MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 47

Mann se ZudeRisthey


 Banner credit goes to Tanu

Maan: Dev I will also come along with you, first you get ready.

Dev told Meera that he s going to Pune because Pari is not well so she also agreed to come along with them, MaanDevArjunDadi and Meera started to Pune, has there was no flight to Pune, they went in Maan’s private jet, they have already called driver to come to airport.

when they reached airport they saw driver and Dr Karan waiting for them

In one car ArjunDadi and Meera went to Meera’s house first, because Dev had already informed Meera that he will treat Pari from their house, so she went to house early because she can clean Maan’s room atleast before they comes

Dr Karan also came to airport and gave the reports to Dev first, and in Karan’s car Dev and Maan went to Geet house, while Dev was going through the reports




When they stopped the car in front of Geet’s house, Dev and Maan were scared to get into house;their heart was beating fast, when Dev knock the door Mohinder opened the door, he was fully tired, Mohinder welcomed Dev inside house, and showed them Geet’s room, Dev first checked Pari once again, has Dev was already gone through Pari’s report, he went out and discussed with Dr Karan once again

Maan came inside and saw Pari, tears were flowing from his eyes, even in his dream also he never expected to see Pari in this condition…due to fever Pari had lost her weight…her face was looking very tired…Maan cursed himself thinking that because of him Geet and Pari both are facing problems… “If I never forced Geet, she would have happy with her family…Geet is suffering because of me…when they both needed me…I was happily enjoying my life till now” his thought was disturbed when he heard Dev voice

“Papa mei Pari ko ghar lekar jata hoon…so that I will be near to her and take care of Pari,” informed Dev to Mohinder and it will be easy for him to give medication to Pari, to which Mohinder agreed and informed “Dev beta, Geet ko bhi tumare sath lekar jao…jab se Paribimarhai, wo teek se sohi nahi aur khana bhi nayi khaya…dekho usko subhe se wo aisee hai…”

Dev and Maan looked at Geet who was sitting near the window, Geet was looking like she lost interest to live…it pierced to them looking at her, she did not even glanced at them…Maan regretted looking at Geet…first Pari and now Geet, its looks like both were decided to leave him and go far from him…and thought “no Geet, mein itne assani se tume mere zindagi se nahi jane dunga…I need you to be with him with our child…tumara bina mera zindagi aduri hai Geet…mien pagal hoon…mujhe tume jaane ke liye itna samay laga diya…please mere galti….nahi nahi gunah ko itne bada saza math dona…….”

Dev thought: sorry Papa, I cant leave Pari now, and I am not sure that I will be succeed in savingPari, But I want Pari to be with Maan, atleast she get Dad’s love in her last breathe…Maan and Geet will fight for Pari as parents…and hope babaji will support them and me in this, and let them to come closer

Dev went near Geet and said “Geet chalo…hum ghar chalte hai, Pari ki tumare zarurath hai” but there were no movements from Geet, she was sitting like statue, then Dev supported Geet and took her out and signaled Maan to take Pari…while Karan went and sat in the car

Maan slowly went near Pari and took her in his arms without disturbing her…tears were continuously flowing from Maan’s eyes…one Geet is not responding and another is Pari is not well, looking at Dev’s face he was sure that even Dev is not sure about Pari’s survival, and if anything happens to Pari then Geet will not able to survive, but for him both are important for him, first he was only thinking about Pari about even he did not knew when Geet made special place in his heart, now he knew that he was not physically attracted to Geet, but he really loved Geet…which he failed to noticed and now he is sure about his feelings but he dunno how he will convince Geet, whether she will accept him or not

Dev made Geet to sit back seat and helped Maan to sit with Geet in back seat along with Pari, either Maan Geet or Pari were in the position to understand that their family is sitting together for the first time…and even Karan and Dev also did not think about this…Karan was surprised looking and Maan and Geet, he did not understand the relation between Geet and Maan…looking at Maan’s face he was sure that they share some relation but he did not want to question with Dev at this time.

When Karan’s car entered Dev’s house, Meera and Dadi rushed to them, Dev first helped Maan and informed Meera to get Geet inn…Here Meera was shocked to see Geet, she was not in sense, Meera hugged Geet tightly, but Geet eyes were looking for something, Dadi guessed it and informed Meera to take Geet to Pari, and Meera did the same, there also Geet was staring at Pari who was sleeping and sat at the end of the cot…Dev and Maan went to Maan’s room first and then Dev checked Pari’s temperature and then prescribed some medicine…and informed his servant to bring from nearby shop, but Maan took prescription from Dev and went to buy medicine

Maan knew he should act fast so he went immediately went outside and bought medicine to Dev, he gave injection to Pari and then thanked Karan who was with them, and sent him to his house. … Dev referred so many books, and even consult with his professional friends and then gave medicine to Pari…after three hours Due to Dev continues care, Pari fever reduced from 104C to 103C …then Dev sighed in relief and now he was sure that Pari will survive and he is now have confidence in him that he will give healthy Pari back to his sister Geet

He saw Geet who was sitting simply and told “Geet…get up, lets have dinner”

Geet: nahi bhai, I am not feeling hungry now …I will have in afternoon…

All were shocked when they heard Geet because Geet did not even realize that it is already night now, Dev wanted Geet to be normal for that first she should have food and get enough sleep….then Dev told to Meera to take everyone for dinner, but no one was ready to come out from Maan’s room so he forced everyone saying that “chaliye hum sub khana kalethe hai…bahut der ho gaya hai” and Dev forcibly took everyone for dinner, and no one was in mood to have food, all just took food for name sake and Geet only took two spoons of food and  was the first one to finish her food and went to Pari who was sleeping in Maan’s room, she was followed by Maan…they both were sitting next to Pari but Geet did not even look at Maan, she was only looking her daughter Pari, she was not in the position to fight with Maan, her only wish is that Pari should get well soon, she wanted to hear Pari’s voice

Dev informed Dadi and Meera to go for sleep, but they said the will wait in the living room, But Dev said “aap log kya karenge jake, soh jahiye…mein Geet aur Maan hai Pari ke sath agar apka zarurath pade toh hum aapko utta enge”, later Meera and Dadi went for sleep. After sometime Dev in with syringe in his hand, he came towards Geet and said…Geet turn this side.

Geet looked at Dev who was holding syringe and laughed at him in this situation also thinking that Dev is giving injection to her thinking she is Pari and said “bhai, aap galat samaj rahe hai bhai, mein nahi Pari bimar hai…mein bikul teek hoon”

Dev: mein janta hoon ki mein kya kar raha hoon Geet…aab Pari teek ho jayegi…tume fikar karne ki koi zarurath nahi…aab tume rest karne ka bahut zarurath hai….saying this Dev gave injection to Geet, her eyes got blur and within few minutes Geet slept at the end of the cot holding Pari’s leg…Dev left them alone and went to living room, after Dev went Maan came near Geet and took her in his arms…and slowly made her to sleep on the couch…he looked her with love, and caressed her face lovingly, he cleared her face the curls which were falling on her face, and kissed her forehead. Whole night Maan was awake and looked after Pari and Geet…

Next day when Geet woke up from sleep, she was feeling fresh, she immediately looked around and saw Maan who was giving milk to Pari, and she immediately got up and corrected her dress first. She wanted to talk to Pari and seeing Maan with her she kept quiet. Meanwhile Meera came to room and saw Geet sitting on couch and Maan with Pari, she came towards Geet  first and sent her to bathroom to get freshen up, then Meera came towards Pari and touched her forehead to check the temperature but still Pari had temperature… Maan took Pari in his arms and caressed her face and wiped her tears

Meera: Pari, aab kaise wo…Mama tume teek karenge beta, chinta math kara beta saying this she kissed her forehead, tears were flowing from Pari’s eyes and said “bua……dard ho raha hai”….listening to this Meera and Maan also cried, Maan made Pari to lie back on bed and stood near window, he was not able to see Pari in this condition, and Pari was crying because she was not able to bare body pain…Meanwhile Geet came out from the washroom and saw Pari and Meera crying, Geet immediately rushed towards Pari and said “mera baccha …kyun roh rahi hoo…please don’t cry” even she was not able to control her tears, but she know she want to be strong and said “mera baccha toh bahut strong hai naa…mumma hai na aapke sath phir aap kyun roh rahe wo”

Pari: mummy aap bhi roh rahe wo naa

Geet: haan kyun ki mera bacchi roh rahe hai toh mein bhi roh ungi naa…jab mummy roh thi hai toh aap bhi roh thi wo naa…isliye mummy bhi rohegi apke sath

Pari: Pari nahi roh rahi hey mummy dekho…she immediately wiped the tears….Geet also wiped her tears and said “dekh naa aab mummy bhi nahi rohegi”

Maan and Meera smiled looking at their bonding, they also wiped their tears, and meanwhile Dev and Dadi also came to the room. He checked temperature which was still 103C, Pari saw Dev and said “dard ho raha hai mama”

Dev: teek ho jahega beta….aap so jahiye

While Geet started to press Pari’s hand and leg so that the body pain will reduce

Pari: mummy aise karo dard kam wo raha hai…then showing her right leg mummy yahaan bhi

Geet: Haan Pari …aap so jahiye…said pressing Pari’s leg, Geet was finding difficult to press Pari’s right leg has she was sitting in corner of bed …Geet should bend little to  press Pari’s right leg, Maan was standing opposite to Geet, so Geet was little conscious while bending in front of Maan

Maan sensed it and came near Pari and sat next to her he started to press her leg after sometime Pari slept due to tiredness…even though Maan and Geet were next to Pari, they did not looked at each other, Geet was like Maan does not exist for her, Maan was just admiring looking at her from corner of his eyes.

Dev was coming is each and every half an hour to examine Pari, Dev had given all hospital responsibility to Karan and in also informed him to contact when there is emergency and Dev was in front of Pari…Meera again forced Geet and Maan to have food, both were stubborn and not ready to come out of the room…Dev was trying to reduced Pari’s temperature

After two days Pari’s temperature came down for 100C, everyone sighed in relief…in all these Pari became much close to Maan, who was next to her all the time, when Pari slept Geet was with Meera because she do not want to be with Maan. But in these two days something has changed in their relation…they both were normal. Meera and Dev came to room and saw Maan and Geet sitting next to Pari

Meera with low voice: Dev kya hoga hub dekho naa, they both are silent and Maan marriage is going to be fixed now, I dunno how Maan will handle everything

Dev: Meera cant you see in Maan eyes that he is regretting what he did to Geet…now I am sure that Maan will take a right decision, you wait and watch Maan will marry Geet , earlier he was only thinking about Pari but now he loves her dear

Meera: wo teek hai…but how Nita going to react for this, he should answer so many people and this media will not allow him to be quiet

Dev: Tum bhool rahi wo Meera..tumara bhai The Maan Singh Khurana and he knows how to tackle the situation why you worry about this, just tell me will you be not happy if Maan and Geet get married?

Meera: hey kya bhath kar rahe wo aap Dev…aapko pata hai…I will be the first person to be happy

Dev: then leave it to Maan, he will handle…you just be ready to call Geet as bhabhi now

Meera gave smile to Dev with tears in her eyes, she was waiting for this moment when she came to know about Geet and Maan relation…it seems like babaji is also with them. Here Dadi spoke to so many friends who knew about homemade medicine to reduced fever and she used to make one or other drink and make Pari to drink it…Maan at last got frustrated with Daid and said “Please Dadi, aur kuch banakar math pilayee hai Pari ko, if you want to apply some paste and apply on her forehead, I know you are also worried about Pari, but Dadi she is kid, how she can have all those medicine…please I will beg you”

Dadi: I can understand Maan, I am doing this medicine which reduce Pari’s body pain, don’t worry I am double sure that it wont effect her, wait I will ask them for some medicine which we can apply on forehead


After Mohinder informed to Beeji, she came to support her brother and even though she hated Pari, how she can tolerate that little girl is suffering, Beeji was guilty thinking that she did not take care of Pari properly in Geet’s absence, Mohinder and Beeji used to come every day to check on Pari. Whenever Beeji comes to Meera house she saw Maan next to Pari, she was getting doubt looking at Maan, because Pari resembles more Maan in every angel…But Mohinder did not get this doubt because of his eye problem

Geet and Maan were comfortable with each other, even though they did not spoke, they were next to Pari whenever she needed them, for both of them Pari was important…after some day Pari was fit and fine…and it was the day that Geet and Pari to go back to their house, Maan went with Dev to bring Pari’s final report and here Geet and Pari were all set to go to their house, Geet was waiting for Dev, in the meantime Mohinder came to house and said “Geet sub kuch teek hai naa, I will get taxi soon, aaj Rahul ghar ane wala hai…Beeji ghar mein uska intezar kar kari hai”

While Mohinder and Geet started talking Maan and Dev came and stood out listening to them

Geet: par papa Rahul kyun aaj ghar aa raha hai, unko kisi aur din bula lethe…

Mohinder: ohh I forgot to inform you Geet. Rahul’s wife expired, when she went to delivery, and looking at this your beeji has told Rahul all about your past and he is ready to marry you and he promised us that he will take care of Pari like his own child…he is going to US now so he want to get marry to you immediately and take you and Pari along with him to US

Geet: par mein kaise unse shadi kar sakti hoon papa

Mohinder: please Geet, jabse hey adsaa tumare zindagi mein hua hai jabse meine tumse kuch nahi pucha…I know till how long I am going to survive, before my death I want to see you in safe hands…please mana math karna…I have already promised Rahul that I will convince you for the marriage


Geet ke gale me doh mangalsutr…..any guesses


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