MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 46

Mann se Zude Risthey


 Banner credit goes to Tanu

Beeji was first shocked and then she immediately said “Meera we should teach principles and discipline to children, see Geet will be in office and only bahi will be at house and how he will take care of Pari, if she does like this”

Meera did not want to continue her talking with Beeji so she said “if Geet comes home tell her that I have taken Pari with me, for me Arnav and Pari both are equal” saying this she took Pari in her arms and went to her house…little Beeji knows that Pari is Meera loving brother daughter, when Mohinder came to know about this he thought like always Meera has taken Pari, even he did not know the reason. Later when Geet came home she came to know that Meera has taken Pari to her house and without changing her dress she came to Meera house




When Geet came to Meera’s house she saw Pari and Arnav playing along with Meera, Geet smiled looking at Meera and went to the garden where they were playing, Meera saw Geet and she informed Pari and Arnav to continue and came towards Geet, Meera and Geet hugged each other and sat on nearby chair and said “Geet, kaisa hai tu…kaam hogaya?”

Geet: Haan Meera, mera kaam aaj ka katam hua, mein ghar gayi thi Beeji ne bola ki Pari tumare pass hai isliye yahan aye

Meera: Geet bura math mann naa, tum office mein busy hoo, ek kaam kyun karti tum? Tum Pari ko mere yahan chodh do Geet, mein uska kayal rakhungi, tume bhi araam milega, uncle aur aunty ko koi taqleef nahi hogi

Geet: hai kya khe rahi ho tum Meera? Kya tume bhi lagta hai ki mein Pari teek nahi rakh pavungi

Meera: nahi Geet tum galat samj rahi ho

Meanwhile Arnav and Pari came towards them; Geet kissed Pari and asked “Pari kya tum yahan rukogi?”

Pari tightly hugged her mother’s leg thinking that she will leave her here and go so she did not go to Meera and then said “mummy, hum ghar chalet hai”, to which Geet nodded her head and when they were about to go Meera felt bad for her behavior and hugged Geet and asked sorry with her and then servant brought snacks for them, they all had snacks together then Meera informed Pari and Arnav to play and then she came and sat next to Geet and hold Geet’s hand and said “Geet, please talk to me yaar, aise chup chap nahi raho”

Geet: mein kya bhath karu Meera? Mujhe hai samaj mein nahi haa raha hai Meera. Phele Naina- she wants to take responsibility of Pari, she wants my Pari to call her mom, Naina thinks that my husband will not come back to me, and if Pari is with me than I can give only mother love so she want me to give Pari to her where Pari can get both mother and father’s love. Then Maan-even he wants to take care of Pari, he likes to spend money for Pari, he wants to buy jewelries clothes to her , Maan thinks that I cant give lavish life to his daughter and now you Meera, even you wants Pari to stay with you, I dunno what you people think about me, everyone wants to take Pari’s responsibilities but what about me?, I am Pari’s mother, even I am concern about Pari, I know how to take care of her…why always people think that I am not worth to take care of my daughter, I am working hard so that I can take care or my daughter, par sabko Pari ka chinta hai and aap logh bhul rahe hai ki mein Pari ke wajay se jee rahi hoon…while saying this Geet had tears in her eyes

Meera wiped Geet’s tears and said:”Geet, I know that I hurt you, I don’t have slight daubt on your caliber, I know you are struggling hard so that your daughter can get peaceful life, but Geet, today when I went to your house I saw aunty beating Pari, and also she was saying because of Pari your life is spoiled, if Pari  was not in your life then you would have settled by now”, when I saw that I got hurt and I scolded aunty and brought Pari here, I said all these because I don’t want Pari to suffer in your absence

Geet: tum kya bhol rahi ho, Meera

Meera: haan Geet, aaj mein tumara ghar chali gayi isliye mujhe pata chala

Geet: par Beeji aisa kyun kar rahi hai

Meera: Geet, if you think from Beeji’s angle, she is also not wrong but for that she should not threat Pari like that, she is thinking that if Pari is not there in your life then you would not stayed alone

Geet: mein Beeji se bhath karungi Meera

Meera: no Geet, if you ask her then she will think that Pari told you all these and she will hate Pari so its better you and uncle take care of Pari 

Geet agreed for that and then Geet called Pari , they were about to go from there, at that time Meera said “Geet mein aur Dev Delhi jaa rahe hai, and this time I might stay more than fifteen days “ which Geet nodded her head, even though she felt bad ,she was not in the situation to talk anything with Meera, she was still thinking about Pari, her daughter, they both bidded bye to Meera and came out of the house


Geet took Pari to ice-cream parlor and Geet ordered ice cream for Pari and she put her hand on Pari’s shoulder and asked “Pari…aapko Nani acchi lagi”

Pari turned her face to Geet and hugged her tightly, Geet got afraid of her behavior and asked “kya hua meri bacchi ko, aapki mummy se bhi nahi kahenge aap”

Pari nodded her head in yes and said “mummy, Nani baut marli hai…dath thi bhi mujhe, Pari ko Nani se dal lagti hai”

Geet embraced Pari tightly and kissed her forehead, then said “Pari aaj ke badh, koi bhi apko kuch kahe yaha mare… aap phele mummy ko bataenge, mummy se kuch nahi chupaenge aap, teek hai mera baccha, mummy unse jagda karegi…meri bacchi to punish karne kar haqh sirf mera hai…teek hai”

Pari smiled at Geet in happiness and Geet feed ice cream to Pari and they went to house, Beeji scolded them for being late, and also for Geet who did not had anything in the evening

Geet told Pari to go to room and then said “Beeji, mujhe pata hai aap kyun naraz hai, I am sorry for not having anything in the evening but you forgot that Pari is my daughter, whole day I work in office and try to come home soon so that I can spend little time with my daughter, whom I miss all in the day, she is my life Beeji, par aap hey nahi samaj payee…jaise aap ko mujhse pyaar hai aur mera taqleef dekhe nahi jati , waise mujhe bhi apni beti se jaan hai, uski fikar hai, uske bena mein jee nahi pavungi…while saying this Geet had tears in her eyes

Mohinder: kya bhath hai Geet, tum aise kyun bhath kar rahi ho

Geet wiped her tears and said “kuch nahi papa, mein fresh ho kar hati hoon” saying this Geet went to her room and Pari and she got fresh up after changing Pari to night dress, they both came out, Pari ran to Nanu and they both started play and then Geet went to kitchen and Beeji followed her

Here Meera packed her clothes and Dev said he will reach two days earlier, because he has some important operations lined up, later Dev dropped Meera and Arnav at airport and came back to home, on the way he informed Maan and Dadi about Meera’s arrival 


Maan woke up early, wished Dadi and had his breakfast and came to his office, after attending meeting he came to his cabin and called sasha,

Sasha: Yes Mk you called me?

Maan: Haan Sasha…have you complete the design

Sasha: one sec MK I will get it now

Then Sasha came to her cabin and took the design and headed towards Maan’s cabin, Maan saw the design but he was not impressed and said “Sasha, its ok but not good, I told you right, I am constructing this site on my father’s name I want something different and some unique thinks which is different from others trusts”

Sasha: I will try MK

Later work went as usual for him, and came back to home in evening, when Maan reached home he was welcomed by Arnav and Meera, Maan enjoyed with them but his heart was only thinking about his daughter and Geet, he was feeling bad for them, even he wanted Geet to join them but he kept quiet because he do not want to hurt her further and he was very much proud of Geet, today he genuinely respects her, Maan was missing that in his mansion,  he wanted Geet and Pari to stay with him, but he dunno how to convince Geet, how to talk to her, so he decided to feel this feeling some more days and after his maa’s barsi he will come to conclusion. Maan after dinner went to Dadi’s room and called “Dadi…”

Dadi: haan Maan…why are you standing out come inside

When Maan came inside, Meera also came in complaining Dev, that he is teasing her, Maan and Dadi smiled at looking Meera

Meera: aap dono bhi hass rahe ho…chahiye mein aap log se bhi bhath nahi karungi

Maan: sorry Meera,

Meera: bhai aap kya kar rahe woh edar

Maan: nahi mein Dadi se bhath karne aa yaa

Dadi: kahiye naa Maan, kya bhath hai

Meera: koi serious bhath hai kya bhai

Maan: nahi…woh Dadi, miene aapko bataya naa, papa ke naam mein ek trust start karne ke barien mein, par mujhe acche design nahi mil raha hai

Meera: will you please explain to me Bhai 

Then Maan informed Meera that he wanted to open a trust in name of his father and even Sasha designed for that, but is not impressed with that.

Dadi: then hire new architect or give to other companies Maan

Maan: meine aise kaise kar sakta hoon Dadi…new hire forget it, my team is good but I need some best designs, it should me only trust I want new plan for that, and if I give this project to other then what will people think about us Dadi?, I am running construction company and still I am going to other companies to ask help for my own projects, its does not look nice Dadi

Meera: then give to the person whom you can think that they can do justice and pay extra for that

Maan: I can do that, but first I should get to know the person right, who can plan according to my taste and I can do that but I am busy in my work, which I cant keep it aside, I am not getting time to fulfill my father’s dream

Maan and Dadi were thinking how to solve the problem, then Meera said “I have one in my mind and I am sure that she will be best”

Maan: nahi Meera, tum samaj nahi rahi woh I need the best architect, tume kaise pata hoga, being in this field I am not able to get one when I need them immediately

Meera: bhai, agar aap uska naam pochoge toh aap bhi khush honge

Maan: kaun Meera? Kya mien use janta hoon 

Meera: haan bhai…aap use jante hai

Dadi: Meera…aap naam kyun nahi batate?

Meera: Dadi….bhai…woh naam hai…Meera saw Maan and Dadi face and then said GEET, Maan and Dadi looked each other in shock, Dadi smiled him happiness, Maan was still in shock he dunno how he should react, he know Geet is best but not sure that she can understand his feelings and prepare designs

Maan: I have seen her work Meera, even Sasha is also good, and I was impressed with her work earlier for Kapoor projects, but are you sure that she can prepare design for me and that too after knowing that she should work under me, I doubt Meera, she is not ready to see my face also then how can you think that she will agree for that, mera muhh dekhate hee sherni jaise behave karti hai…iss baar Geet ne Pari ko bhi maara. I don’t think she will agree for that

Meera: you don’t worry bhai, if Geet comes to know your intentions then she will definitely support you, these trusts will so many peoples so I don’t think Geet will back out 

Maan: nahi Meera, mujhe nahi lagta Geet will help me

Meera: take it easy bhai we will explain to Geet and then let her decide whether she can help you are not why you are worried about that. Once I go to Pune I will talk to her 

Maan just nodded his head and he knows that Geet will reject this offer, Dadi prayed god that Geet should agree and while working for this project, she was sure that they will come closer


Days were passing it was already twelve days Meera came from Pune, Geet did not called Meera or Dadima in these days and she was concentrating much on Pari and her career. After Meera informed Geet about Beeji, she stopped leaving Pari alone at home and informed her dad also to not to leave Pari alone with Beeji, Mohinder got doubt on Geet thinking why she is behaving differently, and then thought the difference might be because Pari, so he used to take Pari whenever he goes out and every day Geet used to ask Pari. One day Beeji came to Geet and asked sorry for her behavior and then everything was normal between them then also Geet did not leave Pari alone with Beeji


It was only two days left for Niharika’s death anniversary; Dev came to Khurana Mansion and helped Maan. Even oberios called to help Maan but he refused to it, they also bought necessary thing for havan , KM was looking like bride, with the help and Dev Arjun Meera and servants Maan was able to make KM looking like bride has Niharika’s likes, even though Maan knew about his mother true intention for selecting Niharika for him, but how he could hate her, because even he had done equal sins in his life, so he forgive his mother.


It was raining heavily and when Geet came to home today she saw Pari playing in rain, Geet went near Pari and forcibly took her inside house, Geet gave hot water bath to Pari and dried her hair, even Geet got fresh up and came to her room, Geet saw her dad and Beeji, she did not ask anything with them, somewhere she was feeling that she failed in taking care of her daughter, But she didn’t knew that , her father was not aware of Pari playing in rain, he thought she might be in the room because after Beeji came to house Pari used to spend most of the time in room. Geet feed her daughter first and then prepared khada for her and forcibly feed Pari, Geet had tough time to feed her but finally she was succeed in feeding her

After dinner when Geet went to bed, she slept next to Pari, it was in the mid night Geet left that Pari is shivering, she immediately covered Pari with duvet and brought vicks and rubbed on her chest, forehead, and legs…after sometime Pari slept peacefully and then Geet also slept, next day when Geet was about to go for office she said “papa, kal rath Pari ko bukar tha…par abhi nahi, kya hum Pari lo clinic lekar jahna chahiye”

Beeji: nahi Geet, aaj dekh the hai, agar shyam ko burak woh hum usko clinic lekar jahenge, kal woh barissh mein beegi thi naa isliye fever hoga

Geet: teek hai Beeji agar Pari ko phir se bukar woh toh mujhe call kee jihega

To which Mohinder and beeji agreed, Pari was ok till evening, but Pari was shivering in cold, so Mohinder made Pari to wear sweaters and tied scarps also, when Geet came from office she saw Pari and got scared first, so Geet immediately went towards Pari and touched her forehead which was burning, Pari face was looking tired, Geet immediately took her bag and along with Pari and took her to Dev hospital at that time she forgot that Dev is not in station, when Geet went to Dev clinic his assistant Dr Pratima, checked Pari and informed Geet to not to worry its only viral fever, Geet sighed in relief and took Pari back home


Maan finished Pooja, along with his family members, even Arjun and Annie came from Mumbai along with their kids, all kids join together and where enjoying playing, while looking at them it pricked Maan’s heart because his daughter missing in the group, he saw all the pairs sitting together, he missed his Geet next to him, then he started talking with everyone , Nita came along with her parents, but Maan neglected her fully, she tried lot to be closer to him but he ignored fully, Pratap tried to talk to Maan through Mohan but Maan serious informed Mohan to not to interfere in his personal matters and if Nita’s parents are so much eager to get Nita married then look for some other alliances, all of them got shocked to the core listening to Maan but Meera, Dadi, Dev and Arjun were happy after hearing this from Maan. Annie went to Mumbai along with her parents, has she was angry on Maan but Arjun stayed back, because he want to enjoy with Maan, and wanted to spend some time with Maan, after they went all enjoyed partying on that day


Next day Beeji got call from Lucky saying that she should come urgently because his Dad was not feeling well and Lucky was not able to take care of him alone, so Geet dropped Beeji to railway station, later Geet came back home and checked Pari’s temperature once and went to office, but she got call from Mohinder in the afternoon saying that Pari’s temperature is high, Geet immediately took permission from Arjun chopra  and rushed to home, Pari and Nandini also accompanied her, when Geet touched Pari’s forehead she as shocked because it was burning like charcoal, they immediately took Pari to Dev’s clinic, Dr Pratima checked Pari and was shocked because she thought that Pari will be ok, Dr Pratima immediately treated Pari but the temperature did not come down, they gave saline to Pari, Geet sat next to Pari, Geet was crying continuously, Nandini and Pinky tried to console Geet, how  a mother can be in peace when her daughter is suffering, whole body was paining for Pari, and has they have given saline to Pari, she was not able to move her hands and it was paining for her, she cried looking at her mother

Geet: Pari, please roh math sab kuch teek hoga, mummy hai naa tumare pass

How can Pari bare the pain, later Pinky and Nandini went to home, Mohinder brought dinner for them, Geet hugged her father and cried thinking about her daughter. It was two days till Pari’s temperature did not come down. Next day in the night when Dr Karan came to clinic he saw Geet and asked “aree Geet aap yaha…iss waqt?”

Geet: Karan…Pari ko fever hai , so we have admitted her hereGeet had tears while saying this

Karan: what!!!!!!!

Karan went immediately to Pari’s ward and checked her and then discussed with Dr Prathima, he scolded her was not informing Dev about this and also for admitting Pari in the ward where some patients are suffering from Dengue, Karan immediately prepared discharge paper of Pari and took her to Geet’s home, Geet was all confused looking at these, Pari health has taken toll on her, Geet had complete forgot to take enough rest, she was not having anything also, Mohinder tried lot to convince his daughter but she was not ready to listen to him, Geet was scared that she will lose Pari forever, so she want not ready to go out of her sight. Nandini and Pinky informed about Pari’s illness to Arjun so Geet no need to worry about that, her teams were supporting her, Karan saw Geet who was lost in her thought and then said “Geet, we have 3-4 dengue patients in the hospital so I have discharged Pari, we can take care of her from your house so that she will not get infection”…she just nodded her head


When Karan called Dev it was around twelve in the night and then Karan narrated to Dev, Dev was very angry on his assistant for her negligence and informed Karan to go to Geet house and he need complete check up to be done for Pari, he want all the reports to be ready before he coming to Pune.   Karan has already done that before Dev informing him

Dev went to Maan’s room and knocked the door, Maan was surprised to see Dev in front of his room that too in the mid-night,  Maan saw Dev tensed face and he asked him the matter at that time Dev informed to Maan that Pari is not feeling well from 3-4days, and he should go immediately to check on her, Maan was shocked beyond the limits, 

Maan: Dev I will also come along with you, first you get ready.

Dev told Meera that he s going to Pune because Pari is not well so she also agreed to come along with them, Maan Dev Arjun Dadi and Meera started to Pune, has there was no flight to Pune, they went in Maan’s private jet, they have already called driver to come to airport.

when they reached airport they saw driver and Dr Karan waiting for them

In one car Arjun Dadi and Meera went to Meera’s house first, because Dev had already informed Meera that he will treat Pari from their house, so she went to house early because she can clean Maan’s room atleast before they comes

Dr Karan also came to airport and gave the reports to Dev first, and in Karan’s car Dev and Maan went to Geet house, while Dev was going through the reports



Nahi doongi….less likes and comments so no precap….kya aapko lagta hai Pari bach jahegi????????

how many of you want Pari alive?????????


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