MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 34



Pari eyes twinkled in joy and said “kya mummy ne call kiya hai” and without listening to Dadi she took phone from Dadi and said “Mummy aap kaha wo? Pali dar gai hai, plz zaldi havo naa, Pali badmesi nahi kalegi, pls mummy, aap bolte kyun nahi? Pls kuch boliye naa”

Maan had tears in his eyes listening to Pari and gave call to Geet and said “Geet, Pari se bath karo, wo roh rahi hai”


Geet immediately took phone from Maan, she knows that her daughter is missing her, this is the first time she is late while reaching home. When Geet took mobile from Maan, by mistake loud speaker button pressed. When she listened to Pari she forgot that Maan sat next to her and listened to Pari

Pari: Mummy……sob…..aap kaha ho

Even Geet had tears when she listened to Pari’s cry and said “Pari Beta….kya hua…Mummy sorry”

Pari: mummy Pali dar gayi

Geet: Pari, aap brave girl naa…why did you get afraid

Pari: mummy Pali apko dekhi naa morling se (Mummy Pari did not seen you from morning)

Geet smiled listening to Pari and forgot about her pain and said “Pari even mummy missed you so much today”

Pari: Pali waiting mummy aur apse gussa

Geet smiled thinking about daughter’s talk and even Maan smiled listening to Pari, Maan was amused listening to Pari’s cute talk

Geet: ohhh aab kya karein…Pari gussa hai. Geet kept her finger near her temple and started to think and said “Pari, agar aap mummy se gussa wo toh mein apka saraa chocolate kajavunga”

Pari: Neee mummy Pali ka chocolate Pali ka hai aap kaa math

Geet: par Pari tho mummy se gussa hai

Pari: nee mummy Pali mummy se guccha naee hai, aur chocolate mela hai

Geet: toh meri Pari chocolate ke liye mummy ko maaf kiya

Pari: haan

Geet: phir toh Pari ko sab chocolate nahi milegi, mummy aur Pari share karengee

Pari: neee mummy pali se gussa nahi…Pali aise he kahi

Maan laughed listening to Pari, he was happy that now she is not crying and admired Geet also who forgot about her pain and talking to Pari. He left jealous because neither Geet nor Pari talk to him, he was sitting simply listening to them, he came out of trance when Geet said “Pari aab aap khana khalijee hai, bahut late hogayee hai”

Pari: nee mummy

Geet: please Pari, aap mera sweetu hai naa,

Pari: nee

Geet: Please Pari, mummy ke liye…abhi aap khana kha lijeye uske badh mummy ko call kijeye…mummy jaldi ayegi …mummy apse wada karti hai,

Pari said ok because she did not want to her mother to feel bad and then after listening to Pari Geet said “Pari aap Dadima ko call dejeye”

Pari gave call to Dadima with sad face and said “haan Geet”

Geet: Dadi, we are on the way please feed dinner to Pari, I have already spoken to her and she agreed to eat, after that call me back

Dadima: ok Beta…then Dadima disconnected call and asked Nakul and told him to bring dinner for Pari, Dadi was feeding Pari and without saying anything Pari had her dinner soon because she want to talk to her mom, Pari was missing her mother like anything

Here Geet gave Maan back his cell and rested her head in seat, Maan was silent because he was not able to think anything one side his daughter is waiting for her mother and here Geet is also waiting to go for home and then he remembered about chocolates which Geet promised to give to Pari, he saw the sweet shop opened then he told driver to park car aside, he went to the shop and brought the chocolates and came and kept it in front seat, he came back to back seat and sat next to Geet

After sometime he got call from Dadima again, Maan responded to the call and said “Jee Dadima…Kya Pari Khana Kali”

Dadima: Ji Maan, aur aap log ko kitna time lagega, ghar pounchne me

Maan: another 15 minutes Dadima, we are nearby

Pari came towards Dadima and said “I will talk to mummy”

Dadima: Maan, Pari ko Geet se bath karni hai, usko call dijiye

Maan touched Geet shoulder and said “Geet, uto Pari tumse bath karna chati hai”

Geet took cell from Maan and said “haan Pari, aap khana kali kya?

Pari: Jee mummy, aap nahi hayee

Geet: Pari apki mummy jaldi ayegi…don’t worry…aap dadima ko parishan nahi kiya naa

Pari remembered her day with Dadi and Nakul ..she laughed and said “Pali dadi sath keli, akul sat bhi” (Pari Dadi ke satj kub kheli aur Nakul ke sath bhi)

Geet very well knew about her daughter naughtiness, first of all she is happy that her daughter is not crying anymore and said Badmaash…I know you have troubled both of them to the core

Pari: sacchii mummy…Pali did not do anything

Geet: achhaaa………..Pali apni maa ko nahi bata henge

Pari: mummy aaj Pali ne akul ke sath water game kheli aur dadi bhi hamara sath kheli aur gadal mein kiket kheli  Geet: aap khana khali Pari: mummy Pali aapki sath

 Geet:  aap mere sath kavogi

Pari: hmm and started to cry thinking of Geet and said mummy pls jaldi avo Pali dal rahi hai

Geet: Pari roh  math beta mummy arahi hai aap dadi ke sath khana khalijiye  pls beta

 Pari: nahi Pali mummy se khatti aap jhut bol rahi wo. Abhi tak nahi ai…she started cryinf and then she kept the phone on table and went inside

Dadi saw Pari keeping cell phon eon table, she took phone and said “Geet beta aap Jaldi ahiye…Pari bahut gussa mein hai, mein unko dekti hoon”

Geet: Jee Dadima

Dadi came to Pari and said “Pari mummy has gone to work right? She is late today, don’t worry she will come soon, you are good girl right…”

Pari: mummy nahi ahi

Here Maan’s car entered Khurana Mansion, driver parked car, Geet and Maan got down from the car, Geet leg was paining, and she was tired with today’s event. Geet tried to walk but she was not able to walk properly. Maan who came near the door looked back, she saw Geet struggling to come inside house. Maan went near Geet and without wasting time he carried her inside house, Geet was looking at him without blinking her eyes. Maan entered house and made Geet lye on sofa. Dadi and Pari saw Geet, whose leg and head bandaged, Dadi got panic seeing state and Pari was crying looking at her mother.

Geet and Maan saw Pari, Then Geet called Pari to come near her, Pari came and hugged Geet and touched her bandaged, Geet knew that her daughter is scared looking at her bandage and said “Pari, mummy teek hai dekho, choti se chot hai, please roh math, agar aap rohegi toh mummy ko bhi rona ajayega, kya aap chati ho ki mummy bhi apke sath rahe”. Pari nodded her head saying no and kissed Geet bandage and asked “aap ko dukh raha hai mummy

Geet: haan abhi takh duhk rahi thi aab nahi, aap mummy ko kiss diya naa aab sab kuch teek hogaya

Dadi and Maan both had tears in their eyes looking at the bond between Geet and Pari. Maan narrated all to Dadi, what happened when Geet went to site and till they went to hospital later Dadi told Maan to take Geet to guest room, Maan nodded his head and about to carry Geet, then Pari asked “where are you taking my mummy”

Maan: princess dekho aapki mummy ko chot lagi hai, aur wo chal nahi pahegi, I will take her to the room so that she can rest

Pari: wo teek par mein kaise

Maan confusedly asked “aap bhi ayenge hamare sath”

Pari excitedly said haan, Geet looked Maan with shock, she do not want Maan to carry her but she do not have any other option

Dadi laughed seeing Maan’s condition and said “aab kya karenge Maan”

Maan without any option he took Pari first in his arms and put her in his back and told her to hold him tightly to which Pari nodded her head and then Maan took Geet in his arms and walked along with Geet and Pari to guest room. Dadima and Nakul who brought dinner with haldiwala dhoodh to Geet smiled looking at Maan and walked towards Guest room, Maan bend first and told Pari to get down after that he smoothly made Geet to lie on the bed, Nakul and Dadima entered room, Nakul kept dinner and milk on the table and went out then Dadima said “Geet, first have something and then you can drink this milk you will get relief”, when Geet was about to take plate Dadima said “Geet, I will feed you”, Geet had tears and nodded her head and Pari said “I will also give food to mummy, she got hurt on her hand also”, Geet agreed for her also. Dadi and Pari fed to Geet, then she took her tablets and milk, Dadi made her lie on the bed and caressed her hair, due to medicine and tiredness Geet slept

Then Dadi told “Maan you are also tired, go and take rest, I will talk to you tomorrow”

Maan: no Dadi I will take care her, you go and take rest, Pari is also there with me, and then looking at Pari he said “what Pari today we both will look after your mom what you say”

Pari:yes ……..

Dadi went to her room without saying anything, Maan took Pari in his arm and sat next to Geet, he was caressing her head, when his hand contact her forehead he came to know that Geet had fever, he put Pari down and told “princess, you wait here I will go and get water and cotton, apko mummy ko bukar hai”

Pari got scared listening to Maan and she started to cry, Maan took Pari in his arms and said “kuch nahi hoga apko mummy ko Princess, bass todhi si bukar hai”…he saw Pari’s face and he knew that she is scared so he took her in her arms and went to kitchen to bring water and cotton,. Maan went to kitchen and took water and then he went to his room and took medicine kit and walked to guest room along with Pari. When Maan and Pari came to room saw Geet murmuring in pain, then Maan took cotton and dipped it in water and kept cotton on her forehead,  after few minutes he did the same thing, then he called Adi to check whether they reached home safety and informed Adi to call him in case of emergency, and also said him to take off tomorrow and to inform Sasha to take care tomorrow. When he turned towards Geet after talking to Adi he saw Pari keeping cotton in the water and put it on Geet’s forehead, Maan saw that and kissed Pari’s head. Even Pari was helping Maan and after sometime Maan checked Geet’s temperature it was normal so slept on the couch taking Pari on his arms, he made Pari to sleep on his chest and patted her back.



Next morning Geet woke up

Maan and Dadi taking care of Geet

Maan calling Arjun



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