MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 37



Maan took Pari in his arms and fed her breakfast, after breakfast Maan cleaned Pari and took her in his arms and said bye to Dadima and went to office



 Maan and Pari sat in the backseat and driver started his Mercedes Benz, they headed towards Khurana Constructions, Maan was watching closely Pari, today he was feeling very happy that whole day he can spend with Pari. On the way Maan took Pari and made her to sit on his lap after sometime they reached Khurana Constructions, Maan slowly got down from the car taking Pari in his arms, immediately bodyguards surrounded him, Pari got afraid looking at well build bodyguards and clutched Maan tightly around his neck and started to cry saying “please don’t do anything to my Dad….please”…Maan and Guards were shocked to listen to her and then Maan came to know that Pari is afraid seeing Body Guards, So Maan said “Pari beta look at me once..” Pari nodded her head saying no

Maan got worried and hugged her even tight and said “they are my body guards princess, they wont harm me”

Pari: badygurd

Maan smiled at her and said “they are around us so that no one will dare to harm us”

Pari confusingly good at Maan and then asked one of the bodyguard “aap papa ko marogi nahi naa”

Bodyguard chuckled and said “nahi beta…hum apke papa ko kuch nahi hone denge”

Pari eyes twinkled and asked “Sachi”

Body Guards smiled at her and all of them said in chorus “muchi”

Maan heart melted listening to Pari, his bodyguards got doubt on Maan because as far they know Maan is not married and how come Pari is calling him as ‘Papa’ and also she is resembles Maan very much. Then one of the bodyguards who worked with Maan for more than 7 years asked him “Sir, bachi kiski hai…bahut pyari hai”

Maan did not want to lie to him he said “Meri beti hai” saying this he walked fast because he did not want  bodygyuard to question him again, as bodyguards knew about his past they kept quiet.

Maan entered Khurana Constructions. As Maan entered his office taking Pari in his arms, everyone shocked looking at Maan and Pari, and all his staff stood up and wished him, but he walked towards his cabin without wishing them back. Pari got confused with Maan’s behavior because in her school when teacher come inside class room everyone stand up and wishes their teacher and the teacher will respond to them but here Maan did not respond to anyone and walking towards his cabin, she slowly whispered near his ears saying “Dad, why are you not wishing them…see all of them are wishing to you…you should not walk like that, they will think that you are deaf sachiii and mummy also says its bad manners to walk like this. teacher also told that if we did not wish then other will say bad boy”

Maan was shocked listening to Pari and then asked whispering near her ear and said  “Princess there is lot of difference in school life and professional life, you are too small to understand” Pari looked at Maan confusingly, then Maan thought “Maan tum sach mein pagal ho gaye wo, 4 saal ki bacchi se professional or school life ke difference bata rahe woo” then Maan looked at Pari and asked “you want me to wish all of them”. To which Pari nodded her head saying yes

In the meantime Maan and Pari were in the first floor in front of his cabin, Maan then turned to the staff who looking at him because all of them were shocked to see baby in Maan’s arms, Maan cleared his throat he was getting embarrassed because for the first time in his life he is wishing his employees that to because of his daughter Pari and he know he do not have any other option because if he did not wished then he should answer thousands questions of Pari, so he once again cleared his throat and said  “Good Morning everyone…you all continue your work”… to which his employees nodded their head and Maan entered his cabin along with Pari


Arjun was worried about Geet and Pinky after listening to Maan, he was still confused because he did not know who attacked on them and he want to find it as soon as possible, after talking to Maan he is sure that Geet and Pinky are safe now. Then he immediately called Inder who was in some party and said “Inder I want to talk to you…its very urgent”

Inder: Kya bhath hai Arjun you can tell me

Arjun: not on phone, I like to meet you personally, your place is not safe so can you come to my home for dinner along with your wife

Inder: why home Arjun we can meet in office or some restaurant

Arjun: Inder just listen to me once, it is not safe talking on phone and I cant risk my employees life for that, so if you want Chopra and Khuranas to do your project then you are coming tonight to my house along with the family and if anyone ask you then you should let them know that you are coming to my house for dinner party and its pure personal…I think you got my point and call me back and let me know at what time you are coming

Inder sensed the seriousness in Arjun voice and said he will be reach Arjun’s house by 8.00pm along with his wife and informed to his wife that today they should go to dinner party, Rahul Narayan who was watched Inder and he heard that he is going to some dinner party and sighed in relief thinking that Inder did not come to know about incident that occurred on site. Inder was not able to concentrate on party and informed his wife that he wants to go to office he has some urgent work and also told her that he is going to send car back to which she agreed


Maan wanted to finish his work soon so that he can spend time with Pari, and for his bad luck today Adi is on leave so he called Sasha and checked the priorities of project which he should finish today itself and even yesterday Maan did not come to office and he was not able to work from home also because all the time he was taking care of Geet and Pari, Maan was getting frustrated so he shouted at Sasha saying that she did not work properly and Pari got scared listening to Maan shouting at Sasha. Maan saw Pari’s scared face and cursed himself for being rude with Sasha in front of Pari. He looked at Pari and said “sorry Princess…”

Pari turned her face to other side and said “sorry mujhse nahi unse kaho”…showing her finger towards Sasha Pari said “unse kaho Sorry”

Maan turned towards Sasha and said “Sorry Sasha”

Sasha got surprised by Maan’s behavior, and thought “hey kya miracle ho raha hai aaj…phele MK ne sabko good morning kaha aura b wo mujhse sorry mang rahe hai…I think today sun raise in west side” then she looked at Pari and got shock of her life first time she was seeing Pari, she did not noticed Pari so nearly in the morning “OMG, Pari looks exactly like MK how is it possible and whose baby is this, Mk who was not interest in children and used to ran miles far to get rid from them and in any emergency case if the employee bring their children to office he used to scold them like anything and grant leave for them so that he wont see baby in office and today he only brought baby and who resembles him in all the angel…how this miracle happened, who is the mother of this child, suddenly she remembered Nita and then thought Nita not at all possible, woe k patient jaise hai how can she give birth to so healthy child, she was in India when MK went to US “…Sasha cane out her trance when she heard laughing sound and saw Maan and Pari laughing and thought “MK you looks good when you smile, I pray to god that you should get sachi Jeevansathi who will be with you in your ups and down and one thing is clear that Pari is your daughter no doubt on that and I hope you and Pari’s mother to stay together, I heart feel that only Pari and her mom can fill the emptiness in your heart and Nita is not fit for you”


After sometime Maan and Sasha started discussing about project and they both were endorsed in the work, so half an hour Pari came out of the room and asked one of the staff said “my friend wants coffee where I will get it uncle”

Manish: Beta kis ke liye apko coffee chahiye

Pari pointed her finger towards Maan’s cabin and said “Unkeliye”

Manish understood she is talking about Maan, so he asked “if I give you coffee what you will get me in return”

Pari  pout her lips and said do kissy

Manish laughed at her cute antics and asked Do kyun

Pari: one coffee for my friend and another for sasa aunty

Manish: toh apko do coffee chahiye, ek Maan sir ke liye aur ek Sasha mam ke liye

Pari nodded her head smiling; Manish kissed her cheeks, and called the peon and said “Maan sir aur Sasha Mam ke liye coffee aur tea lekar jao”

Manish looked at Pari who was looking at him confusing he guessed what she is thinking and said “Sasha mam coffee nahi peeti”

Pari: Kyun

Manish dunno what to answer so he diverted her mind and asked  “what is your name baby”

Pari: My name is Parineta

Manish: which class you are studying

Pari: LKG at Little-millennium

Meanwhile peon came with coffee and tea, she said to Peon “chaliye uncle” peon smiled at her and they both went inside after knocking door, Maan saw peon coming with coffee, he was happy and took coffee from him and said “thanks siddu”

Peon Siddu: Sir thanks mujhe nahi, iss bachi ko kahiye, she only told to give coffee to you…saying this he gave tea to Sasha

Sasha: Par tum mere liye tea kyun lekar ayee

Peon Siddu: Pari betiya ne kaha ki aap dono ko tea den eke liye

Maan and Sasha both were touched, Maan called Pari and took her in his arms and kissed her forehead and said “thank you”, Pari also kissed his cheek

Sasha: thank you Pari

Pari: you are welcome aunty

Sasha: who thought you that

Pari: Mummy told me if anyone say thank you then I should say you are welcome so that I will become good girl

Sasha: apke mummy kaha hai

Pari: office

Sasha smiled at her and then Maan and Sasha decided to discuss other things after lunch so, Sasha went out of Maan’s cabin


Here Geet came out of the cab which stood in front of Iskon temple, put her pallu on her head and walked towards temple

Bajan was going on, Geet sat looked at the idle and thought “pls bhagwan mujhe raksha karna…I am happy with my life, I don’t want any hurdles in future, Pari ko Maan se door rakhiye, mien nahi chathi ki mere waja se unke aur Nita is risthe mein darar aa jayee…please mujhe himmat dijeeya”

Lord Krishna

Then Geet came near Lord Krishna for closer look, and once again prayed for peaceful life  

and came out, then she sat near the steps and called Meera, she responded to the call and asked “kaisa hai tu Geet? You did not called me?”

Geet: Meera mein teek hoon…I was busy with my work and I know Dadi told you about construction site incident

Meera: haa haan, I will talk to you about that later, uncle is here wait I will give call to uncle even he was worried about you…then Meera pretended that she is not getting network and went towards garden and whispered saying “Geet, uncle ko tumare barein mien abhi tak kuch bataya nahi, aur tub hi math batana, kamaka tension lenge…wait I will go inside and give call to him just talk to him and don’t say anything about accident”

Geet: thank you Meera, I will not tell him, I can understand

Meera: abhi roh math uncle ko pata chal jahega

Geet smiled listening to Meera and then Meera came inside and gave call to Mohinder and said “Uncle Geet is online and talk to her”

Mohinder was happy that his daughter and said “Geet, tum teek ho naa, aur Pari kaise hai uski yaad aaraha hai”

Geet: haan papa mein teek hoon aur Pari bhi

Mohinder: kya mein Pari se bhath kar sakta hoon beta

Geet: Nahi papa wo ghar par hai, mein bahar hoon, ek kaam karti hoon, ghar jane ke bad mein apko Pari se bhath karvata hoon…aapka tabiyat kaisa hai papa

Mohinder: Jii…mein teek hoon aur tumara Kaam kaise hai beta

Geet: Teek hai papa…

Mohinder: mein aap log ko miss kar raha hoon Geet

Even Geet missed him badly and she know if she cries then he will come to know so she consoled herself and said “Papa, Meera ke samne bol rahe woo… dekihey wo gussa karegi”

Meera who listened to Mohinder came near him and took phone from his hand and said “Geet, mein badh mein bhath karthi hoon”

Geet: Meera papa ko math datna yaar,

Meera: no Geet I am just acting how can I be angry with him I know he is missing you and Pari a lot and Geet listen I will call you in night we can talk

Geet: ok Meera I will talk to you in night, no work today so I will go to Mansion Dadima must be waiting for me

Meera: ok Geet take care don’t roam alone in the city…be carefully and by the way did you informed Dadi that you are going to temple

Geet: No Meera I came to Pinky’s house they have planned to go out so I thought of going to temple…abhi Iskon temple mein hoon

Meera: One second you wait there itself I will call you back

Geet was confused by Meera said her to wait in the temple, Here Meera called Dadi and informed that Geet is in Iskon temple to send driver immediately, then Dadi called one of her driver and said to pick Geet from Iskon Temple, Then Meera called Geet again and said “Geet you better wait there, recently you know what happened and how can you think that you can come all alone to temple, Geet for god sake think before you do anything, the main culprit is not arrested yet and you are like lady Rambo went to temple, now listen I have told Dadi about you and now she will send car for you”

Geet: Pagal hogai ho kya Meera, I would have gone on myself. Why did you tell to Dadima ? she will get angry on me because I have not told her

Meera: Koi bhath nahi go and ask sorry with her

Meanwhile the driver came so Meera said “ok Geet, you go now and call me once you reach home”

Geet said ok


Pari who was observing Maan from long time started to imitate him, Maan did not notice her because he wanted to finish his work soon and spend time with Pari so he was so endorsed in his work. Pari who did not had any work to do, she was copying Maan’s act, when he reads file she will take newspaper which was on table act like reading it. Maan took water and Pari does the same, when he finished his work he put his hand on his head and move backward as relaxation, Pari does the same.

Sasha and Manish comes to Maan’s room for final approval and Maan goes through the file and explaining them at the same time Pari also does same thing and Manish saw that, he was not able to control his laugh and started looking at Pari without concentrating on Maan and smiled looking at her, Maan saw Manish who was lost in Pari and he failed to notice that Pari is imitating him and scolded “Manish, what’s wrong which you? Why are you behaving so weirdly?”

Manish: Sir wo

Maan kept hand on his waist and said “Manish will you care to explain me”

Pari also stood and acted like Maan then Maan looked towards Pari’s direction because Manish was not listening to him, he got frustrated and pulled his hair back and looked towards Pari who was imitating him, now Maan came to know why Manish was not concentrating and how can he miss his daughter who is gaining attention on Manish and Sasha, first he did not see Sasha who was also enjoying Pari’s act and thought “Pari Khurana started to gain attention of people…well doing Pari, after all you are my daughter mera kuch asar hona chaihiye haan tum mein…why is she imitating me”, he came out of the trance when Sasha and Manish burst out their laugh seeing Pari who tried to stand like Maan on coach so that she can reach his height and when she did not she came near Maan and climbed on his chair and stood on the table was staring couch like Maan was doing.

Maan was first shocked looked at Pari who is standing on his table and even Maan was not able to control his smiled he smiled at Pari and took her in his arms and said “princess kya kar rahi hoo”, without waiting for her answer he told Sasha and Manish to continue the work and remaining they will do later, Bitg Sasha and Manish came out of Maan’s cabin and went to do their cabins respectively

Maan: Princess why are you imitating me

Pari: imitating

Maan: yeah I mean to say why you are acting like me

Pari: aur kya karu?

Maan: Matlab

Pari: I was getting bore

Maan: chalo hum khana kha lete

Pari: ok

After lunch Maan was again working and he saw Pari who was sleepy, he went near her and took her in his arms and asked “Princess apko neend aa raha hai” to which Pari nodded her head, then Maan went and sat in his chair, he took of his tie and waist coat and kept on side of chair, then said “Pari, you sleep beta” and made her sleep on his chest keeping her tiny legs on both the side and started to patted her back, he slightly kissed her forehead and was happy with the feeling and thought “Pari Geet had taught you all the good things and I am sure what she said previous day is correct, but one thing Pari, expect your mom I have not forced anyone till now, everyone came on their wish…but why I always feel that what I did with your mom is not correct, how Pari I can stay without you from the day one I saw you, how I am going to tell you that I am your father, I have convinced you to call me Dad, but I don’t have courage to say this in front of your mom or Dadi and Meera, I cant loose you, till I came to know that you are my daughter I did not have any feeling for children, how can I make you to stay with me Pari? Will Geet agree to this? I dunno how I face everyone; when people see both of us they can clearly understand that you are my baby, please forgive me for all the problems and difficulties you and your mom gone through”

At the same time peon gave one parcel to Maan, saying that he received yesterday and forgot to give him, when he saw the seal of detective agency, then he remembered handling Geet and Pari’s case to his know detective agency, he opened the cover and saw some pictures of Geet and Pari and also Pari’s birth certificate copy and the agent has informed Maan to call him. Maan immediately called agent and informed him that he got the information earlier itself and anyway he will pay cheque to him, Maan was watching Geet snaps which was taken in Hoshiarpur

Maan was slowly caressing Geet face on snap and thought “she is still effecting me”



Aruj and Inder talking

Pari and Maan enjoying in KC

Geet and Dadi talking

Pinky and Geet @ construction site with Bodyguards

Geet and Meera talking

Nita parents trying to reach Mohan and talking to Dadi


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