MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 32



Morning she woke up early and prepared breakfast and tea to everyone. Meera also helped Geet. Geet woke up Pari and after bath she dressed Pari and then Geet also got ready. After having breakfast, Dev Mohinder Geet Meera Pari and Arnav went to airport to drop Geet and Pari, Geet took ashirvad from Mohinder, he had tears in his eyes, because this is the first time he is staying away from Geet for one week, and he is also proud of his daughter because of her achievement. Geet bidded bye to everyone and Geet and Pari sat in the flight, Pari was so enthusiastic because this is the first time she is seeing such a big flight, after the Geet boarded flight Dev Meera and Mohinder went back home. After announcement Geet and Pari’s journey started from Pune to Delhi after one hour 18 minutes flight landed at Delhi Airport



When Geet and Pari came out they were greeted by Savithri Devi. Dadima welcomed both Geet and Pari and they walked towards exit after collecting their luggage. Pari was every much happy because this is the first time she travel in flight and now she is seeing a new city, she had not gone anywhere.

Dadima saw Geet face and said “Geet beta agar aap bura naa manhe toh mein apse kuch kahu”

Geet: Jee Dadimaa boliye naa

Dadima: Geet actually tumhe pick up karne ke liye Maan haye hue hai, wo kya hai naa aaj hamara drive time par nahi haya tha isliye hume Maan ka madad lena pada, aur Maan ko abhi tak nahi pata hai ki aap hane wale hai

Geet: shockingly What!!!!!!  The people who were surrounding looked at her in surprise…then Geet continued Par Dadima,

Dadima: Geet kuch nahi hoga, aap chaliye toh sahi hum hey aapke sath, gabrane ki koi zarurath nahi

Geet thought: mujhe aur koi chara bhi nahi, if I go to Pinky house then they will get doubt after seeing Pari, and when I go to office where I will leave Pari, I think its better to go with Dadima and she will take care of Pari when I go to office, and there will be no tension of Pari for me if she is with Dadima. Aur kya pata agey Pari ko hey naseeb milega ka bhi nahi ki wo uske papa aur par dadi ke sath waqt bitaah paye, let her enjoy for some days atleast

Geet came out of her thought when Dadima shook her shoulder and said “its ok Dadima, chaliye….Pari kaha hai”

Dadima showed Geet, Pari who was waiting for Geet and looking around the surrounding with amusement. Dadi hold Pari’s hand and they came out of airport. Pari saw Maan who was busy in his phone checking mails. Pari took her hands from Dadi and went towards Maan saying “uncal…..uncal”. Maan who was busy in replying to mails heard someone calling uncle and raised his head up and saw Pari coming towards him running. Dadi and Geet saw each other and Geet kept quiet because she already knew about their closeness, Dadi did not say anything but she was happy seeing father and daughter together. Maan saw Geet and Dadi, then Pari and was very happy because now he came to know that Geet is staying with Pari in his outhouse and he thanked his Dadi in his mind only. Then his eyes saw a car coming towards Pari, Maan shouted “princess wait, don’t come”, but Pari did not listen to him and started coming towards Maan, Geet screamed “PARIII”, even Dadi was also shocked, then Geet ran towards Pari, at the same time Car was about to hit Pari but Maan rushed towards Pari and took her in his arms and hold her tightly and kissed all the face. Pari got scared with the events just now happened and she clutched to Maan tightly, Geet sighed in relief after seeing Pari safe, she was so much angry on Pari for not listening to her, Dadi came to Geet and saw her face full of tensions and said “Pari teek hai Geet cool down now”

Geet: Mujhe Pari se bath karni hai Dadima, tell him to leave her

Dadi: abhi nahi Geet, Pari bhi dari hui hai, hum phele ghar chalte hai uske badh bhath karthe hai

Without any option Geet agreed to Dadi and thanked Maan in her mind for saving Pari. Pari did not leave Maan so he kept her on his lap and started car, while Geet and Dadi sat in the backseat. Maan saw Geet face, she looked so tired and he can make out what was going in her mind, After few minutes they all reached Khurana Mansion. Dadi got down from the car first and went inside house to get arti taal (which Dadi made it ready before going to airport). Nakul gave the taal to Dadi. Geet was about to enter the house, but Dadi stopped her by saying “Geet this is the first time you and Pari are entering house so let me take aarti first for you and Pari”

Geet: iska koi zarurath nahi hai Dadi, mien edar sirf ek hafta ke liye hoon

At the same time Maan also came inside, but Dadi stopped him saying that she should take aarti for Pari, who was in his arms, Dadi made Maan and Geet to stand side by side but there was little with distance between them. Dadi took aarti to Geet and she entered house with her baggage and Maan with Pari. Dadi took her to the room next to her and made Geet and Pari to stay there. Geet was totally confused and she was very well aware why Dadi took aarti of her and Maan together, and Meera told Geet that she is staying in outhouse but Dadi is making Geet to stay in Khurana Mansion


Geet called Meera and informed she has reached safety and asked about Geet’s father health. Then Geet informed what all happened in Delhi after she came here. Meera was angry with Dadi, because Dev had already informed about his talk with Maan on Arnav’s birthday night. Meera convinced Geet by saying everything will be fine she will talk to Dadi now. Then Geet sat on the bed thinking about Pari who still did not come to her. Meanwhile Meera called Dadi and asked “Dadi what are you doing with Geet, why did you take aarti to her, Dadi please don’t hurt Geet more now, you know very well she does not like all this and first of all Maan bhai did not accepted her has wife then how can you do this Dadi, Even Dev also informed about his converstion with bhai then also you are doing this”…Meera knew she is little bit rash to Dadi but she cant tolerate Geet facing more problems, she first wants Maan to accept Geet as his wife and then she also she wants him to understand the pain Geet as gone through till now. When Meera did not get any answer from Dadi she felt bad for being rude with her and said “Sorry Dadi, you know I consider myself responsible for Geet’s condition today Dadi. Because of me she came to farmhouse, whenever she was with me I saved her from other boys who were ragging her but Dadi, I was not able to save her from my own brother Dadi, mein usko aur taqleef mein nahi dekh sakti Dadi”

Dadi felt bad for Meera and said “Meera why are you asking sorry with me, I should ask with you, I totally forgot about Geet and Maan relation. I wanted to welcome her to this house as bahu, sorry what I did may be wrong for you and Geet in your view, mien todha bahvna mein agayee thi ki I forgot everything and I thought only to welcome Geet and Pari as my DIL and Great grand daughter, ok now listen as I promised you Geet will stay in outhouse,I will take care of her Meera”


Later Dadi called Nakul and told him to keep Geet luggage in outhouse, and told Geet “Sorry Geet, when I heard that you are coming I forgot about everything, I know I hurted you but I am really sorry for that”

Geet: nahi Dadima apko sorry bolne ki koi zarurath nahi, I can understand your feeling, I know that you were happy that your great granddaughter is staying with you, that’s the reason you forgot about everything and welcomed us

Dadi: Geet one more request you are not going to prepare anything at outhouse, we will have food together hope you don’t mind

Geet did not liked it, but she cant show it to Dadi and said “no problem Dadi, we will join you while having food, but where is Pari Dadi, I am not able to see her after coming here, its already one hour I have not seen her”

Dadi: I think she is with Maan Geet, you go and freshen up, I will send her, we will have lunch together

Geet: ji Dadi

After Geet went Dadi went in search of Maan and Pari, Here Pari was surprised to see such a big bunglow, she remembered the King story her teacher thought in the last class and thought her Maan uncle is king leaving in such a big palace, Maan and Pari both were busy in playing, Dadi was very much happy looking at them and then came inside room and said “Pari, aapki mumma apko dhoond rahi thi, chaliye hum apko unke pass lekar jate hai”

Maan: Dadi they are staying with us right then why are you taking Pari

Dadi: no Maan Pari and Geet both are not staying in Mansion, they will stay in outhouse

Maan: but Dadi

Dadi: but what Maan, first you were not interest in the guest coming here and I told you clearly that they will stay in outhouse you agreed for that and now you want them to stay with us, why can I know the reason behind this

Maan: nahi Dai aise kuch nahi hai, actually I want to spend time with Pari so I asked, why cant you tell Geet to stay in the Mansion Dadi, so that they will close to us

Dadi: kyun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maan dunno what to answer, he did not liked Pari and Geet staying far from him and he knows that he cant pressurize Dadi, because Dadi will ask so many questions with him. Without willing he left Pari to go with Dadi.


Here Geet came to outhouse and Nakul kept her bag in master bedroom and said “Madamji apko kuch chaiye”

Geet: Jii…aap muje Madam kyun bhula rahe wo, please aap mujhe Geet kekar pukariye, mein apse choti hoon

Nakul: jii Geet ji…..he like her very much and remembered the incident took place in Mansion when he called Nita by her name she made it has big issue and Nakul got class from Niharika, and Nita’s parents

Geet: Nakul bhaiya…….please mujhe sirf Geet kahiye

Nakul said ok and then he said “Geet I am sorry” Geet looked let him questioningly and then Nakul continued “I would have saved you from Maan baba when you came to Chandigarh, mere laparwahi ki wajay se aapko itne bada kimat chunkani padi, jab mien farmhouse pawas ayee mien Ramu kaka ne sab bata diye, please mujhe maaf kijiye”

Geet remembered the incident once again and she had tears in her eyes and said “bhaiya, aapko mafi mangneki koi zarurath nahi hai, ye sub mera naseeb mein likha tha, please don’t blame yourself for the incident, I am happy with my daughter, and I have already forgot that incident”

Nakul: wo Pari Maan baba ke beti hey naa to which Geet nodded her head, because she knows she cant lie , then Nakul said “Jab meine dadi ko bataya unhone Maan baba se bhat nahi kit hi, jab Niharika ji ka dehanth wo gaya unhone tab Maan baba se bhath ki”. Geet was shocked to listen that Dadi did not talk to Maan for more than three years. Meanwhile Dadi entered with Pari. Nakul took Pari in his arms and said “Dadima hey bilkul Maan baba ke upar gaye hai”. To which Dadi just smiled having tears in her eyes, Geet was feeling awkward in front of them, So she went to room and arranged her and Pari’s clothes in cupboard. Geet took Pari to washroom and after freshening up, Geet made Pari to wear new dress then brought her Dadi who was waiting for them. Geet did not want to go Mansion so early so she send Pari along with Dadi saying that she has some work to do and will join them soon. Dadi did not pressurize Geet, she went along with Pari to Mansion, because even Pari want to go to her Maan Uncle


When Dadi came to Mansion, Maan who was in hall reading paper rushed towards Dadi and took Pari in his arms, Pari was looking cute with the new dress she wore. Dadi was annoyed with Maan, because even she need sometime to spend with Pari. Then Maan said “Dadi, why did you take such a long time to bring Pari here, you know I was waiting for her”

Dadi: Maan, we went from here 45minutes before only, you are saying as if we have taken whole day, now leave Pari here, I want to spend time with her

Maan: No Dadi, I want to spend time with her now, from tomorrow she will be with you only when I go to office and without waiting for Dadi’s answer he took Pari to his room

Nakul who came with black coffee for Maan, looked at Dadi and Pota amusing and said “Dadi kya Maan baba ko pata hai ki Pari unki beti hai”

Dadi: Haan isliye itna uchal raha hai

Nakul: Dadi then tell him to get marry to Geet, so that they both with stay with him

Dadi: kya karein Nakul abhi tak Maan ko hai pata nahi chala ki wo Geet ke liye kuch mashoos kar raha hai, aur hum Maan ka upar koi dawav nahi dhalna chate hai, he should understand his mistake and he only should come with solutions now, I am not going to help, let us wait and see how things changes once Nita and Maan marriage date fix again, in this one year we will see to that Maan spending much time with Pari and also we should make him understand what he is missing, without taking Geet and Pari’s name

Nakul: wo kaise Dadi

Dadi: hum sochte hai uske barien mein…apko dophar ka khara tayyar kijeye

Nakul said ok and went to kitchen


Maan was enjoying his life like anything after meeting Pari, they both were playing. Here Geet got call from Dadi saying that lunch is ready and she is waiting for her. With hesitantly going towards Mansion, in the meantime Pari was chasing Maan, and they both were laughing like anything, Geet was looking at them with tears in her eyes, she saw her baby enjoying with her father and then Maan dashed Geet, as he was looking at Pari, he did not see Geet standing there and even Geet forgot that she was standing in the corridor. When Geet was about to fall Maan hold her securely in his arms, has it was sudden he was not able to get the grip he fall down taking Geet on him.

Geet’s softness pressed to Maan’s hard chest, they both lost in the eyelock, their trance broke when they heard Pari clapping her hand saying that “mama gir gayi uncal upar”, Geet tried to get up from Maan, but her duppata was lying her Maan’s back so she was not able to get up, Maan saw Geet struggling and then he helped her by taking duppata from his back and gave it to him. Dadi and Nakul both giggled seeing them. Geet was embarrassed and scolded herself for thinking of Maan. They all sat was lunch, Geet first filled Pari’s plate with Dal and rice, then she was feeding her, she was running around the dining room, sometimes she sit on Maan’s lap or Dadi’s lap, Geet had very difficult to feed her whenever she was with Maan, but she did not had any other choice, Maan saw Geet’s uneasiness to feed food for Pari and then took plate from Geet and kept it on table, then he took Pari in his arms and took her out to the garden, Pari was playing in Garden and Maan was feeding her, Geet and Dadi both looked at each other, because Pari was eating silently with Maan and playing in garden

After Pari’s lunch Maan took Pari inside Mansion, Geet took Pari to the guest room and washed her face, and then she came to dining room along with Pari. Geet sat next to Dadi holding Pari in her arms but our madam Pari want to sit with her father, Pari came down from Geet’s lap and went towards Maan who was eating Pasta, Maan made her sit on his lap and gave Pasta to her also, Here Geet was full of jealousy, The lunch was silent, Maan first finish his lunch and went to his room taking Pari and they both slept. After sometime Dadi took Geet to Maan’s room so that Geet can make Pari to sleep, when Dadi opened the door she was surprised to see Pari sleeping on Maan’s chest and Maan holding securely in his arms, Geet did not liked Pari getting so close to Maan and then decided after going from Delhi I will make sure that Maan and Pari does not meet each other. She spent some time with Dadi and came to her room in outhouse


Geet was sitting near the window working on laptop for tomorrow’s project, because she knows ones her daughter come to her then it will be difficult for her to work, so before she wakes up from her sleep Geet thought of working on her projects. Here Pari woke up after two hours, she looked around, her Mom was no where to seen, she saw Maan who was sleeping peacefully, she went near his ear and shouted “uncal uto mumma nahi hai”…Maan got up from his sleep and saw Pari who was in urgeof crying, her yes was full of tears thinking about her mom. Maan got worried looking at Pari took her in his arms and said “princess please don’t cry, come lets go to your mumma she is in outhouse”, to which Pari nodded her head because she is worried about Geet, has she is in new place, then Maan walked towards outhouse along with Pari. When they both near to outhouse he saw Geet who was busy in her work, Maan was admiring Geet, Pari looked at Maan who was standing like a statue, then she looked at the direction Maan was looking, she was happy to see Geet there and shouted “Mummy Mummy”, she who was busy in the work came out of her trance when she heard Pari calling her, then she saw Pari with Maan, Pari came out from Maan’s hold ran towards her mother, Geet was feeling so happy because finally Pari came to her from morning she was waiting for Pari, Geet hugged Pari tightly then kissed her both the cheeks, tears were forming in Geet eyes. Pari wiped the tears and kissed Geet’s cheeks and said “Pali dal gayi thi mummy”

Geet: Kyun Pari dar gayi

Pari: aap Pali ke pass nahi, Pali soh gayi thi

Geet: ohh mera baccha dar gai….par aap mujhe chodke gayi thi mien edari tha

Pari: solly mummy….said holding her ears

Maan was watching Geet and Pari from far, he smiled looking at them, he liked Pari’s cute antics and Geet face, he saw both mother and daughter busy in talking and then he left from their without saying anything. After making Pari comfortable Geet asked Pari “how you came here, how do you know that I am here?”

Pari: Uncal brought me here mummy, he is there and showed towards the door where Maan was standing

Geet looked around, she did not find anyone there. Then Geet showed Pari the new house and Pari was telling Geet about the king story which her teacher taught her in school, Geet listened to her patiently and then Geet got call from Dadima, to come to Mansion along with Pari. When Geet went she saw Dadima and Maan sitting on couch. She silently went and sat with Dadima, and thought “I am trying to avoid him so much but I always land up before him only, then he looked up and said kyun aap aise kar rahe ho babaji, hamesha mein unke samne kyun aati hoon”, Maan who was reading file looked up when he heard Pari talk, he saw Dadima and Pari busy talking and then looked at Geet who was looking up and her lips was moving and thought “hey pagal hogaye hai, upar kis se bath kar rahi hai”

Geet after talking to babaji looked down and then her eyes met Maan who was looking at her once and then looking up, he did it so many times. Geet came to know that he is asking with whom she is talking looking up Geet felt was embarrassed and turned her face towards Dadi, Maan smiled looking at her, Geet saw that Maan is laughing at her from corner of eyes then she looked up and thought “dekho babaji kaise besharam se hass rahe hai”. Dadi saw Maan and then Geet, then she broke the silence asked Geet about the work. Then Geet said to Dadi “I have little work to do I will go to complete it Dadi”

Dadi: you do it here only beta if Pari cries again …wait I will tell Nakul to bring your laptop and files

Geet: no need Dadi, I will do it myself…then Geet went to outhouse took necessary files along with laptop and went to Mansion and then said “Dadi can I work in guest room”

Dadi: iss mein puchne wali kya bhath hai Geet you can work anywhere you want.

Later Geet went to guest room closed the door and started working, she wanted to be far from Maan, For dinner Dadi sent Nakul to call Geet, she joined them for dinner and after dinner she informed Dadi that she is going to outhouse and requested Nakul to bring Pari, to which Dadi and Nakul agreed. Maan came to know that Geet is avoiding him, but he was thankful to her because she left Pari at Mansion, Maan took Pari to terrace and sat with her in swing, the feeling was great, now he understood that Pari came to his life like angel, she was his life, he forgot his tensions when he was with Pari, he remembered their first meet to till now and now happy because he is father of Pari, her tiny hands hugged him, and both father and daughter where looking at full moon, Mean while Nakul came with milk for Pari, Maan made her drink milk and he was patting at her shoulder. After sometime Nakul came to Maan to take Pari to Geet, Maan half heartedly gave Pari to Nakul he did not like the distance between them, but he knows that Pari needed her mom now and also Geet needs Pari.

Maan was standing in terrace and looked down he saw Nakul taking Pari to outhouse, After that he saw Geet taking her towards her room, Geet made Pari to sleep in cot and came towards window and sat there, Geet was not able to see Maan, but Maan was watching her without blinking his eyes, she was looking as pure as before, she was looking even more beautiful in moonlight. Maan kept on watching her until she went to sleep then he came to his room and slept dreaming her.



  • Geet Meeting Pinky
  • Geet in Maan’s office
  • Geet and Pinky going to see site
  • Geet in danger
  • Maan saving Geet



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