MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 43



Meera thumped on the floor and she immediately informed Dev to come home. When Dev came to know about this he just smiled loudly thinking about his fool wife and said “etne see bhath? Meera tumne mujhe dara diya. Maan has taken his daughter to her home why are you so much scared, everything is happening for good only and after knowing our reaction and the way Maan treated Geet he will not do anything which hurt us, anyhow Dadi is there only why do you worried about this, lets see how he will handle Pari?”




Maan was very much happy today has Pari was with him, finally he got the answer for his restlessness which he was facing from so many days, he took Pari in his arms and hugged her tightly. But still he is missing something, he did not understand what he is missing, till today he thought that Pari was the one whom he was missing but now he felt he is missing something also which he was not able to recognize…poor Maan who will tell him that he is missing Geet also here…When Maan and Pari reached Delhi it was around twelve, Dadi welcomed them, somewhere she was happy seeing Pari in Khurana Mansion But then she thought of Geet how will she feel if she comes to know about this how will Geet react, how can I even answer her, Dadi had already got information from Meera that Maan has taken Pari along with him.

Dadi: Maan, Pari  ko Laxmi sath dejiye, wo fresh hokar hayegee

Maan: Par Dadi

Dadi stopped him in the middle and said: Maan I want to talk to you let Pari go with laxmi

Maan with half heartedly he gave Pari to Laxmi and looked at Dadi. Dadi waited till Pari went out from their sight and said “what is this Maan? How can you bring Pari here without asking permission from Geet? You have promised us that you wont hurt Geet”

Maan: when did I hurt Geet Dadi? Even I also long to be with Pari, woh mera ansh hai Dadi, mein hey kaise bhool jahoon Dadi? Mera bhi mann karta hai Pari ke sath waqt bitane kaa, jiss din se Pari yahan se gayi hai mein chain se baita nahi hoon Dadi, aapko pata hai jab mujhe pata chala ki Pari meri beti hai, mein mera feeling control nahi kar paraha hoon Dadi…I felt very blessed when I took Pari in my arms today but still something is missing Dadi, which I yet to understand it

Dadi knew what Maan was missing, so wanted Maan to recognize it and said: please Maan just think about Pari’s future, you are ready to marry Nita and here you are longing for Pari, Zindagi khel nahi hai Maan, jab chaha Pari ko yaha utakar lekar ayee, do you even understand that Pari will also miss you so much, she keeps on asking with Meera and Geet about you, now you can spend time with Pari and what about after your marriage. Can you able to tell Nita that Pari is your daughter. Do you think that Nita will take lightly as you?, and what will be the impact after Nita knowing that Pari is your daughter

Maan sat on the couch thinking about Pari, and said “Dadi please give me sometime let me think about it”. Meanwhile Laxmi brought Pari near Maan, when Laxmi was ready to feed Pari, but Maan said “Laxmi I will take care of Pari, give the bowl to me I will feed Pari” then Maan took Pari on his laps and was feeding Pari. At the same time Dadi noticed mark on Pari’s cheeks and asked “Maan, Pari ka gal mein kya hai? It looks like from figure prints…”

Maan: pata nahi Dadi…shayad mera hath ka nishaan hoga, Pari mere sath hone ka khushi mein, mein Pari ko kass ke pakdata tha, shayad mera ungli ka nishaan hoga

Dadi: dhyan rakhi hey Maan, Pari choti bacchii hai, aap apna takhat Pari par nahi dekhai hai

 Maan: haan Dadi, I will take care of that

Then Maan took Pari in his arms went to his room and said “princess aap yahan khelte rahiye, mein fresh hokar hati hoon..aur haan bahar nahi jahiyega”

Pari: teek hai uncle

Uncle word again pricked his heart, he got hurt with Pari and said “princess, you forgot your promise dear, we have decided that you will call me Dad when we are alone, then why are you calling me uncle dear”

Pari: uncle, first you are not my Dad right? my friends told me that Dad will stay along with mummy, then only we should call them Daddy, and as if she discovered new thing said “mummy and Daddy sleeps together, all my friends daddy will sleep with their mummy along with them, U don’t know naa, like bua and mama sleep with Arnav”

Maan: who told this to you princess

Pari: my friend’s uncle

Maan: but Pari , we decided till your father comes you will call me Dad

Pari: Nahi uncle my friend mummy told that I should not call anyone as Daddy, and she kept her finger on the chin thought for sometime and said “haan uncle I should call only daddy who tied that to mummy”

Maan: what!!!!!!!

Pari: woh mummy ke pass hai naa

Maan: mummy ke pass kya hai princess??

Pari: pata nahi uncle, mummy is having that

Maan got irritated and went to bath leaving Pari alone in his room, when he came out of washroom he saw Pari sleeping on his bed, he felt bad for the Pari and he forgot about his lunch and went and slept next to Pari.

Next day while Maan giving bath to Pari, played with her in bathroom, then he only made her ready and he took Pari to dadi and asked her to tie Pari’s hair. After breakfast Maan was checking his file which he should send to Adi, later Maan gave file to adi and when he came to room he saw Pari doing something on his girlfriend’s album. Maan had the habit of keeping the snaps of girl he spend time with them. He came and sat next to Pari  and saw the album which was lying in the floor and most of the snaps have been already scribed  by Pari, at first he got angry and then he smiled for his foolishness and said “princess kya kar rahi hooo, your mummy is also there in the album”

Pari’s eyes twinkled in the joy and asked “mummy is there in this…kaha hai uncle show me”

Maan: he showed one by one snap, but Pari nodded her head saying that she is not her mummy, so Maan tore the photos saying that “if she is not your mummy then it is for no use” Looking that Pari clapped her hands she also joined Maan. Later Maan brought one more album and said lets see whether your mummy is there in this album, and the same repeated either Maan will tear photo or Pari will do that.

Maan was feeling that some burden is released from his heart while playing with Pari, he saw Pari’s scared face suddenly, he got worried and said “Princess kya hua? Why are you scared?”

Pari was sweating furiously, Maan got worried looking at Pari and hold tight in his arms and asked “kya hua beta, batavu naa mujhe, kyun dar rahi wo? Mein hoon naa tumare sath…no one can harm you tell me”. Tears were continuously flowing from her eyes, Maan wiped her tears and kissed her forehead and said “batavu naa beta kya bhath hai”

Pari: wo woh….mujhe mara?

Maan got first angry thinking that someone hit his daughter and then asked “koun mara tumhe princess? Mummy ne?”

Pari nodded her head saying no, and showed her figure to the snap which was lying on the bed, Maan slowly took the snaps and was surprised to see Nita’s snaps and asked “issne tumhe mara?”

Pari: haa, bahut mara uncle, edar…edar and showed her cheeks to him, then Maan remembered his conversation with Dadi yesterday asking Maan about the finger prints in Pari’s cheek, his eyes got tears thinking that Nita hit his daughter, he hugged Pari again and said “aap Nita ko kahan mile”

Pari: bua ke garh mein

Maan: Nita ne apko mara toh hum bhi usko marthe hai…I will not leave her Pari. Hey mera vaada hai tumse

Later Maan started to scrib on Nita’s snaps and also Pari’s hand with him and took scissor from drawer and cut all the snaps into many pieces.  Maan saw Pari’s happy face and allowed her to continue. He got very angry on Nita for hitting his daughter and he want to know from Meera also so he decided to talk to Meera. Maan saw Pari’s happy face and thought “if Pari is with me then no one will hurt her, so first he want to convince Pari to stay with me”. Maan took Pari in his laps and looking at her happy face Maan said “princess you stay here with me I will bring new mummy to you”

Pari immediately came out of Maan’s grip, looked at him angrily and slapped him from her tiny fingers though it did not hurt Maan, but he came to know that place Geet hold in Pari’s heart. He kept hand on his cheeks and where Pari hit him, tears where following from his eyes, now he came to know whatever he do to Pari, he may give her lot of facilities to her but Pari will not forget Geet, but he cant replace Geet in Pari’s heart. Mother plays important role in children life, he thought Pari was happy with him, he only mentioned Pari that he will bring new mom to her, he saw Pari standing in the corner of the room showing her angry face to him. He went near and try to hold her hands but Pari was not ready to listen to him, she only crying thinking about her mom “mujhe mummy ke pass jaana hai”. Maan spent all his brain to convince Pari, today she proved to Maan that she is Maan Singh Khurana’s daughter, but Pari was adamant to go to Geet, so he informed to Pari “princess relax, we will go to mummy, now you keep quiet please don’t cry, I will book tickets…I was just joking Pari I will not bring new mummy for you…ok now please stop crying”. Then Pari kept quiet

Maan spend some time with her and then informed to Dadi about Nita, Even Dadi got angry and called Adi to check whether he had finished work which Dadi gave him, Dadi informed to Dadi that all the documents are ready and he will give it in the evening after collecting from detective. Maan later informed Dadi his travelling to Pune and meanwhile he got call from Dev to bring Pari back, so Maan went along with Pari to Pune. 


Meera was waiting for Maan and sighed in relief when she saw Maan and Pari coming and said “thank god bhai you came or else I would have come to delhi, because Geet is coming today”

But Maan did not say anything to Meera and went to his room. There was big fight going on his mind and heart first he want to check with Meera about Nita, after lunch when Pari slept Maan came to Meera’s room and asked “Meera are you free I want to talk to you”, Meera sensed seriousness in his voice and went along with him to living room

Maan: kya Nita aayee thi haya

Meera: haan bhai

Maan: kya Nita ne Pari ko mara?

Meera: aap ko..

Maan cut her in the middle and said “Meera I just want to know the answer”

Meera nodded her head and then Maan said “Meera I want the answer, how can you allow her to touch my daughter”

Meera: bhai, Nita Pari ko mara, and how can you think that I will allow her to beat pari, no bhai, you are wrong. You want to know the reason why Nita hit Pari and the answer for that is it is all because of you bhai

Maan angrily: what Meera why are you pulling me in this? How come I will be responsible for this?

Meera: bhai listen to me carefully. Nita did not like your closeness with Pari, she always tried to tell you so many times but you did not listened to her bhai, and once she showed her anger with you, what you did bhai, you broke the relationship with her so she did not want to take the chance now again, and when she find Pari in front of her alone, she utilize this to take your revenge on Pari. Mann karta tha ki Nita ko tapapd maru but I don’t want to stoop so low and told her not to enter this house

Maan: then also Meera, you would have hit her, how dare she touch my daughter, I will not leave her you wait and watch

Meera: bhai just think once, you were close to Pari, thinking that Nita hit Pari and if Nita comes to know that Pari is your daughter then what will she do, so its better that you try to be far from Pari.

Maan: Nahi Meera, mujhe Nita ko uske aukat dikhana hoga, I know what should I do now and this is not the right time, you don’t worry I will take care of that, she should think twice before reaching Geet and Pari. I wont allow anyone to hurt them

Meera looked at Maan amusingly and kept quiet thinking that Nita has to face Maan Singh Khurana now. Here Maan called his detective friend and gave some instruction to him


Maan Geet and Pari meeting in market

Maans feeling for Geet




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