MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 45

Mann se Zude Risthey

 Banner credit goes to Tanu


Pari immediately turned towards him and took toy train in her hand and said “Uncle you stay here”

Maan: if I stay here your mummy will scold me and nanu will take stick to beat me…I am scared …I will meet you later dear. Maan bend down and hugged Pari and kissed her both cheeks, and sat in his car, he once again saw the door to see whether Geet came out, but nothing that sort happened.



Maan waved his hand to Pari and left from there, Pari came inside and started experimenting in train, when Geet heard the car sound she came out of the kitchen and saw Pari playing with toy train and she saw two packets lying on the table, Geet first thought that Maan might have forgot to take while going, but when she saw the pictures of the small girl she opened it and saw two cute dresses in that. When Geet saw the dress she came to know that Maan had bought these dress for Par, she got very much angry on Maan and thought “Maan, I cant give high status life to my daughter, but I can give her peaceful life, I don’t need your kindness. Pari is my daughter and she will always be with me, I don’t want your shadow also to fall on her. In these four years I have not seen you much in Pune. I dunno why you always come in front of me and my daughter, I am trying to go far from you and in one way or other you will come in front of me. I am happy that you are loving your daughter but Maan why cant you understand that you cant stay with her life long, I cant answer Pari when she asks about her father, how can I explain my situation to her Maan”

Geet came out of the trance when she heard sound of train, she saw Pari and thought “Pari, this is all because of her, if she was not in my life neither Maan would have come to my house nor all this would have happened, why should he buy dresses to Pari, what relation he have with her. He is getting married to Nita, and here he is behind Pari, If Nita comes to know that Pari is Maan’s daughter then she may create problem for us, and which girl will take it so lightly and that too Nita is waiting for him from so many years, so it would be better if he stays away from Pari. And decide about this future. I should say this to Meera this time clearly that I do not need any help from Maan….I should send this dresses to Meera

Geet tu pagal who gayi hai why you always pull Meera in the middle, Maan is her favorite brother, if I go and complain to Meera like this then she will feel bad, its my problem then I should face it…so its better I myself inform to Maan about this or else I should avoid Pari taking to him”

Then Geet hold Pari shoulder tightly and said sternly: Pari, why you take these things from stranges did’nt I told you to not take anything from others, then why are you took this Pari, why cant you listen to me once. Now give this train to me, I will buy a new one for you, I will send this with someone to Meera aunty’s house

Pari: nahi mummy, uncle ne mujhe diya hai, I will not give to anyone. Aur Uncle ne kaha hey sirf mere liya hai….Pari hold train tightly like she do not want to give train to her mother

Geet: Pari, mujhe gussa math dilao, meine kaha naa, mein tumne naya train lakar dethi hoon, aab chup chap mujhe tumara train dedo, Meera aunty ko dena hai

Pari: mummy, pleasseee

Geet sternly said: PARI, meine ek bhar kaha naa tume, aab toy mujhe dedo, I will buy new one for you

Pari shouted saying: Nahiii…hey mera hai mein kisko nahi dungi…hai mera hai

Geet was shocked seeing angry face of Pari because this is the first time Pari is shouting on her, and thought “Maan why are you making my life hell, see because of you first she did not talk to me for two days and now because of you Pari is screaming at me”

Even Geet got angry looking at Pari who hold train tightly in her tiny arms, Geet forcefully took toy from Pari and put everything in the separate cover, Pari saw that and started to cry loudly, even her hand got hurt when Geet pulled toy from her hand, blood oozed out Pari’s hand, Geet ignored it and kept the cover on the table.

After sometime Geet felt bad looking at Pari who was crying badly so Geet tried to console her but Pari was not ready to listen to Geet and kept on saying that “its is mine, I don’t give to anyone, uncle gave to me”…Geet even hugged Pari saying “I will get a new one to you Pari, please don’t cry”…but  she is MSK’s daughter will she listen to Geet, no…Pari started to cry even louder and Geet got angry on Pari, Geet said sorry also for Pari but she is not ready to listen to her so Geet slapped her hardly.

Geet…Pari ko maro math….shouted Maan on Geet, his voice was showing irritation on Geet, and the words came out of his mouth more than the speed she hit Pari.

Geet just turned her face to the door to see who is shouting on her and was shocked to see Maan there holding a small toy aero plane in his hand. Geet stood up and went to her room

Maan came inside Geet’s house and hugged Pari tightly; he kissed to Pari’s cheeks

At first Geet was numb then she went to her room and closed door. Geet who was in her room was crying continuously thinking about the way Maan screamed at her, his voice was like ordering Geet, his voice was so harsh, after listening to him Geet felt that he was screaming like she has done some major damage to his possession. Geet was stunned because no one has scolded her like that. Even her dad did not raise his voice on Geet. She kept listening to the conversation between Maan and Pari

while going back to Meera’s house Maan saw aeroplane in backseat which Pari forgot to take while going, so he came back. Maan pampered Pari for sometime and how can he will not tolerate anyone hurting his daughter, he dont want anyone to get hurt, but when he saw Geet beating Pari he was not able to control, so he screamed at Geet, and he was feeling bad for hurting Geet again and he know he was not wrong and not right also, they are not like normal parents, they both are sailing in different boat.

Geet came out the room when she heard the car sound, she packed all the things which Maan brought for Pari and put it in bag. She forcibly made Pari to shut her mouth and called Ramesh the neighbor guy and informed him to give the bag to Meera’s house, because he used to go same way to his tuition.


Maan came to Meera’s house and in the meantime he got call for detective, and the information what he got from his detective he was very furious knowing that Nita is playing with him from six years.  Maan then composed himself and asked “are you sure that the information you are giving to me is correct, can you recheck it once again the matter for me and i need proof also”

Detective: even I was shocked sir so I rechecked personally and I have enough proof

Maan: then do one thing send me the soft copy of all the proofs to my personal ID and once I come to Delhi you can personally hand over the document for me only and make sure no one get slight information about this

Detective: Yes sir I will take care of that and I am sending you the documents soft copy now it self

Maan: Ok

Maan was thinking about Nita, he never thought in his dream that Nita and her parents will hide such an important thing from him, till now I thought that Nita is diet conscious, she want to stay slim and do not like children, but in these years she never disclosed about her health matter to me, and like a fool I was with her but never gave importance to her. In this she hurt my princess. Nita now wait and see you are so much possessive about me right now I will show you the real MSK. I will not allow you to hurt my Geet and my Pari anymore, I am behind them, so you have to face me

Later Maan Dev and Meera were discussing some personal things. At the same time Ramesh came inside Meera’s house and gave the bag to Meera. She was curious to know what Geet has sent with Ramesh, because whenever Geet and Meera not able to meet and if they want to send something then they will call Ramesh and he will help them. Meera took bag from Ramesh and went inside when she opened the bag she was surprise to see clothes of kid and also some toys along with that, it did not take much time to Meera to realize that Maan had bought these stuffs to Pari and Geet sent it back to him.

Maan was the toys and he got very much angry on Geet, he took the bag in his hand and throw-ed it away,. Dev and Meera kept quiet because even they were not happy. Before Dev and Meera talk to Maan he took car key and went out. Meera saw the dresses which were lying on the floor and said “Dev agar Bhai goes to Geet house and shout at her then how Geet will face him, I think we should go to Geet’s house”

Dev: ek kaam karte hai Meera first make Arnav ready we will go to Geet’s house

Then Meera and Dev went to Geet’s house. When they reached Geet’s house they saw Geet tying pony to Pari, looking at Geet face they guessed that Maan did not come here and so they sighed in relief

Meera: Geet at what time Uncle and Aunty will come?

Geet found the difference in Meera ‘s voice and she guessed the reason also, so Geet did not questioned Meera. But Dev spoke to Geet happily and pampered Pari as usual. Meera did not stay back with Geet. She went along with Dev. Later Geet went to nearby shop and bought some more necessary things and also she did not forget to buy new train for Pari. Pari was very much happy and kissed Geet cheeks.  Then they went to restaurant and had dinner

Next day early morning Beeji and Mohinder reached Pune. They took local taxi and came to home. Geet welcomed them happily and Beeji had tears in her eyes looking at Geet. Beeji hugged Geet thinking about her life, she was feeling bad for Geet, she never thought in her dream also that Geet will facce so much hurdles in her life, Mohinder went inside his room and Geet and Beeji spoke for sometime and even Beeji scolded Geet for not informing her about her life

Pari came out of the room and hugged Geet, Beeji saw Pari and her eyes were spitting fires thinking that “because of Pari Geet is facing so much problem in her life and if Pari was not there in Geet’s life she would have been happy now, how much she loved Geet so much she hated Pari but did not showed in front of Mohinder and Geet knowing that they will hate her”


Maan went back to Delhi and the first work he did is meeting his detective, Maan collected the proof and was surprised, he paid for detective and went to Khurana Mansion. When he entered Khurana Mansion Dadi was shocked to see Maan, who is so detached, Dadi immediately came towards Maan and said “Maan, kya hua hai, aisa kya hua hai Maan, aap etne taqlef mein kyun hai”

Maan: Dadi Nita mujhe dhoka diya hai, mujhe aaj hee pata chala ki Nita ki medical history ki barien mein, Dadi she is suffering from so many diseases, even though I don’t love her, but I hate the people who tell lies with me, I have shared about my feelings also with her then why can’t she do the same Dadi?. Nita aur uske parents milke hume dhoka dhi hai, pata nahi mummy ne kyun Nita ko select kiya hai, I am still confused with the mummy’s selection, kya mummy ko Nita ke barien mein pata nahi tha? Nita ko mein shayad paanch saal se jantha hoon, aur uske upar meine dhyaan bhi nahi diya, socha tha mummy ke khushi ke liye Nita se shadi karon…aur miene bhi puri koshish ke ki usko mere dil mein zaga doon, par pata nahi kyun, I am not able to treat her like my fiance.

Kyun Sab mujhe nafrat karte hai Dadi, kisiko mera zarurath nahi hai, kya mein itna bura hoon Dadi. Apko pata hai Geet mujhe Pari ko ek kapde karidneka haqh bhi nahi di Dadi,aaj meine Pari ko kuch kapde aur kilone karid kar diya, aur Geet ne who sab Meera ke ghar baje diya Dadi, kya mien insaan nahi hoon, mujhe bhi dard hota hai Dadi. Pari meri beti hai Dadi, mujhe bhi uss par haqh hai jitna Geet kha, par Geet kyun mujhe nahi samjthi hai Dadi, mujhe Geet chahiye Dadi, meri Pari ke sath, mein Geet koh pyaar karne laga hoon Dadi, I need Geet so that I can breathe properly , Pari ne mujhe badal diya hai Dadi, please I beg with you Dadi, Geet ko manaye naa please mere liye, mein apse vaada karta hoon ki aaj ke baad aapko shikhayat koh mokha nahi dunga…(He was asking for Geet like he need his favorite candy from shop, kya karu iss MSK kaa) …

jab mujhe pata chala ki Nita ne meri beti ko mara, mujhe bahut hurt hua hai Dadi, how can she do this to my daughter even if it is any other’s children also how she can stoop so low Dadi, mein usko chodunga nahi Dadi

Dadi: aap kya khe rahe hai Maan, Nita Pari kho mara? Par kab?

Maan: jab meine Pari ko yaha laya tha uske ek din phele Nita ne Meera ka ghar hayee thi aur usne mokha dhekar Pari ko jorse mara hai…mujhe Pari ne bhataya tha aur meine Meera se bhi poocha iss barien

Dadi: hey sub jaan kar bhi aap chup hey Maan? Nita ki etne himmanth wo hamari Pari par hath utaya?  Abi aap khe rahe the ki Pari apki beti hai aur aap kisiko usko hurt karne nahi denge…phir  …aab kya hua Maan, aap abhi bhi Nita se riste thod sakte the hai naa Maan, par aap aise kyun nahi kar rahe hai…why are you silent now Maan and you came here and saying that Nita hide about her heath issues…. I did not expect this from you Maan…said angrily

Maan: Dadi please mera bhath suniye….mein Nita ko nahi etne asaani se nahi chodunga..wo kya hai naa, Nita is very much possessive about me, and I know how to hurt her…and if I hurt Nita now then she will not be quite until she hurt Pari, aur mein nahi chata tha ki Pari ko meri waja se koi bhi problem wo…aur has far the information I got from detective Nita does not know that Pari is mine and Geet’s daughter, now she is only jealous of my closeness with Pari. Nita already told me about this so many times but I always used to ignore her. Even Meera also told me the same. Before I take any decision about this first I should make sure that Geet and Paris is safe, I need some time Dadi, please believe me I will set everything right, but before that we should performing puja for maa’s death anniversary, so first we decide about that and I will try to be far from Pari, so that Nita cant hurt Pari. Now I am only giving importance for Geet and Pari  Dadi, after maa death anniversary, I will come to one decision, before that I should make sure that no will trouble them

Maan: Dadi…kya aap ko Nita ke barien mein phele se pata tha?

Dadi: wo woh Maan, mujhe nahi pata tha…

Maan: Dadi….app jhoot kyun bhol rahe who…I know that you aware of Nita, but you kept quiet till now, you also cheated me right Dadi?

Dadi: No Maan, I came to know about Nita recently, after you agreed to marry Nita, I got doubt on her so I told to my known persons to get information of Nita…I was about to say to you but, I did not get time to share with you because you were busy with office works or you will be in Pune, then how will I inform to you Maan

Maan: I am sorry Dadi, aapk ko bhi mere waje see bahut kuch sena pada…I am really sorry Dadi

Dadi: its ok Maan, I know you are changing after Pari came to your life, so don’t worry subh kuch teek hoga…aise hee rahiye Maan, ek accha insaan baniye taqee aapka papa ka atma so shati mile

Maan had tears in his eyes when he heard his Dad’s name from Dadi, he was now able to understand why his Dad was always behind him. Dadi saw Maan’s face and she can make out that he is breaking down from inside but he is not showing to Dadi, Dadi caressed his head and said “Maan apne past ko bhool jaheye taqee aap age badd sake, agar apne past mein rahe toh you can t able to come out from the grief…see Maan, I think now it is time for you so you decide properly about your life, par hey sub assan nahi hey Maan…now you should change fully, your past will haunts you but make sure that it will not affect your personal and professional life “

Maan: Dadi aap ko sacch mein lagta hai ki mein badal hunga?… Maan’s eyes were curiously looking at Dadi, today he wanted to know whether he can change himself fully so that people respects him. He knows what people talk behind him, today he wants to wash out all the sins which he did so far, earlier it was like fun for him, till now he ignored but now he cant do that, he still remembered Geet words “mujhe meri beti aapki jaise nahi banana hai, uski waja see kisi ki zindagi barbad nahi hona chahiye…samje aap”

Dadi saw Maan who was lost in his thought; she shook his shoulder and said “Maan, kya hua, aap kaha kho gaye hai”

Maan: kuch nahi hai Dadima, bass hui…

Meanwhile Nakul came and informed then that dinner is ready, but Maan was not feeling to have anything today he got hurt. When he got dresses and toys of Pari from Geet which he bought, he was feeling ashamed of himself. He got furious and he know if he stays back at Pune then he will definitely hurt Geet so without informing anyone he came back to Delhi.

Maan: Dadi aap khana kha lijeye…mujhe bhook nahi hai

Dadi knew that Maan is hurt, so she forced him to stay back and made him to eat dinner, and then they both went to their respective rooms. Maan was not feeling sleep he went to terrace and was looking at the sky, it was around two when Dadi woke up, she was feeling restless because of Maan, today he was genuinely regretting for all the sins, his tears she was not able to forget Maan’s face so she came to his room to check, when she found his room empty, Dadi started to search for Maan, that’s when she saw the door which goes to terrace is open, she went to terrace and saw Maan sitting on swings and staring starts, she slowly went towards Maan and caressed his head, Maan was shocked first and then looked at Dadi and said “Dadi aap yaha?…please chaliye andar…bahut thand hai yaha” saying this he came down along with Dadi, he is not ready to lose his Dadi, he had lost his parents and now is only life is Dadi

Maan took Dadi to her room and made her to lay on the bed and said “aap so jaheye Dadi, bahut der ho chukka hai”

Dadi: aap bhi so jaheye Maan

Maan: Dadi kya mein apke godh mein so sakta hoon?

Dadi sat properly and said “hey kya poochne wali bhat hai maan, aahiye mera pass”

Maan came towards Dadi and sat on the floor, he kept his head on Dadi’s lap, Dadi caressed his hair till he slept later she called Nakul and Mohan, when they came he signaled them to help Maan and make to sleep on cot, they slowly helped Maan to lay on bed and left from Dadi rooms.

Nakul was shocked to the hell because he never saw Maan becoming so much emotion till now; he was easy going and never took anything serious, he had seen Maan’s father scolding for his carelessness then also Maan never try to change, but Nakul was feeling that he is seeing new Maan now, he instantly prayed babaji that Maan should be like this always

Maan woke up late next morning and even Dadi did not try to wake him because she knows now Maan need rests. It was around ten when Maan woke up and he was shocked to see him on bed, then he saw Dadi coming inside

Dadi: Good Morning Maan…how are you feeling now?

Maan: Teek hoon Dadi, aap mujhe utaya kyun nahi?

Dadi: Maan bte…we slept late dear so left you to sleep for some more time because you are tired so much and you have lot of work to do

Maan kissed Dadi cheek and went to his room, he finished his morning routine and took bath, later he informed Dadi and went to office.  He attended meetings with along with Sasha and Adi and started to work seriously now. Till now it was name game for Maan, he just worked to keep Khurana Construction in number one position, but today he wanted to work even harder. Earlier after every successful project he used to enjoy, ans used to throw part to you so called friends but now he allotted party time also to work, even employees felt differences in Maan’s behavior, Dadi was feeling more happy now looking at Maan, first time she was able to see her son’s sahow in Maan’s work. Looking at Maan’s seriousness in work, she started to care for him more. Because she know if she neglect Maan will not have his food in proper time, she was amused to see her workaholic grandson


Nita tried to reach Maan so many times but Maan neglected her and when she called his office or home she was able to get in touch with Nakul or Dadi at home and receptionist or Sasha on office number, he never even picked her calls once also, Nita was quiet surprise with his act. This was not h Maan who she knows, so she came to Delhi to meet him, and looking at her charm, Maan will be fida over her….little she know that he is not the Maan she knows, now he is Maan Singh Khurana, she came to Maan’s office and went directly to his room, receptionist tried to stop her, but she was not ready to listen to anyone.

Here Maan was busy with Sasha; they were designing for education trust, which Maan is going to build in name of his father, it was his Dad’s dream but he was not ready to do it when his father informed him when Maan took over Khurana Constructions. Nita opened the door saying “hai darling…how are you ?tume pata hai mein tumne kitne miss kiya”  and went and hugged him tightly, when Nita was about to kiss Maan, he got picture of Pari’s cheek, which had Nita’s finger prints…he was fuming in anger and then he pushed her roughly and said “What do you think about yourself Nita? Don’t you have little common sense that you should barged to anyone’s place without getting there permission?”

Nita was in the verge of crying she was getting humiliated in front of Maan Sasha who was also there in the room and said “Maan what are you saying? I am your fiance, I have the right to come here Maan and I have been here earlier also”

Maan was fuming in anger and said “Nita, I have not given you the right to come and disturb my work I thought that you will understand it better being a daughter of businessmen you will be aware of that, cant you see me and Sasha working on some important project?”

Nita: Maan I called you so many times, but you did not respond, even I called office and Mansion also, but they did not connect call to you, so I came to see whether everything is fine with you

Maan: OHH REALLY….HOW SWEET….said Maan in sarcasm and then continued MERA FIKAR KARNE KE LIYE MERA PARIVAR HAI NITA, SEE I AM IN FRONT OF YOU FIT AND FINE….then Maan looked at Nita top to bottom and said “Nita I think you should take care of yourself first, see if you stand next to me it looks like I am giving advertisement of some health drinks…its like some add slogan ‘if you don’t drink this heath drink then you will become like this’ said Maan pointing towards Nita”

Sasha and Nita looked at Maan shocked and even Adi heard their conversation when he entered Maan’s cabin to give him file, Adi’s eyes popped out from socket, because he never seen Maan behaving rudely with her. Then Maan looked at Sasha and Adi who were  looking at them with their eyes wide open and then Maan said “kyun Sasha and Adi, mein teek kheh raha hoon naa…see Nita looks like patient”, Sasha just nodded her head, Nita was shocked with Maan’s words and this is first time she felt humiliated in front of others, she dunno why Maan was angry with her, she bend her head down and went out of his office…in that also she was thinking that Maan will come back to her, she looked back but she was not able to see Maan anywhere near, she sat in the car and went to Mansion, on the way she called her parents and informed them about everything, they try to convince her, but she was adamant that she will meet Maan and come, she wants to know the reason why he was angry with her and she knows that Niharika’s death anniversary is near, and after that she will anyhow get married to Maan, and she will take her revenge after marrying him. Till now no one was treated her like this. She even spoke to Mohan also

When Nita came to Khurana Mansion Dadi was busy with servants, they were making list for Niharika’s death anniversary, and Dadi was segregating works to them. Dadi did not notice Nita, but she got information from Adi what all happened in KC, Dadi was feeling bad for Nita but when she remembered Pari even Dadi got angry on Nita and she was expecting Nita in KM. Nita walked in to KM and stood in front of Dadi shouting “Dadima, aaj Maan ne mujhe KC mein subh ke samne bezath ki hai, pata nahi wo aise kyun mujhse bhath ki hai, mein unke honewali patni hoon, phir bhi mujhse Maan ne unchi awaaz mien bhath kiye hai”

Dadi: Nita hey kya tareeka hai apne badonse bhath karne kaa? Agar aapke aur Maan ke beech kuch hua hai toh, aapko Maan se bhath karna hoga mujhse nahi…Maan went to office to work not for some outing so that you can go directly to his office and talk to him, you know right he is very much busy now and I have informed you when you called me yesterday, phir bhi aap Maan se milne gaye? Agar kisine Maan ko office hours mein disturb kit oh unko gussa aahegaa naa?

Nita calmed down immediately looking at Dadi who was angry on her and then said “nahi Dadima, I just thought to surprise Maan with my presence here, but Maan ne mujhe kisi health drink haa example dhe rahe the, and also he said that I am looking like patient”

Dadi was shocked to hear this from Nita and muffed her laugh, she did not want to laugh in front of her, but servants were not able to control and they laughed loud that’s when Nita saw all the servants, she looked at everyone in anger then also they did not stop laughing then Dadi looked at servants sternly andsaid “aap sab log andar chaliye”

They just went inside, then Dadi looked at Nita and said “Nita aap kyun yaha hayee? Meine aapko bhata hey naa ki ‘jab taqh apka shaadi Maan se nahi hogi tab taqh aap KM nahi aana chahiye, phir bhi aap yaha hayee'”

Nita: woh Dadima….

Dadi stopped her in the middle and said “Nita, I will talk to Maan once he come back from office, aap ghar chaliye,mein aapka parents se bhath karungi”

Nita did not have any options left so she went to Chandigarh cursing Dadi and Maan in her mind.


When came back home Dadi asked “Maan, what is this? Nita was telling me that you humiliated her in front of your stafs”

Maan: Dadi please now you don’t take her side, I know what I did is correct, me and Sasha were busy in designing, first off all I am not able to plan according to the plan and I was trying to that but this Nita came inside without permission and hugged me, she was about to kiss me….so I got angry on her

Dadi was shocked to the hell and looked at him like she is seeing some stranger. Maan came near to Dadi and shook her shoulder and said “Dadi kya hua? Aap itne shock kyun lag rahe hai”. Dadi came out of trance and touched Maan forehead and neck to check whether he has temperature and asked “kya aap mein pote Maan hai?” Maan was first shocked and then said “Dadi………what are you saying?”

Dadi: nahi Maan, listening to you I got shocked. I am really sorry I told you to forget past and I am reminding you about it, I am not able to digest this fact suddenly….because once when Dadi went to meet Maan she saw him kissing some girl in his cabin, she got hurt and came back home and when Maan came home after office she scolded him like anything

Maan face fell hearing Dadi and he know how much he hurt her and said “aap sorry kyun khe rahe wo Dadi, I am it is very difficult for you to forgive and believe me, its ok”. Dadi knew that Maan got hurt and to make him forget his pain she said “Maan, who kyatha…Nita was telling that you were giving example of some health drink”

Maan smile at Dadi and said “I dunno what happened Dadi, when I saw her I remembered some ADD and Nita was very much suited for that character, so I just spilled out, I know I should not say like that but when I saw her I remembered Pari, and I forgot everything . I just wanted Nita to get hurt for hurting my daughter”

Dadi: who teek hey Maan but who ADD wala scene thoda zyada ho gaya and both Dadi and Pota laughed loudly remembering it again


After Beeji came to Geet house, she did not allowed Geet to do any work at home, Geet was only concentrating on her career, because now she do not want any support from Maan, she wanted to buy nice dress to Pari and also join Pari some good school so that Maan will not think that I done have enough money to take care of Pari. Geet even decided to continue her education also in the next year. Geet stopped going to Meera’s house and even did not send Pari to Meera’s house also, because Geet did not want Maan to meet Pari, she want to put full stop for everything so that no one get hurts, everyone will be happy with their own personal life. Meera even tried to reach Geet so many times but Geet stopped talking to her and even sometimes she talked with Meera also but Geet was not able to talk to her for long. Geet knew what she is doing is not correct but she do not have any other option also, because Maan can only reach her through Meera so she avoided as much as possible.

Meera called Geet and complained her saying “Geet are you trying to avoid me, kitne din hogaya tume dekhai, Pari ka yaad bahut aa raha hai Geet, mien tum logon se milna chatha hoon”

Geet: I am sorry Meera, mujhe zaada kaam hai aur time nahi mil raha hai mujhe…I will try to meet you when I am free please bura math mann naa

Meera: are you sure about this Geet? Mujhe aise kyun lag raha hai ki tum mujhe avoid kar rahi hoo. Beeji aane ke badh tum badal rahi ho Geet, agar mujhse tume koi taqleef hui hai toh mien tumne maafi mangti hoon

Geet; Nahi Meera…tum aise kyun bhath kar rahi ho Meera, I am really busy dear so I am not able to meet you…sir ne mujhe naya project diya hai isliye time nahi mil raha hai mujhe

Meera: Atleast I can meet Pari dear, uski yaad bahut aah raha hai mujhe.

Geet: haan Meera kyun nahi…I will try to finish my work soon and bring Pari to your house

Meera: ok Geet…even I try to meet you once you reach home

Geet: ok Meera…sorry my team is waiting for me in the conference room, I will try to talk to you later bye

Geet disconnected the call without listening to Meera. Even Geet was feeling bad for Meera, but she is helpless in front of Pari, she should do this or else Pari will become close to Dev and Meera and there is the chance that Maan will also meet her and to avoid that Geet should be rude to them

But what Geet is doing correct? Geet is trying to avoid Maan and because of that she is hurting Meera and Dev here, who were always there to help her and gave importance to her. Even though Maan was Meera favorite brother then also she supported Geet, but now Geet to get rid of Maan she is avoiding Dev and Meera who did not trouble her till now. But somewhere what Geet is doing is right….

Dev and Meera discussed about Geet’s indifferent, then Dev said “Meera, if I am not wrong Geet is trying to be far from us, she is purposefully avoiding us, after looking the situation now I think after Maan and Geet met recently, Geet might have decide to be far from us because Maan and Pari will meet each other only here”

Meera: mujhe bhi yahi lagta hai Dev, even today I tried to reach her and I think Geet might have felt hurt because I was little rude to her pata nahi Dev mujhe kya hogaya tha uss din, bhai ka dard dekh nahi payee aur Geet se thoda rude behave kiya mein ne…shayad uss keliye Geet ko bura lag gaya hoga

Dev: koi bhath nahhi Meera, I am able understand you’re feeling…you don’t worry subh kuch teek ho jahegaa

Meera said crying “kabh Dev, I am not able to see bhai and Geet suffering, I want to put full stop for everything”

Dev hugged Meera and he tried to console her, because he know now only Maan should make firm decision on this matter and until that time he cant take any initiate regarding this matter


When Nita reached home it was around nine, her parents were surprised see her, actually she never travelled alone to any place, some one other should accompany her, Nita came inside and sat on couch, he was feeling very tired, after dinner Nita sat simply, she got fear that Maan might leave her, because first time she saw hatredness for her in Maan’s eyes, still she dunno why he behaved so rudely with her, she wanted to talk to him, but Dadi did not allowed her to stay in Khurana Mansion for the first time she was missing her Niharika. Looking at Nita, her parents came towards her and sat near her, her mother lovingly caressed her hair and said “kya hua Nita? Why are you so silent?”

Nita was not able to control and cryingly she said everything to her parents. They got very angry on Maan but now thwy were helpless, because most of the reletives and friends knew that Maan and Nita will get marry soon, so they should keep quiet

Pratap Oberoi: did’nt you ask with Maan why he is behaving rudely with you

Nita: no Dad, in his cabon Sasha was there and Maan was not ready to listen to me

Pratap Oberoi: did you inform Maan before going to office Nita? Or did he called you there purposefully to humiliate you….he was getting angry on Maan

Nita: woh Dad……….actually

Seema Oberoi: Nita, answer to Dad, he is asking something with you

Nita: woh Dad actually, I was trying to reach Maan from so many days but he was not responding to my calls, so I thought of giving surprise to him and went to KC today

Pratap banged his hand on nearby table and said rudely “Nita, I am warning you, I dunno why are you doing like this?” then looked at Seema and said “Seema betar hayi hota hum Nita ko marr dhete, hamara pyaar ne use bigad diya hai”…he calmed himself for some time and then said “you both listen to me carefully, Maan is not the same person we know, now he is very rude and strict when it comes to work, he has changed a lot, I got his information from my friends and business associates, due to his work everyone gives respect to him now, and the rivals who were taking light  then, now they are back to action,MSK does not forgive anyone so easily and he hates lies, and remember that you have hide such a big truth from him and if he gets to know about that we should forget about this marriage and leave this place and go somewhere else”

Seema: what are you saying Pratap?

Pratap: the truth Seema, which our daughter fail to understand, if you look and talk to Maan you will get to know the difference, and any how when we go to Niharika’s death anniversary , you will get to know about this, Maan won’t talk unnecessary now, he has become very serious in his work, sometime I get doubt whether I am seeing Maan in front of me or Rishab Khurana. He is having so much attitude

Nita: haan mom, Dad s right even I notice d change in Maan today, but I did not get why he was angry on me

Pratap: Nita, Maan is a businessman and first you went inside his cabin directly, his work was getting disturbed so obliviously he will get angry right

Nita: but earlier also I used to go to his cabin Dad

Pratap banged his head with his hand and said “that is the difference I told you just now, when you went to office you met MSK not Maan, so you got scolding from him, he don’t like anyone disturbing him, even Mohan told me the same once in office hours he was just talking to Maan and got scolding from him and Maan told to him to not to call him in office hours unless and until it is very important”


But everything was not good with Pari, when Geet or Mohinder is at home Beeji used to look after Pari very good once they are out of sight, Beeji used to hit Pari and she was not able to understand why Beeji is angry with her, Mohinder already informed Beeji to not to question Geet about Pari’s father, so she was carefully in that matter, she was very much worried about Geet, but whenever she see Pari in front of her Beeji used to get angry on Pari thinking that she is the reason for Geet’s miserable life, if Pari was not born then Geet would have got married to anyone and settled in her life…little she knew that because of Pari, Geet is living. The love and care Beeji had for Geet, turned to hatredness on Pari. Beeji started to hit Pari unnecessarily, and scold her whenever she came in front of Beeji. Pari who was not used scoldingand beatings used to fear to come in front of Beeji, and always stick on with her nanu or mummy.

One day Pari who was playing with the neighbor kids came home, she was feeling thirsty and also afraid to ask with Beeji, so she stood on the table and was trying to get water from mud pout which kept in the living room. In the process of getting water the pot fell down from the rack and broke into pieces, Beeji who was in the kitchen rushed to the living room got very much angry on her and as she was waiting for the situation, she took scale from Geet’s table and started to hit Pari, even though Pari did not get hurt she was crying in high pitch voice

At the same time Meera came to Geet’s house to see Pari as she was missing her so much, she saw scale in Beeji hand and Pari’s cry she guessed what might have happened and then Meera went towards Pari , she kneel down on the floor and said “kya hua beta…aap school nayi gayi apne” saying this Meera hugged Pari tightly, when Pari got someone to console her she started to cry even louder. Beeji saw this and she got furious on Pari and said “Meera usko chodo, nalayak ladki paida hokar mera Geet ka jeevan barbard kar diya hai…aab  zidd karke hume aur bhi pareshan kar rahi hai”…saying this she pulled Pari from Meera and hit her two times when she was about to hit Pari again, Meera took scale from Beeji and said “chee aap kya kar rahi hai Beeji, aap iss masoom bacchi ko kyun maar rahe woh?…bacchi hai galti hojata hai…bacche shararath nahi kiya toh kya aap karenge? Geet ka zindagi hey Pari…agar usko hey pata chala ki aap usski jaan koh maar rahe woh kya Geet bardash kar payegi?”

Beeji was first shocked and then she immediately said “Meera we should teach principles and discipline to children, see Geet will be in office and only bahi will be at house and how he will take care of Pari, if she does like this”

Meera did not want to continue her talking with Beeji so she said “if Geet comes home tell her that I have taken Pari with me, for me Arnav and Pari both are equal” saying this she took Pari in her arms and went to her house…little Beeji knows that Pari is Meera loving brother daughter, when Mohinder came to know about this he thought like always Meera has taken Pari, even he did not know the reason. Later when Geet came home she came to know that Meera has taken Pari to her house and without changing her dress she came to Meera house



Meera asking Geet to leave Pari in her house

Pari serious……Meera Dev in Delhi…Niharika Death anniversary


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