MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 40



Dadi: haan Adi, Geet mera poti Meera ka best friend hai

Adi: wahi toh mein soch rahi thi ki aap Geet ke sath yaha kaise

Dadi just smiled, after the announcement Geet hugged Dadi and also Dadi informed Geet to call once she reach Pune to which Geet agreed, and after their check in Dadi and Adi came out of airport



Geet Pari and Pinky reached came out of airport. Pari saw Meera, she ran to Meera and hugged her tight saying “Mummy buri hai Bua… mein mummy se bhath nahi karungi”. Meera got confused and looked at Geet who was avoiding her. Geet introduced Pinky to Meera , has there was no one to pick Pinky, Meera informed Geet that on the way she will drop Pinky then they can go to house to which Geet agreed. Meera was watching Geet who was silent and not talked then Meera asked “Geet Dadi kaisi hai, kya Maan bhai apko drop kiya hai”.

Pinky: “you know Dadi and Maan sir?”

Meera: Yeah I am Maan’s cousin sister

Pinky: how do you know Geet

Meera: Geet is my best friend, I know her from our college days

Pinky: wo..that’s why she stayed in Maan sir’s house, I got confused

Later they dropped Pinky at home and went to Meera house. When they reached it was around 8.00pm and Pari did not talk to Geet. Meera forcibly made Geet to stay in her house saying “Geet after one week you are going there and house will be full of dust so you stay here today and morning we clean house first and then take uncle ansd Pari with us”. Geet agreed to her. Meera wants to know what happened in Delhi and also reason for Pari’s anger. Dev also came to house early that day after knowing Geet is back, he wanted to see Geet, he thought now Maan aand Geet would have spoken to each other and they will talk about their marriage, but his wish became upside down when he saw Geet’s blank face and Pari’s anger . Mohinder was happy to his daughter and granddaughter back. Pari spoke to Mohinder Meera and Dev and informed them what all happened in Delhi and then she sat with Arnav and played with him

While having dinner Geet went to feed Pari but she denied having food from Geet, Mohinder got doubt and asked “kya bhath hai Geet? Why Pari is angry with you? I am seeing from the time she came from Delhi she is not talking to you. Haisa kya kar diya apne Geet”

Geet: wo …woh papa

Mohinder: Geet stop stammering and say now why Pari is angry with you

Pari with tears said mummy ne mujhe mera friend se milne nahi diya

Mohinder: koun friend hai Pari ?aur wo bhi Delhi mein

Pari: Dadi gar mein

Geet had tears in her eyes

Meera and Dev came to know that Pari is talking about Maan so Meera said “Uncle I think she is talking about my brother”

Mohinder: ok Par Geet why did you did not allow Pari to talk to him

Geet: “Papa, woh when we started from Delhi Meera’s brother was not at home, he had gone out of station. Pari is angry with me because she was not able to meet him”

Mohinder looked at Geet once and then Pari and asked “Pari aap isliye naraz hai”

Pari nodded her head saying yes, Meera and Dev came to know about that and they felt bad for Geet. Meera looked at Geet and then said “Uncle, mujhe bhook nahi hai, me and Geet will eat later, after one week gap my friend is with me here, I will talk to her” and turned to Dev and said “Dev, please feed for Pari” to which Dev agreed


Meera took Geet with her to terrace and sat there, Geet was completely blank and dunno what she is going to do. Here Dev fed Pari and she slept along with Mohinder, then Dev went to his room and tucked blanket for Arnav and came to terrace looking for Meera and Geet. He was surprised looking both friends sitting silently.

Later Geet informed Meera everything that happened in Delhi

Meera: itne si bhath Geet, see now Pari is with you why you are worrying Maan bhai will not take Pari from you , then why are you over reacting

Geet: Meera tume lagta hai itne si bhath hai then listen to me you brother told Pari to call him as DAD and now also you are thinking that, I am overreacting

Meera: What!!!!!

Geet: Yes Meera, I heard Maan and Pari talk, after my accident, Pari was staying with Maan, one day I was feeling uncomfortable so I went to look Pari and heard him saying Pari to call him as Dad and also to not to inform me about this

Meera: what are you saying Geet? How can bhai say like that to Pari

Geet: Mujhe kya pata hai Meera? It was accidently I went to his room when I came to know about that and also one more thing Meera you know in front of everyone Pari should call him as “Friend” and when they are alone she can call him Dad, this is what your brother did in Delhi,

Meera: I cant believe this Geet? I am shocked I never expected him to do that and I am sorry I forgot to inform you that Maan know Pari is his daughter he had guessed it, I kept quiet thinking that he will not do anything which hurt you further

Geet gave faint smile to Meera and said “when he knows that Pari is his daughter how can he do like this Meera, kya unko kuch feel nahi hota? Did he know that how much it hurts for me Meera, I never expected anything from Maan for me , I was happy in my life Meera before I met your brother how can he pollute his daughter mind Meera?  Did’nt he feel anything when he was saying to Pari to call him Dad until she meet her father, Pari till now do not know anything about her Dad, she will start questioning me, how I am going to tell her, when we went from here after Arnav’s birthday Pari was asking me about her father name. Maan did not told her that he is her father”

“unka jee nahi bara kya mera zindagi barbad karke, aab wo kya chate hai Meera? Pari mera jene ka sahara hai, usko bhi mujse cheen lena chate hai, meine aisa kya guna kiya ki wo baar baar mujko chot punchate rehete hai”

Meera:  what he has gone mad or what? I will not leave bhai to hurt you this time Geet I am will you and always be

Geet: mujhe kya pata?  Koi apne beti se aisa bhat karta hai kya, pata nahi wo kya samjte apne apko aur Meera you also did not told me that on Arnav’s birthday Maan had brought that necklace and dress for Pari, I thought it was you and kept quiet,

Meera was shocked and then asked “how you came to know about this Geet? but trust me Geet, he did not told me anything on that day, he went with Pari for shopping and when he was back he brought all that and you know I was so busy on that day and I am sorry I would have informed you about this earlier itself”

Geet: koi bhath nahi hai Meera, I can understand but please do one favour for me

Meera: Haan Geet bolo naa…mien tumare liye kuch bhi karungi

Then Geet holds Meera’s hand kept on her lap and then said Meera please don’t take me wrong Pari ko tumare bhai ka paise ka zarurath nahi hai, I know I cant give her luxury life  to Pari  but I can give her respectable life to my Pari and I don’t want my daughter to be like him, i will give those clothes and jewels back to you…give it to your brother or else keep it to yourself I don’t need any of his things in my house and I can afford for Pari’s dress I don’t need that and haan Meera please inform your brother to not to talk to Pari here after I don’t want his shadow also near my daughter and make this point clear to him that Pari belongs only for me Meera and not to your brother, he played in my life it now …please I need my Pari

Meera looked at Dev who was listening to them, Dev just blinked his eyes saying Meera to agree whatever Geet said, then Meera agreed to Geet and said “Geet, I agree with whatever you said and for me you are important, I cant see you suffering , till now you have suffered enough and I was not there with you at that time but now I am always with you Geet. You are my small sister from college to till date so whenever you have any problem or you need any support you will see me next to you Geet, Maan may be my favourite brother  but I cant support him when he is wrong”

Geet: mein aab kamzor nahi ban sakti Meera, aab Pari keliye mujhe brave banna hoga, job hi ho Pari ko mujhse dur nahi hone dungi

Meera: Geet zada socho math mien hoon tumare sath,meine ne kaha naa uss samay tu akeli thi par aab nahi, I am always there for you Geet

Geet had tears in her eyes thinking about her and Pari’s future, she cried bitterly hugging Meera, It was the pain Geet was keeping inside her from the day she stepped in to Delhi till today, Geet was not able to show he emotions in front of Dadima thinking that Dadi will get hurt, Geet know how she hide her pain being in front of Maan, the person who ruined her life and also made her father to undergo the pain, how can she forget how she and her father suffered because of him, now only that the way he behaved with her in Delhi, she was shocked to see that he is not ashamed for his doings… she poured her heart out in front of Meera

Geet: wo aise kyun hai Meera? Kya Maan ko ek bar bhi bura nahi lagamera zindagi barbad karke, Delhi mein wo aise behave kar rahe the jaise kuch hua hi nahi, Maan Pari ko mera sath rehne nahi dete the Meera, aab dekho naa Meera Pari mujse nafrat karne lagi hai, aab mein kaise Pari ko samja ungi Meera. Meine Maan ka kya bigada tha Meera ki woh baar baar mujhe chot pounchante rehete hai, Pari mujse kabhi door nahi rehti thi Meera aab woh mere se muh pelarahi hai, mein hey sab kaise bardash karoon Meera, babaji mere sath aisa kyun kar raha hai, meine aisa kya gunaah kardi ki mujhe etna bada saja deh rahe hai

 Dadi ke liye mine Delhi mein chup rahi, mujhse aur natak nahi kar payee Dadi ke samne isliye jab mujhe pata chala ki Pari aur Maan jada kareeb arahe hai aur Maan also look after me very well when I was not well, I cant bare that so I started from there as soon as possible after talking to Arjun sir. Maan does not know about our travelling”

Dev was feeling bad for Geet and he can understand her inner turmoil. Later Meera took Geet to the guest room and sat with her till she slept. Meera came out of the room and Dev and Meera went to their room


Here when Maan came to Delhi it was around 8.00pm, he tried to come fast soon as possible, he was missing Pari badly and cursed himself for not taking Pari with him, he rang the door bell, Nakul opened the door for him. Maan’s hand was full of toys which Pari asked him to bring while he left, he scanned living room thinking why Pari did not come to him, Maan just needed he glimpse of Pari so that he can he relieved seeing her in front of him.

Nakul looked at Maan once and eyed on the toys Maan was holding and then said sternly “Pari nahi hai ghar mein”

Maan composed himself and then asked “where is she? It already 8.00pm why she is not at home till now”

Dadi who came down after hearing door bell sound and saw Maan questioning Nakul and said “Nakul se kyun puch rahe wo aap? Mujhse Puch hey naa Maan….Pari Delhi mein nahi Pune mien hai” and dadi eyed at Nakul to go to kitchen, to which Nakul nodded his head and went inside

Maan was shocked listening to Dadi and said “Pari Pune mien? Dadi how can you allow Pari to go to Pune?”

Dadi: why not Maan? Just tell me why I should keep Pari here. And if you have forgotten let me remind you ‘Geet came here along with Pari for office work and today she has finished her work, so she went, and Geet iss ghar pe guest banke ayee thi Maan aur wo chali gayi….’

Maan: aap unko rokha kyun nahi Dadi?

Dadi: kiss haq se hum Geet ko rokhte Maan?

Maan: mein Geet ke berien mein nahi Pari ke barien mien bhath kar raha hoon Dadima

Dadi gave sarcastic smile to Maan and asked “Pari ke barien mein? She looked him in questioning eyes and said kiss haq se hum Pari ko rokhte Maan? Aur hum hote kaun hai Pari ko rokhne wale”

Maan: Dadi you know I was so closed to Pari. You know I came early here only because I can spend some time with her, see I brought her toys also

Maan kept silent for some time and then he throwed all the toys which he brought for Pari on floor and sat on the couch. He was fuming in anger and said “Atleast aap Geet ko keh sakti the naa ki Pari ko thode din hamare sath chodne ki”

Dadi: Geet Pari ka maa hai aur Pari ke barien mein dicision lene ka haqh sirf Geet ko hai Maan

Maan got angry and said ‘apka matlab kya hai Dadi, aap hey math buliye ki Pari ko mera zaroorath bhi hai, ek bacche ko aap ‘

Dadi interrupted him and said “stop it Maan, I don’t want to talk now.”

 Maan fumed in anger and screamed “Geeettt”

“Geet tune accha nahi kiya, Pari ko mujhse door le ja kar…tum kyun nahi bataya ki aaj tum wapas jaa rahi wo, agar phele pata hota toh mein nahi jata meeting ke liye. So you waited for me to go from here so that you can take Pari with you to Pune…I think you were jealous about mine and Pari’s closeness, so you did like this”

Maan went to his room, he was fuming in anger, he sat his bed and pushed his hair back in frustration he was not able to come out of his pain, he immediately called Geet thinking that he will get mad if he do not talk to her.  Maan fished phone from his pocket and dialled Geet’s number but her phone was switched off. He tried numerous times but not able to reach her, first he thought of calling Meera and check with her, but then thought “at this time Geet might have gone to her home, she will not be with Meera, I will do one thing I will call her in the morning” 

Meanwhile Nakul came to Maan’s room and said “khana ready hai, aap niche ayenge aur mein khana apka room mein lagon”

Maan: mujhe bhook nahi hai Nakul, tum jake so jao

Nakul simply nodded his head and went to his room to sleep, Maan half heartedly went to washroom and took shower, he came out of bathroom wearing his vest and trouser , he went to sleep, he did not had any mood to work, he was missing Pari badly. He closed his eyes to sleep, but sleep was far away from him, whenever he closed his eyes he was only able to see Pari calling him as Dad, her laugh, her naughtiness with Nakul, making her to sleep on his chest, today he was feeling emptiness in his room, he closed his ears with frustration.he struggled lot to sleep but sleep was far away from his sleep, it like Geet has taken his life while going from Delhi. Maan got up from the bed and went to gym, he was doing his exercise vigorously,   he remembered the day when Pari brought Geet and Dadi to gym when he got hurt and the way she was trying to reduced his pain, he sat on the floor and cried thinking about his Pari. He went to terrace and slept on the floor looking at sky


Here Meera who came out of guest room and went to terrace, sat on the floor started to cry, she was not able to see Geet like this. Dev came near Meera and put his hand on her shoulder and Meera saw Dev who was standing beside her, she hugged him tight crying, Dev tried to console her but Meera was not able to bear the pain which Geet is going through and cryingly said “Dekliya na Dev, aab Dadi aur apko chain mila, yahee darr tha mujhe,isliye meine aapko aur Dadi ko samjane ki koshish kar rahi thi, par tum logon ne mera bhath nahi manee,aab dekhiye naa kya hua, kissa dar tha mujhe wahi hua “

Dev: Meera please calm down, I know me and Dadi were at fault now I will support Geet, I am also with you Meera, hey sab hamare hath mein nahi tha, hum sirf Pari ko uska pita ka pyar milne ka koshish kar rahe the, aur Geet ko khush dekhne chathe the…aur kuch nahi….hum sub jaan bujkar Geet ko hurt nahi kiya Meera

Meera: Geet ka life mein sabse bada banauti mein hoon Dev, sirf Mein

Dev got angry listening to Meera and immediately closed her mouth and shouted “Meeera how can you say like this? I cant see you in pain and you are cursing yourself in front of me, Maan ka gunah honka saja tum kyun apne sar par le rahi woh, jo kuch bhi hua Maan is waja se hua hai”

Meera again hugged Dev and said “Dev, ek bar mera bhath suniye, first when I was suffering from fever Geet came to see me in farmhouse, she lost her sanity because of my brother, Geet would have not come there, because of me she came and see after that Geet was not able to face the society and she left Hoshairpur without informing me also. She started her living her life again, and was happy with her father and Pari. See I met her again after three years and again now she is suffering because of me, if she did not meet me here, Maan neither would have came to know about Geet and pari, he would have been happy in his personal life and even same with Geet, after I came to her life again she is suffering now”

Dev hugged Meera tightly thinking that she need his support now, Meera broke down completely and said “how can I face her now Dev, how can I tell her that I did not do all this, how will I support her Dev, I dunno how I am going to console her, will she forgive me this time”

Dev: Meera, please clam down I cant see tears in your eyes and listen to me carefully, Geet will definitely understand your feelings, chalo lets sleep or else Geet wilol question you in morning and if she comes to know that you cried because of her then she will feel bad

Later Dev took Meera to their room and kept her head near his chest and caressed her head till she fell sleep, due to continous crying Meera got tired and slept. Dev rested Meera’s head on pillow, sleep was far away from his eyes and came near to window, tears were flowing from his eyes “my failed in my responsibility, I have considered Geet has my own sister, till now I thought whatever I am doing is good for Geet and Pari, now I cant leave her like that I will support Meera and Geet , from now I will see to that Geet will be happy from now, i never thought Maan will stoop so low, I wanted to see you happy with Maan and pari, so I have supported till now . I should talk to Dadi and tell all this, I think Dadi dunno anything about this or else she would have informed me by now and morning I should talk to Dadi about this”


Geet woke up early morning and was having tea when Meera came out of her room, Meera sat next to Geet and said “Geet first we will fresh up and then after breakfast we will go to your house, I have already spoken to my servants two of them will come along with us after preparing breakfast. After cleaning we will inform Dev, so that he can bring Arnav, Pari and uncle”

Geet; haan Meera that’s sounds good we all have lunch at my house,I will take of today

Meera agreed to that, meanwhile servant maid gave tea to Meera after that she went to her room and informed Dev about their plan, Geet called Arjun and informed that he is taking off today and after breakfast Geet and Meera went to Geet’s house along with the servants, When Geet entered her house and servants started cleaning the house Meera and Geet helped them, while there were busy Naintara entered Geet house shouting at her

Naintara: Geeet, Geeet kaha wo tum?

Geet: kya hua Naintara, why are you shouting

Naintara saw Meera along with Geet and calm down and said sweetly “Geet tum kab aye? Where is Pari dikhai nahi deh rahi hai”

Geet: she will come Naina, she is with Dev, once we clean the house they will come

Naintara: I will go now Geet …if you need anything just inform me

Meera was confused with Naintara’s behaviour and she did not say anything Geet, because she was hurt already, Geet and Meera left to market to bring things for house, and leaving servants at home. They both purchased vegetables, fruits and ration to house and went back, by the time they came back all the cleaning was completed. Geet served tea  snacks and fruits to servants and driver and told “sorry I don’t have not prepared lunch”

Servant: koi bhath nahi madam, we will have at house, we have already prepared lunch there

Later Meera informed driver to drop servants to house and bring Dev , Arnav Pari and uncle back, driver nodded his head and went to Meera’s house, here Geet and Meera prepared lunch for their family


Here Dev after Geet and Meera went to house, he informed hospital that today he is taking off and if there is any emergency to call him, then he called Dadi and informed her about what he heard from Geet, Dadi felt bad and informed Dev “I dunno anything about this Dev, but one day Geet shouted and Maan and she shared her feeling with me so from that day I thought, to not to support  Maan, till now I was selfish and now I cant see Geet in tears first Maan should understand  his feelings towards Geet, but I saw he was only concerned about Pari, yesterday also he was asking about Pari so until he feel special for Geet I am not going to support him, but I always want Geet to be daughter in law of this house, lets see what babaji is planned in their life”

Dev also agreed with Dadi and later driver came to his house and all of them went to Geet’s house, they had their lunch together, they all spend that day and here Pari was still angry on Geet. After Meera and Dev went to their home Geet tried to talk to Pari so many times but she was not talking to her


Maan was trying to reach Geet from morning till evening, later she responded to the call in the evening

Maan: Geet, cant you pick the call for once, I am trying to reach you from yesterday where were you? Don’t you have the curtesy to call the person who is trying to reach you

Geet: ji aap koun bhol rahe hai

Maan: Geeettt

Geet: Jiii may I know who is this?

Maan got angry with her again and said “Geet mein Maan bhol raha hoon, I want to talk to Pari”

Geet:  Look, I want you to talk to her…because of you she is not talking to me this is the first time she is angry with the so much, aap ka jee nahi bara kya aab kya karna chate hai

Maan: dekho meine kuch nahi kiya, I just want to talk to her once, thats all, can you please give this call to her I will also tell her not to be angry on you

Geet: uski koi zarurath nahi hai, I know what is good for my daughter and I can look after her I don’t need third persons help for that

Maan: Geet I am cooly talking to you, that doesn’t mean that you behave so rudely with me

Geet: sorry Mr Khurana, if you want to talk to me anything related to project you can talk and one more thing I prefer you to talk to Arjun sir first and he will inform me about my work, and I did not give any right to any one my client to talk about my personal matters, I hope you understood now clearly…saying this Geet disconnected the phone

Later in the evening Geet took Pari with her to ice cream parlour after ice cream they went to shopping and then came home, but Pari was quiet all the time, Geet informed Mohinder to feed Pari and then to have his dinner, after their dinner Geet gave medicine to Mohinder . Geet did not had her dinner she got hurt badly be her daughter for whom she thought to leave and went to her room taking Pari in her arms, Geet got hurt with Pari’s behavior and said “I thought my daughter likes me every much, but seeing you behavior I came to know that you do not love your mother, for you he is more important than me right Pari, do you know how much I got hurt when I see my daughter is closed to him and not me, you started to lie in front of me also, I never taught this to my daughter, how can you change Pari, cant you see your mother is hurt by your behavior”

Geet wiped her tears and said “you were very good before going to Delhi then how did you change all of the sudden, kaise nahi change karti, uss atayachar ki khoon hai naa .why should I worry, or think about you, ok now what you want, you want to talk to him right and you want to stay with him fine then wait” Geet brought her phone which was lying on table, she took his number and kept near Pari and said “tume unse bhath karna hai naa, chalo aab bhath karo, you press this green button and talk to him and haan from now forget about me and tell him to take you along with him, I don’t need you, I will look after my father you go and be with him”

Pari was looking at Geet with surprise because this is the first time Geet was showing so much anger on her, earlier also she did mistake but Geet never treated her like this, Geet went towards one side of the bed and put blanket on her head, tears were continuously flowing from her eyes she never thought she will face this situation, due to continuous cry she had hiccups, Geet woke up from the bed and went to wash room and washed her face, Geet and water and she did not even looked at Pari for once also. Pari saw Geet and thought she is angry with her and slept, Geet also slept after sometime.


Geet got up and prepared breakfast for Pari and Mohinder and went to her Dad’s room and saw he was sleeping; she got ready and went to office without having her breakfast. After sometime Mohinder woke up, he was surprised to see his daughter did not come to his room till now, he saw the time which was showing 9.00am, he rushed to Geet’s room thinking that she might be sleeping till now, but Geet was not there, he searched her in all the rooms and went to kitchen and saw his daughter prepared breakfast for them and went, Mohinder saw Pari holding cell phone, he woke up Pari and brushed her teeth, Mohinder was shocked because this is the first time Geet went without informing him.

Mohinder called Meera and informed her about this, So Meera informed Mohinder to come to her house and she will send the driver, regarding Geet she will first talk to Geet and then inform them. Later Meera sent car to Mohinder house and after they came, she told Mohinder to rest in guest room and took Pari in her arms and gave birth to her. Meera kissed Pari’s forehead, she knows Geet felt bad because Pari is not talking to her and asked “Pari apne mummy se bhath ki” Pari nodded her head saying no

Meera: hai toh buri bhath hey naa Pari, aap mummy se gussa wo

Pari: bua nahi, par Pari dar gayee kal mummy ne bahut roya

Meera: mummy toh royegi naa Pari, aap jo mummy se bhath nahi kar rahi wo, unko toh bahut bura laga hoga naa

Pari: Par mummy ne mujhe mera friend se bhath karne nahi di

Meera: Pari, tumara friend uss waqt ghar mein nahi the agar aap unko wait kiya to apka flight miss hojatha naa, isliye mummy ne apko unse milaya nahi

Pari: nahi bua kal rath mummy ne mujhe phone deke bataya ki, mummy mujhse bhath nahi karegi aur mujhe mera friend ke sath jane ko kaha

Meera was shocked listening to Pari and then said “Pari kya aapko apka mummy nahi chahiye”

Pari nodded her head saying no and said “Pari ko mummy chahiye bua” then Meera said “Pari aap mummy se abhi bhath kijeeye aur sorry kahiye”

Pari: mummy toh naraz hai na bua wo kaise bhat karegi mujse

Meera: wah Par aap toh sab jane hai, Pari agar aap mummy se bhath nahi ke toh apke mummy apse dur jahegi aur apko kabi milegi bhi nahi, aap mummy se bhath kijiye

Pari agreed to Meera, so Meera called Chopra Constructions and asked for Geet, after some time Geet came online, then Meera gave call to Pari and signaled her to talk to Geet

Pari: mummy

Geet did not answered Pari she was shocked, then again Pari said “Mummy Pari sorry” Geet had tears in her eyes and then Pari continued saying “mummy plzzz mujhse bhath karo, Pari 1 2 3 4 times sorry”

Geet could and control her feeling then she smiled in her tears and said “Haan Pari, aap kaha woh”

Pari: bua ki ghar mien, plzzz jaldi avo naa mummy, Pari miss u

Geet: Pari mummy jaldi kaam katam karke ayegi aap rona math, bua ko phone dikiye

Pari: love you mummy

Geet: I love you too beta

Then Pari gave call to Meera, and she informed about Mohinder call, so she brought them to her house, Geet thanked and said she will come soon after finishing her work. In evening Geet came to Meera house and Pari was waiting for her, as soon as Geet entered house Pari hugged Geet leg and said “sorry mummy”, Pari holded her both ears and asked once again sorry with her can cried. Geet hugged her daughter and Meera was happy seeing mother and daughter union. Looking at Geet face Meera knew that she did not has anything till now so she called Pari inside and gave food to Pari and said “Pari mummy ko bhook lagi hogi, aap jake khana kilahiye mein tea lekar hati hoon” to which Pari agreed and she fed Geet,

Geet ate food from Pari without saying anything because after so many days today she got her daughter back, she was very mcuh happy with that


Mohan spoke to Maan about Nita, as Maan was angry he said “chachu for you I will forgive Nita this time and if she again irritates me then I will not able to forgive her and one more thing uncle about marriage I will decide after mom’s barsi and till that time I do not want anyone to talk about this” Mohan was happy and shared this news with his wife and daughter. Then he called Oberios and informed them, Nita’s parents were happy thinking that Maan did not reject her and informed her the same thing. Later Arjun called Dadi and informed her, Dadi calmed Arjun and said “Arjun lets leave this is babaji”

Arjun: par kaise Dadi, aab Pari aur Geet ka kya hoga

Dadi: I have a plan for that, from now we should see that Nita does not spend time with Maan, so I will inform her parents until marriage Maan and Nita should not roam together and as it is only few months left they will agree for this condition

Arjun: I hope your plans works Dadi

Dadi: its already working Arjun, you friend is missing his daughter very much, so you don’t worry this time our plan will definitely works

Arjun said ok and disconnected the call



Maan missing Pari

Naintara asking Geet to give Pari to her

Mohinder showing is anger on Naintara

Geet going to Shilma on project

 Meera taking Geet and Pari to her house


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