MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 48

Mann se Zude Risthey


 Banner credit goes to Tanu


Geet: par papa Rahul kyun aaj ghar aa raha hai, unko kisi aur din bula lethe…

Mohinder: ohh I forgot to inform you Geet. Rahul’s wife expired, when she went to delivery, and looking at this your beeji has told Rahul all about your past and he is ready to marry you and he promised us that he will take care of Pari like his own child…he is going to US now so he want to get marry to you immediately and take you and Pari along with him to US

Geet: par mein kaise unse shadi kar sakti hoon papa

Mohinder: please Geet, jabse hey adsaa tumare zindagi mein hua hai jabse meine tumse kuch nahi pucha…I don’t know till how long I am going to survive, before my death I want to see you in safe hands…please mana math karna…I have already promised Rahul that I will convince you for the marriage



Geet was feeling like someone has pushed her from hill, Meanwhile Mohinder got call so he went out of the house, he saw Dev and Maan standing there, but has he was on call he silently went from there. Here Geet did not knew what to answer to her father, she kept quiet thinking how to convince her father now, though Rahul is nice guy, she was not convinced because its not even fifteen days Rahul’s wife expired he is already thinking about the second marriage, she even did not like Beeji informing about her past to him, she came out from trance when Mohinder said “Geet, Rahul called me just now, he said he will bring taxi, anyhow Pari is fine now so no need to worry about her, go get ready fast we will go to our house”

Maan and Dev came inside house and Meera who came to living room listened to Mohinder talk with Geet, Maan was getting frustrated, he went and sat in one of the guest room holding his head, he was thinking about his Geet and daughter, he hated Rahul who is coming in between him and Geet, thinking that Geet will become someone’s else, he was getting severe headache, tears where continuously flowing from his eyes, Dev was shocked to see Maan in tears he did not want Maan to loose Geet and go back to is past life, he knew because of Geet and Pari Maan has changed his lifestyle, he had never seen Maan in any Parties and girl were out of his dictionary. Maan never went back to past girl friends when they welcomed them to any party he strictly declined their offer saying that he is not interested and even did not even looked at anyone. Maan eyes were spitting in anger, it is like someone insulting him, he was feeling like killing Rahul, who wanted to take his Geet and Pari far away from him. Maan was completely shocked and was sitting like statue in the room, looking at him Meera got scared and informed to Dev about Maan’s condition. Dev tried to awake Maan, then finding no other option he took water from the jug and tapped on Maan’s head. After few seconds Maan came to trance and Meera went to bring coffee for him.

Meera while giving coffee to Maan said “bhai oberoi uncle called me, he wanted to talk to you very urgently about yours and Nits’s marriage, even I will come along with you”

Maan: Meera I am not going anywhere? Tell them that I am not coming

Meera: bhai we are not  going to any places just we both are going to Delhi and meet Nita’s parents that it, till how many days you will be staying alone, for all this feelings marriage is only the good medicine for you at this time, and even Dad and Mom both are coming to Delhi

Maan got angry and walked towards washroom and stood under shower till he felt relief, Here Dev who saw Maan face clearly understood what he was feeling and said “Meera you don’t understand anything, cant you see Maan is suffering internally, I agree that he forced Geet, at that time he gave only importance to her beauty, at that time he neither thought to get marry to Geet not loved her, but today she is mother of his child, Pari is bonded this relation in Maan, now he is suffering each and every minute, he is breaking both physically and mentally. In this time we should support Maan, which is very important now, we should try Maan and Geet to get closure, if they both separate neither Maan nor Geet will be happy, didn’t you see Geet’s  face when papa was talking about her marriage with Rahul”

Meera kept quiet listening to Dev, she know what Dev said is true, he can never be wrong, she cursed herself for being selfish and thought to support Maan, and if Maan and Geet get marry then she is the first one who will be happy because Geet will be not alone and Pari will get her father’s love and said “sorry Dev, I did not think about it, what you said is correct hereafter I will support Maan bhai”

Dev was happy listening to Meera, he hugged her tightly and kissed, Maan who came from washroom saw them romancing and said “what is this Meera, you are romancing with your husband in front of me…cant you go to your room

Meera and Dev both were embarrassed and Meera ran to her room. Maan smiled looking at Dev, after sometime Dev said “Maan, what you decided, we don’t have much time you know right you should decide now itself before we are late”

Maan hugged Dev, he got one who is still thinking about his happiness and said “I dunno Dev, I cant leave without Geet and Pari, I need both of them, I dunno how to talk to her, will she even listen to me after what I have done to her”

Dev: Maan don’t think so deep into the matter, first tell me what you decided, then we ca paln accordingly

Maan: but Meera, she will be angry with me naa Dev

Dev: don’t worry about Meera Maan, she is your sister and she had also promised me that she will be in your side, so now you tell me what we do first

Maan: what will be good Dev, I am not able to come to any decision, my brain is not working after listening conversation between Geet and Mohinder uncle

Dev: if you ask me, I suggest to go first for registrar marriage and then you can call your others for the reception but for this Geet should agree first and we should convince her

Maan went to his room and took the box and placed it in his pant pocket , Dev was confused looking at Maan, then Maan said “phele hum log Geet ke ghar chalte hai, then we will decide what we should” Dev agreed to that and both headed towards Geet’s house


Here in Geet house Mohinder left Rahul and Geet to talk privately and went to nearby market, Pari was sleeping peacefully in Geet’s room, Rahul was trying hard to convince Geet and then said “Geet, once you have agreed to marry me, par baghwan ne hame door kar diya hai, aab jab zindagi hume dubhara mauka dey rahe hai toh tum kyun mana kar rahe ho, bhagwan hum dono ko ek hone ka pura chance dey rahe hai, phir tum kyun mujhe dur jaa rahi ho? You don’t worry about Pari, I will take full responsibility of her and look after her like my own child and anyhow after marriage we will not be in india, I have got good offer from MNC company and we will stay in US, so no one will come to know about Pari’s identity, hamare shadi ke badh bhi Pari will be our first child”

Geet turned her face and said “Rahul, aap samaj nahi rahe ho, you cant give Pari father’s like her own father and that is the fact, I have not thought of marriage and if I get marry then it is only to Pari’s father and not other, I am really sorry, Beeji and Papa both are not understanding my feeling, hope you understand much better, please I cant marry you, even though Pari’s father does not accept me, then also my answer is the same, I am much happy with my daughter and this life and I don’t want to spoil it, Papa soch rahe ki I will be happy if I get marry to you, I cant even think about someone has my husband, just forget everything and get marry to the girl who loves, and once again I am sorry” saying this Geet was going to her room but Rahul words stopped her “Geet, you are talking like you are living in 1947 years, forget it is waste telling you” saying this he came out of the Geet’s house and saw Maan and Dev. Dev introduced himself to Rahul but Maan looked other side, Rahul did not wait for the second also he went from there Maan was fuming inside because Rahul thought of marrying Geet now and he was jealous about him for being perfect life partner to Geet. Dev looked and Maan and smiled understand his inner turmoil, Maan glared at Dev for making fun of him.

Dev: Maan relax why are you looking so much serious here you came to talk with Geet and convince her for the marriage and now the ball is in your court, see Geet rejected Rahul’s proposal, be happy for that and stop cursing Rahul

Maan: Dev don’t forget that I was the one who convinced chachu and chachi for your marriage, and now its your duty, I helped my sister and now you are doing it for your sister

Dev: how can I forget it Maan, and come lets go inside

After Rahul went out of the house Geet took Pari in her arms and made her sleep in living room, so that Pari does not get scared being alone, at the same time Maan and Dev entered Geet’s house and saw Pari sleeping peacefully on dewan cot

How is Pari ?...asked Dev

Geet just gave smile to Dev and what will she say, she just went inside kitchen to bring coffee for them. When Geet came back with coffee cup she saw only Maan sitting on the couch, Geet just kept cup on the table and about to go inside Maan hold her pallu in his hand and this made Geet to stop, she turned back and same Maan, Geet was first shocked looking at Maan who was holding her pallu, she was trying to pull back her pallu from Maan, looking this Maan left her pallu and catch hold of her hand pulled her in force that she landed on his lap, Geet tried to get up from his lap but Maan hold her tight so that she cant move from there

Geet stood up and was about to go inside but Maan made her to sit next to him in the couch, she was get annoy of Maan and said “aap please yahan se jahiye…” saying this she was going towards Pari but stopped with Maan’s voice “haan Geet, mein yahan se chala jaa unga, akela nahi, apni biwi aur bacchi ke sath…I know I have hurt you so much, but Geet please forgive me at that time I was only attract towards you beauty and body, but today the situation is different, please don’t go far from me, I know I am fool I took this decision very late”

Geet interrupted Maan in the middle and said “Please aap yahan se jahiye, I don’t have any feeling towards you and I wont accept anything from you also, its waste talking about the past but please I don’t want all these, I don’t need your money and power now”

Maan: paise ke bhath kahan se ayee Geet, I did not say anything about money, see I am also stubborn like you and when I decide about anything no one can change my mind, and why are you talking like this I have already listened your conversation with Rahul Geet, you only told him that you will get marry only to Pari’s father and not others, and Pari is my daughter then why are you denying to get marry to me

Geet: woh…. woh…mein yuhee kaha tha…

Maan: par mein serious hoon apne bhath her, and I don’t want to delay in that

Geet: what do you….before she complete her sentence Maan pulled her towards him and hold her tight in his arms and took the box which he kept in his pant pocket and took out Mangalsutra which his Mom Niharika bought for his marriage and tied it around Geet’s neck and hugged her tightly, Geet body was not so strong to oppose Maan, and first of all she was shocked with Maan’s behavior

Geet’s Mangalsutra

Maan: Geet can you forgive me? What I did for you is wrong, see Pari made me to tie in this bond and made me to stand in front of you, will you please accept me and tie me with your love and affection, I am selfish Geet, mujhe tumse zada pyaar chahiye, I know Geet you need sometime and it is very difficult for you to accept me but I will be next to you in all ways, and help to you come out from this grief, par ek hi request hai don’t do far from me please

After saying Maan kissed Geet’s forehead and both looked at Pari who tied this bond between them is sleeping peacefully without knowing what she has done




Meera teasing Geet..Maan ready to take Geet to Delhi


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