MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 49

Mann se ZudeRisthey


 Banner credit goes to Tanu



Maan: Geet can you forgive me? What I did for you is wrong, see Pari made me to tie in this bond and made me to stand in front of you, will you please accept me and tie me with your love and affection, I am selfish Geet, mujhe tumse zada pyaar chahiye, I know Geet you need sometime and it is very difficult for you to accept me but I will be next to you in all ways, and help to you come out from this grief, par ek hi request hai don’t do far from me please

After saying Maan kissed Geet’s forehead and both looked at Pari who tied this bond between them is sleeping peacefully without knowing what she has done





Here Dev who left Maan in Geet house, went to market in search of Mohinder and came along with Mohinder to Geet’s house, he expected that Maan would have convinced Geet by now and he can talk to Mohinder about Geet’s marriage, but when he entered house he was shocked to see Maan hugging Geet, and said his mind “isska kuch nahi ho sakta, I don’t think now Geet will agree to marry Maan, kya zarurath thi wo Geet ko hug karne kaa…please god mujhe iss pagal premi se bachalena” but the shock for Dev is still waiting , when they entered came inside Geet house Maan and Geet both separated from each other, Maan saw Mohinder and went near him and took him to the room,  saying that he wanted to talk to him and when Maan and Mohinder went to the room he saw Geet, and was shocked to the core seeing two Mangalsutra in her neck, and came to know what has happened in his absence and thought “aab Maan ne mujhe Meera se marwake rehega…OMG please mujhe bachalena, I never thought while moving from the house that Maan will take this decision, I have even saw Maan keeping small box in his pocket but I never thought that it will be Mangalsutra but when did he brought this from Delhi?….that means MSK has decided about this marriage in Delhi itself and behaving in front of me like nothing has happened”

Dev’s trance broke when he heard Maan and Mohinder talking and Dev did not want Maan to talk something, he know Maan is best in taking decision in business meetings, but he dunno anything about Maan’s personal meetings, Maan who went inside with Mohinder, he sat on his knees and said “can I call you Papa” looking at Mohinder face, when Mohinder nodded his and then Maan continued saying “I am really sorry papa, I know my sorry word is not enough, they problem you faced till, wo sharam aur apaman you faced because of me…saying this he informed to Mohinder what has happened and also he married Geet today”

Maan: I know now we cant change anything, from now I will take care of my daughter and wife, you no need to worry

But how could Maan understand a father’s feelings? he had so many dreams about his daughter wedding, but when he Geet came back from Chandigarh, and when he saw Geet completely worn out in front of him and looking at Geet he died each and every second thinking about his daughter dream wedding collapsing in front of him he kept quiet thinking about his daughter future, he never asked Geet who was responsible for her condition? He behaved completely different from other father’s; he stood with Geet in each and every situation. He fought along with her in society saying that his son in law did not come from US, he took care of Geet and Pari, he never hated Pari, he gave lots of love to her, he protect his daughter dignity by making Geet to wear Mangalsutra saying to the samaj that his damad has gone for higher studies, he is easy for him to do that, his Geet who was chul bhuli, bubbly and used to share everything with her father and first time neither Geet nor Mohinder can talk to each other about the incident, Geet did not want to think about the incident and Mohinder did not want to hurt his daughter feelings again by asking her about the incident…If girls have father like Mohinder and most of the girls will not commit suicide

Mohinder was shocked to the core and the person who is responsible for Geet’s lonely life and who took his daughter’s happiness is sitting in front of him, but he dunno what he should do now, he prayed god so many times to show him the face of the person who spoiled his daughter life once so that he can hold his collar and  ask why he did this to his daughter …but today he is sitting in front of him and he dunno whether he should be happy that finally he accepted his mistake and also his daughter’s life is settled and Maan accepted Pari and Geet in his life. Mohinder kept quiet, but tears were continuously following from his eyes and Maan did not understand what more he should say to Mohinder, he don’t want to hurt him, he was staring at Mohinder and  meanwhile Dev came to Mohinder’s room to join with them, once Dev came to the door and started talking with Mohinder. Dev informed once again to Mohinder and assured him that Geet and Pari will be safe with Maan

Maan came out of the room but Geet was nowhere to see so he went out and stood next to his car and thought about the incident which changed Geet life completely, he is ashamed about his act but he is not regretting because of that incident he got Geet and Pari back in his life, he is 100% sure that his life will change completely after Geet entering Khurana Mansion and he was getting new energy in his body thinking that Geet is now in his wife, who will bring new energy in his life. Geet was same like before there were not much changes in her, thinking about Geet he had slight smile in his face

Dev successfully convinced Mohinder, and Mohinder said…MAAN AND GEET…rabh unko khush rake.


After talking to Mohinder, Dev and Maan went to Meera’s house and the entire drive was silent Dev thinking how to inform to Dadi and Meera about this but our Maan babu is happy thinking that Geet is in his life and no one can separate them now. When they entered house Arjun Dadi and Meera were sitting in the living room, all were surprised to see Dev tensed and Maan happy, when they went out from the house Maan was tensed and Dev was as usual, then

Meera said: kya hua Dev, why are you looking so tensed?

Dev: wo wo aisa kuch nahi hai..tumara bhai se pucho

Meera: kya hua bhai Geet ke ghar mein, agar aap Geet ke ghar jane se phele mujhe bhata dete mien abhi aapke sath aathi thi naa

Dev murmured: sukhar karo Meera, tum waha nahi thi, agar hoti tum bhi mere jaise shock hoti

Meera: Dev aap ne kuch kaha?

Dev stammered saying: nahi toh

Maan kept quiet, Meera went near Dev and asked “kya bhath hai Dev, why are you not saying anything, aisa kya hua Geet ke ghar mein, ek toh aise barthav kar raha hai jaise pahad un par toot pada hai, aur dekh hai edar pointing to Maan ek pagal ho ke tarah hass raha hai” but there was no effect with Maan for Meera’s words

Then looking at them Dadi asked “kya bhath hai Maan, aap kuch bolte kyun nahi

Maan: kuch nahi Dadi aur wo wo

Then Maan was about to go his room dunno how to disclose with them about his marriage and thought to go, then Dev understood that Maan will not say anything and he should inform to them so he immediately said “Maan ne Geet ko Mangalsutra pehnaya”

All in unison: KYAAAA

Maan just closed his eyes about to run to his room but stopped with Dadi’s voice “rukh jahi hey Maan”

Dadi: can you care to inform why you take this step, Geet ko mangalsutra phenane se phele kya aap Geet ka marjee jaanli,? kya Geet ko iss shadi manjoor hai?

Maan dipped his head down and Meera who was in shock till now went near Maan and said “bhai aap aise kyun kiya, aab meine Geet ko kaise apne muh dikhaungi. Geet kya sochegi mere barein mein, Geet phele se apko nafrat karthi thi, first you spoiled her life and now without getting positive signal from her you tied her Mangalsutra, do you have any other things left out then go and do that also so that I will go and show my face to her saying I am sorry for my deeds, yahi toh mein baar baar kheh rahi hoon Geet se aapki harkat ki waja se”

Meera sat on the floor crying and Dev went near to Meera to console her but Meera dropped his hand which was on her shoulder and said “dur rahiye Dev Mujhse, mujhe apse hey umeed nahi thi, aap Geet ko apne behen mante the naa, phir aab aisa kya hogaya ki jab bhai ne forcefully tied Mangalsutra on her and you were silent at that time, why didn’t you stopped him Dev”

Dadi: Meera samal hai apne apko, hum bhath kar rahe hainaa Maan se

Meera: kya Dadi, aap ko samaj me nahi aaraha hai kya?…kya phele bhai ne cum gham diya Geet ko ki Dev ne bhi bhai ke sath mil gaye taqee Geet do aur dukh dene ki….?

Maan who was silent till now said “Meera don’t involve Dev in this, he was not with me”

Meera: ok kya aab aap bolne ke kasth karenge ki aap kyun aise faisla liya bhai?

Dadi: haan Maan hum bhi jana chate hai

Arjun: mujhe bhi jana hai

Dev: Even me

Meera glared at Den and Maan went near Dadi and sat on his knees and said “Dadi, mein mantha hoon ki aaj tak mein bahut galat aur gunah kiya hai, par aaj jo kuch bhi meine kiya hai wo sahi tha mera hisaab se, because I do want to lose Geet and Pari Dadi, aaj Mohinder papa ne Geet ke liye ek alliance lekar aye the” Arjun DevM eera and Dadi were shocked to listen papa word from Maan’s mouth because he never called anyone like that and even he used to think papa word is down market. They call came out of the trance when they listened Maan voice “mujhe Geet ko koneke dar tha Dadi, phele baar Maan Singh Khurana ko dar tha ki Geet kisi aur ki ho jahegi, and mein Geet aur Pari ko hamesha ke liye ko jaa ungaa, isliye hum Delhi se yahan haa rahe the jab miene Mangalsutra lekar haya tha, wo maa nee mera shadi ke liye banwayi thi, par subh kuch badal gaya jab miene yaha Geet aur Mohinder papa ke bhath sunliya, jab meine decide kiya ki mien Geet se shadi karunga, isliye yahan se jane se phele meine Mangasutra lekar gaya ta khi mein Geet ko shadi ke liye manvalunga…”

“Jab miene aur Dev ne Geet ke ghar gaye tab hum Geet aur Rahul ka bhath sunli, Geet ne saaf saaf Rahul se shadi karne se inkar kar diya hey khe kar wo sirf Pari ka papa ko apna yegi, and Pari ko sirf uski papa zada pyaar kar sakte hai. Rahul ke jane ke baad miene aur Dev ghar ke andar gaye, jab Geet hame dekhi tab ho ek dum shock ho gayi, aur jab Geet hume coffee lene andhar gayi, Dev mujhe Geet ke ghar chodh kar Mohinder papa ko lanee market gaya. Jab Geet bahar hayi maine usse bhath karne ki koshish ki, par usne mujhse bhath karne ko tayyar nahi thi”

“Even I told her that I have heard her conversation between Geet and Rahul, and then also she is not ready to accept me in her life, phir mien kya kartha Dadi, isliye miene Geet ko mangalsutra phenana pada, taqee wo mujhse dur na jayee, I am really sorry Dadi, I don’t want to hurt her but what can I do when she is not ready to talk to me so I took this decision “

Dadi: you would have talk to her like that itself Maan and then why did you took Mangalsutra with you

Maan: wo Dadi, I just took to ask her whether she like it or else we can buy new one

Arjun: you went to ask Geet whether she like design and Maan you know mangalsutra jaise bhi wo ladkiyah pasand karengey hee then what is the need for you to show to Geet

Maan: wo Arjun I just want she should be happy

Meera: did you talk to Geet after that bhai

Dev: wo mujhse puch Meera, when I entered hey saab toh Geet ko hug kar rahe the and thank god papa did not see them in that position

Dadi: ok now, whatever happened is happened, Meera you talk to Geet, me and Arjun will go to Delhi, we should arrange press conference also and before that Maan should talk to Nita’s parents

Meera: ok Dadi I will take care of Geet and let you know about her opinion and what about Maan bhai

Dadi: Let him stay here two more days and convince Geet and once Geet agree to come to Delhi then you all can come together

Later in the evening Dadi and Arjun went to Delhi, Maan was dreaming about his wife 


After Maan and Dev went from her house, Geet went near her father, till today he hide about Maan, but today everything is different, her father knows everything about her, Geet kept her head on his lap and her father was caressing her hair, she again remembered the day when she lost everything and came to house only thinking that her father will die without her. She hugged her father leg and cried continuously, and in this time only her father can console her and there was one more person who can console her that was Meera, she dunno how Meera will react after knowing that Maan tied mangalsutra for her, Mohinder let Geet to cry because he knows from now Geet is stepping to the new life where Maan will take care of her, even he had realized truth in Maan’s voice

Geet cried her heart out and she consoled herself and looked at her father to see whether he is angry on her, but seeing his smile she knew that he is happy now. Even she is happy thinking that her father will not get tense thinking about her future

At the same time Meera came inside Geet house calling “Geet…..Geet”, so Geet came out of Mohinder room thinking how to face Meera now. Then she looked at Meera who was giving naughty smile to Geet, but she immediately bend her head thinking “I am not able to face Meera who is close to me then how I am going to face this society and then Nita?”

Meera turned Geet’s face towards her and said “Geet till today you have suffered lot, see finally babaji is doing good for you, forget all your pains, stress, shame..see today you have Maan has your jeevansathi, I assure you Geet he will take care of you and you have Pari to forget all your pains…its enough right to lead a new life and even you have me Dadi, Dev and Arjun to support you”

Mohinder left house to give privacy to girls and went out, today he was feeling that he has become ten years younger, after hearing that Geet life is now settled

Here Meera had lot of difficulties to convince Geet who had hundred of questions in her mind and thought “its not easy for Geet to adjust to new life, for this I need Dev help and we should talk to Maan bhai, only if he cooperate then only bhai and Geet and lead peaceful life or else it will be difficult for them”

Meera told Geet to take the Mangalsutra which she was wearing before and now only she had small gold chain along with mangalsutra which Maan tied to her



it will be Dhamaka Episode for half century what’s say guys—big one

  • Meera teasing Geet…Maan ready to take Geet to Delhi
  • Maan convincing Pari….Maan answering everyone about his marriage
  • Nita trying to convince Maan
  • Geet going to Delhi along with Meera Den

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