MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 33



Maan was standing in terrace and looked down he saw Nakul taking Pari to outhouse, After that he saw Geet taking her towards her room, Geet made Pari to sleep in cot and came towards window and sat there, Geet was not able to see Maan, but Maan was watching her without blinking his eyes, she was looking as pure as before, she was looking even more beautiful in moonlight. Maan kept on watching her until she went to sleep then he came to his room and slept dreaming her.



Maan woke up early as usual and went to gym. Here Geet woke up because he had promised Pinky that she will come to her house for breakfast and their they will discuss about site with Adi, Geet got up and went to washroom, she took bath and after daily routines she took Pari’s dress and her toys and kept in one bag, then Geet got ready and went to Khurana Mansion taking Pari and two bags one which has her laptop and other which has Pari’s dress and toys. It was very difficult for Geet to take all the things at a time but she did not have enough time. Yesterday night itself Geet has informed Dadi and Pari that she is meeting Pari in the morning and she will be late while coming back and also informed Pari to behave like a good and to not be naughty with Dadi. In the meantime Maan who finished his exercise, came to terrace for fresh air, and he saw Geet who was trying to close the outhouse front door keeping Pari and having two bags on her shoulder and he smiled looking at her and he came down towards them.

Geet who was still struggling to lock the door and said “Geet kya tum superwoman hoo”, Geet was startled with the sudden voice and saw Maan who was smiling at her and said “kyun??? Aap haise kyun pooch rahe hoo”.

Maan: toh mein kya karun…tum toh aise kaam kar rahi hoo, ek minute and took key from her hands and locked the door and gave it to her, but Geet said “wo key Nakul ke liye hai hai, mein bahar jaa rahi hoon”  

Maan curiously asked “kyun”

Geet looked at him once and wanted to tell him ‘its none of his business and then thought I am staying in his house and its better to inform him’ and said “already Dadima ko iss bhata chuki hoon, mein Pinky ke ghar ja rahi hoon, aur Pari Dadima ke pass rahegi”

Maan: then come I will drop you, Geet simply denied him saying that on the way she has some more work so it will be late then Maan took Pari from Geet and hold Pari in his arms securely. Geet said “iss bag mein Pari ka kapde hai, shayad mein todha aane mein todha late ho javungi”, Maan took bag from her and said “don’t worry Nakul aur Dadima will take care of Pari and I will also take care of her, come inside once and inform Dadima also”

Geet: no its not necessary I am already late and I don’t want to disturb Dadima so early and said “I will move now”, Geet walked without looking at Maan, and Maan was just staring at her till she moved out of his sight

Maan took Pari to his room and made her to sleep on his bed, he covered her with duvet and kept the bag on table, He came towards bed and took Pari in his arms and made her sleep on his chest and he also slept with her


Here Geet stopped the cab on the way and went to Pinky’s house, Pinky and Adi welcomed her and they had their tea and breakfast, Later Geet discussed with Adi and Sasha also joined them in the meanwhile after the discussion, Adi and Sasha went to office and Geet and Pinky decided to go for site visit and Adi informed them that he will join them later because he is having client meet today.

Geet called Nandini and discussed with her some official matter and meanwhile Pinky got call from Adi “Pinky you and Geet come to office first there is some changes in the blue print then you can go to site”

Pinky: Ok Adi we will be there

Pinky informed Geet about change of plan and they both headed towards Khurana Constructions


Here Dadi came in search of Maan, because it was already 8.00 and Maan has not yet came down for breakfast, when Dadi entered Maan’s room she was surprised to see Maan and Pari sleeping peacefully. Maan who never slept so late he was sleeping without knowing the time and Pari sleeping on his chest. Dadi came out without disturbing them and finished her puja and waited for Maan and Pari. Here Pari who was sleeping woke up and saw Maan uncal holding her tight in his arms. Then she searched for Geet, in the room but she was nowhere to seen, Maan also woke up in the mean time and saw the time he was shocked because it was already 8.30 and he is getting late to office, she saw Pari who was in the verge of crying because she was not able to find her Maan came towards her and took her in his arms and said “Hey princess Good Morning”

Pari: Good Morning Uncal……..Maan grinned his teeth when Pari said uncle to him so he decided to tell Pari to call him Dad and he should plan when they are in Mansion itself. Pari saw Maan who was lost in thoughts and touched his cheeks and said “uncal mummy nahi dekhai deh rahi hai”

Maan: Ohh Pari, tumara maa office gayi hai, aaj se unka kaam shuru ho raha hai naa

Pari: Pari toh yaha akeli hai, friends bhi nahi hai with whom I will play uncal

Maan got irritated again with the word uncle and said “Pari you are good girl naa, so from now don’t call me uncal”

Pari innocently asked “then what should I call you?”

Maan thought for sometime and then said “we will decide about it later, chalo hum ready ho jate hai dadima hamara wait kar rahi hongi”

Pari: mera brush udal hai…pointing her finger towards outhouse

Maan: nahi Pari I think your mummy has packed it come lets see what is there in the bag

Maan and Pari went to the table where Maan kept the bag given by Geet and took out everything, she saw Pari’s dress along with tooth brush, paste, toys and milk bottle, first he took tooth brush and put paste in that and took Pari to washroom, when he was about to brush her teeth Pari said “I will do myself I am big gal now , mummy told me”, Maan loved her cute antics and gave brush to her and he also started to brush his teeth, Meanwhile Dadi came to Maan room which was empty now and heard sound from wash room

Dadima: Maan where is Pari?

Maan opened the bathroom door and brushing his teeth he said “Pari edar hai Dadima”, Dadima saw her grandson and great granddaughter with amusement and said “I will make Pari ready today and Maan you are already late to office, Adi called you because you have to attend some meeting which is lined up” to which Maan nodded his head and Dadi took Pari in her arms and also Pari’s bag and went to her room.

Maan washed his face and came to his room and called Adi and said “Adi, I have some work to do, can you and Sasha attend the meeting on my behalf today I will be little bit late today”

Adi: yes Sir, I will inform to Sasha also about this

Then Maan took bath and got ready to office, when he came down he saw Pari dressed and coming with Dadi, then he called Pari and said “Princess, come here today we both will have pasta”

Pari: palsta…asked surprisingly

Maan laughed listening to Pari and he took her in his arms and made he sit on his lap and feed Pasta to her, Pari without saying anything she finished her breakfast and even Maan also had his breakfast after feeding Pari. Dadi and Nakul looked at father and daughter smiled looking at their bond. Then Maan kissed Pari cheeks and said bye to her and went to office.


Here Geet and Pinky reached Khurana constructions, they both are happy with interiors; it was so classy and well maintained. Geet and Pinky went to receptionist and asked for Adi or Sasha and receptionist informed them to wait for them because they were in the meeting. Geet and Pinky were waiting for Adi and Sasha, at the same time Maan Singh Khurana entered Khurana Constructions, the office suddenly became silent it was looking like the classroom where pin dropped silence when some khadus teacher entered the class, Pinky giggled looking at the staff silently and even Geet was not able to control her laugh, Maan who was going to his cabin saw Geet and Pinky who were laughing, he liked Geet smile on face but he was curious to know why they were laughing


Then he called reception and informed the receptionist to send Geet and Pinky to his cabin. When receptionist informed Geet and Pinky at first both were shocked then after convincing themselves they went towards Maan’s cabin. They both stood in front of Maan’s cabin and knocked the door, Maan said “come in”, they entered his room and saw his angry face, he told them to take seat. Both hesitantly sat in front of them, but Geet just faked putting brave face in front of Maan just to show him that his angry does not affects her. Maan saw both of them who were looking at him and said “what you both are doing here?”

Pinky: wo woh sir…she stammered

Maan: Pinky do you also have stammering problem like your husband

Pinky: nahi sir, woh who

Seeing Pinky condition, Geet who was silent till now felt like laughing at her seeing her condition because when Pinky is with the gang she will not allow other to talk and here she is finding difficult to talk to Maan, she came out of her trance and answered Maan “Mr Khurana Adi and Sasha called us here, they said there is some changes in blue prints, they both are in meeting so we are waiting for them”. Maan knew these all changes happened because of him and then asked “I saw you both were laughing when I entered office, can I know the reason”

Geet and Pinky looked at each other shockingly and in the meantime Adi came to Maan’s cabin and said “Sir, I will take Geet and Pinky with me they are getting late”. Geet and Pinky prayed for god for sending Adi in the right time, Maan said “ok now you can go with Adi and make sure there is no problem and if there is anything feel free to call me”. Geet and Pinky nodded their and went with Adi, and Maan was admiring Geet

Adi Sasha Pinky and Geet discussed about the changes in blue print and after doing necessary changes Sasha got design approved from Maan and gave the copy to Geet. Pinky and Geet thanked them, Adi have site engineer Brij’s number to them and told them to call him if necessary and informed them that he will also join them later. To which they agreed and went to site


Here Geet and Pinky went to Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway on National Highway 8,

Where Kapoor’s hotel construction is going on, in the mean time Brij got call from  Rahul Narayan (colleague of Inder) and he said “Brij listen to me carefully, I heard from Chopra’s Constructions Geet is coming to meet you today, along with her colleague and they should not come to know about our plan and in any case if they came to know about that and make sure that they should return back, now MSK came back from Pune, and make sure everything goes according to our plan”

Brij:  Rahul just relax karo yaar, itna chinta math karo jab mein MSK ko handle kiya hey Geet kya cheez hai, fikar math karo, MSK, Geet, Inder nahi Arjun ko hamare plan mein ke barien mein kuch pata chalega.

Rahul: Brij over confidence accha nahi hai, Geet ko etna easy se math lo, jab mein Geet ko pheli bar mila tha hey socha tha ki mamulisi ek ladki hai mera chal mein pass jahegi, but wo nahi hua, madam toh mera plan par pani per diya, mujhe iss project se bahar kar diya uss MSK ke sath milkar

Brij: Kya!!! Par tumne bataya ki Inder sab tume dusra project diya hai

Rahul: Meine bhi wahi socha tab abhi mujhe pata chal jab Arjun sir ka call haya tha Inder sir ke liye, miene unke bath chupke se sunli

Brij: fikar math karo mere bhai, hey Geet ko hum deklenge

Brij called some of his trusted employee and told them to keep eye on Geet and her colleague. Here when Geet and Pinky reached construction site it was around 2pm, all the workers were having their lunch, and Pinky was feeling hungry so they both went to nearest restaurant which was little bit far from construction site so they took cab and went to have their lunch. When they reached it was around 3pm and all were workers were working. Geet asked one of the worker “bhaiya site engineer kaha hai”, worker showed them where Brij was standing and they both went to meet him.

Geet: kya aap Brij wo??

Person: haan mein hee Brij aap koun?

Geet: mein Geet hoon, I am coming from Chopra Constructions aur hey Pinky hai hamare Accountant

Pinky and Geet wished him, Brij saw both of them and thought “no doubt why Rahul went behind Geet, she is dam pretty, has Rahul said I should be careful with her”. He came out his trance when Geet said “can I see the register”. Brij was quiet shocked and he said “Geet wait for sometime you came now itself why cant you have some cool drinks”

Geet: no Mr, Brij we don’t need anything, and call me Madam

Pinky was shocked to see Geet’s new avtar, and she know that Geet will not allow her teammates to call her madam and here she is telling Brij to call her madam, there is something fishy in this, I will ask her later. Brij got angry because he felt that Geet insulted him in front of his workers. Then in anger Brij gave the attendance register to Geet and went from there and his workers followed him. Geet told Pinky “Pinky just check the number of workers working meanwhile I will check this register and Pinky BE CAREFUL”

Pinky nodded her head and took chips packed, and counted the workers while eating chips, so Brij’s workers did not came to know about it. Here in the register it was around 252 workers and Pinky came to Geet and told her “125 workers are working Geet, I went and checked in each and every corner” and then asked “why did you told me to count them”, Geet showed the register where it mentioned 252 works, Pinky looked at Geet and register shocking and said “how you came to know about this? And why you were talking rudely with Brij”

Geet: Pinky shhh …Geet kept finger on Pinky’s lips and whisperingly said “derhe se bath karo, koi sun lega, Brij accha insaan nahi hai Pinky, hume savdhan rehna hoga, chalo hum hamara kaam jaldi se katam kare yaha se jate hai” to which Pinky nodded her head

Then they went to godown and took the list of materials used and the materials which using to construction both Pinky and Geet shocked to see that sand, cement and iron rods and other materials using for construction were other brands, there were difference in the brand names, they make note of that and kept in the list in the Geet’s bag, came out as if they did not came to know about the malfunction and checked the surrounding and decided to leave. But whom they are fooling, Brij came to know that they have written sometime in the godown. Geet informed Pinky “chalo lets leave Pinky before Brij come to know about us, aur haan inform to Adi now itself and walk fast”,


 Meanwhile Pinky called Adi who was on the way to construction site and informed him about the problems, they came towards road, Adi cursed himself for not going on time, and he decided to call Maan Sir, because he cant risks Pinky and Geet lifes. He immediately called Maan and said “Sirrr…wo…Geet and Pinky in danger”

Maan: WHAT!!!!

Adi: Sir wo who

Maan: Adi will you stop stammering and say what is happening there?

Adi narrated to Maan what Pinky informed him. Maan immediately called commissioner and told him about the problem and commissioner assured Maan that he will take care of that, Maan started on his office along with his bodyguards


Mean while Geet gave the details to Pinky and said “Pinky, its better you keep it, because I saw one of the worker saw me keeping list in my bag, so they will not doubt about you, keep it safely in you pant pocket meanwhile I will see if someone following us”. Pinky did as Geet said they stopped cab which was coming towards them; they stopped it and entered cab sighing in relief.

Brij and some workers came in search of them, he saw them getting into the cab and ran to his jeep to chased them, Pinky and Geet stopped cab and paid him, they went near the restaurant they had food and hide their. Here Brij and his followers stopped the cab and askedwith cab driver “do ladikiya thi naa tumara cab mein ho kaha gaye”

Cab driver got scared and informed Brij where Geet and Pinky got down. Meanwhile Pinky got call from Adi and she informed him about their whereabouts. Geet did not want to put pinky’s life also in danger and said “Pinky you wait here, first I will go from here and you wait me near that mechanic shop I will come there”

Pinky: nahi Geet, we will go together, whatever happens we face it together, I cant put you in danger

Geet: Pinky please understand, you go with Adi and inform police I will wait for you near that mechanic shop which was other end of the road

Brij people were looking for Pinky and Geet, and they both ran towards jungle and Pinky was keeping in touch with Adi, and Adi told Pinky to not to disconnect the call and Pinky kept her Bluetooth on. When Geet and Pinky entered jungle and after sometime the call got disconnected due to network problem, Adi was hell scared he dunno where to go and where to search for them. After an hour Maan also reached the location and met Adi,

Adi: they both went inside jungle

Meanwhile inspector Pandey came along with the team and Maan informed to search them in jungle, Maan along with Adi and bodyguards entered jungle and they parted three ways to look for Pinky and Geet, Maan’s bodyguards in one route and policemen in another route and Maan and Adi in one router. Here Geet and Pinky hide near the bushes. Brij and his men were searching, they came near bush and then went to otherside, and here Adi who was trying Pinky’s number, the line got connected and phone started to ring brij and his men came to know about their hiding place. Geet took phone from Pinky and guided Pinky slowly to another bush and came to original place and got up. Geet saw Brij mens coming got shocked and ran from their


Geet ran and hide behind the tree

Meanwhile Pinky called Adi from Geet cellphone and told him where she is hiding, one she saw Adi and Maan together she went and hugged Adi and started to scold him “Adi aap ko kya zarurath ki mujhe phone karne keliye aap ki waja se Geet musibath mein hai”

Maan got frustrated and asked Pinky “where is Geet now Pinky”, Pinky sobbingly showed the finger towards the way Geet went. Maan called to his bodyguard and told them to take Pinky and Adi to the safe place two of them to stay with them and other to follow him, Adi and Pinky try to say sometime but Maan told “I will look after Geet, I don’t want to risk Pinky life again you go Adi I will manage here and if I need your help I will call you”. Maans bodyguards took them out of jungle and here Geet was caught by Brij’s men, they all rounded her and started to beat Geet, she was unconscious

and when Brij was about to cut Geet’s neck, Maan came all of the sudden and caught hold of sword


And he fought with Brij and his men, and Maan also got hurt, in the meantime Maan’s bodyguards arrived and they took charge. Maan carried unconscious Geet in his arms and took her to the nearby hut

He searched for match box and lamp, Maan lighten the lamp and saw Geet, who was unconscious and blood coming out from her leg, he tied his hanky around her wound

Maan took water and splashed on Geet’s face, and after few seconds Geet who woke up, and she saw around. When she saw Maan she hugged him tightly

Maan got surprised with Geet’s hug and he also hugged her tightly and asked Geet whether is is fine to which Geet nodded her head

Maan happy that Geet woke up, and asked what happed why she did not informed him about anything, he came to know about all these when Adi called and informed him and he scolded her for being so carless

Geet remembered once again about the event and he kept head on Maan’s chest and started to cry, Maan did not know how to console her

Maan felt bad for Geet and said “don’t worry Geet from now you are not alone I am there with you nothing will happen to you”

Geet looked at Maan and informed what happened in site, about the golmaal in materials and number of workers. And Brij came to know about that and he chased them,

Maan got shocked listening to Geet, Maan got angry on Brij and thought to deal with him later, and said “why you did not inform to me Geet, I told you to call me right then why you didn’t do that”…said looking at her

Geet saw Maan’s face, and said “sorry, it split out of my mind, when me and Pinky decided to leave the site I saw Brij when who was following us, at that time I was thinking to escape from their”

While saying this Geet looked at herself, she was hugging Maan, she was embarrassed andcame out from the hug, and looked other side saying “aab hamne chalna chahiye”

Maan looks at Geet when she came out of the hug, and knew what she is thinking, he came and looked at the window and saw police arresting Brij and his mens then Maan came to her and held her shoulder to support him and said “chalo Geet, everything is under control comes lets move”

Maan looking at Geet, then he supported her and took her out of the hut, and said “Geet if you are not able to walk than I will carry you till car”, Geet looked at him in shock and said “no I am ok, I should go to home first Pari will be looking for me, she will not eat until I feed her”…

Then bodyguards followed Maan and Geet, she was finding difficult to walk and Maan saw that and thought “ziddi hai, she does not listen to me, if I walk like this I not think we will reach main road before morning, aab kya karu mein, Pari will get scared morning also she was looking for Geet and I have convinced her, now she may be troubling to  Dadimaa…uff hey maa beti dono ek dum ziddi hai” …without second thought he stopped Geet and took her in his arms and started to walk. Geet gasped because of sudden reaction from Maan and glared at him, she was about to say something but Maan told her “Geet, don’t glare at me like this, if walk like this with you then we wont reach main road till tomorrow morning, you were doing cat walk, so I am taking you and chup chup aise rahu ek aur sabh nahi”

Geet murmured saying “Dust Danav, …..Dass saravala Ravan, dekho aise gur rahe hai, mujhe bhi koi shaq nahi bahu mein rehne kaa, uss idiot brij ke waja se mein phaire suk raha hai, babaji please mujhe ghar jaldi pouchana”

Maan listened to her, and smiled inwardly and walked with straight face. After sometime Maan and Geet came to main road, Adi and Pinky were shock to see Maan carrying Geet in his arms and they both rushed towards them. Pinky saw Geet who was in lost in her thought and said “Geet kya hua tum, dekho kitna khoon beraha hai, apne jaan dav pe lagane ki kya zarurat thi…tum kuch bolte kyun nahi….Geet tum teek ho naa,”

Geet came of the trance and said “Mein teek hoon Pinky, aur tumhe kuch hua nahi hai naa”

Pinky: Mein teek hoon Geet,

Maan: Adi, you and Pinky come in your car I will take Geet with me, first we go to hospital and after dressing you can go to home

Adi: ok sir

Then they all went to nearby clinic after dressing doctor gave Tetanus toxoid injection to Maan Geet and Pinky, when they came out of clinic

Adi: thank you very much sir, you came on time or else I dunno whether I was able to save Geet and Pinky

Maan: its ok, now you both go to home

Adi: sir, but Geet

Maan: I will drop her to her home, its on the way to Mansion, you both don’t worry. And you both no needs to come to office tomorrow take some rest I will talk to Arjun

Geet: Pinky can you please give me the documents,

Pinky gave her phone and bag along with the documents to Geet, Geet checked once again, When Pinky and Adi  about to go Maan sent two of his bodyguards with them and told them to drop them safe and go to their home to which they nodded their head.


After they went Maan made Geet to sit in the car, and he sat next to her and called Dadi to check on Pari. Dadi saw Maan’s call and responded by saying “Maan, where are you? And do you do anything about Geet? I am not able to reach her”

Maan: Dadi aap fikar math kejiye, Geet is with me, we will their by 2 hours, what Pari is doing Dadi?

Dadima: she wants to talk to Geet, she is so much worried and not even having her dinner also, I have tried to convince her lot but she is not listening to me, she is sitting in the garden and crying

Maan felt bad for Pari and said “Dadi, please give call to Pari, we will talk to her”

Dadima: said ok, she went to garden and said “Pari aap ke liye phone hai”

Pari eyes twinkled in joy and said “kya mummy ne call kiya hai” and without listening to Dadi she took phone from Dadi and said “Mummy aap kaha wo? Pali dar gai hai, plz zaldi havo naa, Pali badmesi nahi kalegi, pls mummy, aap bolte kyun nahi? Pls kuch boliye naa”

Maan had tears in his eyes listening to Pari and gave call to Geet and said “Geet, Pari se bath karo, wo roh rahi hai”



Geet and Pari talk- Maan listening to them

Maan taking care of Geet

Pari helping Maan


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