MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 38



At the same time peon gave one parcel to Maan, saying that he received yesterday and forgot to give him, when he saw the seal of detective agency, then he remembered handling Geet and Pari’s case to his know detective agency, he opened the cover and saw some pictures of Geet and Pari and also Pari’s birth certificate copy and the agent has informed Maan to call him. Maan immediately called agent and informed him that he got the information earlier itself and anyway he will pay cheque to him, Maan was watching Geet snaps which was taken in Hoshiarpur

Maan was slowly caressing Geet face on snap and thought “she is still effecting me”




Somewhere in his heart he felt peace looking at her, he saw the snaps once again, he kept on  table and took Pari to his Private room and rested her on the bed, Maan peck Pari’s forehead kept door open so that if Pari wakes up she will not get afraid of new place and came back to his cabin


Geet came to Khurana Mansion and saw Dadi sitting on couch with angry face, she knows because of her Dadi is angry so Geet came near to Dadi and sat beside her and said “I am sorry Dadima, who kya hai naa, jab mein Pinky ke ghar gayi, un logo ne aaj bahar jane ka program bana liya hai, and Arjun Sir call karke mujhe bataya ki jab tak unhone mujhe nahi khethe tab tab mein construction site nahi ja sakti aur aaj Pinky bhi nahi hai KC jane keliye isliye I went to temple…I am so sorry Dadima”

Dadi: Geet you would have told me right? Abhi aap teek hue hai, and you started roaming and if anything happens to you, what we will be do beta and what we will answer to Pari, you know right how much Pari missed you

Geet: Sorry Dadima..abhi se aapke bataye jati hoon

Then Geet and Dadi finished their lunch and Dadi informed Geet to rest for sometime after taking medicine to which Geet said OK


Here Maan came to his cabin and looked Geet snaps once again and kept it in personal locker and locked it and he started working. It was around 5pm when Pari woke up from sleep, Maan took her to washroom and washed her face, he made Pari to use washroom and came to his cabin and called peon to bring him coffee and for Pari junior Horlicks, Peon got confused and said “Junior Horlicks nahi hai office mein”

Maan: Kyun nahi hai Siddu, kya ek horlicks nahi rak sakte tum log office mein..ek kam karo ja kar lekar havo

Siddu: Maan sir office mein bacche kaam nahi karte hai naa isiliye abhi taqh Horlics nahi raka, and Adi sir leave mein hai, kal jab wo ayenge mien unko bata dungi

Maan: Sidduuu Maan greeted his teeth and asked angrily, is it a joke how dare you to back answer Maan Singh Khurana…I dunno what you will do I need horlicks now…he barked and kept phone     

Siddu then called Maan and said “Sir Paise chahiye horlicks lanai keliye”

Maan got angry and said “Siddu tum chate ho ki mein tumara pass akar tume paise do or you will come to my cabin”

Siddu nervously said:no… I am coming sir

Siddu went to Maan’s cabin and took money from him, he did not dared to look Maan’s face and he know that Maan will be fuming in anger, then he went to the nearby shop and brought Junior Horlicks and he prepared coffee for Maan and Horlicks for Pari and kept on Maan’s table and silently walked out with fear. Maan took the cup near couch and sat next to Pari, he had is coffee and also helped Pari to have her horlicks, Maan resumed his work for the day and went out with Pari and took her to nearby park, Pari joined other children and playing with them, Maan admired seeing his daughter dominating other kids, Pari was enjoying fully it was near to 6pm so Maan came to Pari and informed her they are going home back and Pari was not in mood to go back so easily she was enjoying fully after three days and she don’t want to miss it. But Pari became sad when she looked at other childrens who were going back home and said “Dad, please tell them todhe der aur khelte hai

Maan looked around so no one was there and said “princess how can you play alone see everyone has gone home”

Pari: Dad you are there naa..will you play with me?

Maan was amused by Pari’s answer, even he liked to play with her, so he joined Pari and played with her and after sometime he had icecream and Maan turned his car to Khurana Mansion


Here Inder reached Arjun’s house along with his wife, they were warmly welcomed by chopra’s, after some casual discussion Arjun informed to his wife to take care of mrs Inder and he and Inder will be in study room to which Arjun wife agreed. Arjun took Inder to his study room and after sometime he informed Inder what all happened in construction site. Inder was first shocked

Arjun: Inder you know now Geet and pinky are safe…but all the credit goes to MK and his colleague Aditya, because them today my employees are safe

Inder: Per hey sab kaise hua

Arjun: wahi toh mein aur MK tumse puchna chate the, expect we both you only know about Geet and Pinky going to construction site on particular day and in meeting only we both were there then how come it got leaked

Inder: Arjun tum khena kya chate who

Arjun: Inder bura math manna, I think someone from your office is doing this and you should find out that soon and that is the reason I called you here to my house

Inder: how about the work are you going to delay it?

Arjun: no Mk informed me that he will take care from now and I am also going support them

Inder: ok I will look into that matter dont worry, who ever doing this I will look after them

Later they both came down and had dinner with family and Inder left to his house along with his wife thinking about who is creating problem in construction site


Geet came down after taking afternoon nap, she saw the time it was showing 6.00pm and Pari and Maan has not come back from office, she was getting tensed after having tea she went back to her room and thought “Pari is so small I cant make her understand and also I cant tell the genuine reason also, why this Maan cant understand, he is again creating problem in my life again, kyun babaji unko ek baar mera zindagi barbad karne ke bad bhi unko chain nahi mila, aab Pari ko mujhse dur kar rahe hai…He is spending most of the time with Pari, kya Maan mujhe Pari se dur karenge babaji? Pari ke bina mein kaise jee paungi…aab mein kya karu”…..Geet kept on thinking for some more time and then decided

“its better I finish of my work here soon and go from here, once I reach Pune I will make sure that Pari don’t get close to Maan or else it will be problem, day by day Pari is getting close to Maan and I don’t want to create any problem in his personal life, very soon he will get married to Nita and Pari will get effect by it, hereafter I should make sure that I am not working with Khurana’s to promotion sake I can put myself and Pari in danger, pata nahi from the day I came here I am not able to concentrate fully on my work, Maan is effecting me all the times, I dunno why I am feeling different after coming here”

Geet started to work on the project and her only goal is she cant stay three more days in Delhi, so she decided to work on day and night and finish her part of job and go to Pune. After sometime Dadi came inside Geet room because she did not see Geet from evening and saw Geet who was fully involved in her work, she came inside and said on couch, she can see from restlessness in Geet eyes and thought to talk to her once she finished her work. Geet who got tired with continuous working stretched her hand and saw Dadima sitting on couch, she immediately came near Dadi and asked “Dadima aap kab agyee? Sorry I did not see you. You would have called me naa Dadima”

Dadi: Nahi Geet, you were so much involved in your work, so I did not like to disturb you dear, aap itna bechain kyun lag rahe wo? And you know right doctor has informed you to take rest but you are working continuously

Geet: kuch nahi Dadima, just from two day I am not able to work so I am trying to finish the work as soon as possible

Dadi: par apne aap ko taqleef dene ki kya zarurath hai Geet, you can stay some more days here after completing your work you can go from here

Geet immediately said “Nahi Dadima I want to complete my work as soon as possible i have already wasted two days without working, I should report to Arjun Sir”

Dadi looked at Geet for sometime and said Geet, why are you lying with me? You know very well that Maan had already spoken to your boss and he is very well aware of the situation, and he only informed Maan to take care of you and Pinky. Once the job is over you can go back”

Geet bend her head in guilt, she dunno how she will convince Dadima. Later Dadima continue saying “Geet tum apne dil ke bath mujhe bol sakti woh, mujse joot bolne ke zarurath nahi hai Geet. Ek aurath hone ke natir mein apko samjti hoon”

Geet started to cry and kept her head on Dadi’s lap, Dadi was caressing her hair and Geet said “Dadima mujhe dar lag raha hai, mien Pari ko kona nahi chati Dadima, mujhe mere bacchi chahiye…edar aane ke badh Pari mere sath nahi rah rahi hai. Job dekho Maan aur Pari ek dusre ke sath rehte hai, mein ek maa hoon Dadima, aur mein meri jeevan ka ek farista hai, uski wajase aaj mein zinda hoon, mein Pari keliye jee rahi hoon Dadima, mujhe meri Pari wapas chahiye Dadima…mujhe dar lag raha hai ke Maan mujhe meri bacchi se door karenge, unke bartav se hey lag raha hai ki Maan ko Pari ke barien mein patachal gaya hai, isliye Maan zada se zada time Pari ke sath time spend karte hai, Pari ka kapde, toys keliye spend karte hai…please Dadima unse kahiye ki mien meri bachi ko pall sakti hoon aur mujhe Maan ka paison ke zarurath nahi hai…I want my daughter back”

Dadima: teek hai Geet…I am with you, you can do as you wish Pari apki bacchi hai Geet you once again think about it and then decide about it. Ok Geet I will go to my room once you finish your work you can come to my room

To which Geet nodded her head, Unknown to them that Maan who had already came to mansion along with Pari and informed Laxmi to give bath for Pari and change her dress, after having his coffee he was going to his room when he heard about Geet and Dadima’s conversation. He got so much angry on Geet, and walked to terrace he dunno what he should do. He started moon and was thinking whether he can handle Pari without Geet beside him, can he able to give Pari both father and mother’s love…he thought till his heart clamed and came to his room and spend time with Pari

Dadi came to her room, Dadi got hurt with Geet’s outburst and she know Geet is right, but she never thought Maan and Pari’s closeness will affect Geet so much and thought “I am sorry Geet, i had became selfish and thought about my grandson and Pari and forgot to think about you, till now I thought if Pari will get close to Maan and he will decide to get marry to you and I can have happy family, but I forgot to think about your reaction for this…please mujhe maaf kar dejiye Geet”

Geet was working without break and Nakul came to her room to call Geet for dinner, Geet joined Maan and Dadi and they silently had their dinner and went to sleep, today again Pari went and slept with Maan and here Geet was busy working it was around 2am when Maan left thirsty he came down to drink water because he forgot to take water bottle from dining after having his dinner, he saw Geet room light on and just peep in, Geet was fully endorsed herself in working and she did not notice Maan.

Seeing Geet working so late it pricked Maan’s heart thinking that he is the reason behind all this, he wanted to talk to her but his ego did not let him to do that so he silently went and took water from dining and walked back to his room and slept thinking how to take custody of Pari, he wanted his daughter with him always, he did not get any answer for that because he know no one will support to him in this


Two days Geet continously worked finished her work, then she went to Pinky’s house and both worked from there also, and informed Pinky “Pinky if you want you can stay back I want to go to Pune soon, my Dad is alone there so please dont mind i will talk to Arjun Sir and tell him that you will supports us from here…so you decided and let me know”

Then Geet has sent report to Arjun Maan Sasha and Adi she also called Arjun and informed him that their work is almost finished; only some accounting work is pending which Pinky can do from here, Arjun appreciated them, Geet also informed him that today they will visit site and then tomorrow after finishing paper works in KC they can come to Pune.

Geet was looking tired so pinky suggested her to take rest today and they can go to site tomorrow but Geet was adamant to finish the work soon. Pinky was little bit sad because she should leave her husband and go to work but for Adi and Pinky works comes first so Pinky also decided to start along with Geet. Geet updated about the work to Sasha and Adi also. All of them quiet impressed with the work.

Adi informed Maan that Geet and Pinky going to construction site so Maan told Adi to send them along with bodyguards and also Adi and Sasha to accompany them. Maan called Adi and informed him to take Geet Pinky and Sasha in Dadima’s car, and while coming back first they drop Sasha and then Adi and Pinky, after that driver will drop Geet to her place as per Dadima’s instruction. Geet was sleeping all the way till they reached site and Pinky woke her up later. Adi Sasha Pinky and Geet finished their work in Construction site and now everything was fine because Inder has appointed one of his prominent engineer on site. Till evening they surveyed the place and then after dropping everyone Geet reached KM around 7.00pm



Geet and Pinky finished work in Delhi

Nita parents trying to reach Mohan and talking to Dadi

Maan out of station 

 Geet and Meera talking




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