MG FF Vivah Bandhan-Part 1

Vivah Bandhan



About Geet family

Mohinder Handa and Rano Handa belongs to the rich family, Mohinder working in private limited company has a manager. When Mohinder and Rano got married they shifted from Hoshiarpur to Bangalore due to Mohinder’s work.  Mohinder and Rano stayed in Bangalore for 16years and then after Arjun got offer from IT Company they shifted to Mumbai 6years back. Mohinder also took transfer so that he can live with his family. So Geet is aware of both south and north India customs. Rano was just fourteen when she got married to Mohinder, Rano’e mother taught all household works to Rano in younger age itself. Mohinder family stays at Chandigarh and they goes their whenever they get time, Mohinder and Rano have two childrens and their elder son Arjun Handa works at Tech Mahindra at Mumbai as a Project Lead, and younger daughter Geet  Handa has written final year exam and waiting for results. Arjun pampered his sister Geet very much and whenever he goes for shopping, he buys new design saree and dress materials for Geet. Geet is allowed to wear pants only when she goes with her brother Arjun. Geet and Arjun both watch movies, Geet likes Hrithik Roshan and Arjun likes Salman Khan. But whenever Arjun is free either they go for movies or to shopping. Rano gets irritated with these two because whenever they go out both Geet and Arjun promise to have dinner with their parents but they end up eating outside and usually get scoldings from Rano, Mohinder all comes and saves Arjun and Geet from Rano’s scolding.

Geet brought up with so much love and Rano taught her cooking, stitching clothes, music and household work, but when Mohinder or Arjun at home they will not allow Geet to enter into kitchen. For Rano her Mom thought her all work when she was eleven years. Rano wanted her to be perfect in all the household chores, Rano still remember the day when she was teaching Geet to wash vessels in kitchen, Geet washed only two cups, at the same time Arjun came home early because his favorite hero Salman Khan’s movie released today, so he took permission from his office to take Geet along with him. He went to her room she was not there, he searched everywhere and then came to kitchen to ask his Mom where is little sister is, he was shocked to see Geet washing vessels and he shouted “GEEET”, Rano who was lightening lamp for god came out of gods room hearing her son’s scream, she saw Arjun standing at kitchen door in shock anb she thought something happened to Geet, she came rushed to kitchen and saw Geet holding vessels in her hand.

Arjun glared at Rano and took vessels from Geet hand and throw it in sink, he washed Geet’s hand and he took Geet to her room forcibly, then he went to her cupboard and selected dress for her and told her to wear it and come outside within 15minutes to which Geet nodded thinking that she had done something wrong today.  In the meantime Arjun went to his mother and asked angrily “why are you doing like this ma, how can you make her to work in kitchen she is so small, to work in kitchen maa”

Rano: Arjun wo 8 saal ki bacchi nahi hai she is already 20 now. You and your father both making my life hell, today or tomorrow she should get marry and what will her sasural people will think about us, no one will say anything to you, they only tells that girls mom did not teach anything to her daughter before sending her to sasural

Arjun: ok then we do one thing, we look for the groom who have servants in the house, so that my sister will be happy

Rano smashed her head from her hand and said “you sister did not from directly from Indralok, its duty of each and every girl to take care of sasural, even I did it you know”

Arjun: Maa please don’t talk about your generation, now everything has changed

Arjun stopped talking when he saw Geet coming to hall and took his sister hand and went towards his bike, Arjun was not in mood to go for temple so both brother and sister went to temple. For Arjun Geet is not only his sister but also a best friend, there is no secret between them.

Rano made Geet to sit with her and told “gudiya aap ko bura lag raha hai kya ki mein hamesha aap ko ghar mein kaam karne keliye kheh rahi hoon”

Geet: nahi Ma mujhe pata hai ki aap hey sab meri balai ke liye kheh rahi wo, mujhe kaam seekne mien koi problem nahi hai ma, aap bura math manihe mien kaam karungi

Rano: haan beta see sab kaam tume tumara sasural mein kaam ahega, meri Ma mujhe kya sikai wahi mein tumare liye keh rahi hoon, tumara papa aur bhaiya ko isske barien mien kuch pata nahi, par beta ek ladki hone ki nathir tumne hey sub sikna zaruri hai. Aur mujhe pata hai ki aab duniya badal chuki hai, naye naye tarike haye hai. Aur tumara papa aur bhaiya duno tumara shadi bade ghar mein karenge


Rano: aur Geet ek aur bhath tumhe khene thi, jab tumara shadi hogi, tum Mayke ka bhath sasural mein aur sasural ka bhath Mayke math karna .  shadi ke badh har ladki apni ghar mein adjust karna padta hai, you would understand your in-laws and your husband and be has they like, try to win heart of them

To which Geet nodded her head, it is the daily routine for her, each and every day her mom will give her gyaan , how to behave after marriage, she do not have any other choice also. Till her brother or father comes she will listen to her mother patiently, because she knows her mother is not wrong. Like other girls even she had the dream of her prince charming…and waiting for him, her father has already found suitable match for her and she is waiting for them on this weekend



About Maan family




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