MG FF Vivah Bandhan-Part 10



When Nakul questioned her she said “I have the habit of reading books so it will be helpful if this bed is here”. Nakul did not question her further and went to his room. Geet was happy that from now she no need to sleep in the couch in front of Maan, she tried to avoid him as much as possible, once she keep milk in his room and then will not come from study room which is her room now. These all were ok for Geet but her major problem was to pretend in front of her mother in law and father in law that both she and Maan were happy. But poor girl she dunno that both her MIL and FIL were aware of that.



Few days passed like this for Geet in her sasural, Geet will get up early in the morning now she knows at what time Maan will wake up, So first she will finish her bath before he gets up and goes down, she will finish her puja with Pallavi and then prepares tea for Pallavi Amar and herself and gives menu to Nakul about that days breakfast, then have morning chat with her MIL and FIL. Here Maan get fresh up and goes to gym, after gym he will be in study room reading days paper at that time Geet will send Maan’s black coffee with Nakul, and she will go to their room and keep toiletries in bathroom slab and also check whether water is enough hot for him, then goes out of the room before he comes. Once Maan goes for bath she will keep his dress, hanky, wallet, watch, and his briefcase with has his medical instruments and goes silently out of the room.

Here Maan thought that Nakul has become so prominent in his work now, because Maan was thinking that Nakul is the one who is doing all his works, then he will get ready and come down to have his breakfast, Nakul will serve him breakfast and black coffee and he will have along with his Mom and Dad, many times Pallavi or Amar will ask Nakul about Geet. Maan will silently without uttering any word. When Nakul informed them that Geet will have her breakfast later, or is in garden watering plants or doing some works, so Amar and Pallavi knew that Geet purposely avoiding to be in front of Maan, and so they decided one of them wait for Geet and the other will have breakfast with Maan,

After dinner Geet will come to their room with milk and keep it near his table and to her room (study room) and will come out only next day morning. One day in the midnight Pallavi was feeling thirsty and  she forgot to get water bottle from dining table which Geet gave to her while going to her room, she came out to get water bottle, then Pallavi saw light in Maan’s study room, and thought what Maan is doing in this mid-night, she came to their room was about to knock the door, but when she found that door is not locked she came inside Maan’s room and saw Maan sleeping peacefully so she slightly opened study room door and was shocked to see Geet reading books and also bed in study room, Pallavi did not expect this, she never thought that Maan will allow his wife to sleep in study room she had tears looking at Geet who was fully involved in the book. Geet felt that someone is standing near the door and she was surprised to see Pallavi who was looking at her, so Geet said stammering “woh maa, I was not feeling sleepy so thought of reading books, aap iss waqt yaha…aap ko kuch chahiye ma” and gave forceful smile to Pallavi.

Palalvi: rath bahut ho chukka hai Geet, chaliye aap so jahiye

Pallavi came down from Maan’s room with heavy heart, she was feeling very bad for Geet, whole night she did not sleep, she saw her husband Amar sleeping peacefully, she did not liked to disturb him, she kept on looking at the clock, she want to talk to her son and make him understand, but cried whole night thinking about Geet, because of her Geet is suffering today, Geet is nowhere at fault, poor girl she did not even know why are husband is behaving like this with her, it was piercing Pallavi’s heart that she has spoiled Geet’s life.


Next day morning as usual Maan came to his room after gym, he went to wash room and came out dressed to go for hospital, at that same time he saw his mother entering his room and here when Pallavi knew that Geet is not in room and when she saw Geet in garden she came to Maan’s room to talk about Geet, Maan was surprised to see his mother in his room, unless and until there is any serious issues Pallavi will not come to his room.

Maan: maa aap yaha, kitne din hogaya aap mere room mein ayee hue. Baitiye naa maa, then he looked at his mother face and said kya bhath hai maa, aapko mujhse kuch bhath karna hai kya

Pallavi: Maan, as a mother I should not talk about this, par abhi tak meine soch aaj nahi toh kaltumara bartav Geet ke upar teek hoga aur tum badal jahoge, aab mujhe yakeen hogaya ki tum badala nahi chate ho

Maan: aap kya khe rahi ho maa

Palalvi: Kya tum Geet ko khush rakh rahe wo, abhi tak meine tume Geet se bhath karte hue bhi nahi dekha

Maan got irritated and said “maa hey sub aap phele sochna chahiye tha, aab nahi, aab sochne se koi faida nahi, jab aap mera shadi karwa rahe the tab toh aapko iss ghar ka reet riwaz, paramapara, izaat dekha apne, aur aap hey sochna bhul gaye ki kya aapka beta iss shadi se khush rahega ya nahi, jis ladki se apne jabardasti mera shadi karwaya hai wo sirf iss ghar ka bahu ban sakti aur mera biwi kabhi nahi ban sakti” saying this he came out of the room and was shocked to see Geet who was standing near the door with her head bend

Geet forgot to keep flower in the vase in the morning so she came to put flower and listened to mother and son’s conversation, Geet just gave place to Maan to go without showing any emotions, Geet put flowers on the vase and went to kitchen, Pallavi was not aware of this


Here Nakul gave breakfast to Maan, after having that he went to Hospital, From Nakul Geet came to know that her in laws did not had breakfast today till now so she came to their room to call them for breakfast. When she was about to knock the door she heard Pallavi saying “Amar humne bahut badi galti ki hai, hamara zid ke waja se Geet aaj suffer kar rahi hai, Maan ko uss bekar ladki Sameera se dur rakne ke liye Geet se shadi karvai, par aab isseme sirf Geet bugat rahiye, Maan ussko abhi tak patni ka darja nahi diya hai, bechari study room me so rahi hai, mein aisa kya karu Amar jisse Geet  khush rahe”

Amar: Pallavi, jab humko Maan aur Sameera ke barien mein pata chala, hum Sameera ke barien mein puch tach ki hey naa, woh acchi ladki nahi hai. Hum bagwan se prathna karte hai ki Maan Sameera ko zaldi se bhul kar Geet ko apnayee

Geet was feeling bad thinking about Maan and even his parents, she don’t have any solutions for that so she came to living room without calling them and informed Nakul to go and call them for breakfast, she forgot to call them. Later she had breakfast with her in laws without showing emotions


Here Maan came to hospital, he informed his assistant Aditya to take care and went to his private room and locked the door, he had already informed his staff to not to disturb him, Maan was feeling the pain in his heart, he was surprised by Geet’s firmness, he expected that after his behavior in first night, next day Geet will come to him and ask why he is behaving differently with her, or cry and ask what her fault was. But she even never tried to come near him once to ask, he had seen her always she won’t even raise her head up to see him once, somewhere in his heart he was hating this nature of Geet, he wanted to read her eyes, or want to hear her, he cursed himself for not seeing her before once, sometime when his colleagues say both Geet he was thinking whether she really look so beautiful, because he had seen so many of his friends and colleagues praising Geet. Now he was trying to see her face from many days but he was not lucky enough to get darshan of her face, only he was able to view her side face and in which half of the face is always covered with her hair which he hated more. He wanted to talk to her but Geet never gave chance to him, she always will be in hurry to move out of his sight.

Geet never showed her pain in front of him, her boldness attracted him, he wanted to tell Geet that he does not love her, but somewhere in his heart is was not ready to accept this, he was feeling strange thinking how can he feel for Geet when he has never seen her face once and not even in love with her, and he always thought that only Sameera has right on him, within the months time he forgot Sameera and thinking about Geet. He remembered from the date of their marriage till today he was only thinking about Geet and not Sameera, why there was no answer for that, Geet has made very special place in his heart and even in his parents heart which Sameera failed to do. He always told Sameera to win his parents heart first so that they will agree for their marriage but Sameera never listened to him and said she is not ready to do it, for her only he is important and not his parents. But Geet was always will be with his parents, she was more than a daughter for this house, she was always there for Amar and Pallavi whenever they need her and he thought Arjun is so lucky to have Geet has his sister, enough to he appreciated Arjun but his inner feeling was telling him that he is lucky enough to get Geet as his wife,

Its one and half month now Geet never once try to talk to him, he was thinking about her, there is no change in his life, for outside world he is married man, but Geet did not even come near him also, Maan was still confuse thinking how can Geet have so much will power, he had seen her talking and laughing with his parents, he had never seen his parents so happy, he had seen his dad requesting Geet, so that she will allow him to smoke and seeing that his mother was laughing like anything by saying “Amar you never listened to him now what will you do, how will you so no for your daughter”, later Amar accept his defeat, Maan also saw Geet taking care of his parents needs, one day also there was not fighting between them, he had not seen his mom even talking in loud voice with her, it was like Geet is the daughter of this house, sometime he feels that his parents had forgotten him, when he is with his parents then Geet will not come in front of them

He knows he is the reason behind this; sometime even he tried to see Geet’s face. Then thought Geet cannot take Sameera’s place in his heart and sometime even he got doubt thinking whether he really in love with Sameera or it is just infatuation. But today when he told his mom that Geet can be only daughter in law of this house, there was no change in her behavior. Maan was feeling bad for Geet and he knows he had done wrong


Amar after knowing from his wife that Maan informed Geet is only daughter in law of this house and not his wife, from that day he stopped talking to Maan, Amar had high hope on his son and thought after marriage he will think about his wife but from this one and half month he was observing him and he did not find any improvement in Maan’s behavior and also after listening his talk with Pallavi he started distancing Maan from him. Maan was surprised with his dad’s behavior he tried so many times to talk to him, either his Dad will nod is head nor he will go to his room without saying anything


In Maan’s family they had the habit of having dinner together, thought Maan comes home for lunch sometimes he will have alone and sometimes with his parents. But during dinner they used to talk and their business and his profession or some other topic. Sometimes Pallavi will make sure Geet sit along with them in dinner and just she used to sit simply listening to their talk. Most of the time Geet will escape having dinner with them giving some reasons. Her self-respect did not allowed her to come in front of him

Maan came soon that day and he was waiting for his parents to have dinner with them, Nakul came with one plate and started to serve food for him.

Maan: maa aur papa ka plate kaha hai Nakul? Who khana kaye kya?

Nakul: malik ke kaha ki, unko bhook nahi hai, aur woh bad mein khahenge, iss liye malkin aur Geet madam bhi kaha ki wo malik ke sath kahenge

When Nakul went to Kitchen Maan went to his parent’s room to call them, he saw his mother and father playing chess and Geet watching them, he was able to see Geet’s one side face

Maan: papa chaliye naa hum khana khate hai?

Amar did not even lift is head up and said “tum kavo, mujhe bhook nahi hai”

Maan: maa please aap chaliye mere sath khana khali jihe, mujhe akela khane ka mann nahi hai

Pallavi: Maan you know I will not have dinner before your father have, so you can go, people should change their priorities according to the situation

Maan felt insult and had his dinner little and went to his room, his parents never behaved so weirdly with him. Now one side his Dad is not talking to him properly and another side after his talk with his mom in his room even she started distancing him

Geet felt bad for Maan, and she knew that Maan got hurt because of his parents behavior, he has come from hospital very tired today, she was able to make out looking at his face in the evening when he came home and she cant tell anything to her in-laws. Maan was thinking about his parents then he heard plates sound, he came out to see what is going on, his heart pierced looking at his parents having dinner with Geet and thought “Mom and Dad used to wait for me for dinner till I come from hospital, today they denied to have dinner with me that means they both got hurt with my behavior, if it continues then they will go far from me which I cant even imagine in my dreams, what should I do so that they will be happy with me ”

After dinner Geet brought milk and mango slices to Maan and kept it near the table, Maan was about to see her face, but again he saw one side face in that half of the face is covered by her long hair, first time he cursed god for giving long hair to his wife. He saw milk and mango slices but did not have mood to have it, he turned his face to other side and slept. Geet came in the morning to take empty glass and found that Maan did not touched milk nor mango slices and thought “maybe he got hurt by his parents behavior yesterday and these all things are happening because of me ”



Maan seeing his wife for first time

Maan watching Geet dance

Pallavi and Amardeep couple dance- Geet teaching

Geet going to mayka again with Arjun



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