MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 51

Mann se ZudeRisthey



Meera who went inside room she came out and said “koi zarurath nahi, we can think about it later…then turned towards Maan and said bhai just tell me when you are leaving to Delhi”

Maan gave sweet smile to Meera and said “ask with your friend, if she is ready then I dont have any problem”

If he did not promised to Meera that he will listen to whatever she says by now he would have taken Geet and Pari with him, knowing about his nature Meera took promise with Maan before marriage that he should listen to her, or else she will not attend his marriage, Maan wanted all the things too fast and everything should be perfect, and he do not wait for others

Meera thought: till now we have not informed to anyone and if Mom and Dad comes to know about that dunno how they are going to react…still waiting for Nita’s and her parents reaction when they will come to know about Maan’s marriage, she called her father and informed him about Maan and Geet got married and having a baby also, and Maan will come Delhi along with his wife and daughter.

But Maan is not ready to hear anything, for him marriage is over and happy that from today Geet and Pari will stay with him, and not ready to think what other will think

Meera: bhai, hum ek kaam karte hai ek acchi muhurat dekh kar hum Geet aur Pari ko yaha se le chalte hai, aur Geet ko bhi office kuch pending kaam hoga aur exit formalities complete karna padega..aur Pari ka school jake transfer certificate lekhar anaa hai

Maan: Meera Pari hardly went 4 or 5 months to the school then what is the need to take TC, we can join her to the school next year, aur why should I go alone, un dono ko mera sath lekar ja ungaa, and when I am telling that Geet is my wife then why should I care what society thinks about me

Dev was also convinced with Maan, but he waited for his wife response, because she knows how her family reacts and according to that she is planning

Even Meera agreed to Maan, but she dunno how to answer his small question and decide about something and said “bhai you start tomorrow and me and Dev will come to Delhi along with Geet Pari and uncle within two or three days meanwhile I will go to office along with Geet and finish formalities…and bhai see Geet is very innocent, and she will get hurt if someone talk ill about her, so first you go and talk to my papa and mom, and even Annie di will also be there, and I don’t want her to listen the conversation going between family members, so you first go and talk to them, I have already informed to papa about your marriage with Geet so he will be waiting to convince you, Annie di will be angry thinking that you have ditched her friend, and even you should talk to Nita and her parents, in these two or three days you talk to them and make them understand and then me and Dev will bring Geet to Delhi, so all the problems will sort out what you say”

Maan knew what Meera said is correct, so it better he goes to Delhi first and talk to chachu and chachi along with Nita’s parents, so that no one will talk rude with Geet, even though he don’t care for them but was worried about Geet and said “ok I will go to Delhi today and you just bring Geet within two days and I don’t want to listen any excuses”

Meera: ok bhai…said teasing him

Maan went near Meera and pulled her ear loving and said “Dev, mera behan phele se bhi naughty ho gayi hai…”

Dev: kaise kaam hoga Maan……..akhir behan kiski hai…suddenly he remembered what he blurt out and looked other side………..

It was the happy movement for them and after long time Maan smiled whole heartedly then said “Meera, then I will start today only, first I will go and inform to Geet and from their I will directly go to Delhi”

Maan is like that itself if he decide on anything and will not listen to anyone, he will not make anyone to wait and also will not wait for anyone

Meera: bhai, aap aab kyun chal rahe hai, aap kal jaa sakte hai, thoda time hamare sath bhi send kejiye

Maan: Meera you know about me right? When I decide to leave then why should we wait…saying this he went to his room and got ready immediately and said bye to both Meera and Dev and went towards Geet’s house

Looking at him going Meera said “Dev…wo toh bahut sharmili hai and Maan bhai ke barien mien bhagwan hai jane…aur inn dono ka shadi shuda life…babaji only should save them”

Listening to Meera Dev laughed loudly…Meera got angry and said “aap mard log naa..will not think about future now you wait and see how much problem Maan should face? Then you will come to know”

Dev: Meera it is not that big problem like you think…it will depend on the person who is facing the situation and I have full confident on Maan that he can face everyone boldly


Here Maan came to Geet house and parked the car, when he went inside he saw Geet again holding some book for name sake and lost in her thoughts. He smiled saying “bilkul pagal hai”, he went near to her and said in husky voice Geeet…….with lots of love and care

Geet startled when she heard her name coming from Maan’s mouth, she immediately stood far from him, today also she don’t have enough strength to see look into Maan’s face and eyes directly, she is very soft hearted person and the situation made little tough for her.  Even this marriage did not changed her looking at Geet Maan said “Geet I will go to Delhi today…means now and you papa and Pari come along with Meera and Dev” after saying this he waited for her response

Geet: aap baitiye…saying this she went to kitchen to bring coffee for him, but the main reason is to be far from him for few minutes, because her heart was beating rapidly and she wanted to control her heart beats, only he was able to create this feeling to her, she had worked with many male clients but she never felt this feeling with anyone, but hearing Maan voice her heart will beat rapidly and she dunno the reason

Maan sat on the same place where Geet was sitting and took the magazine which Geet was reading, he turned two three pages and kept the magazine on table, he was waiting for Geet to come out and then he turned around, he came to know that Mohinder was not at home,  and Pari in school, he smiled thinking of Pari,  she is stubborn like her father, Geet knows that she should go to Delhi and informed her to not to go to school but she was not ready to listen to her mother, then she called Maan can complained to him that mummy is not sending her to school when she wanted to go, even Maan tried to convince her but MSK princess did not listen to both father and mother then without any other go he dropped Pari to school

Meanwhile Geet brought coffee for Maan, he looked at her intensely ,Geet had worn simple sari and in her neck only Mangalsutra with no other ornaments and make up, he remembered his first meet with her and her talk smile with Meera, and she was looking much pretty then before even that incident did not spoil her physic or her beauty, same innocent face, hazel eyes, plumpy lips which he was dreaming every night, he remembered how he forced her in his farmhouse, but today he own her, she is only his…thinking about it he was dreaming about his future romantic life with her

Geet just bend her head down and stood little far from him, looking at her face he took sip coffee and now the taste of coffee is doubled, patience is not the word made for Maan, but what he can do he had promised to Meera and Dev that he will wait till Geet get ready for this relationship, and whenever Geet is in front of him he was only able to think about his promise which he has given to Dev and Meera, and even though he does not care, he don’t want to hurt Geet because of him she has suffered more

Maan kept the coffee cup on the table and went near Geet, slowly with his finger he hold her chin and made her to look at him, he looked at her eyes asking permission to kiss her, but Geet closed her eyes before he read her eyes, and then he slowly took his lips towards her and his breathing was faming on her face, and then slowly closed distance between their lips, in one hand he hold her head and another hand was on her waist, he pulled her towards him without breaking the kiss, he left her when he found that Geet going breathless. Maan hugged Geet crushing her in his arms, then kissed her forehead and looked at her face which was flush due the kiss and once again kissed her forehead, Geet slowly opened her eyes and looked at him, there was no lust in his eyes it was showing love and affection for her, she dunno whether she is reading his eyes properly, even though she has seen lot of changes in him, but her mind is not ready to believe him…here Maan got electrified on his body with one simple kiss

Maan: Geet till you come to your house, I will be dreaming about this, but each and every minute precious for me Geet, I need your support, and I will try my level best to make you forget that dreadful past, hope you give one chance for me, to which Geet just blink her eyes,

Maan: Geet I have bought new wedding attire for you which you will wear when you enter KM, please mana math karna..uske badh mein tumse kuch bhi nahi mang ungaa sach mein, I want you to wear for wedding but you know how we got married, so can you please wear it for your ghar pravesh at Mansion

When Geet nodded her head, Maan once again hugged and peck her lips lightly, saying “I have given the dress with Meera, take it from her…” saying bye to Geet he came out of the house. Geet was looking at him going out of the house and without her knowledge she came till door and stood their looking at him, Maan waved his hand to Geet and she also did the same after he went she came and sat on the couch, she tried to change herself, but she dunno why her soul and heart is not listening to her, she liked to be lonely now a days, but some where she is scared like something is going to happen and if any touch or talk to her suddenly then she used to get afraid of them


Maan then came to Pari’s school, he parked his car aside and went inside the compound, has it was leisure time all the children’s where in ground, it was a beautiful sight to look at small children playing, everyone wearing uniform, his eyes was searching for his princess, but when he felt tug on his pant he looked down and saw his princess giggling at Maan who failed to recognize her. “OHH…my princess” saying this he took his daughter in his arms and kissed her cheeks, teachers looked at father and daughter to resemble each other, so did not doubt on them and Maan who had come to school earlier had informed to teachers that he is father of Pari and it was not difficult them also because Geet had filled his name in father’s column while joining Pari to school, Maan took permission from Pari’s teacher and they both went near the car. Maan caressed Pari head and said “Pari I am going to Delhi today, you come with mummy”

Pari: nahi….I will come with you, saying this she hugged him, Maan pampered her and gave some chocolates and dropped Pari to home and went to Delhi


When Maan entered Khurana Mansion he saw Nita’s parents and he talk with them as usual and went to his room got freshen up and has it was night he had his dinner and went to his room to sleep saying goodnight to everyone, Dadi and Arjun giggled looking at Maan neglecting everyone, even though they felt bad, but did not like her son again thinking like Niharika and giving importance to money, Mohan, Kumud and  Annie were fuming looking at Maan, but he did not care to anyone, he was hell tired so he slept dreaming about his happy family picture

Then Mohan went inside his room to talk but seeing him sleeping peacefully did not like to disturb his sleep and thought to talk to him tomorrow morning, he closed the door and went down Mohan was shocked to the core when he came is know that Maan got married to Geet, his daughter Meera’s best friend, when he informed same to Annie and Kumud they also got shock of their life, Mohan was shocked to the hell thinking about how he is going to face Oberio’s, and Nita how she gonna take this matter, Geet they know about her character so they cant even doubt on her… they thought that its better to talk to Maan in nice way and tell him to give some money to Geet has settlement and do Maan and Nita’s marriage as soon as possible…because Maan marriage was fixed by his mother Niharika…and they all decided about Nita and Maan’s marriage after barsi but now everything turned upside down with the news of Maan’s marriage, so he called Nita’s parents also and they are here to talk to Maan

Next day morning Maan woke up early, he wanted to go to office, and he cant neglect his work, so he finished his bath and came down.  he cant trust on Mohan because he dunno about the construction work, and as Mohan is elder to the family now after Dadi, so he thought that he can enjoy Maan’s property, because even Nita is not interest with business, and even Maan had informed him can stay with him,. Maan sat in dining table and had his breakfast and he looked at Nita’s parents who were not having anything, so he smilingly said “uncle and aunty aap log breakfast lejiye, wo kya hai naa bahut din ho gaya office jake, isliye thoda jaldi mein hoon”

Nita’s and Meera’s parents where shock to see smile on Maan’s face, and looked each other face thinking that “Did Meera was fooling them, she clearly informed about Maan’s marriage to her father”

Mohan: Maan, we want to talk to you, so you can think about your office work later

Maan who was having breakfast looked at them, and he clearly knows what they are talking about so he simply nodded his head, after breakfast everyone came to guest room and sat opposite to each other, Maan let them to talk first so he took the news paper and stared reading it, Mohan was getting irritated with Maan’s behavior, he dunno how he start the topic, so he thought talking about his conversation with Meera and said “Maan…Meera called me”

Maan: ohh….is it? And then again started to read the paper

Mohan was getting angry and he knows now he cant show his anger on Maan and then said “is it true what she said?” it was showing irritation in his voice

Maan looked at him, it is as if asking him what is the matter? He was hell irritated and if he say anything then he cant convince Maan for marriage so he said “wo Geet ke barien mein”

When he heard Geet name he smiled whole heartedly and it was showing so much love, affection concern and care which he have for the name and said “ohh nayi bhath nahi hai chachu, purana hai…par abhi waqt ha gaya sab ko batane kaa” while saying this there was no fear and shy on his talk or face

Pratap: Maan teenage mein hai sub hote rehathe hai, but you should not go back to rectify it, its common in everyone’s life…said smiling

Maan who was smiling till now, became serious all of the sudden, in his life so many girls have come and gone but Geet is different from others, she did not come near him but he was the one who forced her.

Pratap: Maan you no need to worry about that, if you get marry to Nita, everything will be over and we all see to that Nita will not come to know about this…said as if it is not the big matter

Maan who was silent till now got angry with Pratap, his eyes were splitting fires and looking at him Mohan immediately said to clam him “Maan bete if we keep on talking about this we cant gain anything, see for Geet we all have sympathy on her, we give some amount to her as settlement and we keep it secret among ourselves no one will come to know about it, before that we will finish yours and Nita’s marriage and people will talk for four days and then forget about it”

Maan got angry listening to his chachu so he immediately got up and went outside, he took his jeep and went to lonely place to clam his heart beat and in anger he know if he open his mouth then it will not be good to anyone, when he came back it was evening he went to his room and took shower, while he came out of bathroom Nakul was standing there holding coffee, looking at him Maan said “nakul, I don’t need coffee now, I will have dinner”, he came down and it was 7′ O clock and he was hungry so without talking to anyone he had his dinner

Meera’s mother came towards Maan and said “why didn’t you come for lunch Maan, you know how much I got scared thinking about you, I am like you mother Maan, don’t avoid food it will affect your health”

After dinner he  came out to lawn and sat on the chair, he closed his eyes, Pari face came in front of his eyes, he was feeling relief an d then thought “what Pari might be doing now? It think she might be irritating Geet saying that ‘I want to go to Daddy’ I feel like I am in heaven when Pari calls me daddy…never thought that family life will be so good, I am the one who forced Geet, but that day I was only thinking about only physical pleasure, and now my own child, OMG how much I missed in my life, I was not there to take care of Geet when she was pregnant, when my baby kicked Geet for first time, Geet’s delivery, I missed taking Pari in my arms on the first day, Geet is so lucky and enjoyed …but I think she must be cursing me each and every time…there as smile on his face today he wont regretted his decision and he can ask sorry with Geet enn number of times because now he is family man happily married to Geet and has 4 year old daughter. It will reduce the pain and tiredness which people go through whole day, while wife gives you hot coffee and your child brings smile on your face with their cute talks and antics…I only came to know about this when I was with Geet and Pari…Pari is adamant like me, when she got cure, she was attached more to me and I was able to see uneasiness and happy in Geet’s eyes when she look at us. Par Maan usse bhi badi kaam when I told Pari that I am her father, she did not believe me later  I should take help of Meera and Dev then also she was little confused and when I requested Meera to convince Geet and then tell her to confirm to Pari that I am her father, then only she believed me…thank god, agar mien thoda aur intezaar karta then Pari would have asked me DNA reports”

He would have kept thinking about them but he thought was disturbed by Nita’s parents and Meera’s parents along with Annie, Annie did not interfere in this matter because she knows Maan will not spare her, he is given only right to Meera to question him and not to her. Dadi did not interfere and before only she informed him “you only should answer them Maan, I can tell them I don’t have any problem but you are the one who is responsible for all these so it better you only clear this” and even Arjun went along with Dadi saying that “Maan you should face them and it is necessary because if we join you they will think that we have pressurize you, so if you tell them directly they can understand you much better and we  will talk to them if you need”. Maan sighed and looked at them and said “I will manage Arjun”

Mohan: Maan tum sirf tumara barien mien soch rahe wo. Kya tum Nita ke barien mein socha, uss ladki tumse shadi karne ke liye kitne salon se intezar kar rahi hai, aur tum abhi usse shadi karne se inkar kar diya toh usse koun apnahega

Maan thought about what Mohan said, he know what his chachu saying is right, but for him now Geet is important though he did not marry Geet in front of society he tied mangalsutra for her two times whole heartedly, he cant even think about his life with her and today she is not only his wife but also mother of his child how can he forget about her. when he was not believing relation no one questioned him or even try to convince him but today when he is walking in right path and giving rights to his wife, they are pointing him

Pratap: Maan we can understand your situation but think about this society, we are answerable for them

Maan:  I hate this system, you know if we fear for the samaj then they will hell bend to make your life hell and if you face then they will salaam you and go

Pratap and Mohan thought: iss ne toh bhath mane ke liye bhi tayyar nahi hai, agar Maan Nita se shadi nahi kiya toh, it will be problem for Pratap, some of them used to suggest Pratap to consult doctor also because after seeing Nita who is like patient, people started to talk about her and Nita loves Maan very much how can I go and tell her that Maan is already married , first of all she is very weak

Pratap hold Maan’s hand and said “Maan please don’t leave Nita, she is madly in love it you, if she come to know about your marriage then she will die”

But Maan told him that he is not ready leave Geet and Pari, and he did not do anything to his daughter. Then Nita’s father suggested thinking that everything will solve if Maan take this decision and said “Maan tum ek kaam karo, Nita se shadi karlo aur Geet se sambhad rakho hume koi problem nahi hai”

Maan immediately got up, he was hell angry on Pratap , while he did not able to control his anger he kicked the table which was in front of him and  said with loud voice “aap mujhse bade hai, isliye aapko mien kuch nahi kar raha hoon, agar kisi aur ne hey bhat khe di toh mien usko meri hathon mein mar dalta”  hearing Maan’s voice Dadi and Arjun came out and then Maan looking at Pratap and Seema he continued “aapko Geet ke barien mein kya pata hai? Mien uska jeevan barbadh kar liya  phir bhi usne  mera bacchi ko janam diya ha, kya apko pata hai wo kaise iss samaj se jhoot bolkar aur apne shehar jodhar dur chali gayi,  do you even understand the pain she gone through while carrying my baby in her womb, she is not like other women, she is god for me, I worship her and I respect her to the core, she never came to me saying that because of me she is living lonely life, and did not inform to anyone about me. Babaji have given her a baby girl who is exactly like me…today also she is not expecting anything from me, I am the one who begged her to get marry to me, I am the one who requested her to say to my daughter that I am her father…and you people talking ill about that Girl…One more thing Mr Oberio I never loved your daughter at that time also and now also I am not in love with her, I only agreed to this marriage because my mom threatened me that she gonna commit suicide or else I would have not seen your daughter face also and did not do anything to her she is the same like before”

Pratap: mein tumara bhath kaise manu? When you slept with so many girls then how can I believe that you did not touch my daughter?

Maan called Nakul told something in his ear, later Nakul came to Maan and hand over the cover, Maan took all the papers out and expect Dadi and Arjun everyone looked at Maan with confused look. Maan throw all the papers on Pratap and said “mr Oberio you can fool my mother and not me, see these are the reports of your daughter’s health, it clearly states that she is unfit for family life, you hide it from everyone, and I am not sure whether you told about this to my mom or not and today she is not with us, even in this five years your daughter did not disclose this to me, and now I am not interest in that, if you want you can look another guy for Nita and get her married. And I don’t want to discuss about this anymore”

Later Maan went from there, now he needed rest and he wanted to be alone, so thought to call Dev and inform him to bring Geet and Pari soon, thinking about it he slept off. Next day when he was ready to go for jogging, he saw Nita, he just gave her smile

Nita: Maan wo

Maan: Hi Nita…Are you fine?

But Nita did not answer his question, and did not smile like before. Maan thought that Nita knows everything now, and said “when did you come?”

Nita: Maan I want to talk to you can we go outside

Maan looked at her once and said Ok, they not even walked half km, Nita was fully tired and asked Maan whether they can sit was sometime, to which Maan agreed, Nita sat on the bench and Maan looked at her who lost some more weight and she was looking very much worn outstood near tree waiting for her to say something

Nita: Maan I never thought that you will ditch me…while saying this tears where continuously flowing from her eyes, Maan felt bad for her, but he is not in situation to console her, it is her problem, she only should come out of it and then he looked other side and said “Nita, I am sorry, but I can help you out, I cant wipe your tears and console you, see Nita nothing such has happened between us, you can go and get marry to anyone, I know it wont be problem for you…just think that it was bad dream”

Nita again started to cry, she had dreamt about Maan, she knows that she is not fit for family life and she cant conceive also, she know she cant satisfy him, but she was not ready to lose him, she was very attracted to his handsome body features, if Maan gives all his property to Geet and come to her, she will happily agree to that, but she did not have courage to tell in front of him because her father has already informed to not to talk about Geet and Pari. The baby whom she hated more is his daughter

Nita: Maan do you love Geet?

Maan: Yes I love her Nita…earlier I was attracted to her physically, but today I love her from bottom of the heart, and respect her for being mother to my daughter. at that time I forced her but today without her permission I will not touch her….Nita please forgive me, I know I have done mistake but I am not ready to lose Geet and Pari in my life…if you want we can be good friends

Nita was surprised to hear mature talk from Maan, whenever she was with him he used to crack some jokes and was not at all serious in his life, but today he looks like person who is more matured

Maan: come Nita lets so

Nita went with him to KM, Nita’s parents called Nita and informed her that he has sent car to her and to come home immediately, he purposefully sent Nita to Maan house thinking that Maan will accept for the marriage and even suggested Nita to tell Maan that she will look after Pari like her own daughter, but after hearing Maan’s confession she did not ask him, she knows how much he was eager to get his wife and child, even though she hated Pari first she cant hate her now because she is Maan’s daughter, and smiled at her selfish behavior with small child, she knows that she is not right partner to Maan, and when he had clearly told her that he did not love her she did not want to force him, so she gave her engagement ring to him and took his ring back saying that “we are not meant for each other Maan, wish you a happy married life, and I am sorry because I hurt your daughter early and after listening to you I feel low about myself, I dunno why I had become so cruel, god that not written your name in my life, thanks for being with me for so many years and respecting me when people avoided me, convey my regards to Geet also” after that Nita went far away from Maan’s life


Here Geet finished her office works and hand over the duties to Nandini, and thanked her team and Arjun for giving her chance to work under them, Arjun was not ready to relive Geet but Maan called and informed him that Geet is his wife and he is taking her back to Delhi along with his daughter, so he agreed happily thinking that Geet going back to her husband. He bought cake to Geet and celebrated in the office and everyone wished her

Geet took TC from Pari’s school and packed all her and Pari’s things and Dev requested Mohinder to stay with him and Meera also did not leave it till he agreed to stay with them, so Mohinder things where shifted to Meera’s house and packed four five dress to go along with Geet, and has one of Dev assistant need house for rent they have Geet’s house for rent to them and went to Meera’s house, and in the evening they all got ready to leave to Delhi



Geet in Delhi—Dev’s house—Geet entering KM has DIL

Pari with Maan


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