MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 35



 When he turned towards Geet after talking to Adi he saw Pari keeping cotton in the water and put it on Geet’s forehead, Maan saw that and kissed Pari’s head. Even Pari was helping Maan and after sometime Maan checked Geet’s temperature it was normal so slept on the couch taking Pari on his arms, he made Pari to sleep on his chest and patted her back.



After sometime Maan woke up when he heard Geet murmuring in pain, he slowly took Pari in his arms and made her to sleep on his shoulders, then walked towards Geet, he saw again the temperature raised so he brought fresh water and took cotton cloth and dip in the water and put on her forehead, she sat next to Geet and was doing same till the temperature down. After some time he kept his head on the bed post and slept there.

Geet woke up in the morning and saw Maan sat next to her and keeping his head and bedpost, his eyes was closed, then her eyes searched for her Pari, she saw Pari sleeping peacefully on Maan’s chest. She dunno why she had tears in her eyes, then she heard someone’s footstep near the door and she do not want anyone to see hers tears so she immediately wiped her tears and close her eyes pretending to sleep  

Dadi who came to the guest room to check whether Geet is ok, Dadi slowly opened the door and was surprised to see Maan sitting near Geet and sleeping. She came towards Maan and patted his shoulder, Maan woke up with sudden jerk and saw Dadi standing near him, he was embarrassed because Dadi caught him

Dadima: Maan beta you go and take rest now, I will look after Geet, and you look so tired

Maan did not want to argue with Dadi, so he took Pari in his arms and walked towards his room, he entered his room and slowly rested Pari on his bed and slept next to her.

Dadi saw movement in Geet and checked her forehead to see whether she has fever or not, Dadi saw Geet slightly opening her eyes and went near her head and caressed her head slowly and then asked “Geet beta aap teek toh woh”

Geet: Ji Dadima, mein bilkul teek hoon sorry meri wajase aap log ko parishaan ho rahi hai

Dadima: Bilkul nahi beta, aap toh meri beti jaisi hai, hume koi parishaan nahi ho rahi hai…Geet, you take rest for some more time, its good for you, I will be here only if you need anything please at me know, Dadi caressed her hair and within few minute she slept off. After an hour Maan came down to check Geet and saw Dadi sitting next to her and ask “wo teek hai naa Dadi”

Dadima: Haan Maan, abhi sohi hai..thodi kamjor hai, teek wo jahegi

Maan: Haan Dadima, apne apko superwoman samaj thi hai, kya zarurath thi uss Brij ke sath ladne ki, Jab pata chala kuch gadbad hai, she would have called us there and we would have handled the situation but no, madam want  to show that she is sherni so she went and collected all the proof, agar hum thodi der late ho jathe toh Geet aaj zinda naa hoti….dekhiye kaise so rahi hai, ek bar bhi apni pariwar ki barien mein nahi socha

Dadima: acchi bachi hai Maan, itna mushkil se samaj ka samna karke jee rahi hai, Pari ko janam diya phir bhi himmat nahi haari… sub log mein hai himmat nahi hoti hai, samaj ko darkar apne galti chupate hai…par hume garv hai Geet par, she stood on her feet and taking care of Pari’s needs. kuch log toh apne galti bhi samaj mein nahi ata, they dont have guts to accept their sins also

Maan did not have any words to say about that because he was responsible for Geet’s condition and he very well knew that Dadima is taunting him. Then he came out from that thought and said “I think someone should give sponge bath to Geet, she did not got fresh up from yesterday”

Dadi:Maan aap jakar laxmi ko edar bejiye, hum aur laxmi Geet ko sponge bath denge

Maan: teek hai Dadima

Maan went out and called servant Laxmi and told her to go to guest room to help Dadi and he went to kitchen and told Nakul to prepare soup for Geet, because she should take medicine . He sat on the couch and was waiting for Laxmi to come out from guest room, so that he can take soup to Geet. After sometime Laxmi came out of guest room and Maan took soup to Geet.

Maan: Dadima, Geet ko bhi soup dete hai, aur uske badh medicine

Dadima: teek hai Maan

Maan woke up Geet and made her to rest her head on his chest, Dadima was shocked to see her grandson who was feeding Geet and taking care of her,she was very happy and thought “hey bhagwan, inn dono ko Jodi salamath karna, please aisa kuch karna ki Maan Geet ko apni patni mane, aur Geet ko izzat de. he dono mere samne rahe”

Maan feeds soup to Geet and gave medicine to her , Geet had no other option because Dadima was in front of her and she did not want to hurt Dadima, after sometime due to medicine effect she slept off soon. Later Maan went to his room and woke up Pari, called laxmi and informed her to give bath to Pari and change her dress, he even selected dress to her, After that he feed Pari breakfast and they both came to Geet’s room to meet her, Geet was sleeping peacefully. Pari kissed Geet’s cheek’s and forehead, both father and daughter sat on the couch and Maan took notebook and pencil, which he brought for her yesterday and some chocolates also, then he wrote A B C D and hold Pari’s hand and was teaching her how to write alphabates and told her to write over write on that Pari nodded her head and then sat on the couch writing alphabets, because Maan told her to not to disturb Geet so that she will recover soon.


Maan went to hall and then called Arjun and said “Arjun Maan Singh Khurana here, I like to talk to your regarding Inder Kapoors project”

Arjun: yes MK, tell me, my team is there, is there is any problem

Maan: Arjun, I met your team members, I called you to inform that yesterday there was attack on Geet and Pinky

Arjun: shockingly What!!!!

Maan: Yes Arjun you heard me right, you don’t worry they are safe now, and I have informed Geet and Pinky to take rest because they got hurt and then narrated everything happened from the time Geet and Pinky reached site and Brij attack and doctors treatment

Arjun: how is it possible MK, I did not get any call from them, and about Geet and Pinky visiting Delhi, only you, me and Inder aware of this

Maan: Arjun I can assure you that problem is not from your end and nor my end, you talk to Inder and let him know about this and I heard Geet and Pinky collected enough proof about the materials used, someone is involved in this, even I checked the proof, good quality of materials have been delivered to the site but I was shocked to see that the brand name differs, and Brij is using some inferiority materials

Arjun: OMG, itna sub kuch hogaya, MK are you sure that Geet and Pinky is safe

Maan: yes Arjun, Pinky is with Adi and Geet is with my Dadima, both are taking rest, it was hectic day for them, You don’t worry Arjun just talk to Inder I tried to reach him, but I was not able to get in touch with him

Arjun: ok MK I will talk to Inder and get back to you and I just need a small favor from you

Maan: yeah Arjun tell me

Arjun: please take care of Geet and Arjun, I don’t want them to face any problem, if you feel that they are not safe please send them back, I will send other team their

Maan: Arjun I will take care of them and see to that they dotn face any problems, if situation goes out of my hand then I will send them back. I don’t think it will happen

Arjun: I have full faith on you MK

After the conversation they disconnected the call. Then Maan checked with Adi about Pinky after that Maan fed lunch to Pari and took her to his room, and made her to sleep


Dadi called Meera and narrated everything. First Meera was happy that her brother is taking care of Geet, and then asked “How is Geet doing now Dadi ?”

Dadima: you no need to worry we are taking care of everything, if we need your help I will let you know

Meera requested Dadi to call her and inform about Geet’s health condition, and take care of Geet. Then Meera informed Dev about Geet’s accident

Dev: I think we should go to Delhi to look after Geet

Meera: Nahi Dev Dadi ne mana kiya hai, she wants bhai and Geet to spend some quality time so that bhai can understand Geet properly and now he is taking care of her and if we go now then he will leave it to us and they don’t get another time to spend with each other

Dev: that is also right but what about Geet? Will she able to forgive Maan

Meera: even I have that doubt Dev, but Dadi refused me coming there

Dev: Dadi is also right Meera, but our worry is only about Geet, keep in touch with Dadi and     if required we go their

Meera: than what about uncle, we should tell him

Dev: ohh I forgot about him, we cant leave him and go Meera, he will be worried looking at Geet, now what we will do Meera

Meera: don’t worry Dev Dadi hai naa she will look after Geet and I will call Geet later

Dev agreed for that and then went to clinic


After some time Geet got up with the help of Dadi and slowly walked towards washroom, Geet asked for tea, meanwhile Nakul brought tea for Geet and Dadi, after tea Dadi made Geet to take  rest, and sat next to her

Pari who was sleeping next to Maan woke and then she started to search for Geet, she was not finding and then she tried to get up from the bed to search Geet, but was not able to come out because Maan was holding her waist, she tried again but failed again, then after lot of try she started to cry thinking about Geet, Maan woke up when he heard Pari’s cry he got concerned and asked “kya hua princess, aap roh kyun rahi woh”

Pari: sob……mummy …sob…..mummy nahi…sob..mummy nahi hai

Maan wiped her tears and said “mummy ke pass jana hai”

Pari looked at him and nodded her head, when he was about to take Pari in his arms he got call and without looking at the caller ID he said

Maan: hello

Girl: Maan

Pari saw Maan on the phone and went near him and tugged his pants

Maan: …koun hai

Nita got angry that Maan did not recognize her voice and shouted at him saying “MAAN HOW YOU CAN FORGET ME”

Maan who was concentrating on Pari who was looking at him with anger because he is not taking her to her mother and started to hit him with her tiny hands, Here Nita who did not get any response from Maan she got frustrated and when she was about to ask him she heard small girl crying

Nita: Maan mein Nita bol rahi hoon whose baby is that and what is she doing there?

Maan: Nita, its Pari…

Nita: WHAT!!!!! Maan are you out of mind, you are not talking to me because of that nonsense girl

Maan got angry and said Nita mind your language I don’t want to hear anything against Pari

Nita: Pari lagti koun hai tumaree lee hai, uss bas.r.d bacchi ke liye tum muhjse ladh rahe hoo, jab se tum usse mile ho, wo tumse chipak ke rahe thi hai…uska aukat kya hai Maan, i hate to see her with you, I dunno how you tolerate her

Maan: tum hoti koun ho mujse…MAAN SINGH KHURANA se puchne wali, kabardar ek aur labse bolo toh tumne Pari ke kilaaf, ek aur bath tumara aukath mein raho warna mujhse shadi karne ka sapna choddo…Pari mera sab kuch hai, tumne koi haq nahi hai…Pari ka aukat tumse zada hai Nita…tum kya samjogi

Nita got shocked listening to Maan and she cried saying Maannn . But Maan disconnected the call and he was burning in his anger and then looked at Pari, he hold her tight in his arms and he was feeling bad because of his one mistake Pari will face lot of problems in future, he wanted to decide about Pari’s future, but he know this is not right time and said “pari I will make everything set right you no need to worry”, but he did not knew that Dadi heard his conversation with Nita and very much happy today for the first time and thought “thanks Maan beta, now I know that Pari is bond you and Geet and you can be far from Pari, now I don’t have any tension regarding you and I know Maan will decide about your life soon”


Then Maan took Pari to guest room and saw Geet typing on laptop, Maan went inside and kept Pari on bed and took laptop from Geet and said “I told to you, Adi and Pinky to take rest today and you can work tomorrow, why you always try to prove that you are lady Rambo, cant you take rest for sometime and once you are feeling better you can work again”

Geet was shocked to listen to Maan, she never thought that Maan will enter her room without her permission, she got angry also because she did not like him interfering in her work or personal things, she just glared at him. She was about to say sometime, But Pari who sat on the bed came near to Geet and check whether her fever is reduced or not. Pari touched her tiny hand on her forehead and asked “mummy aapko pain wo rahi hai”

Geet was touched with Pari’s words and said “nahi beta, mein teek hoon”

Pari checked Geet’s wounds and slowly touched it and Geet flinched because of pain, Pari touched Geet cheeks and said “mama ko plone kalo mummy, chuchi degi toh teek hogi”

Geet: Pari tumara Mama Pune mein hai, hum Delhi mein who kaise edar haa sakte hai

Pari took phone which was in Maan’s hand and said “iss se plone kalo naa mummy..isko bhi phone hata hai ichme”

Geet: Pari…who apse bade hai, give respect and talk to him

Maan sensed Geet anger and said “its ok Geet bacchi hai, usko jaise chaye aise bhula sakti hai”

Geet was first of all angry with Maan interfering in her professional life, and she did not liked Maan interfering in hers and Pari’s talk, Geet was hell angry and told “Pari, apko dadi bhula rahi thi jah kar unse milijeye”, Pari kissed Geet’s cheek and came down from the cot, Maan took Pari’s hand and was about to walk with her but was interrupted by Geet “Pari tum javo” and looked at Maan and said “aapse bhath karni hai mujhe”, after Pari went Geet said “dekhiye, mujhe acche nahi lagta jab aap meri professional life mien interfere kiya toh, and Pari kuch galat karti hai its my duty to let her know what is right and wrong, I cant take anything light”

Maan: Par Geet, I did not told anything to her

Geet: dekhiye Maanji, Pari meri beti hai, I don’t want any problem in the future, mujhe meri beti ko acche parvarish dena hai

Maan: Geet he sub tum mujhe kyun bhol rahi wo, kab meine tumne rokha hai

Geet lost her sense and said “haan aap abhi tak rokhe nahi hai, mujhe meri beti aapki jaise nahi banana hai, uski waja see kisi ki zindagi barbad nahi hona chahiye…samje aap”


Nita again calling Maan and fight

Nita Parents trying to convince Maan seeking help of Dadi

Geet and Pinky meeting

Pari in Maan’s office



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