MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 44

Mann se Zude Risthey


 Banner credit goes to Tanu



Meera: bhai just think once,  you were close to Pari, thinking that Nita hit Pari and if Nita comes to know that Pari is your daughter then what will she do, so its better that you try to be far from Pari.

Maan: Nahi Meera, mujhe Nita ko uske aukat dikhana hoga, I know what should I do now and this is not the right time, you don’t worry I will take care of that, she should think twice before reaching Geet and Pari

Meera looked at Maan amusingly and kept quiet thinking that Nita has to face Maan Singh Khurana


Maan was feeling bore that home, he wanted to decided on so many things before it go out from his hands, So Maan informed Meera that he will go out and come, he went to nearby mall. Here Geet came direct from airport to Meera’s house, when she was in Shimla itself Mohinder had called Geet and informed that her Beeji will be coming along with to their house, it was already a week that Mohinder left the house. Pari who was playing with Arnav saw her mother coming, she was so happy, Pari immediately ran towards Geet and hugged her legs. She was missing Geet very much. Geet also was happy looking at Geet, so he sat on the knees and hugged Pari, then kissed Pari’s full face.

Meera: Geet, you first get freshen up, see you look so tired

Geet: no Meera, papa and Beeji both are coming tomorrow, I dunno how the house look now, I have lot of work to do, I should buy groceries and also necessary things for house,  Beeji is coming here to take rest

Meera: Geet, its already late, why you want to clean the house now, we will do it tomorrow morning I will my servants also

Geet: no Meera its ok, Nandini and Pinky both are waiting for me in taxi, they said they are going to help me, we will clean it and if I need any help I will let you know later’Meera I will collect Pari’s dress later because we already have enough luggage with us

Meera nodded her head, because Maan has taken Meera’s car and Dev has taken his car,Meera tried to convince Geet but she went along with Nandini and Pinky to market, so she thought of calling Geet later.

When Geet went Maan entered house and saw Meera and Arnav in the leaving room

Maan: Meera where is Pari??

Meera: Geet came from the trip bhai, so Pari went with Geet

Maan went to his room and got freshen up, he was feeling to bring Pari back to him and thought “what if Geet did not agree to send Pari with me? it is not possible for Geet, she has to send Pari with me and it wont take much time for me to prove Pari is my daughter”‘she got up from the bed thinking that he will bring Pari, but again he sat on the bed thinking “when I am getting so much attach to Pari, then what about Geet’Maan, why are you not understanding the pain Geet has gone through to bring your daughter on this earth…when I love Pari so much then, Geet loves her more than anything, she is Geet’s life Maan, she has taken care of Pari’s needs, then how can you go and ask her”

Then he remembered Pari slap, Maan touched his cheek and thought “when Pari hit me, then I should think about Pari’s love towards Geet, Pari bet me because she cant see anyone in her mother position, so small child was able to understand Geet’s importance in her life then how ignored it, I always gave importance to Pari and not Geet”

Then Maan thought of Nita, his body shivered in anger thinking about Nita beating his child, he immediately called the detective and informed them to give full information on Oberois he want to punish Nita but not physically. He know Nita’s week point is him itself, so he wanted to take revenge on her on the right time, so he decided to stay calm for some more days

It now Maan was thinking about Pari, and to be close to her and give father’s love to her but now only he can feel Geet presence. He closed his eyes he was able to see her hazel eyes, plumpy lips, broad forehead, soft cheeks, innocent face. He was feeling relief now and now he came to know that he was missing Geet also along with Pari

Maan came out of his thought and wanted to go out again and he knows if he stays here then he will only think about Geet and Pari so he took car keys and went out

Geet has almost finished her shopping, she took the list and gave to shop keeper after grocery shopping she was waiting for taxi because Nandini and Pinky were in the mall. Geet called them and informed that her shopping is over, to which Nandini informed Geet wait in the main road they will pick on the way.

One car passed near by Geet, and Pari who was standing next to Geet shouted “uncle” “uncle”, and car stopped. Maan got down from the car and Pari who was holding Geet’s hand till now, took her hand back Geet’s hand and ran towards Maan and hugged his leg then Maan also bend down and took Pari in his arms and kissed her cheeks. Geet was numb at that moment, she dunno what she should do now. One side she was happy that her Pari is with Maan, she was genuinely feeling happy for Pari, for getting father love, and then she thought of Nita and was suddenly her face color changed.

Meanwhile Nandini and Pinky stopped taxi in front of Geet, she kept luggage inside taxi with help of Pinky and called Pari’But Pari was not ready to leave Maan’s neck, she hugged him tightly

Geet: Pari’dher ho raha hai’zaldi hao

Pari: Nahi mein uncle ke sath javungi

Geet was feeling helpless in front of Nandini and Pinky, she cant go near Maan and take Pari from him and here Nandini and Pinky were looking at Maan and Geet confusedly, So Geet sat inside taxi because she knows her colleagues will get doubt looking at Maan and Pari, anyhow Pinky knows that Maan is Meera’s brother but she don’t want to give any chance and informed driver to start leaving Pari with Maan. Looking at their face Geet know that both will ask about Maan so she said “Nandini I will drop you guys on the way and do to home’actually Meera called me to inform that she is cleaning the house with the help of servants, I was about to inform you that, but you disconnected the call”

Later Geet dropped Pinky and Nandini to their respective house and went to her house; driver kept the luggage inside house and after paying Geet kept all the things in living room and she was crying bitterly thinking about Pari, she was not able to control her tears, she kept on crying till she felt relief.

Then Geet scolded herself for leaving Pari at Meera’s house and thought “here after I should not leave Pari at Meera’s house, Pari is getting close to Maan, agar iss samaj ko pata chala mere aur Maan ka risthey ke barien, mein kaise face karungi, aur Pari ko mein kaise samja ungi..aab zarurath padi toh Pari ko do maar kar usko chup karana padega, and I should tell her that to be far from Maan”

Then Geet suddenly thought about Pari, who was with Maan and not come home till now, she feared thinking that “Now Pari is with him and what if Maan take Pari along with him then how I am going to leave'” . why she was thinking about Pari she heard Pari calling “mummy” and in that situation also she felt happy listening to Pari, while Pari came running towards Geet and hugged her, Pari was so much happy today. Then Pari came out of the hug and went out Geet was curiously waiting to know where Pari went now. Here Pari was forcefully trying to pull Maan inside the house, looking at Pari, Maan came inside Geet house and saw Geet sitting on floor keep all grocery items in front of her.

 Mummy dekho uncle aye hai’.said Pari holding Maan’s hand

Seeing Maan Geet put grocery back to the bag and said “baiteye” and took bag inside kitchen, Geet was cursing Pari was bringing Maan to the house, and Geet do not want to create scene so she prepared black coffee for him and kept in front of Maan and came back to kitchen,

We cant expect more from Geet also, even though she hate Maan, and how can she ignore that he is the father of her daughter, this is the first time Maan entered Geet house, he saw Geet and Pari’s photo frame, he liked it very much, Maan turned around saw Pari who was involved in playing with new toy train which Maan bought for her on the way home, and there was no sign of Geet, Maan took photo frame and once again made sure that no one is seeing him, then kept in is blazer pocket, then he saw coffee on the table and he  smiled and took coffee cup and said “Pari, I think I am so lucky today to get this type of coffee’that to my favorite”

 But Pari was not paying attention to Maan’s words, and even if she paid attention also, she is so small to understanding the meaning of that. Geet after keeping coffee cup she did not even came out of kitchen he wanted to see her once more before going out of her house, then he said “Pari, I will go now” loudly thinking atleast Geet will come out now

Pari immediately turned towards him and took toy train in her hand and said “Uncle you stay here”

Maan: if I stay here your mummy will scold me and nanu will take stick to beat me’I am scared ‘I will meet you later dear. Maan bend down and hugged Pari and kissed her both cheeks, and sat in his car, he once again saw the door to see whether Geet came out, but nothing that sort happened.


Geet’Pari ko maro math’.shouted Maan, and went inside her house and hugged Pari tightly

Beeji come to Geet’s house



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