MG FF Vivah Bandhan-Characteristics


Vivah Bandhan


Geet Maan Singh Khurana

21years a sweet and bubby girl who was princess of Handa’s got married to Maan Singh Khurana. She was treated like daughter from Maan’s parents. She is very down to earth and helps the people who is in need

Maan Singh Khurana

He is doctor, loves his parents, he can do anything for their wish. He was in love with Sameera his best friend Brij sister, but he cant get married to her because his parents did not agree for this marriage and he was forced to get married to Geet. He did not even seen Geet’s face once

Pallavi Khurana and Amardeep Khurana- Maan’s Mom and Dad

Parents of Maan Singh Khurana. They love their son very much, they did not had good opinion on Sameera’s character so they looked alliance for Maan and selected Geet for him. They know very well what their son needs. They loved each other very much

Rano Handa and Mohinder Handa

Geet parents and Geet was treated has a princess in this house, but Rano made sure that Geet learn all house hold chores before she get married without the knowledge of her possessive son and husband. They loved each other very much

Arjun Handa

Only brother of Geet,  she was his strength, when Mohinder and Rano wanted him to get married before Geet he strictly denied and said the he will marry only after Geet’s marriage

Brij Khanna-Maan’s best friend and Sameera Khanna- Maan’s lover

Brij and Maan studied together in college, but brij got failed and Maan continued his studies. And his sister Sameer loved Maan from the day one. Maan used to visit Brij house every now and then and when Sameera proposed him he was not able to say no to her because of Brij. Even her parents involved in trapping Maan

Rishab Khanna and Pammi Khanna

Brij and Sameera’s Mom and Dad, they both don’t like each other, Rishab will always be going behind girls and racing. So Pammi wanted Sameera to get married to royal family so that she can enjoy her life

Ranjeet Mallik- Amardeep friend and Dev’ Dad

Amardeep’s best friend and very much happy with his son and daughter in law

Dev Mallik and Naintara Mallik-  Maan father’s friend and wife

It is their arrange marriage, but after marriage Naintara looked after her family very well and treat Maan like her brother

Anwesha Rathod-Geet childhood friend

Geet childhood friend, good at heart and belong to middle class family


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