MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 39




Adi informed Maan that Geet and Pinky going to construction site so Maan told Adi to send them along with bodyguards and also Adi and Sasha to accompany them. Maan called Adi and informed him to take Geet Pinky and Sasha in Dadima’s car, and while coming back first they drop Sasha and then Adi and Pinky, after that driver will drop Geet to her place as per Dadima’s instruction. Geet was sleeping all the way till they reached site and Pinky woke her up later. Adi Sasha Pinky and Geet finished their work in Construction site and now everything was fine because Inder has appointed one of his prominent engineer on site. Till evening they surveyed the place and then after dropping everyone Geet reached KM around 7.00pm



When Geet came to Khurana Mansion she saw Pari and Maan playing with each other and Dadima looking at them, then Dadi saw Geet entering and said “Geet beta aap, chaliye fresh up hokar ayeeye, mean while Nakul will prepare tea for you”, to which Geet nodded her head and went to guest room, she got fresh up, came down and sat next to Dadima. Pari who saw Geet, ran to her and kissed her cheeks saying “Mummy aap kaha the, I missed you so much”

Geet looked at her daughter and hugged her tightly, even she was missing Pari from the day she came to Delhi, Pari most of the time spend with Maan, it was like she got water in dessert Geet was not able to control her tears and tears were continuously flowing from her eyes, Dadima who saw Geet crying rubbed her back asking “Kya hua beta, aap roh kyun rahe wo, kya humse koi bhul hogayee”

Geet: Nahi Dadima, pata nahi kyun, aiseyee rona agaya

Pari: Mummy aap roh rahi wo

Geet: no Pari, dust went inside my eyes, Pari you go and play I will talk to you later

Pari: nahi mummy I am not going anywhere, I will be with you, first you stop crying, ot else I will also cry along with you

Geet saw her daughter whose eyes was filled with tears, she felt bad and wiped her tears and said “Pari see mummy is not crying, chalo aap bhi rona band karo”

Dadima looked at them in amusement and thought “Pari, you are the light for Geet’s dark life, and without you Geet will not survive, babaji please Geet ke raksha kejiye, she has suffered a lot till now, I want her to be happy” and then started at Maan who was looking at Pari and Geet without blinking his eyes

 Nakul brought tea to Geet and gave to her, Pari sat with Geet and without break she kept on saying what she did at home, she patiently listened to her and Maan who was staring at them came out of his trance when Nakul gave tea to Geet and he saw Dadima staring at him, he knew that Dadima was blaming Maan for Geet’s tears, he dipped his head down and went to his room.  Pari saw Maan going to his room as asked Geet “mummy can I go with my friend, I will play with him”. Maan did not like Pari asking permission from Geet to be with him, but he know that he cannot question Geet.

Geet also agreed and sent Pari with Maan because today is the last day at Delhi for both of them and from now she should make sure that Maan and Pari will not meet each other. After Pari went to her room Geet turned to Dadima and said “Dadima hum kal jaa rahe hai, Pinky bhi hamare sath chal rahi hai, KC mein kuch kaam bakhi hai, isliye subah we will finish that and then we will start to Pune, I have already informed to Arjun Sir about this, So I will go and pack now itself”

Dadima: hum apko bahut miss karenge Geet

Geet: mein bhi Dadima

Geet and Dadima hugged each other, Geet took keys of outhouse from Nakul and informed Dadima that she will pack her things and stay in outhouse. But Dadima requested Geet to stay with them because today is the last day in Khurana Mansion. Geet did not want to deny Dadima and agreed to her and said she will join after packing but Dadima insisted her that she will help Geet so that after packing Geet can spend sometime with Dadima to which Geet agreed, then Nakul also came  to help them. They finished packing and Nakul brought the luggage to guest room after locking outhouse.


Geet also packed remaining clothes of hers and Pari which was in guestroom and she purposefully kept the clothes and toys which Maan brought for Pari in the cupboard, because she do not want anything related to Maan, she only kept the necessary things which she and Pari needed for next day, once she finished her packing and went to Dadima’s room. Dadima made Geet to sit next to her and said “ho gayi aap ki packing”

Geet: Ji Dadimaa

Dadi: Pune jane ke badh aap hume bhool toh nahi jahengi naa

Geet: aap kaise bath kar rahi ho Dadima, mien kaise apko bhool sakti hoon

Dadi: Geet aap humse naraz nahi hai naa, hamme pata hai ki aap ko Pari ko lekar parishaan hai, Maan hamare pota hai, par hum aapke sath hai beta, jab bhi aapko hamara zarurath hai I will be there for you and support you only

Geet was overwhelmed with the love and care she received from Dadima and said “Dadima hume pata hai aap aur Meera hamara sath hai, please don’t think so much your health will be spoiled, whenever you want to see Pari or me you can come to our house”


Later they had dinner together and as usual Maan took Pari with him and went to his room and they both played for sometime and then he made Pari to sleep in his chest and though “Geet kitna khush thi aaj, when Pari hugged her, he had never seen Geet so much happy and also Pari, how she understood Geet and was with her when she was crying, I know that I am the reason for her cry, I think Geet is insecure about mine and Pari’s closeness, the way she hugged Pari, from the day Geet and Pari came to Delhi, Pari was most of the times with me, I thought Geet will not have any problem on that, so I thought of taking Pari’s custody. But now I know that I am wrong, Geet and Pari will not leave without each other, how can a mother love her daughter to such extent, when she got hurt also she spoke to Pari for sometime and Geet wanted Pari to be with her, Geet did not even cared about her pain when Pari hugged her after the accident. I felt jealous seeing their closeness. Even my mother also loved me, he supported me but Dadi says my mother supported me for all the wrong things.

 But even though Geet loved Pari so much, when Pari did mistake she punished her. When I asked about this with Dadi I still remember Dadi saying

“Maan, Geet is right when children walk in the wrong path parents to bring them to the right path, it is not that we love our children so much and will not scold them when they are wrong. Maa baap sahi aur galat ka pechaan bachon ko dena chahiye”

Maan: Par maa mujhe hamesha support kar rahi thi even when I am wrong and told not to do it again

Dadi: “Maan do you think that helped you” Maan stared at Dadi then she continued “that is the reason Maan you did not know the real meaning of relation and values of our tradition, you mother only informed you to not to do it again but you did not learn anything from that, in case Niharika thought you why it is wrong and punished you today you would have not been this. This is what Rishab and me was telling you but children like the person who supports them and not the person who is against your deed”

“Today Pari did wrong by pushing laxmi, and Geet punished her, you supported her. For Pari you are good and Geet is bad. But Geet then informed Pari why she said Pari is wrong and gave punishment to her so that Pari will not do that mistake again”

Maan: Pari is so small child Dadi, she will learn when she grow up

Dadi: no Maan, that what Niharika did for you, did you learn when you grow up no, but you spoiled even more and you knew that you mother will support you. So it boosted you to do more mistakes

Maan was silent and thought Dadi is wrong, “but today after seeing Geet and Pari’s love for each other, he came to know what he was thinking is wrong and what Dadi said was right, I thought Pari will not go with Geet so he planned to take her custody and now he is sure that he cannot take proper care of Pari so he dropped the plan of taking Pari’s custody”


Here Dadi and Geet talked till mid night, they shared their likes and dislikes and their masti’s which they did with their friends. Finally both got exhausted with lot of talking went to sleep, as per Dadi’s request Geet slept in Dadima’s room.

Next day when Geet woke up it was around 7am, she saw the time and cursed herself for getting up late, she saw Dadi who was sleeping peacefully, Geet did not want to spoil Dadima’s sleep so she went out from Dadi’s room without making noise. Once she reached room she took bath immediately and came out wearing green color salwar. She called Pinky and informed her to meet her at Khurana Constructions around 8.30am. Meanwhile Pari came in search of Geet to her room and saw her mother busy with laptop, she went near her and kept her head on Geet’s lap, Geet smiled at her daughter and kissed her forehead saying “Good morning beta” and gave bath to Pari and made her to wear dress

Later she feed breakfast to Pari and informed her to be with Nakul and she will come back soon, to which Pari happily agreed.


Here Maan got call from his Jaipur, his client Mehta wants to meet him urgently has they are going to Australia next day, without any option Maan left to Jaipur after kissing Pari and promised her that he will meet her in the evening and bring more toys to her.


Later Geet met Pinky in Khurana Constructions and finished her work by afternoon and handed over files to Sasha and Adi, even sent mail to Arjun and Maan marking copy to the entire team member who is working on the project. Pinky was not able to complete her work and Geet informed her to finish her work and once completed she can join team and also informed her to be in Delhi and spend some quality time with her husband. But Adi informed Pinky that she can work from Pune and send the details through mail, to which Pinky agreed, Geet told Pinky that she will meet her at airport around 4.00pm. Sasha and Adi informed Geet to have lunch with them, to which Geet agreed, all of them went to nearest restaurant and had food, Sasha hugged Geet and Pinky, she had tears because she really enjoyed working with Geet and her team, Geet thanked Sasha and Adi whole heartedly for their help and Adi gave air tickets to Pinky. Geet bidded bye to Sasha and Pinky and Adi informed they will wait for her in airport and after that they went from there to their respective places.


Nita’s parents called Mohan (Maan’s Chachu and Meera’s father) and informed him about the fight of Maan and Nita, Mohan convinced them telling that to not to worry, he will fulfill his sisters last wish, he will talk to Maan and also advice Nita to be clam and listen to Maan, because even he is also stubborn and will not listen to anyone if he is angry. Oberoi’s assured Mohan that they will talk to Nita regarding this and to not worry about her. Mohan informed to Arjun Annie and Kumud and said “we should talk to Maan, or else it will go out of our hand, I have Niharika’s last wish to be fulfilled, we should wait another 4-5 months after Niharika’s death anniversary we should immediately conduct Maan and Nita’s marraige” listening to them Arjun said “when Maan is not interested in this why you all are forcing him, and don’t be so selfish uncle to fulfill your death sister’s last wish you are troubling Maan, and I think we should not interfere in Maan’s personal life, he is not child, he can take decision on his own”

Mohan: he is kid now also Arjun you wont understand, he is not capable of thinking what is right and wrong

Arjun: Uncle you are forgetting one thing here, Maan is a business tycoon, when he can decide about his professional life and got success only of his talent and hardwork, when Rishab uncle was handling business Khurana Construction was on 10th  position and Maan brought Khurana Construction to first position now and you are saying he is still a child. When other companies did not dare to take risk Maan single handedly took it as a challenge and completed the work.

Mohan: you cannot understand Arjun, Maan will get lot of properties if he marry Nita

Arjun: Ohh then for you money and property matters more than Maan’s wish, I never thought you also he so selfish uncle like Niharika aunty, I pity on Maan because he did not get good mother and uncles, first Tarun spoiled him and now you….

Annie tried to convince Arjun but he strictly said “Annie please leave me alone for sometime, once I am ok I will talk to you and I do not want anyone to disturb me”

Aniee was confused with Arjun’s behavior and thought to talk to him later and Arjun went to his study room and locked it from inside, his head was aching thinking about Maan’s life. Maan is his best friend, he do not want Maan to marry Nita, so he was thinking how to stop this marriage, then he remembered Dadi and called her informed about Oberoi’s talk with Mohan and also requested Dadi to stop this marriage and search best life partner to Maan. Dadi listened to him carefully and said “Arjun I have already seen girl for Maan, and I tried to bring them close, but things went out of my hand and now I left to Maan to decide about his life”

Arjun: Dadi aap haar nahi man sakti and you know that Nita is not meant for Maan

Dadi: What can I do Arjun, Maan should understand his mistake and then only he can get married to Geet after asking her forgiveness

Arjun: Dadi I am talking about Maan’s marriage and now who is this Geet

Dadi took promise from Arjun and later informed him everything about Geet and also about Pari, then she informed about Geet working with Maan on project and she is leaving to Pune today, felt bad for Geet and he never thought that Maan will stoop so low and do like this to any girl, and he requested Dadi to bring Geet to Maan’s life, only she can bring changes in his life and also said that he will support Dadi from now. He request Dadi to send Pari’s snap, Dadi agreed and sent Arjun Pari snaps. Arjun was happy looking at Pari, his best friend’s daughter, and also called Dadi and shared his happiness.

Mohan called Dadi and informed about Nita parents request and also said Dadi to talk to them once and convince Maan. Dadi strictly denied to help him and said “I am not interested with Nita from beginning; she looks like patient and informed him to get her medical history first”

Mohan was annoyed with his mother and said “Maa what are you saying, you mean to say I should ask Nita’s medical report first”

Savithri Devi: Yes Mohan I want to know full medical history of her and then only I can decide about her wedding with my grandson

Mohan disconnected the call and thought “Khurana khandan mein sub pagal wo gaye hai, aur inn sabb ke sath rehkar may be sach mein pagal wo jaunga ek din”

Savithri Devi: why I did not think about it first, yes I should ask about Nita medical report, there may be something which Oberio’s hiding with us and even Niharika asked for more money from Oberios when she met them last time


Geet came to Khurana Mansion and then she called Meera and informed her that she finished her work and leaving Delhi tonight and also told her that she will talk to her once she reached their. Meera informed her that she will wait for her in airport to which Geet agreed

Pari slept after her lunch, Nakul asked Geet for lunch she denied saying that she already had lunch with team outside. Geet got ready and Nakul brought Geet’s luggage and kept in car. Later she woke up Pari and after fresh up she came down with Pari and took blessing from Dadima.

Pari: Mummy where we are going?

Geet: Pari we are going to Pune to our house and will meet nana, from tomorrow you should go to school also

Pari was little bit sad and asked “my friend is not there? He will not come with us? Mummy he promised me that he will get toys for me”

Geet dunno what to answer to her and kept quiet so Dadi informed her “when he comes to Pune to meet you he will get all the toys for you”

Pari halfheartedly agreed to that,Drive was silent till they reach airport, and Pari was missing Maan. Once they reached airport Geet met Pinky and Adi, Geet introduced Dadi to Pinky, she took blessing from Dadi, then she came to know that Dadi is Maan sir Dadima. She was confused why Geet is with Dadi, even Adi got confused. Then Pinky saw Pari and asked “who is she Geet? You did not introduced me to her”

Geet: Pinky she is my daughter Pari

Pari: Hi Pinky aunty I am Parineta,

Pinky shook her hands with Pari and then Adi also sat on his knees and said “Hi Pari I am Adi, your Pinky aunt’s husband”

Adi kissed her cheeks and Pari also kissed both Adi and Pinky. Then Adi asked “Dadima aap Geet ko jante hai”

Dadi: haan Adi, Geet mera poti Meera ka best friend hai

Adi: wahi toh mein soch rahi thi ki aap Geet ke sath yaha kaise

Dadi just smiled, after the announcement Geet hugged Dadi and also Dadi informed Geet to call once she reach Pune to which Geet agreed, and after their check in Dadi and Adi came out of airport



Meera Meeting Geet at Airport

Maan came to know that Pari left to Pune

Pari angry with Geet

Maan angry with Geet


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