MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 36



Maan: Geet he sub tum mujhe kyun bhol rahi wo, kab meine tumne rokha hai

Geet lost her sense and said “haan aap abhi tak rokhe nahi hai, mujhe meri beti aapki jaise nahi banana hai, uski waja see kisi ki zindagi barbad nahi hona chahiye…samje aap”




Maan was shocked with Geet’s outburst, he never thought Geet will say like this to him, even he got anger when Geet said she do not want my daughter to be like me. Without answering her he went to his room and banged the door, he was trying to calm him, he tried to console him but he was not able to do it, he was walking in his room from one end to another end.

Dadi came to guest room to check Geet’s temperature and saw Geet in deep thought, she went near her and caressed her head and said “Geet beta kya bhath hai, aap kya soch rahi hoo”

Geet: Dadima woo ….woo

Dadima: bataiyee beta kya bhath hai…meine aap ko phele bhi bola hai ki aap meri beti jaise hai…aap hume bejizak bhata sakte hai apne mann ki bhath

Geet: Dadima….mujhse galti ho gayi

Dadima: kya bhath hai Geet bhatayee

Geet: woo Dadimaa, meine unko bala bura kaha aaj…said stammering

Dadima: kissko

Geet: wo…..

Dadima: kya aap Maan ke barien mein bhath kar rahi wo

Geet just nodded her head, then Dadima thought “so iska matlab Maan gusse mein apna room chala gaya, pata nahi aab kya karega”, and then she came out of the thought and asked

Dadima: kya hua bataye beta

Geet then narrated everything to Dadi and said “pata nahi Dadima, hai sab kaise hua, mujhe bahut gussa haya tha aur miene unka dantdi, par mera yakeen kijeeye Dadima meine jaan bhukar nahi kiya hai hey sab…I am sorry Dadima I am really sorry” Geet was really feeling bad for scolding Maan

Dadima just smiled her her and said “Geet aapko mafi mangne ki koi zarurath nahi hai, mujhe pata hai aap hey sab jaan bujkar nahi kiya, jabse aap Maan ko dekha hai uss hadse ke badh, you were not able to tell anyone about your emotions and fight going inside you, you just tried to behave normal in front of everyone but I can understand that pain, the anger, respect, uneasiness, and standing in front of this samaj portraying yourself has married woman is not a small task. So when you saw the person who is responsible for this you were not able to control your feeling and Maan the way he behaved I can understand dear, you are not at all wrong here Geet,  I was wondering how can you have so much patience seeing him in front of you, today you outburst your feelings that’s it, don’t take it to heart and I know why you said Maan that you don’t want your be like him”….Geet was continuously crying, Dadi consoled her and said “aapne aap ko samliye Geet, Maan ke barien mein hum badh mein bhath karte hai, I will tell everything about him to you so that you can also understand him and don’t even think that I am supporting Maan, I just don’t want you to hate him” to just Geet nodded and then they both spoke sometime till Pari came to them


Here in Maan’s room he was very much angry on Geet and thought “how dare she can think so cheap about me, I know what I did to her is wrong for that he cant treat me like this, I am trying to be friendly with her but she is behaving like this with me, no one is dare to question Maan Singh Khurana and insult me saying that she don’t want my daughter to be like me. didn’t she know that even father has equal right on his daughter”..his trance was broke when he heard his cell phone ringing, he saw Nita calling him picked saying “why are you calling me now Nita? I am so much busy, I am not like you”

Nita: kya bhat hai Maan why are you always shouting at me, don’t you dare to do that, I am watching you from the day of Niharika aunt’s death you are not talking to me properly; you are behaving so rudely with me

Maan: Nita listen to me I am very much busy in my work and I do not have time to talk to you

Nita: how you will have time for me Maan, when you are spending so much time with that Pari, I dunno why you are so concern about her

Maan: its none of your business Nita, and even poke your nose in my matter…its not good for you

Nita: aise kyun nahi kehete ki tume Pari ki maa ke sath najayiz rista hai, isliye tume Pari ko bav de rahi woo

Maan roared in anger and said “Nita……….how dare you to speak so cheap about Pari and her mom, batameezi ka bhi ek hud hoti hai, aur tum jaise do kodi ladki ke sath umeed bhi nahi rakhna hai and listen to me carefully Nita I am breaking this relation with you and from now you are not related to me and don’t dare to call me again”…saying this he disconnected the call and then thought “from morning what is happening to me first Geet, now Nita, everyone are behaving differently”  he was frustrated with these and went to gym in anger and started to do his tai chi vigorously


Here Pari was bored to the hell so she came in search of Maan so that she can play with me, Maan was not in room, so Pari started to search him from one room to another and then she saw Nakul coming and she was about to ask about Maan and dunno what to call Maan, because he told her not to call him uncle and then without any other option he asked “akul uncal kaha hai”

Nakul: room mein honge

Pari shake her hand saying Nakul “nahi hai”

Nakul: then gym mein honge and showed Pari way to Gym

Pari told Nakul to sit on his knees and then kissed his cheeks saying “thank you”. He was amused by Pari’s behavior and he went to kitchen.

Pari went to Gym and saw Maan who was working out, Maan did not see Pari standing near the door has he was in anger, he slowly went towards ice block and in one go he broke the ice  block and got on his hand, Pari got scared looking at Maan in anger and she started to cry loudly. Maan who sat on floor heard small baby crying and looked at Pari, he felt bad looking at Pari who was crying, he quickly got up from his place and wore shirt, Maan came near Pari but she was going back looking at him, it pinched Maan’s heart and he said “Pari beta gabrau math, see I am fine nothing happened to me, I was doing exercise princess, please don’t cry I cant see you in tears”

But Pari ran from there and went to Geet and said “mummy uncal ko chot lagi hai”

Geet and Dadi looked at each other and then Dadi said “I will see him Geet”, when she was about to go Pari pulled Geet and said “mummy tum bhi avo naa”, Geet went along with Dadi and Pari towards gym and saw Maan sitting on floor. Dadi went near him and said “Maan, hey kya halat bana hai apne..dekhiye kitna khoon berahi hai”

Pari: mummy uncal ko medicine lagov…chot lagi…blood…she showed Geet that Maan is injured. Geet was shocked looking at Maan

Dadima : Nakul jaldi se medicine kit lekar ayee hai

Pari ran towards Nakul to inform him to bring medicine for Maan, but she saw Nakul coming with medicines and hot water

Pari: Nakul, I will hold medicine

Nakul gave it to her and she followed Nakul to Maan’s gym. Then Pari pulled Geet to sit next to Maan and said “mummy lagau naa”. Geet just looked at Maan once and she knew that because of her Maan got hurt and without saying anything she applied medicine to him and bandaged his hand. Dadi and Geet left from there, Nakul followed them. Pari looked at her mother who was going with Dadi and came towards Maan and sat in front of him and touched his wounded hand slowly, she blew air so that pain will reduced, Maan got touched with Pari’s gesture and then Pari kissed his wound  and questioned him by saying “pain hora hai”

Maan nodded his head saying NO , he had tears in his eyes and then asked “prinicess aap sub ko lekar ayee”

Pari: Pali dar gayi… aap ka chot dekh kar

Maan kissed Pari’s cheek .Maan cocooned her in his arms and hugged her tightly and said “sorry princess, from now I will take care”

Pari: one quecion

Maan looked at her once and said “first I will take bath and then we will talk, see i am sweating”

Pari: ok

Then Maan and Pari went to his room, Maan made her sit on his bed and gave toys to her and said “Princess wait for me here, I will take bath and come”

Pari: ok

Maan took bath and came out of washroom wearing his vest and track pant. He saw Pari who was endorsed in her play and went near her

Maan: Princess now tell me you want to ask me something

Pari thought for some time and said “haan, you told me not to call you uncle then what should I call u?”

Maan was shocked first and then thought “OMG meine iss ke barien mein socha hee nahi..aab mein kya karu”. Maan took Pari in his arms and went to balcony and sat their taking Pari on his lap and said “what you want to call me”

Pari got confused and looked at him questioning

Maan: Pari, first you promise me that you will not tell anyone that I told you to call you

Pari just nodded her head, but Maan took promise from her saying “you should not tell to anyone about this not even to your mom”

Pari innocently asked “Mummy ko bhi nahi”

Maan: haan mummy ko bhi nahi pata chalna chahiye

Pari then agreed and said ok

Maan: Pari call me “Friend”

Pari: Friend!!!!!!!!!!

Maan: haan for now call me friend

Pari confusingly asked Friend?

Maan: haan hum dono friends hey naa, so you can call me either Friend

Pari:  par aap toh bahut bade hoon mera friend kaise banoge

Maan: meri maa…tumara uncle se achha friend hey

Pari: ok I will call you

Maan confusingly what!!!!!!

Pari: can I call u Friend

Maan : ok and one more thing when we are alone call me Dad

Pari confusingly said Dad???

Maan: can you call me Dad please when we are alone and don’t tell this to anyone has it is secret between be both

Pari: But you are not my Dad

Maan looked at her in shock and asked “Have you seen your Dad?”

Pari: nahi mummy told my Dad has gone for studies…wo bhi bahut door…Pari is missing her Dad, i don’t have my Dad with me

Maan: then we do one thing call me Dad from now till your Dad comes

Pari eyes twinkled in joy ans she happily said sachiii I can call you Dad ?

Maan: Haan princess you can call me Dad and don’t tell anyone and to you mummy also she ill get will be top secret between us

Pari: Promise I will not tell anyone, I can tell my friends also that I have Dad

Maan smiled at his innocent daughter and had tears in his eyes he never dreamt that his one mistake spoiled two lifes…Maan said ok for that and thought Friend is also ok than uncle.

Maan: Pari you will call me Dad when we are alone and Friend in front of everyone

Pari: Done Dad

Maan hugged her tightly unable to bear the pain and emotional fight that is going on his heart. First time he heard his daughter calling him Dad, his happiness were no bound he took Pari in his arms and swing around and kissed her


Nita was continuously crying she was not able to digest that Maan broke up with her, never in her dreams she thought Maan will behave rudely with her, he was not able to control her feeling, after talking to Maan she just went to her room and locked it and throw all of the things and started creaming “I hate you Maan”… “I hate you Maan”. Servants got worried and called Nita parents Seema Oberoi and Pratap Oberoi and narrated what is happening at home, they rushed to home from party and tried to convince her. Nita kept her head on her mother’s lap and informed “mom Maan is not talking to me properly, I can see the change of behavior in him after Niharika aunt’s death, he did not called me once also, today when I called him he is with Pari, he is giving importance to Pari more than me mom, how can he do this?”

Seema: who is Pari Nita?

Nita: I dunno mom she is from small baby, even I met her in Meera’s house, she is taking my place in Maan’s heart, earlier he said he don’t like children and now I am seeing most of the time he spends is Arnav and Pari and with Pari he spends more time and money

Seema: Don’t worry Nita we will talk to him baby

Nita: Mom mujhe dar lag rahi hai…kahi mein Maan ko konaa javoo

Pratap: nothing like that is going to happen beta don’t worry, we will talk to his Dadi or Chachu

Nita: Par Dad…abhi tak kisi ko pata nahi ki hum London mera hilaz ke liye haye…aur mein kabhi maa na ban pavungi…hey sabh hum kabh tak chupaenge  Dad…aaj naa kal sub ko pata chali jahega

Seema: we will sort it out Nita don’t worry

Nita shouted saying how mom how we are going to sort it out? I am becoming more selfish, how can I spoil Maan’s life? How can I become so cruel mom?…said crying

Pratap: we will give them more property Nita don’t worry, they will keep quiet

Nita: Dad and Mom you cant do anything, you are dealing with Niharika aunty. You know today Maan said he don’t want to keep any relation with me, and Dadi I don’t think she will listen to you. I have lost him Dad…..lost him

Pratap and Seema saw each other helplessly and thought its better they convince Maan and called him first, but Maan did not answer their call, he was hell angry on Nita and do not want to hear anything from her or her parents. When Maan did not answer oberoi’s call they called on landline, Dadi who was with Geet responded to the call and was surprised hearing Nita’ parents calling and thought “may be something serious happened between Maan and Nita and even I heard Nita talking ill about Pari”…she waited for few seconds and informed Geet that she will be back soon, its some personal call and went to her room because she did not want to talk in front of Geet


Dadi came to room and said “hello…haan Pratap boliye..kya bhat hai?”

Pratap: Namaste Maaji…wo kya haina Maan aur Nita ki beech mein kuch unbandh hogaya hai…Nita is crying here I am not able to convince her can you please inform Maan to talk to her

Dadima: par hum kaise bhol sakte hai? Its between them let them sort it out

Pratap: nahi maaji issue thoda gambhir hay

Dadima: Teek hai hum Maan se bhath karlenge but mujhe todha waqt chahiye

Pratap: jee maaji I will be waiting for your call

Dadima: Pratap my friends are here, I will talk to him later and keep you update on this

Pratap: Jee maaji…thank you…saying this he disconnected the call

Dadima went to talk to Maan but he was busy with Pari so she came back to Geet room. All had their dinner and went to sleep, Maan informed Dadima that Pari will sleep with him, but Dadima looked at Geet and asked her whether it is ok to which Geet nodded her head. Maan did not know why he was feeling very bad and thought “why should Dadi ask permission from Geet, I am Pari’s father and I have equal right on her, chey why did I met this too from the day I am suffering more each and every minute, I want to keep Pari with me, I dunno what this feeling is called but I cant stay away from Pari, how can I tell this too Geet”..he thought lot and did not get any answer for this question he cuddled next to Pari and took her in his arms and slept peacefully


Next day Geet woke up early because she wanted to meet Pinky after brij incidents they did not talk to each other and thought of meeting her at once and then decide about their work, she finished her morning routines and took bath, she got ready and went to Dadi ‘s room to inform her that she is going to meet Pinky..Geet knocked at Dadi’s room

Dadima: come in

Geet: Good morning Dadima, I just came to inform you that I am going to meet Pinky

Dadima: ok Geet…be careful, aapka phone apke sath rakhiye..if any problem call me immediately

Geet: Ji Dadima…one more thing Pari is in his room

Dadima: don’t worry we will take care of her

Geet: thank you Dadima and Pari’s dress is in outhouse and Nakul have keys

Dadima: ok beta…you take care

Geet: Ji…

Geet came out of Dadi’s room and wanted to see Pari once, so she went to Maan’s room and peeped inside she saw Maan and Pari sleeping peacefully so she came down and informed Nakul that she is going out who came to give tea to her and also said “please take care of Pari, I am sorry Pari apko bahut tang karti hey naa”

Nakul: jee nahi you don’t worry about that we all are here

Geet: if Pari troubles you a lot then please call me

Nakul: we will take care of Pari…aap apna dhyan rakhiye gaa


Geet nodded her head and went to Pinky’s house, after two three times Geet pressed door bell, Pinky opened the door and was happy to Geet, she immediately hugged and told her to come in, Pinky asked about Geet health, Adi also came out of the room to check , and was surprised to see Geet

Adi: Hi Geet how are you? Did your pain reduced?

Geet: I am fine Adi Sir…thank you very much for your help

Adi: its ok Geet …it was my duty

Meanwhile Pinky brought tea for them and after sometime they started working on the project and Pinky said “Are we going to construction site today”

Geet: no Pinky we cant do that, Mr. Khurana has already spoken to Arjun sir about this, and Arjun sir messaged me saying that unless he says we cant go anywhere expect Khurana Construction

Pinky: are we going today to KC Geet?

Geet: why do you have any other plans?

Adi: no Geet we will change our plans

Geet: no need Adi Sir, anyway doctor told me to rest for today also, and I want to talk to my friend Meera and my Dad, so we will plan about work tomorrow

Pinky: thank you Geet, actually me and Adi decided to go and meet my parents today

Geet: ohh ok then you can leave I will manage, if I have any doubt I will call you

Adi: are you going to KC today?

Geet: no Adi sir I am going home now, Dadi will be waiting for me

Then Geet came out from Pinky’s house and decided to go to temple nearby.


Here in Khurana Mansion first Maan woke up and did not go to gym because previous day he has done enough exercise, so he went to washroom, he came out after taking bath and got ready for office, meanwhile Pari also woke up so

Pari looked around and made sure so one is at room and then she asked Maan “Dad where are you going”

Maan: Princess I am going to office

Pari: I will feel bore if you go…

Maan: I have work princess, I cant stay at home, you know naa how much busy your mom is

Pari: I will also come with you,

Maan: your mom will scold you and what you will do coming to office, you cant play also

Pari: pouted cutely and later said its ok no problem I will manage

Maan: so Princess Pari Khurana wants to come to her office and she will manage also

Pari smiled sheepishly at Maan nodded her head saying yes, it did not went into her little brain that Maan called her as Pari Khurana

Maan: are you sure that you will come with me to office because you cant’st play there

Pari thought for sometime and Ok

Than Maan called Laxmi and informed Laxmi to give bath to Pari and dress her up, after Laxmi and Pari went out of his room he sighed in relief thinking that Pari will come with him to office and then thought will Geet allow him to take Pari to office so he thought of buttering Dadi.

Maan rushed to Dadi and said “Dadi please help me”

Dadi: kya hua Maan, what help you need from me?

Maan: Dadi I want to take Pari to office and even she is interested to come along with me can I take her please……please talk to Geet Dadi

Dadi: Par

Maan: Par var kuch nahi Dadi, please

Dadima: Maan Geet ghar mein nahi hai… she went to meet Pinky and she may back soon

Maan: aab hum kya karienge Dadi, I promised Pari that I will take to office today

Dadima: wait, hum kuch soch the hai..and then called Geet

Geet: Ji Dadima

Dadima: Geet Pari want to go with Maan to office, can I send her

Geet: Par Dadi

Dadima: one second Geet and told to Maan you go Maan I will talk to her inform you.

Maan said ok and walked out of Dadi’s room

Dadi continued saying “Geet aap kyun chinta kar rahe hai…no one knows that Pari is your child there”

Geet did not liked Pari going to KC and know how ziddi her daughter is, so she said Ok to Dadima and Dadi informed same to Maan, he was on cloud nine today because Pari will be with him all the day. Laxmi took Pari in her arms and came down,  Maan raised his head to see Pari and was happy to see is daughter, who was looking so cute in her dress

Pari Dress

Maan took Pari in his arms and fed her breakfast, after breakfast Maan cleaned Pari and took her in his arms and said bye to Dadima and went to office



Maan and Pari at KC

Arjun talking to Inder

Pari copying Maan’s style

Geet in iskon temple


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