should dance and song will be selected by winner”

Amardeep smirked at Pallavi and said “are you sure darling, I may choose song for you which you don’t like”

Geet: ok papa, I agree with maa, you are playing with me and ma is my supported

Pallavi smirked back at Amar and said “abhi bhi aap ki song select karoge… I have no problems with your songs”

Amar baffled he thought he will make Pallavi to dance on item number song, then they started playing games, Geet diverted Amar’s mind while playing, at last Geet and Pallavi won the game, Amar was not able to believe that he lost the game, he was shocked to the core and said he will back in the minute and went to his room, here Geet and Pallavi hi-fived. And as per condition Amar should dance, then Pallavi whispered to Geet saying “he likes Hrithik very much”

Geet shouted: HRITHIK!!!!!!!! Wow maa even I like him very much

Pallavi: babaji mujhe raksha karna

Geet: Kyun maa kya hua??

Pallavi: Geet pata hai tumara babuji he also crazy about Hrithik and now I got daughter in law who is also crazy about Hrithik and I am in the middle of two Hrithik pagal’s so I am praying god to save me from you both

Geet pouted her lips and said “maa you don’t like Hrithik”

Pallavi melted looked at Geet and said “don’t worry beta from now I will also like Hrithik I don’t want you to feel bad dear, for you I will like Hrithik”

Geet gave full smile to Pallavi and kissed her cheeks, Pallavi was surprised by her antics but loved it, Meanwhile Amar came and said “why I think that you both have cheated me in game”, Pallavi and Geet looked at Amar in shock, now he got confirmed that they have cheated him and then Amar continued “so you both cheated now the punishment is you both are dancing and I will watch”

Geet: Babuji kya apne dekha hume cheating karte hue…Amar nodded his head saying no then Geet continued “then how can you say that we have cheated you, this is too bad and how can you doubt on maa and me, chalo ma hum andar chalte hai” Geet hold Pallavi’s hand and then here Palalvi was shocked because she did not understand what Geet is doing so she looked at Geet, who winked at her and then Geet said “one more thing babuji I never thought you will doubt on us, now you no need to dance, you are thinking that only to make you dance we both have cheated you right then fine now”

Amar interrupted her in the middle and said “I am sorry Geet, I just got doubt that you have cheated me that’s it, sorry sorry please forgive me, I cant see your sad face”

Geet: aap maa se sorry kahiye mujhse nahi

Amar: Sorry Pallavi

Pallavi just nodded her head, she did not understand what is going on

Amar: I will dance Geet I dotn have any problem. But we will do it tomorrow, its already late today, Maan ane ka waqt hogaya hai


Maan was in hospital checking aged patient, he gave prescription for him and said “aap wait kejiye, I will inform the nurse to get medicine” to which he nodded his head, Maan called Nurse and informed her to get medicine, and was talking to him, suddenly the person said Doctor what is the name of your wife”

Maan was baffled with his question and said “Geet”

Old Man: bahut accha naam hai, I had been to your reception, aap dono ka Jodi bahut sundar hai beta, pata hai lakhon mein ek ko aise jeevan sathi milta hai. Geet face is so glowing, she is so beautiful. Mera service mein aise ladki meine abhi taq nahi dekha, she will suit in all the ways, beta paisa aur naam hum hamara mehnath se haasil kar sakte hai, par accha aur saccha Jeevan sathi naseeb walon ko hee miltha hai

Maan was surprised listening to him, Meanwhile nurse came inside and gave medicine to the old man he thanked Maan and went. Even though Maan did not like him talking about Geet, but now he wanted to see how Geet looks exactly, he always seen her side face while having food, roaming in house here and there, Maan just tried to think about Geet face, then he determined his mind that today he will see his wife by any cost


After their dinner Geet brought milk to him and before he see her face she went to her room (study room), he cursed himself for not seeing her when she kept milk near his table, then he went to balcony and was staring moon thinking about his life, where he was standing from there he can the reflection of Geet from the window mirror, then he remembered old man’s words then he saw Geet holding some book and reading. He was just staring at her without blinking his eyes “Very fair, hazel eyes, plumpy lips, lovely cheeks, Mangalsutr in her neck along with small gold chain, she was so simple yet breathtaking” he forgot about the time, and was staring at Geet Continuously, Meanwhile Geet kept the book aside and prayed to babaji, then she turned off the light and slept, Maan was cursing Geet for switching off light so soon, he wanted to see her again and again, somewhere in his heart, it was saying “Geet belongs to you Maan, she is yours”, today he was proud of Geet not only because of her beauty but also the way she is taking care of his family, even the servants respected Geet very much, then he thought “If Geet did not switch off the light I would have sat their till morning looking at her innocent beauty face, as I thought it is not easy to stay away from Geet”…whole night he dream t of Geet and slept dreaming about her beautiful face


Next day Amar went to his friend house came in the evening and has he promised with Geet that he will dance today; he was ready for that, so he went to his friend place to learn some salsa moves. Geet and Pallavi waiting for Amar in gym room, because they can get enough place, they set everything ready and waiting for Amar who went to change his dress. Here Maan came to home because there was less patient today, and he wanted to spend some time with his family members, its long time that he spent time with his parents and after Geet came to house he was not at home most of the time, when he entered house, he was silent, he was surprised because his parents and Geet always used to discuss on one or other matter, then he saw Nakul who is coming from gym and asked “Sab log kahan hai Nakul, Koi dekhai nahi deh rahe hai”

Nakul: sab gym room mein hai

Maan with shocked: what!!! In gym room what are they doing there?

Nakul: pata nahi, Malik told me to keep DVD home theater in gym, just now I kept it there

Maan: ok tum jao


Maan went to his room and changed dress and came to gym room

Meanwhile Amar told “Geet first you should dance they I will do”

Geet: Kyun Babuji

Amar in pleading face said “Geet please call me paa…you know bapuji wont go with my image”

Pallavi and Geet smiled at him and Geet said “paa, why I should dance?”

Amar: I dunno anything about that, see Geet, I don’t have proof that you both did cheated me while playing so I am agreeing for your conditions and now we all three will dance, mein Pallavi ke sath dance karunga, usse phele tume dance karna padega

Geet after much pressure from MIL and FIL agreed to dance and informed them that they should do salsa and no cheating. Both Pallavi and Amar agreed for that. Maan who stood near the window heard their conversation and even he was eagerly waiting for Geet’s dance.

Then Geet to the center and tied her duppata sideways and dance

Note: please ignore others and the VM credit goes to my sweet Utopia

Amar and Pallavi loved Geet dance and saw Maan looking at Geet dance without blinking his eyes, Maan was mesmerized with Geet dance, now both Pallavi and Amar were sure that today or tomorrow Maan will accept Geet, they both were happy for that. After Geet completed her dance she informed her MIL and FIL to do dance, Pallavi was little bit hesitant to do dance because she dance long back and dunno how she is gonna dance in front of DIL and son, Geet choose senorita song, even though Amar learnt step from his friends he was not able to do the steps properly then Geet came to them and taught them some basic salsa step, like good students Pallavi and Amar learnt the steps and sometimes Geet will dance holding Amar and sometime Pallavi to show them how the other partner should dance. She even informed Amar how to his postures to be when he is doing especially salsa. Maan was very much happy with that and jealous too because he dotn have chance to dance with Geet, even he wanted to join them but he cant do because once he go near to his parents then Geet will move from their giving some lame excuses, his trance broke when he heard them laughing

They all sat on the floor and then Amar asked “Geet did you learnt salsa?”

Geet: Haan paa, I learnt salsa, but not fully, maa did not like it. So bhai arranged me a lady tutor so that I can learn dance, at home sometime me and bhai used to dance

Maan was admiring silently his wife, somewhere in his heart he knew that he is doing wrong to Geet. Days again passed and now Maan used to sit next to Geet along with his parents and listened to their talks, sometime even he used to join their conversation, Geet was confused by his behavior and happy also because her family members were happy

One day Arjun suddenly come to Geet house because one he wanted to know how Geet is living in this house and secondly want to watch Maan and Geet. When he saw her first, there was no bubblyness, nor happy, her face look serious, he tried to look at her eyes and find the reason but failed reading her eyes. This time Maan spoke nicely with Arjun, so Geet was quiet relief with that, because she knows if Maan did not talk to Arjun properly then she should answer hundred questions of him

Arjun got doubt with Geet’s married life and thought that there is something serious matter is there, or is Maan so shy type? He was trying to find answer for number of questions rising in his mind and decided this time he will talk to Geet and find the reason for her seriousness. And Geet informed to her MIL and FIL and went to her mayka along with Arjun



Arjun questioning Geet

Maan missing Geet and shouting at servants

Pallavi taunting Maan

Geet going to her house with FIL


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