MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 42



Geet kept quiet listening to her because she does not have any other option now. After Mohinder came Meera said “Uncle tomorrow I will take Geet and Pari to my house, I am alone at house, Dev will be going out of station to his massi house, who is suffering from some disease, and anyhow Geet will also go to Shimla right let her stay one day with me”

Even Mohinder agreed because he know only Meera can help Geet to come out her pain, because after Naintara came she is behaving normal in front of them but she is worried



After Meera went Geet packed her dress and necessary things which she needed for next one week, and spoke to Pari and pampered her as much as possible because she knows that definitely she is going to miss Pari in Shimla. Geet took Pari’s photo frame and kept in her bag. Meera called Geet in the morning and said “Geet, keep your suitcase ready and even Pari’s dress, I will collect it later and I will pick Pari from the school, you directly come to my house in the evening and inform to uncle also ”

Geet: but Meera

Meera did not let Geet to continue and informed her “Geet, first you do what I said and drop Pari to the school remaining we can talk in the evening now bye”

Geet smiled listening to Meera, she is always like this, Meera came to Geet house and informed driver to keep luggage in the car and did not forget to inform Mohinder that Geet and Pari will stay with her today. Then Meera went to Pari’s school on the way, she picked Pari and messaged Geet, then went to home. Meera fed both Arnav and Pari and made them sleep.

Here Geet finished her work, collected necessary documents. As Pari was crying, Meera took Pari and Arnav with her and went to pick Geet, they reached office and informed her to come soon was parking lot. Geet told Meera to wait for two minutes, has she already finished her work and coming outside. Geet was surprise to see Meera there. Meera informed Geet about Pari. Geet kissed both Pari and Arnav, then they had panipuri and dinner outside, it was late when they both came home along with kids

When Meera and Geet came to home it was late, Pari and Arnav were slept by that time. Meera and Geet welcomed by Nita, she came to her aunt’s house. Nita was surprised to see Geet with Meera and said “you are Geet right? Meera’s friend, hope you remember me?”. Geet just nodded her head.

Meera:  Nita wait here, we will come just now, Meera hold Geet’s hand and took her to room and Meera kept Arnav in her room and took Geet to Maan’s room, Geet was hesitant to come inside then Meera said: Geet bhai is not here, see Geet Nita is here and she will not come to bhai room because bhai has scolded her.

Geet: phir bhi Meera Maan ke kamre mein kaise rahu

Meera: Geet , I dont want Nita to know that Pari is your daughter

Geet agreed to Meera and they both got fresh up in their room respectively and came out.

Nita was asking Geet about her husband family and children, Meera only answered all her questions. Meera was cursing Nita, today Meera wanted to spend time alone with Geet but Nita came and spoiled her plan. Then Meera went inside to check Arnav and Pari once, here Nita went inside and brought her album to show to Geet, even though Geet was not interest to see the snaps, she did not want to hurt Nita, Geet took album from Nita.

Nita: see these are the Maan’s snaps when he was in US and some in my house and some farmhouse

Geet turned  the album pages and when she saw Nita’s snap along with Maan, and some single snaps of Maan where he was looking handsome, she was feeling something in her stomach, whenever she saw Maan and Nita together, it pricked her heart . Meera came to them and saw Geet holding album and watched her face to see whether there is any jealousy. But it was clam as usual. Then she closed album and gave it Nita by saying “photos her beautiful”

Meera: Nita its already late and Geet should catch Shimla fight early morning so we can go and sleep now or else Geet will not get enough rest

Nita: Meera I want to tell her more about Maan and my relation, you go and sleep Meera, me and Geet will talk

Meera said sternly: Nita, you  don’t have any work to do you only spend the money, But Geet is not like you, she has to work hard to look after her family so its better you go and sleep or else as usual go and watch some movies.

Meera took Geet along with her and went to terrace, Geet giggled looking at Meera and said “kya hua Meera why did you talk to her like this”

Meera: aur nahi toh kya geet, I brought you hear so that I can spend some time with you but this girl wants to tell you about bhai and her relation, which do not have any head and tail, she wants to show off in front of you that she is very much lucky, she is having lot of money, and going to be wife of multi- millionaire…Geet you don’t believe she is such a show of queen  

Geet: leave it meera, why we should discuss about that come lets talk about something else

Meera and Geet talk something about their life and some jokes and then they went to sleep

Geet thought: Nita loves Maan so much, he is very lucky to have Nita in his life, babaji please bless them to have peaceful and happy married life

When she slept on the bed she was feeling Maan’s aroma in the room, she had no choice also because Nita is sleeping in guest room she slept hugging Pari and thinking about Maan

Next day early Morning Geet kissed Pari and Meera dropped her to airport and met Geet’s team mates. She bidded bye to Geet and came back home, when Meera came back from airport she saw Nita waiting for her in living room, Nita asked about Geet, to which Meera informed her that Geet went to Shimla and also Geet has conveyed her regards to you. Later Nita got call from her aunt and she left to her place


Next day early morning Mohinder came to Meera’s house, seeing his face Meera was shocked, because yesterday after Geet went to Shimla, he took Pari along with him saying that “Pari will be with him and if he need any help he will call Meera. He does not want to stay alone”

Meera: kya hua uncle? Pari teek toh hai naa…asked Meera

Mohinder: Meera Pari teek hai, wo kya hai naa meri behen ka health teek hai nahi, I have not informed her about our stay at Pune, recently she got information from about this, someone has informed her and her husband has sent telegram to me. Geet is also not at home, I dunno how I will go there? Meri ek behen who always helped me and if I don’t go after coming to know that she is not feeling well then?

Meera: it’s ok uncle I will take care of Pari.

Mohinder: woh Meera I would have taken Pari with me but you know naa my sister does not know anything about Geet, so it will be problem

Meera: yeah uncle I can understand, don’t worry about Pari, I will take care of her. Once you meet your sister just call and let us know if you need Dev help he will come with you


Later Meera and Arnav went along with Mohinder to Geet’s house and then Meera helped Mohinder in packing and first she dropped Mohinder to railway station and then took Pari with her to home

Geet informed Meera about her reaching safety at Shimla, evening Dev also came back, Even Mohinder called and informed Meera that his sister is doing well now and he will stay with her for some days, Dev and Meera enjoyed with Pari and Arnav they were happy. Next day Nita came to Meera’s house and saw Pari there, she was so much angry on her thinking that because of her Maan broke up with her,  whenever she sees Pari in front of her she used to scold her, beat her when no one was there around. Pari got scared of Nita and she did not come out of her room. Meera was quiet surprised with Pari’s act, because till yesterday she was very much happy with them, always she used to make Meera and Dev run behind her and also even Arnav joined with Pari and enjoyed looking at Meera and Dev, and now Pari is sitting in their bed room and when Meera is near her she just hugged her tightly. No one treated Pari like that, everyone loved her, but when she saw Nita’s angry face she got more scared.

Meera informed to Dev also about Pari’s behavior, Dev said: Meera is must be missing Geet

Meera: no Dev I asked her about that and she will not come out when Nita is there,

Dev:  it’s strange, then do one thing Meera don’t leave Pari alone, see to that she is not near Nita

Next after Dev went to hospital Meera was talking to sabjiwala, at that time Arnav came to her crying and said “maa, pali…ro hi…neee.mara” (maa Pari si crying, Nita is beating her)

Meera immediately came inside and saw Nita scolding her “you vamp, meri zindagi kar gayi, aur chain nahi mila, tumare wajase Maan ne mujhe chodh diya” she slapped Pari on her cheek and she was about to slap on again she heard Meera shouting “NITAAA………GET LOST FROM HERE”

Nita never seen Meera getting so much angry and try to say “Meera, iss bacchi ne mera lipstick karab kar diya”

Meanwhile Dev also came home because he forgot to take patient file, and was shocked to see Meera shouting, he went near her and said “Meera kya hua” Meera looked at him in tears and then took Pari in her arms and hugged tight and kissed her cheeks where Nita bet her, she who got scared hugged Meera crying tightly. Then Meera again looked at Pari and asked “Pari, why did you touched her lipstick? You would have taken it from my dressing box”

Pari: nahi bua, aunty joot bol rahi hai, I and Arnav were playing here see (said in her babyish language)…she showed the toys also which were lying on the ground

Arnav hugged Dev’s leg and said “pali paig wi me hle” (Pari was playing with me here)

Nita got afraid and said “nahi Meera, these two are lying, she is so cheap girl, in this age only she is lying I dunno what she will do once she grow up, I think she will snatch someone’s fiance like her mother”

Meera and Dev got highly irritated with Nita, she immediately took Pari and Arnav with her and went to her room and brought 1lakh check and throw on Nita’s face and said “Mind your language before talking Nita, if Pari’s father comes to know about this, he will open a new lipstick factory and make you to work there? And take this money you any buy any lipstick in the market. He is much more popular and rich then you. So first you judge about your capacity and then talk about others. And one more thing Nita, here after you better don’t come to my house, I would have cut your hands which raised to hit my Pari, but seeing your health condition I am not doing that. You know why because I don’t want my hands to get dirt after touching you. Aur kya boli tumne Pari badi hokar uski maa ti tarah kisi aur ka mangethar cheen legi right? For your kind information Pari’s mother is not you, and you are the one who is snatching someone…..”

But Dev stopped Meera and said “Nita, just get lost from my house right now”

Without any option she packed her clothes and went from there. She was fuming in anger because till now no one insulted her, she directly left to her house


Maan came to Pune to attend his business partner wedding. He came to Pune to see Pari, because it was the best chance for him to see Pari and tell everyone that he came here for marriage. His main intention was to see Pari. When he came to Meera house he heard Pari crying “mummy”, Meera tried to console her but she was crying bitterly and Meera brought him down to living room, while coming down Pari saw Maan and started jumping from Meera’s arm, Meera made Pari to rest her leg on floor, she immediately can to Maan, he stood on his knees and took her in his embrace, he kissed Pari’s full face and even Pari kissed him back. He was feeling so good, then he sat on couch taking Pari on his lap

Meera eyes had tears when she saw Maan and Pari bonding.  Even thought Meera felt bad for scolding Maan but she know what she did is right

Meera: aap kab haye bhai, aap bataya tak nahi

Maan: one of my business partner is getting married Meera, so I came to attend the marriage and also thought of coming here once….then he suddenly took his hanky and cleaned Pari’s face and nose. Maan was very much disciplined in this matter and Meera giggled looking at him and said “bhai leave her down and change your dress”

Maan: no Meera, I have to go now, I have an important meeting tomorrow, and so I met Dev in hospital and I will not change dress now, anyhow I had my lunch, so I do not need anything…Maan stopped for the while and asked Meera “why Pari is crying so much? Where is Geet?” without his knowledge words came out from his mouth

Meera was shocked first and then told him the reason

Maan: who ok then you have another 4-5 days right? Then will take Pari with me and leave her here before they come

Meera did not what she should answer Maan, what Mohinder will think about her? If Geet comes to know about how she will react? Because of me her life is spoiled, recently she got hurt with Maan’s behavior. If Geet thinks that I have purposely send Pari with Maan when she is not around, she is living only for Pari and I cant make her cry and then said “no bhai please don’t do that, they were not interested to leave Pari here, without any other choice they left her here. If Geet comes to know that I have sent her daughter with someone then what she will think about me”

Maan: Meera, you and I know I am not the third person for Pari. And why will Geet scold you? Father also has same right on the children like mother

Meera was shocked to the core, she never thought Maan will tell this to her after she scolding him, and did not even in the dream she thought Maan will talk to her like this. Meera after know Maan will not listen to her then said “Maan, you think once, if people see you and Pari together they can easily make out Pari is your daughter. And that too within three months you are getting married to Nita, what will she think about you? What will you answer to Nita’s parents? Just think about Geet, if people comes to know about your and Geet relation, how will she face them now. She has suffered a lot because of you”

Maan just listen to Meera like he is listening to some story and just gave smile to her saying that he will not leave Pari and go

Meera: bhai please leave Pari and go, after your marriage you can have ten children’s like Pari, and now you should stop expecting affection from Pari

Maan: Meera, tomorrow if you give birth to another child then will you forget Arnav? Relations are completely different Meera, yeah I agree mine and Geet relation is different, but the emotions and feeling are not different Meera, it is same as you feel for your son, and Geet feels for Pari, even I am feeling the emotions how and it bandhan is so emotional and tight that person once feel that he cant come out from this and like to work hard to stay in the relation…saying this he took Pari in his arms and started his journey to Delhi.

Meera thumped on the floor and she immediately informed Dev to come home. When Dev came to know about this he just smiled loudly thinking about his fool wife and said “etne see bhath? Meera tumne mujhe dara diya. Maan has taken his daughter to her home why are you so much scared, everything is happening for good only and after knowing our reaction and the way Maan treated Geet he will not do anything which hurt us, anyhow Dadi is there only why do you worried about this, lets see how he will handle Pari?”



Maan and Pari in Delhi

Pari slapped Maan-WHY- Any answers

Geet back to Pune purchasing grocery

Maan Geet and Pari meeting in market



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