MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 41



Arjun Rathod: par kaise Dadi, aab Pari aur Geet ka kya hoga

Dadi: I have a plan for that, from now we should see that Nita does not spend time with Maan, so I will inform her parents until marriage Maan and Nita should not roam together and as it is only few months left they will agree for this condition

Arjun: I hope your plans works Dadi

Dadi: its already working Arjun, you friend is missing his daughter very much, so you don’t worry this time our plan will definitely works

Arjun said ok and disconnected the call




Geet was happy that Pari is talking to her, she hugged her daughter tightly and kissed all over her face, after sometime Geet went to Meera because Pari wanted to play with Arnav, who started talking now and Pari was enjoying with him

Later when they both were alone Geet said “Meera thank you very much for your help, you know yesterday Maan had called me, he wanted to talk to Pari, but I denied it saying him to talk only about project and if there is anything he should talk to Arjun sir and not me, pata nahi how he will react for this, tumko kya lagta hai Meera? Meine teek kiya hai kya”

Meera: haan Geet tune teek kiya hai, don’t worry agar kuch hua toh mein sambalungi

Then Meera and Geet spoke to each other about work and about Geet’s Delhi experience, later Geet went along with Pari and Mohinder to her house in Meera’s car.

Days were passing smoothly for Geet, she was happy with her life, Pari started to going to school, Geet was doing very well in her job and after coming from Delhi, she finished her work and she was very prominent in her work. Arjun was very much impressed with Geet and her team, they got best team award also. Geet forgot that she met Maan recently also


Meera got angry after listening to Geet and she wanted to confront Maan, so Meera and Dev took next flight to Delhi in that night itself, it was Meera’s plan to go to Delhi, Dev tried to console her but she was  very adamant and told him “Dev, you say Geet is your sister and as a brother how you can take it lightly but remember one thing, I will not allow anyone to hurt my Geet, you can think whatever you want, I don’t allow Maan to play again in her life, what he thinks of himself, Geet is not doll Dev, she is my sister and as a elder sister I have right to decide about her future and I want to make Maan to understand that only Geet has the right to think about Pari and Maan will not interfere in her life again unless and until he makes sure whether he need Geet in his life or not”


Dev kept silent after knowing Meera is very much angry, they landed in Delhi around 9.00pm, they went directly to Khurana Mansion, Dadi was surprised to see Meera Dev and sleeping Arnav in Mansion that too in night with prior intimation and said “Meera, Dev aap iss waqt yaha? Aap aane kha kabar bhi nahi diya “

Meera: Dadi can you tell me where Maan bahi is? I want to talk to him

Dadi: kya hua Meera, aap itni tension mein kyun hai

Meera: Dadi I will talk to you later but abhi mujhe Maan bhai se kaam hai

Dadi: Par

Meera shouted saying “Maan bhai, Maan bahi where are you?”

Maan who was in his room came down after listening to Meera’s voice, and was surprised to see her there and said “Meera tum yaha? Mujhe bataya tak nahi, sab teek hai naa?”

Meera showed her hand saying him to stop and took sleeping Arnav in her arms informed “Dev, please keep Arnav in guest room” to which Dev nodded his head and made Arnav to  rest on bed and came to the living room, After Dev came towards Meera, she said “Bhai, aap apne aap ko kya samjthe ho”

Maan who had no clue on which matter Meera is talking said “kya bhath hai Meera? I don’t know about which matter you are talking?”

Meera: wo toh you dunno what I am talking about? Dadi did you listened to him, meine hi pagal thi, apne gusse koh kabu nahi rakh payee aur miene apko Dev aur Dadi ko Geet ke barien mein bataya”

Maan: Geet? Kya hua Geet ko? Meine kuch nahi kiya Meera

Meera: wo abhi apko kuch karna bhi baki hai

Maan: Meera can you come to the point, I donno what you are talking about

Meera: toh teek hai aab sunlijee ye “bhai apka himmat kaise hui Pari se hey khene ki Pari aapko Dad khete bulaye jab tak usski Dad mil jaye…what you think about yourself, I have already told you that Geet is not only my friend and she is more than my sister to me, first you raped her and now you want to take Pari from her also, how can you think about that”

Maan: par Meera issme galat kya hai

Meera clapped her hands and said “Dadi aap suna? Dekhiye naa the great Maan Singh Khurana ko nahi lag raha hai ki unhone kuch galat kiya hai” she looked at him anger and said “toh agar aap itne garv wo aap baap banne mein toh puri duniya ki samane kahiye naa i ki aap Pari ke baap hai”

Maan interrupted her in the middle and said “Meera, I can do that I don’t have any problem to say Pari  is my daughter, I am not afraid of anyone, if you want I can call media within few minutes whole world will come to know about that”

Meera: then fine, you can do it but be ready to answer about Pari’s mother also, and no lies I will be there with you this time, you should answer media’s question without giving any information about Geet, and you have lot of money right, with that money you can shut people’s mouth, once again I am saying you bhai you should not reveal Geet name anywhere but you should say about Pari’s mother

Maan: are you mad Meera? How it will happen? Some people know that Pari is Geet’s daughter?

Meera: that’s what my question is bhai, tell me how you gonna answer?

Maan: but in all these you cannot forget that Pari is my daughter

Meera: yeah how can I forget that bhai, it was the best gift from my brother, and any brother will think twice before stooping so low, but you are proud for that and Dadima and Dev did you see bhai is proud of being father, and he had totally forgot that he snatched sanity of an innocent girl who used to fill others life in happiness, she will not look twice to help others. Near her house each and every person liked her; they used to enjoy the pranks she played with them along with the kids. She was tuition teacher to the so many children’s, she never took any money for that, you know bhai, your sister used to get afraid of injections, do you people can ever think that me donating blood to some unknown family who met with accident. Maan nodded his head saying no, then Meera continued yes I have donated blood to some unknown family and doctor uncle was shocked to the core on that day, these all happened because of Geet, you know now I am seeing a female who is having one kid and living her life without any expectation, she had lot of dreams in her life, she never believed in love marriage, she used to say me “shadi ke badh mera pati ko pyaar karungi, till that time I don’t believe in love stories, pyar ek se aur shadi dusre se karne se accha pyaar aur shaadi dono ek hi admi ke wo, aur I want to live my life like my mother, till you are alive give so much love to you partner, and after your death also he cant forget you, and Meera Pati ho toh mera papa jaisa, till now he loves my mother so much, he shares his feelings standing in front of her photo, when I asked him why he did not get married you know what he said, ma unke dil mein hai aur kisi aur wo jaga nahi deh sakte and he is having me next to him, he will be happy seeing me in happy”  but only because of you she did not get the love of her husband, she got engaged and did not liked to betray her fiancee

Mohinder uncle, is a man who was smart enough and after Rano aunty’s death all the relatives were behind him, they forced him so much , even there was the cases that they brought  their daughter to Mohinder uncles house so that he can fall their beauty, some promised him to look after Geet like their own child .but he did not care and looked after Geet like both mother and father, and sometime his sister used to help him, Geet was his gurur, himmat, zindagi, they were more than friends. You used to see the father and daughter relationship, I used to get jealous of Geet, even though uncle treated me like his daughter I was feeling why I did not born in that family and Mohinder Uncle’s daughter.

 Can you sit for sometime and think about the father, how would have he left when he came to know about Geet, how he tolerated that pain? The person who dreamt of his daughter marriage till now did not get the chance to see that. Can you believe he never questioned Geet, he understood himself seeing her condition and acted like a real hero of Geet’s life, he just said to Geet “I trust you beta, I know you wont do anything like this”. When Mohinder uncle came to know about her pregnancy, Mohinder uncle sold his house and came to Pune, he told Geet to inform everyone that her husband is in US, he went for higher study and did not return back. Can you go and explain to that father that, for your enjoyment you have spoiled his daughter life…Meera sat and floor crying bitterly, Dev and Dadima went near Meera to console her

Dadima: Meera aap shanth ho jaye hai please, sub kuch teek hoga

Meera: kaise shant ho jahoon Dadima, aap kaise khe sakte ki sab teek ho jayega, nahi Dadima, aap jhoot bol rahi hai…bhai ke waja se meri Geet  phir se toot gaye, Meera stood up from the floor and went near Maan who was shocked and never thought that Meera will say all these in front of Dadi, and he was ashamed of his act also because he till now he did not think about all these, he thought with his money he can do anything, Meera hold his collar saying “Aap Pari ko Geet se dur karna chathe naa, kya aap mujhe hey bhata sakte hai ki…kya aap Geet ke sath the jab Geet Pari ko janam deh rahi thi, jaise Dev ne mera sath di har waqt taki mujhe koi pareshan nahi wo, kya aap bhi Geet ke sath the,  jab Dev Arnav ko pheli baar unke bahon me liya tha, he had heavenly feeling and tears in his eyes kya aap bhi wahi mehsoos kiya hai, nahi naa bhai”

Dadi and Dev were mute spectators, she know what Meera is saying right so they kept quiet because it is high time that Maan understand his responsibility

Meera: are you there with Geet in the naming ceremony of your baby,  pata hai koi Geet ke padosi Naintara and Sameer were there with Geet, and they helped her lot, from the time Geet came to Pune till today they are looking at Pari as their own daughter. Bhai kya aap kabhi baap hone ka farz nibaya, the answer is no…….then she looked at Dadi and Dev and said wiping her tears Dadi do you know your great grandson has paid Pari’s school fees for whole year and even informed to Pari’s teacher and head mistress that he is the daughter of Pari, ….Meera clapped her hands and said wah bhai kya farz nibaya apne, log toh apse sikna chahiye baap hone ka farz akise nibate hai,

Then she went towards Dadima who was crying thinking about Geet miserable life because of her grandson, Meera hold Dadima’s hand and said aur toh aur dadima, aap kahi dekha hai ek baap ne aapniyee beti se kheta hai “tum muje aaj se Dad khekar pukaro, aur tumara maa ko pata nahi chalna chahiye, and you will call me Dad when we both are alone and in front of everyone you will call me friend” Dadi did you ever heard about this, pointed fingers towards Maan and said “then why he is doing this Dadi, did he even think what Geet feels when she came to know about this, poor girl came to see her daughter on that day in the midnight because she was missing her from the day Pari came to Delhi, and listened to Pari and bhai’s conversation, and cried whole night because she did not want to hurt you and behaved as if nothing has happened”

Dev: Meera please shanth ho jao, you will spoil your heath if you cry so much

Meera: Kaise Dev, kya bahi ne ek baar bhi nahi socha ki uss massom jaisi bacchi ko, baap pyaar ka umeed dena? Ek baap uski santhan se hey kaise key sakte hai, atleast bahi would have told Pari that he is her father, no he did not do that, udar Pari bar bar bhai ke barien mein pooch rahi hai

Dev who saw his wife, who has worn out by now gave water to her and said “Maan, I respected you from the day when you agreed for mine and Meera’s marriage, even I did not feel bad when you sent that nurse to check whether I am right match to your sister or not, that time I thought you were possessive about your sister, the day I met Geet and Pari and after knowing the truth from Meera, first I thought that may be you will realize your mistake, but frankly speaking Maan, has a brother of Geet I did not want you near her, but I wanted to see you Geet and Pari as a family, but after Geet coming back from Delhi, I have seen blankness in her eyes, how can you torture Geet so much Maan, didn’t you feel anything for her, Pari who used to run to her mother was angry with her for a day and she did not even looked at her, do you even realize how Geet would have felt, in spite of that you called Geet that night and said you will convince Pari to talk to her, as if you were doing big favor for her. Maan till now what ever happened leave it but I just request you to not hurt Geet, now by the Geet side you will find Me, Meera Dadi, and we always support her and now only we three knows about your and Geet relation”

Dadi: mujhe aapse hey umeed nahi thi Maan…aap enti neeche kaise gir sakte hai, jab mujhe apke aur Geet ke barien mein pata chala, , par Meera ne mujhse kaha ki Geet apko kabhi nahi apnayegi, meine bhi Geet se bhath ki, Pari ke sath waqt bitaya.  miene hey socha kee aapko ek  chance do, apke galti sudarne ki, par phir se aap humko dokha diya

Meera then came to Maan and gave a box which contained dresses, toys he purchased for Pari and said “Geet has given all these back to you, because now she came to know that you are the one who gifted Pari, and she said ‘she don’t need anything from you, and she can look after her daughter, by her earnings,’ you know bhai I pity you, you did not get good mother and also relatives, he always supported by the wrong people and even now my dad is supporting you to get marry to Nita, just wanna ask is Maan Singh Khurana is for sale? I am sorry bhai I know I have crossed my limits today but from now I don’t want to see your face and forget that you had a sister by name Meera and”

Maan: no Meera you are not doing this, I am sorry for whatever happened here after I will not do anything which hurt Geet

Maan hold Dadi’s leg and said “please mujhe maag kejihe Dadima, hey sub anjane mien hua, I never thought about Geet till now, and only concentrated on Pari, so I thought whatever I am doing is good for her and when I was with Pari I forgot all the pains so I wanted to keep her near me and it slip out of my mind that in all these I am hurting Geet again, I am really sorry please aap log mujhe maaf kejiye….Please Dadi, mujhe Pari se alag math kejiye”

Meera saw Maan’s face once and thought to give him the chance and said “promise on me bhai that you will not hurt her”

Maan: aah meri maa promise, I will not hurt them, and I will inform Pari to call me only friend, but I cant stop meeting her, please atleast hey haqh mujhse cheene manth do

Meera smiled in her tears and said “this is the last time we are forgiving you and I know you should ask sorry with Geet first, but I don’t want to hurt her again, so I hope that I wont get any complaint of yours from now and one more thing bhai, ‘I just want to suggest you that before getting married to anyone just think once whether she will be with you in all your up and downs, for your life you need perfect Jeevansathi and to be frank I am not able to find that quality from Nita, aur baki apki marji hai and please listen to your heart before taking decision’ don’t marry anyone because your family people are saying , I hope you will take wise decision”

Maan: one request from all of you hope you wont take Pari far from me

Dadi: as one now we give you one last chance for you Maan, you can be with Pari, we don’t have any problem and even Geet should agree for this, we will talk to Geet regarding this

To which Maan agreed because he did not have any other option left out. Later they had their dinner after and Meera and Dev slept in guest room, Meera was so tired after the outburst, so she slept immediately

Here Maan came to his room and was crying thinking about Pari, from two days he is trying to forget her but it was not in his hands, today Meera’s outburst the sister who used to be by his side from the childhood is angry on him. he was scared that Meera and Dadi will go far him and even they will take Pari also, which he cant even think in his dream so he has to remain clam in front of them, he knows what they are doing is not wrong because he has committed such a big mistake in his life, and no one will forgive him for that and next day he went to camping after Meera and Dev catch flight to Pune.


He came to camping but these days he was thinking about Pari and sometime about Geet, he tried in all the ways to get rid of them but everything went on vain. Days were passing but he was not able to calm his hearts, he spoke to all his family members then also he did not get peace, he wanted to listen to Pari once and which Geet will not allow him to do and he screamed saying “hey kya who raha hai mere sath, I was very much happy and was enjoying my life but now after meeting Pari and Geet everything has changed in my life, how can Geet effect me till now? Her innocence is killing me, to go far from her I accepted to marry Nita then also I am not in peace. And this Pari, hey mujhe kaise bandhan mein band rahi hai, kyun mien use bhool nahi paa raha hoon, Pari ka custody ke liye mein try bhi nahi karsatka agar kiya toh mein Dadi Meera Dev ko bhulna padega, woh log mujhe kabhi maaf nahi karenge, mein akela reh jaunga, aur toh aur Geet Pari koh kabhi mujhe nahi degi, aur mein kiss muh se usse Pari ko mangu, Jab Geet meri pass hoti hai tab mera dil ka dhakan zor se beat karta hai, kya mein Geet se pyar kar ne laga hoon? Maan to such mein pgal ho chukka hai, Maan Singh Khurana ke dictionary mein Pyaar!!!!!!!!!hey kaise uljan mein pasa hoon “

He pushed his hair in frustration “Geet, jab se tum mera zindagi mein haye who tab se mein har raha hoon, hey sub tumare waja se ho raha hai, jab phele bar tume dekha meine tume force kiya, aabhi tak Maan Singh Khurana kisi ladki  uske marji ke bina chuwa tak nahi, phele bar tum mujhe majboor kiya tume chune ki, in char salon mein mujhe kabhi kabhi tumara yaad haa raha tha par jabse tumko Arnav ke birthday mein dekha hoon tabse tumara chehra bar bar mera samne aaraha hai, tume bhulne ki bahut prayas kar raha hoon, tumse door rehne ki koshish kar raha hoon par mujhse nahi ho raha hai Geet, please kuch karo naa tum”

“aur Pari, who kyun mujhe chain se baitne nahi dete hai, kaha dekoo uska smile mere samne hati hai, tabse tum log Delhi aye wo, aur woh pal meine Pari ke sath betaya, woh mera Zindagi ka sabse kubsoorath pal tha, mein kaise tum logon ko hamesha ke liye mere sath rako”

He was not able to decide anything about Pari and Geet, so he thought “nahi mein kamzoor nahi ban sakta mein Maan Singh Khurana  hoon, mein aise haar nahi man sakta.” Then he started packing his clothes and then started his journey to Khurana Mansion, he started to work day and night to forget Geet and Pari, he avoided his Dadi also he don’t want to hear anything related to Pari and Geet.


 Arjun Chopra called Geet to his cabin and gave her Mr Viren Vadera’s projects, whon wanted to construct new house for his wife Jeevika vadera, he wanted to gift this house to her on their wedding anniversary at Shimla. To see the site Geet and her team should go to visit the site at Shimla, and they should go day after tomorrow 

After coming from Delhi Geet stopped going to Meera;s house, thinking that she should face Maan, Sometime due to Pari Persistence, she used to send her with Mohinder, whenever Pari was with Meera, she used to ask about Maan who used to pamper and love her, Maan was attracted most to Pari, sometime she even used to ask with Geet about Maan.


 Geet was very much happy when she came home today, because she got the responsibility of Vadera’s project in Shimla and informed Mohinder about her travel, Mohinder was very proud of Geet and said “Geet I will bring Panipuri for you today, you looks so happy beta, keep smiling like this”, by saying this Mohinder went out to bring panipuri for his favorite daughter that too after so many years seeing Geet smiling whole heartedly

Geet was checking the file when Pari came crying loudly with face full of rice, Geet got angry on her, she pointed towards Pari’s dress and said “what is this Pari, I think you have tortured Nainatara aunty to the core of what” saying this she took Pari in her arms and washed her face and leg and made her to wear cleaned dress. When they were coming out of the room, Naintara came to Geet to complain against Pari “Dekh liye Geet, Pari ka mischief, I was just making her eat some food, she made this avtar and came to you running”

Geet looked at her daughter sternly, Pari looked at her mom and then Naintara and said “mummy I will not call this aunty has mummy”, when Pari said this in her babyish language, here Geet got jor ka jhatka, she felt severe pain in her heart, looking at Naintara and Pari, she never dreamt that Naintara will say this to her Pari, her daughter, Geet was not able to control she immediately hugged Pari tightly thinking that Naintara will snatch Pari from her

Nainatara, who was trying to convey her feelings from so many days said “Geet, please don’t take me wrong, looking at your face I think your husband will not come from US, if Pari stays with you then she will get only mother love, anyhow Sameer also like Pari very much, so give Pari to us, we will look after her like our own child, and Pari will get fathers love from Sameer and you don’t have burden to upbring Pari”

Geet felt like she will lose her conscious, and said “what are you saying Naintara? Do you think that Pari is burden for me, being a woman how can you think that my daughter will be burden for me, you helped me a lot but that does not mean that in return favor I should give my daughter, do you even know that Pari is my life” Saying this Geet was srying continuously and before she complete her sentence Mohinder came inside his house and his eyes were spitting fire, he had listen to Geet and Naintara conversation

Mohinder: Nainatara, ek aurat ho kar tum Geet se aise bhath nahi karna chahiye tha, please go out from my house and from tomorrow I don’t want to see you next to my granddaughter

Naintara had tears after listening to Mohinder, she ran to her house from there. Geet was shocked to see Mohinder getting angry, because this is the first time he shouted on someone, he was known to the clam behavior, and she thought “if Dad got so much angry listening to Naintara, then it is obvious that he likes Pari so much” then she came out of trance and said “papa, aap etna gussa kyun hi rahe hoo, she just asked, you would taken lightly because we both know Pari belongs only to us”

Mohinder: mien usse gussa nahi ho sakta hoo naa Geet? Tume kya lagta hai, mein usse aise  he bhath karna detha hoon, nahi Geet, Pari ki waja se mein mera phool jaise bacchi ki hoton pe muskurhat dektha hoon, kitna saal hogaya tha tume muskhurathe hui dekhe, tum kabhi nahi samj pavoge hey baap ka dard….Mohinder kept on saying this till Meera came to Geet’s house

Meera understood why Mohinder got angry, bache ke liye taraste hue Naintara, but Meera felt bad for Geet, because of her brother she is suffering today. Meera did not feel bad for Naintara because when Meera came to know about Naintara from Geet, with the help of Dev they tried to help Naintara and told her to consult the famous gynecologist, but she never showed interest saying that Sameer and she already met doctor, even Meera informed her to go for surrogacy or adoption, but Naintara wanted only Pari as her daughter.

Geet and Mohinder saw Meera and welcomed her inside house without showing their pain, they behaved normal with her, even Meera did not questioned anything about that and she kept quiet, Pari got scared seeing the situation at home and clutched her mother tightly thinking that Nainatara aunty will take her. Then Meera and Geet started talking, and Pari slept on Geet’s lap, Geet caressing Pari head said “Meera day after tomorrow I should go to Shimla, Arjun sir has assigned new project for me, last time I took Pari to Delhi and now if I take again then she will miss her classes, I know I can ask permission from her teacher but I am worried about her by staying there and also about her health, because of climate and water change she will fall ill, pata nahi mein Arjun sir ko kaise mana karoon, papa is very much happy and said he will take care of Pari”

Meera: Geet you don’t worry about Pari, I am here only I will take care of both uncle and Pari, you just concentrate on your career which is very much important for you, one week right then don’t worry everything will be alright

Geet kept quiet listening to her because she does not have any other option now. After Mohinder came Meera said “Uncle tomorrow I will take Geet and Pari to my house, I am alone at house, Dev will be going out of station to his massi house, who is suffering from some disease, and anyhow Geet will also go to Shimla right let her stay one day with me”

Even Mohinder agreed because he know only Meera can help Geet to come out her pain, because after Naintara came she is behaving normal in front of them but she is worried




Geet going to Meera’s house

Geet and Nita meeting each other

Geet going to Shilma on project

Mohinder going to his sister house

Maan taking Pari to Delhi



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