MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 50

Mann se ZudeRisthey


 Banner credit goes to Tanu



Meera turned Geet’s face towards her and said “Geet till today you have suffered lot, see finally babaji is doing good for you, forget all your pains, stress, shame..see today you have Maan has your jeevansathi, I assure you Geet he will take care of you and you have Pari to forget all your pains…its enough right to lead a new life and even you have me Dadi, Dev and Arjun to support you”

Mohinder left house to give privacy to girls and went out, today he was feeling that he has become ten years younger, after hearing that Geet life is now settled

Here Meera had lot of difficulties to convince Geet who had hundred of questions in her mind and thought “its not easy for Geet to adjust to new life, for this I need Dev help and we should talk to Maan bhai, only if he cooperate then only bhai and Geet and lead peaceful life or else it will be difficult for them”

Meera told Geet to take the Mangalsutra which she was wearing before and now only she had small gold chain along with mangalsutra which Maan tied to her



After talking to Geet Meera went to her house, Maan was eagerly waiting for her, he wanted to know Geet’s reaction, whether she is happy that finally he married her or she still doubts his intentions.

Maan: kitna late kardi tune, what Geet told you? How is she now?

Meera: what you expect from her bhai? I dunno what she is thinking but Mohinder uncle is very much happy, but this dream did not come true

Maan: Dream????

Meera: haan bhai, uncle had so much dream about Geet’s wedding, he wanted to see Geet in wedding dress, but it did not come true,  earlier uncle was scared of society, he dunno how Geet will face the society so he gave mangalsutra for Geet and informed her to wear it and now you tied her mangalsutra, dunno what is there in her mind she is still in shock

Maan: Meera kya hum kuch nahi kar sakte? I mean even Geet would have dreamt about her wedding? If I know about that then please tell me, I will try to fulfill it

Meera: bhai, har ladki ko shadi ka sapna hota hai, Geet’s dream was to fulfill her father’s wish because she loves and respect him so much

Maan: then we can plan for marriage Meera, even Dadi was dreaming about my marriage and she was not happy when she came to know that I have tied mangalsutra for Geet, if this marriage happens then I will be able to fulfill Dadi and papa’s wish

At the same time Dev entered house along with Arnav and said “idea to bura nahi hai saale saab”

Maan: what you think Meera? Can we plan it

Meera: how can we arrange your marriage bhai, you should answer to the society and if they come to know about Pari then they will doubt on Geet’s character

Dev: we can keep a simple marriage Maan…

Meera: then also people will come to know about that

Maan: Meera I don’t mind telling people that Geet is my wife and I can tell them what happened in real, but I don’t want anyone to point Geet and Pari tomorrow, people will not talk in front of me but the one who will be suffering more will be Geet and when Pari grow up and people talk about me and Geet then she will get hurt, so don’t want that to happen. 

Dev: Maan is right Meera…we want their happiness only

Meera: toh aab hum kya karein…shaadi bhi hona chahiye, aur Geet ke barien log kuch bol naa payee aisa kya karein

Maan: hum ek kaam kar sakte hai, hamara farmhouse chalte hai, shadhi wahan hone se koi bhi doubt nahi kar sakte,

Meera: par kaise bhai?

Maan: Meera we will tell all workers to clean farmhouse first and at the same time we should finish our shopping and other things and after cleaning we will give leave to all workers and then we will call our pandit, and we can held a simple marriage there, and I will tell Nakul to go to farmhouse and help Ramu kaka for the arrangements there, what you guys say?

Dev: idea toh bura nahi hai

Meera: we will inform this to Dadi and Arjun, Dev you call uncle or else you go and talk to Mohinder uncle personally

Maan: I will talk to papa Dev,I will go and meet them

Meera: wait a minute bhai, phele hum Dadi se bhath karle usske badh aap uncle se bhath kejiye

Meera immediately called Dadi and informed about the plan, she was very much happy when she came to know that her Maan is fulfilling her wish, it was the wish of Dadi and Maan’s father, they did not want Maan to have grand wedding, but a simple traditional wedding. Dadi happily informed Meera that she will talk to Panditji

When Pandit came to Khurana Mansion Dadi gave Maan’s kundali and also Geet’s kundali which Meera faxed to her, then Pandit fix date for Maan and Geet’s wedding after two days, actually Dadi want this marriage to happen as soon as possible, and informed to Meera. Dadi informed Pandit to come to farmhouse and also to not to inform to anyone about this marriage and has pandit knew about Khurana very well and respect Savithri Devi he agreed that he will keep it secret . Here Dadi and Arjun went to Pune to help them


Here Maan went to Geet’s house, Pari was not there at home, she started to go to school, from today, Geet sent her resignation to Arjun, she do not have strength to meet people outside, even Arjun tried to talk to her but she declined the offer saying that she is not in the position to work now.

When Maan entered Geet’s house he saw she was holding some magazine for name sake, he went and sat next to her Geet was lost in her thought, Maan smiled at his beautiful wife and hold her hand, Geet was startled with sudden touch on her hand and was shocked to see Maan holding her hand, she immediately took her hand out of Maan’s hand and stood far from him, Maan looked at Geet’s feared face and guessed that she is still scared with him, which pained Maan.

Maan: Geet relax, mien sirf tumse bhath karne ke liye aaya hoon. Please daro math…

Geet stammering: aap yaha?

Maan: Geet, mien tumse hamara shadi ke barien mien bhath karne keliye haya hoon

Geet shockingly: shadhi?

Maan: Geet, Meera mujhe bhata diya papa tumara shadi ka sapna dekh rahe the, toh humne socha ki kyun naa hum Dadi aur papa ke liye shadi kare, issliye meine papa se bhath karne kare le haya hoon, papa ghar mein nahi the toh socha ki tumseek bhar pooch lu kya tum mujhse shadi karogi?

Geet looked at Maan with shocked face and then Maan continued saying “Geet, please mujhe maaf kardo, abhi tak meine kisi ke barein mein socha nahi, par abhi mujhe mauka mill raha hai ki mein do logon ka sapna pura karoon ek papa ka aur dusra Dadi kaa…par hey sab karne ke liye mujhe tumara sath chahiye Geet, apno ka khushi keliye hum hey shadi karna padega, so that no one will question you and Pari in future, sab parents ki tarah hum bhi Pari ke liye hey khushi de sakte hai…I don’t want to force you but I need your acceptance for that”

Geet thought: Maan jo kuch bhi ke raha hai kya wo sach hai, Maan is worried about me and Pari, if I listen to Maan, Papa will be also happy I cant be selfish now so decided to say yes to Maan

Maan who saw Geet’s facial expression he thought that she is not interested in his proposal so he thought to go and talk to Meera but Geet who saw Maan going she said “ek minute rukhiye…” Maan stopped and looked at her first time he heard her talking to him freely without any hindrance and Geet continued “mujhe manjoor hai…mein iss shadi ke liye ready hoon, tell me what I should do I will do it…this is only for my Papa and Dadi” Maan also agreed to her and Geet went inside to bring coffee for him and meanwhile Maan informed to Mohinder who came inside house about their plan and Mohinder was happy to the core that finally he will be part of his daughter’s marriage


Evening Arjun and Dadi came to Meera house and they shared work. Dadi brought her lehenga for Geet which she wore for her marriage, and for Maan his old kurta which he did not wear till now, Geet and Meera went to tailor to alter wedding dress and then they went for other shoppings, When Geet and Meera came to house they both where hell tired. Maan brought Mohinder and Pari to Meera’s house thinking that while Geet comes back it will be late, Arjun went to Chandigarh to look after arrangement and after everything done he hand over keys to Ramu Kaka and Nakul informing to bring fresh flowers for marriage then came to Pune

Its was celebration time in Meera’s house, everyone was there and Geet did not even looked at Maan when they are in front of each other, Dev informed Karan that he will be out of station, only two days left, so they planned to finish Haldi today evening itself, so Dadi called Pandit and checked the timing for Haldi, Mehendi and Sangeetthen informed everyone about the timings, Mohinder was very happy and he was trying to do all the work alone, Dev tried so many times to inform him to take rest but he was not ready to listen to him and then looking at Dev’s tensed face Meera said “Dev, don’t get tensed it is his wish to enjoy Geet’s marriage, finally today his dream is coming true, so let him to enjoy”

Dev nodded his head and they started working, Geet and Meera first gave food to Pari and Arnav and made them to sleep, then Maan and Geet went inside to get ready and Maan first came down and everyone applied Haldi to him Arjun was busy in clicking snaps, they sent Maan inside to take bath and then Meera went to bring Geet who was in guest room, everyone applied Haldi to her also, Mohinder had tears looking at Geet, Meera started teasing Geet saying Bhabhijii….bhabhijii…Geet face was red in shy, but Meera did not stop teasing her looking at Geet’s flushed face Dadi said “Meera, stop teasing meri bahu, I am her side..yaad rakhna”

Meera: Dadi…mujhe aapse bhi zada haq hai…pata hai kaise Geet meri dost hai aur meri pyari bhai ki dulhan banne wali hai, so I can tease her Dadi, aur hai mokha mujhe baar baar nahi miltha hai Dadi

Dadi: tum sahi key raho wo Meera, dekho Geet ka chehra…haldi sukh rahi hai, let her have bath…Maan will also come down now

Meera: ok Dadi, I will take Geet to room, then came near Geet and said chalo Geet hum chalte which Geet nodded her head, Meanwhile Maan came down and Dadi sent food to Meera and Geet to Meera’s room so that they can have in the room itself, Maan took Mohindeer to his room and said “papa aap yaha sohiye” and he covered Mohinder with duvet and came down, Dadi went to her room and slept and then Dev and Arjun shared one room, Maan went back to his room and slept

Next day Maan woke up so early, and went to guest room to wake up Dev and Arjun, Dev went to his room to woke up Meera, and Dev prepared coffee to Maan and Arjun and tea to Dadi Meera and Geet, when they brought coffee to the living room Dadi and Meera came down and sat with them, Meera took tea for Geet

Geet: Meera, bore ho raha hoon ek hi room mein baitke, kya mein aab bahar nahi aa sakti,

Meera: nahi Geet you cant come out, see I have taken appointment with parlour lady, they have asked minimum four hours so get ready soon we should go

Geet: par kaise Meera, I have not brought my dress here

Meera: mera saree pehlena Geet, issme poochne wali kya bhat hai

Meera prepared tiffin for everyone and then after breakfast Geet and Meera went to parlor living Pari and Arnav at home. Meera dropped Geet at Parlor and went to purchase the items which Dadi gave list before leaving house, Dev met Meera in shopping mall then Meera went Dev and went for shopping, she finished her shopping my marking each and every item she bought, then they kept shopping bags in Dev’s cars after that they had coffee in nearest coffee day then Dev took Meera to cloth section, first  Meera bought saris for her, Dadi and Geet and some more normal saris for Geet to wear at home. After that to men’s sections and bought sherwani’s to Arjun Dev Mohinder and some shirts to Maan. After that they went to kids section and dress for Arnav and Khushi then Dev informed Meera to buy clothes to Nakul and Ramu kaka, again they went to men’s section and bought clothes for them

It was around 1.00pm so they called first parlor to check whether Geet is ready, so they told her that it takes another half an hour, so Dev and Meera went and had food in nearby restaurant and invited driver also, after lunch Dev went to home with shopping bags, Meera bought sandwich to Geet and then went to parlor to pickup Geet…Meera went inside parlor and  had tears looking at Geet who was looking like angel,  she remembered a Geet whom she first met in hospital for first time, she hugged Geet tightly and said “mien aaj bahut khush hoon Geet, sapno mien bhi na socha that ki tumara shadi dekh lunga, babaji ko kitna bhi thanks karoon utna kamm hai, bhai tumse shadi karne ke liye tayyar hai…mein iss shadi ko bahut enjoy karungi Geet, thanks Geet mera sapna pura karne ke liye”

Geet: Meera, please control your feelings, dekho sab log hume dekh rahe hai,

Meera: dekhne do Geet, I don’t care for anyone

Geet: you sound like your brother Meera

Meera: Haan haan koi bhath nahi, tume bhi hadat hoga

Geet: you will not apply mehendi

Meera: kaise chalega dear…I will not miss opportunity and winking at Geet, Dev se kaam karwaneka mouka kaise lose karoon

Then Meera selected Mehendi design for her also and went a girl came to apply Mehendi for her, before that Meera fed sandwich to Geet and Meera also applied Mehindi along with Geet, after that they came out of parlor and headed towards Meera’s house.

Geet’s Mehendi- Legs-

Geet’s Mehendi-Hands-

Geet’s back hand –

Meera’s Mehendi-

Meera was hell tired when she came home, Dev informed them to rest in Maan’s room for sometime or else Arnav and Pari will spoil their mehendi, so Geet and Meera went to Maan’s room and sat there, where Meera was telling Geet to be more strong and also she could face the society and to not to worry about anything

Geet: kaise Meera, hey sab meine papa aur aap sab ke liye kar rahi hoon, I am not at all interested in this marriage, what will people think about me when they come to know what happened in my life, and if it is any common man then that would not have been big issue, you know about your bhai status and till now everyone were thinking that he will get married to Nita, and I dunno what happened all of the sudden to him, he came and tied this mangalsutra for me, now what should I do Meera, ek taraf mein khush hoon, kyunki Pari ko uske papa ka pyaar milega, and what about Nita Meera, she waited for him for so many years and now he will tell that he wont get marry to her…pata nahi how the people will react when they come to know about our relation

Meera: Geet do you think that Maan bhai did not think about it, and yeah it is true that he will not care to anyone but he cares for you and Pari Geet, so when I told him about uncles dream about your marriage he want to fulfill it, this marriage is happening because of Dadi and Mohinder uncle and as far as your relation with bhai is concerned we already planned about it so that people will not talk about you

Geet: what plan Meera?

Meera : nahi dear you will come to know when bhai gives his statement to media

Maan who came to room heard their conversation and thought it is right time to tell Geet so that she will be also ready when anyone asks  her, so he came inside room and said “Meera, I want to talk to Geet alone”

Meera: bhai shadi se phele aap bhabhi se nahi mil sakte hai

Maan came near Meera and told in her ears “Meera I want to make her understand, even she should be also ready, everyone in house knows about the plan so even she has the right to know about that, please excuse us I want to talk to her”

Meera nodded her head looking seriousness in Maan’s face and went to her room; Maan went and closed the door and here Geet was scared to be alone with Maan

Maan: Geet…but there was no response in her and then when he looked at her face he saw her pale face which pricked his heart and said “Geet, I wont do anything to you; please don’t get scared of me I want to talk to you about this marriage…if you are not comfortable then will open the door”

Geet with low slow: its ok

Maan went near Geet and made her sit on the couch and he sat next to her, when he tried to hold her hands she pulled back and Maan looked at her in confuse, then Geet showed her hand which was full of Mehendi and looking other side she said “Meera will feel bad if Mehendi get spoil”

Maan said “Geet, meri ankhe dekho…kya aab bhi tume dar lag raha hai” Geet looked in to his eyes which has concern and love for her, she know but her heart is not ready to believe that and then she nodded her head saying she is not scared

Maan: Geet, this marriage is happening because of Dadi and Papa and there is also one more reason why this marriage is happening, it is because I want to show this society that I have already married to you and in anger I left you because you want to stay with you father and I wanted you to come with me to US which you were not ready, and then in anger  I did not try to reach you, and you waited for my letter or call when you did not receive the call from me,and has only our closed ones attended this marriage, so you did not want to stay in Hoshairpur, so you came to Pune and gave birth to Pari without informing to anyone. I met you in one of the office function and you were so angry on me and did not talk to me, later I apologize with you and it took one year to sort out our problem and as now I need my wife and kid to stay with me, so I requested you to come back to Delhi, what you say Geet, Dev Arjun Meera Papa and Dadi agreed and they say that they were with us at the time of marriage

Geet was looking at Maan in shock, it was like he was narrating some film story, Maan looked at who was not answering him and saw her lost in her thoughts and shake her shoulder to bring her back

Geet: Jii

Maan: are you ok with that

Geet did not know what to answer and said…par

Maan: Geet tum chinta math karo hum log sab sambhal lenge, isliye Dadi apni shadi ka joda lekar haye, takhi logon ko lage hum jo kuch khe rahe hai wo sach hai, aur mein bhi apna purana kurta pehan raha hoon, takhi hamara photo thoda purane lage, only Dadi Papa Arjun Dev Meera will attend our marriage along with Nakul and Ramu kaka, no one will get to know about our marriage, after that we will come back to Pune…

Geet for some minute felt that she is talking to Pari, because whenever Pari wants to get something from Geet she will also bargain like Maan who is doing now, thinking about her daughter a slight smile appeared on her lips, and Maan was happy thinking that Geet agreed for what he said, in full enthusiasm hugged Geet, and she was startled with this sudden and she cant even push him, she was struggling to come out of the hug and then Maan came out his dream and saw her face which was uncomfortable with the closeness, he immediately release her and said “sorry”

Maan: Geet I can tell to everyone what has happened and it wont affect me also, but it will affect you and Pari more, I don’t want you and my daughter to face humiliation, and people pointing finger on you,  so we have planned like this, if you are not ok or any other suggestions you have you can tell me Geet, but I need your acceptance for that

Geet thought for sometime and she knows what Maan is doing is right, if people comes to know about them then they will talk ill about her and Pari so she said “I am ok with that, when everyone agreed for this, I don’t have any objections” and one more things, please look after Pari today, I cant be near to her

Maan: Geet you no need to worry about Pari I will take care of her, ok now I will go you take rest

Maan went out of the room and informed Meera that Geet is alone in the room to accompany her; looking at concern in his eyes for Geet, Meera nodded her head thinking that her khadus will take care of her friend


In the night itself Dev Meera Mohinder and Geet first started their journey in car and went to Chandigarh followed by Arjun Dadi Maan Arnav and Pari in another car, when they reached Chandigarh it was midnight, Pari and Arnav had slept already, Geet face become pale when she looked at the farmhouse, where her life turned upside down, Maan who saw Geet he knew the pain she is going through, but if he wish also he cant change it now, he prayed god to give him enough strength to make Geet forget everything but he was not sure whether he will be success or not, Meera took Geet along with her to her room and Maan took Mohinder to one of the guest room , Arjun Dev shared one room and Dadi went to her room, Maan along with kids slept in one room,

Everyone woke up early morning leaving kids to sleep for some time, Arjun and Dev did decoration for the mandap with the help of Nakul and Ramu kaka and Mohinder also helped them, has it was his dream to work for his daughter marriage finally


Chuda rasam

To commemorate the Chuda ceremony, a havan was conducted by the pandit and the pundit tied a mauli on Geet wrist, as Geet’s uncle and aunt was not there, Dev and Meera conducted this event and they fast till the event got over. Everyone touched the chuda and give their heartiest wishes to Geet for her future married life. Also, they sprinkle flower petals on Geet. Later prasad is distributed to all. After that, Meera, Dev, Arjun Dadi tied kaleeras to a bangle worn by the Geet


Geet Khaleeras

Then Meera and Dadi dressed up Geet and everyone came down

Geet Jewels

Geet Lehenga

Maan Sherwani

Dev Sherwani

Meera Lehenga

Mohinder Sherwani      


Arjun sherwani


Meera tied Sehrabandi to Maan and later Maan came down and stood for varmala, Geet and Maan exchanged the garlands, Mohinder did kanyadhan and he had tears while doing kanyadhan because he missed his wife Rano today and other finally his daughter life is settled and he if die today he don’t have any worries. After Kanyadhan pandit informed Maan and Geet to stand for phere, they completed Mangalpheras in front of the sacred fire.

Maan applied vermilionto the Geet’s hair partition, while doing this sindoor fell on Geet nose also, and Meera started teasing her saying that her brother will love her more, Geet was red in embarrassment and after that Maan tied mangalsutra to Geet’s neck

When all these rituals are over, Maan and Geet gets up to touch the feet of Dadi and Mohinder and others blessed them for a happy married life.

While the marriage got over, Pari woke up and saw that she is in new place, she got scared and arnav who woke up with Pari’s sleep also started to cry seeing Pari, when Geet heard Pari’s cry she said “Meera bache utt gaye..chalo hum chalte hai”

Dadi: nahi Geet you and Meera stay here, Maan and Dev will handle their kids, first you go and change get ready for pooja, while Maan and Dev rushed to room to console their children

Both father’s pampered their kids and kept them on shoulder, and made them to sleep some more time and came down, later Maan and Geet finished kuladevatha pooja there

Dadi: aap subh change kar lijiye, and Nakul whether the breakfast is ready

Nakul: Jee Dadimaa subh kuch ready hai

Dadi: Geet bete ek kaam ke jiye, do the chula puja and prepare some sweet, so that all the rasams will be completed, to which Geet nodded her head and prepared kheer for everyone

Then Meera took Geet to her room and they changed their dress and wore salwar, first Meera went to Maan’s room he had changed his dress already

Meera: bhai wake up kids and leave them in my room meanwhile we will get their bath tub ready, Maan nodded his head and then woke up kids and left them in Meera’s room. Geet and Meera both gave bath to Arnav and Pari and after freshen up, they made both Pari and Arnav to wear new dress

Pari Dress

Arnav dress

Meera and Geet came down along with the kids and everyone had their breakfast, later Mohinder and Dadi went to room to have some rest and Arjun Dev and Maan were discussing about them, they college life and all, Arnav and Pari both were running around the house. Meera informed Dev and Maan to take care of kids and went to room along with Geet, they both talk for some time and slept. When Geet and Meera woke up they saw house was full silent, they both went in search of kids and when they opened Maan room they saw Pari and Arnav sleeping on Maan and Dev and Arjun on another side, Meera smiled looking them

Meera and Geet went to kitchen and saw Nakul and Ramu kaka preparing lunch for them, Geet and Meera joined them, Geet took blessing from Ramu kaka and Nakul , Ramu kaka had tears looking at Geet and blessed her

After in the afternoon everyone woke and got freshen up and went down, pulling eachothers leg they had their food and Geet served the sweet she prepared for them, everyone liked it, and they all decided to go back , Dadi and Arjun decided to go for Delhi and other returned back to Pune, two days Geet was with Meera and then she decided to go back home and Pari should also go for school from tomorrow, Maan dropped Geet Mohinder and Pari, and after spending some quality time with Pari he went back to Meera’s house

Now everything has changed in Geet’s life, Meera came to Geet house in evening and informed her that to not to worry about anything has everyone is supporting her , what she will say other than nodding her head and while going Meera said: Geet Pari will stay with us today to which Geet nodded her head and after Meera went she sat on couch and meanwhile Mohinder also came near Geet and sat next to her, he was very much happy that he saw his daughter’s marriage and now he no need to worry about Geet, because he was sure that Maan will take care of her, and he was telling Geet to adjust to the new life and to be happy with her husband, but he did not know that Geet is not in the position to understand what he was telling her

Here in Meera house Maan Dev and Meera were sitting in the living talking about Geet, there were discussing when Maan should take Geet to Delhi, but Maan wanted Geet to come along with him to Delhi and said Meera I will take Geet and Pari along with me to Delhi, Dadi bhi hamara intezaar kar rahi hai…”.

Meera knows if Maan decide on anything then no one can change his plan, he wont care for anyone, not to friends relatives and society but Geet is completely opposite to it…here the things are not in properlt settled yet because Maan should inform about his marriage with Geet to her parents, Annie and also Nita and her parents, she dunno how Nita will take this matter, but her Maan bhai is not ready to think about anyone for other than Geet and Pari, then Dev said “Maan hum ek grand reception rakhenge yaha..kya khethe ho tum”

Maan was ready to everything but the main problem was Geet, she came out of the house only for their marriage and after that she didn’t even stepped out of her house, and knowing about Geet they can expect immediate change in her. Maan just gave smile to Dev saying “I dunno, ask with Geet”


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