MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 31




Pari nodded her head, and before going Dev wiped her tears in his hanky, gave her chocolates and then kissed her forehead, Pari went towards Arnav and started to play with him, but Maan was not able to control his feelings, he went to terrace, Dev saw and followed Maan



When Dev came to terrace he was Maan who was deeply in thought, Dev went and put his hand on Maan’s shoulder and said “Maan sab teek hai naa”

Maan turned back and saw Dev, he hugged him tightly, is eyes was full of tears and said “Pari kaha hai Dev, mujhe Pari ke barien mein tumse kuch bhath karne hai”

Dev: Definitely Maan, we will talk about Pari, but now time for us to go down, party is going to be end soon, so we will talk later, and this is not the right him

Maan: Teek hai Dev, you go down I will come within few minutes

Dev came down and saw Geet and Pari were ready to go home, Dev wanted to send them with Maan, But Maan was nowhere to seen, and then Karan informed Dev that he will take them, to which Meera and Dev agreed. Geet and Pari went with Karan to home and here Maan came down from terrace, his eyes was looking in and around to get glimpse of Pari, Dev saw Maan’s restlessness and came near to him and said “Maan, Pari and Geet went to home with Karan, I was looking for you, but you were not there so me and Meera agreed to send them with Karan”. Maan did not said anything, later they had dinner. Meera was so tired and said “Dev, Arnav has already slept and I am also going to sleep because I am so tired today, you take care of remaining things…Goodnight”

Dev: Goodnight Meera, you go and sleep I will take care

Once all the guests went, Dev and Maan informed servants to clean, once servant finished cleaning they went and changed their dress. Dev came to Maan’s room and saw Maan lying on the bed. He knocked door and came inside, Maan looked at the door and saw Dev coming in, Dev said on the bed and said “Can we go to terrace, we can talk freely there”, to which Maan nodded his head and went to along with Dev to terrace. They started having their drinks and then Dev said

Dev: aab batau Maan, Tum kuch bhath karna chante te

Maan: Dev, I think you know about my and Geet relationship through Meera

Dev: Yes I know about it, but I just wanted to know what you want to discuss with me

Maan: aaj Pari ka bath sunkar bahut bura lag raha hai mujhe, meine kabhi socha bhi nahi tha ki, mera ek choti si galti mujhe yaha lakar kada kar degha,

Dev: Maan you are thinking it has choti si galti

Maan: see Dev, please I don’t want to discuss about it, but I want to know full details of Pari and Geet

Dev: ok tell me what you want to know about Pari

Maan: Dev mujhe Pari ke barien mein pata karna hai, I need her birth certificate, can you please get it from Geet, or the nursing home where Pari’s birth took place or from school, Geet will not doubt you, because you are close to Geet,

Dev: why do you need birth certificate Maan, what is going on your mind hope you are not doubting about Geet character or Pari being your child

Maan: No Dev, not like that I need it for me, I don’t need any certificate for that, because I know that Pari is my daughter

 Dev: Then why you need birth certificate

Maan: I need to celebrates Pari’s birthday, and as a father I need her birth certificate and also necessary document which related to Pari to be with me, I have the right to keep it with me

Dev surprisingly: What!!!!!!!!

Maan: Dev,I think Geet is not able to take care of Pari’s needs properly, so I thought of helping Pari, as a father I have right to spend for Pari

 Dev: Are you ok Maan? Or you lost your mind somewhere said Dev quiet angrily and then continued I agree that you have right to spend to Pari has a father, but for you I want to make one thing clear here Maan, you are not married to Geet

Maan: why are you talking like this Dev, I told you that I want to take Pari’s responsibility and what is wrong in that 

Dev: what do you mean by Pari’s responsibility, till now you were not there to take care of her, Geet was the only one who has taken care of her needs and she is the one who suffered in this, because of you she is leading this life…. then what about Geet Maan, do you think what people talk about you both when they comes to know about this, why should always Geet suffer

Maan: Dev you are not getting my points clearly, I said I want to support Geet financially so that my daughter wont  face any problem or else she can give my daughter to me I will take care of her

Dev: are you gone nuts Maan, I saw you talking Geet snap when she came to party without her knowledge and now you are not thinking about Geet, what do you mean by that Maan

Maan: she was looking good Dev, so I took her snaps, what’s wrong in that, and she is the mother of my child, so I can take snaps of her, I took Pari’s snap also because I want to keep it in album

Dev took Maan’s phone which was on table and deleted Geet snap from it and gave it to him, Maan was totally confused what Dev did, then Maan took his phone and saw that Geet pictures were missing from gallery, he got angry and asked

Maan: Dev what the hell………….why did you deleted Geet snap in my mobile said frustratingly

 Dev: Maan I think first you should decide what you want and where Geet and Pari stand in your life. you don’t worry about Pari, till now Geet has taken care of her very well and then she will look after Pari in future also, Maan money is not everything in life you, I really feel bad for you because still you dunno the importance of life partner. By saying I am the father of Pari is so easy Maan, but did you ever thought of the problems Geet had faced because of you. I don’t understand Maan, how you can so easily say Pari is my daughter, first thing here is you forced Geet, second you did not get married to her, and you were not their when she was in labor, you were not there to protect her from Vikram. When Geet faced so much in her life then how can you go in front of her like you did not do anything wrong to her. And don’t forget that I and Meera will not support you in this

Dev calmed himself and said “don’t take me wrong Maan, has a brother of Geet I will support her only when I feel that you are worth for Geet, and when you understand what you have done to Geet and accept Pari and Geet as you daughter and wife whole heartedly then tell me I will help you, Good night Maan”…saying this Dev went to his room without waiting for his answer. Then Dev went to his room and sat near window ‘pata nahi bhagwan kab Maan ko uska galti ka esshas hoga, still he is thinking money can do everything for him, I should make him understand the importance of Geet and Pari. I know Geet will not support me but when I have Pari with me I will make sure that Maan and Geet will not separate and I know that Dadi will also help me. first I should make Pari and Maan relation strong so that it is difficult to Maan to leave without Pari and then Maan should get closure to Geet. Pari is only one option and both of them loves her very much so these two of them will not have any option…but let me think about the plan latter and plan accordingly’…..Dev decided what he should do and smiled wickedly, then he slept holding Arnav in his arms

Here Maan did not understand head and tail of what Dev said to him and thought “what is wrong if I help Geet financially why Dev is acting like I am doing something wrong. I need my daughter to be safe, and get all the facilities. I know Geet has taken care of Pari but has a father even I have right on my baby”…….then he came out of thought and said “Maan tu pagal ho gaya hai, first concentrate on projects which is lined up and after that you can decide”…he convinced himself and went to sleep”



Pari kept quiet till she reached house and immediately questioned her “Maa mere Papa kaha hai”…Geet was already in pain after seeing Maan and Pari in party and today’s temple visit. She was surprised by Pari’s question, never in her dream she thought Pari will ask about her dad so soon. She thought first she will convince her and latter she can decide what she should answer to Pari and said “Pari its too late now, so you sleep now I will inform you in the morning”…saying this Geet changed and made Pari to wear night dress. She was patting Pari, but Pari was not ready to sleep unless her mom answer to her questions and then she again asked “Maa papa kaha hai”...without any option Geet lied to her daughter saying that her father is in studying in US and he did not return back.

Pari: Mere Papa ka naam kya hai Maa

Geet was shocked and dunno what to answer her daughter, she did not like to lie to Pari about her father name and then said “Pari you father name is Maan” Pari was so much happy and she clapped her hands, Geet was scared that Pari might ask some more details of her father, so she made her sleep by telling bedtime stories to her. Then she went and sat near the window staring at moon and thought

Geet thought: when Pari grow up, she will face so many problems, people will ask about her dad, how my daughter will face them, for children both father and mother are important, they need both of them. When Pari ask about her father and if I say what happened in my life to her will she believe with me?. I can’t tell truth to Pari? I can’t face Pari, what will I do now and then she looked up and said “babaji please help me”  she had tears in her eyes and then again thought “Naina is very much fond of Pari, if I give Pari to her she will look after her very well then, even Sameer also loves Pari. Pari will get both father and mother’s love, and Pari will not feel ashamed in future” Geet was crying bitterly thinking about Pari, then she heard her father calling her, she went to his room after wiping her tears.

Geet: Papa apne mujhe bulaya

Mohinder: Geet, mujhe pani chaheye, flask mein pani nahi tha isliye tujhe bulaya

Geet: Sorry Papa, mien bhool gaye….abhi layee

When Geet went to bring water, Mohinder after listening to Geet’s voice he very well knew that Geet was crying till now, even he had tears thinking about his daughter’s future. He saw Geet coming; he wiped his tears and said Geet to take rest because he has office tomorrow. Geet just nodded her head and went to sleep. She holds Pari tight in her arms and slept peacefully


When Geet woke up in the morning it was already 6.30am. she cursed herself for not keeping alarm and thought “people say ‘you will have peace while sleep keeping children’s in your arms while you sleep’ today she agreed with that, I was not able to sleep in the night, but when after taking Pari in my arms I slept peacefully”. Geet kissed Pari’s forehead and said “I cant leave without you Pari, As I thought yesterday I will not give you to Naina and Sameer, I need you with me, whatever might happen I will face this society but I cant think about my life without you, you are sunshine of my life”

Pari woke up when Geet tears fall on her forehead, she looked at her mother and hugged her tightly, it pained her so much seeing her mother crying, she is everything to her

When a mother cries,
Her tears stab at her daughter’s heart
As they plummet to the floor

When a mother cries
Her daughter cries too
She cries because she does not know what is wrong
She cries because she can’t get rid of her mother’s pain
She cries most of all because she loves her mother

When a daughter cries because her mother cries
Her mother cries more
She cries because her pain has hurt her daughter
She cries because she does not want to see her daughter cry because of her
She cries most of all,
Because she loves her daughter

Once the tears have ceased however,
What remains is love
The love forever shared between a mother and a daughter

Later Geet got ready and dressed Pari also; Geet gave breakfast and medicine to her father and Geet and Pari went to bus stop, there were lot of people waiting for bus so Geet thought of meeting Dev first and then drop Pari at school and go to office.


When Geet and Pari reached Dev clinic Dev was in rounds, Geet waited for him in his cabin. Later when Dev came to his cabin Geet with hesitantly asked “bhai…wo Papa ko thoda fever abhi bhi hai”

Dev thought: I am treating Geet like my own sister, here she is still hesitant to talk to me….

Pari went towards Dev and sat on his lap and said “Good morning mamu”

Dev: Ohhh sorry Pari I did not see you and looking towards Geet  and said “you don’t worry Geet I will take care of him”, at the same time Maan entered Dev’s cabin without knocking and he was surprised to see Geet there, Geet and Maan shared the eye lock, Geet came out of trance and left cabin without saying anything, then Maan looked at Dev and saw Pari sitting on his lap, Maan was feeling jealous, he went near Dev and took Pari in his arms and kissed her cheeks. Meanwhile Dev said “Maan wait for two minutes I will be back, Geet is running late to office, let me drop her first and come, you be here with Pari” Dev came out of his cabin taking car keys without waiting for Maan’s answer

Dev saw Geet near the gate and called her and said “Geet wait, I will drop you” even Geet and no other option she was running late and she want to go out of Maan’s sight as soon as possible.  After few minutes Dev dropped Geet at office and Dev came to his nursing home she saw Maan and Pari , he smiled at them and said “Pari chalo, I will drop you to school”

Maan: Dev can I go and drop Pari, actually I came here to inform you that          I am starting to Delhi now, when I woke up you were not there

Dev: are you sure you are going to drop Pari

Maan: Yes, even I want to talk principle and see school where Pari is studying

Dev gave school address of Pari’s school to Maan . Maan went along with Pari to “Little Millennium” school. Pari showed way to her class and Maan kissed Pari’s cheek and made her sit in the class. He said bye to her and went to Head Mistress Margaret. Maan introduced himself has Maan Singh Khurana after of Parnita. Maan did not had much problem because Geet has mentioned his name in the father column while admitting Pari in the school and as Pari looks like Maan, Maan even showed his ID card to HM. Maan gave donation to school and paid complete fees for the year. HM Margaret was very much happy with that and Maan informed Margaret to call him in case of emergency or any matter related to Pari. After the discussion Margaret took Maan to Pari’s class room and introduced him to the Pari’s class teacher, then Margaret showed him the school. Later Maan went to Meera’s house


 Maan came to Meera house and said “Meera I am moving now, Sasha and Adi already boarded flight to Delhi, we have to start Kapoor project soon

Meera: Bhai please stay today though the birthday was yesterday, we have planned to party today it does not look good if you are not there

Maan: Meera I will come next time, now I am very much busy with projects and I have already wasted lot of time, please don’t force me now, once I finished major projects I will come and stay with you guys for sometime

Meera knowing his nature she allowed him to go. Maan bidded bye to Meera and Arnav and boarded flight to Delhi, he was not able to forget the time he spend with Pari from the day he met her till now and Geet picture was coming in his mind now and then. Maan closed his eyes to sleep so that he can forget Geet and Pari, but it did not happened, whenever he tried to close his eyes Geet and Pari pictures came in front of him and he thought “I would have been happy if I did not meet Pari, I dunno why I cant stay without her, he remembered the day when he forced Geet and then he remembered Geet fall unconscious on his arms…it looks like Geet is waiting for me, and Pari she has changed my life completely, I am craving for her touch and talk. I cant leave without Pari. Is it possible for me to forget Geet and Pari and get marry to Nita, will I lead happy life with Nita? Till now I don’t have any feeling for Nita…hey kaise kasauti hey zindagi ki, Pati aur Geet se milne se phele mein khush tha, aab mein kaise jee sakta hoon Pari ke bina, Arnav ke birthday Pari was in my arms for few hours I had peaceful sleep”……the was thinking about Pari till he reached Khurana Mansion


Next few days passed peacefully to everyone. Arjun called Geet who was busy with project and informed her that she should go to Delhi to visit the site along with Pinky. Geet cant deny that because Shiv has already informed about this to her, she was confused what she is going to do in Delhi, that to she should work with Maan and his team. Here Mohinder was not feeling well, she cant give Pari’s responsibility to Meera because she herself cant stay without Pari for a week’s time. Then she went to home and informed to Mohinder about her trip and he suggested her to go to Delhi and he will manage here. Geet called Meera and informed her also about her trip to Delhi. Meera told Geet to give time till tomorrow morning and she will let her know about arrangements

Meera told Dev about Geet’s trip and they decided to ask help from Dadi. Meera called Dadi and told her about Geet trip. Dadi was very much happy and she told “Meera tell Geet to stay with me with Khurana Mansion till she is in Delhi”

Meera: no Dadi you can force her when Maan bhai is staying in Khurana Mansion

Dadi: Meera I have plan why cant we tell Geet to stay in outhouse, I will inform Maan that someone near to me will stay in outhouse for weeks time he will agree with that. I will take care of Pari when Geet goes to office. What you say

Meera: but Dadi will she agree for that, you know about Geet’s nature and if Nita comes to meet Maan then it will be problem to Geet and Pari

Dadi: you dont worry about that Meera, Nita will not come here because she has gone on vacation to London for two months and she will not be here before that

Meera: what about my Dad and Mom

Dadi: ufff Meera just listen no one is coming here for another one month’s time. You tell Geet what I said and convince her to stay with me, even I want to spend time with Pari and Geet


Meera without any other option she said Ok and informed same to Dev also to which he agreed then Meera called Geet and conveyed message to her

Geet: Meera tum pagal ho gai wo kya, how can I stay in your brother’s place and I am worried about Papa also

Meera: Geet, listen to me first of all you know anything about Delhi, and I cant let you to stay alone in hotel or any guest house. And for your kind information you are staying in Khurana Mansion outhouse and not in Khurana Mansion. Dadi will take care of that and Maan bhai will not come to know about that, because Dadi will tell him that someone will stay in outhouse for week’s time. Dadi will take care of the arrangement, you no need to worry about that, and regarding uncle he will stay with us till you come

Geet: Par Meera

Meera: stop it Geet, udar Dadi mujhe damki deh rahi hai aur yaha tum nakra kar rahi woo. Tum kabse mujse argue karna shuru kiya hai Geet, is that means that you don’t trust me for whatever my brother did to you, you are doubting on me Geet, how can you??? ………Meera stopped saying further and disconnected the call

Geet felt bad thinking that she hurt Meera and then called her again, asked sorry and said I am ok with whatever you say Meera please don’t cry, how can you even think that I will doubt on you Meera

Meera: sorry Geet, Dadi wanted to spend some time with you and Pari, so she requested her to do that and why you worry about Maan bhai Geet, Dadi will be there with you, and anyway you are working with him only right then why do you care for him just ignore him and do your work, when you go to office Dadima will take care of Pari

Geet: ok meri maa, I agree with you…now don’t show about your anger with Dev bhai

Meera opened her mouth and said “you are so mean Geet” and haan Geet one more thing I want to tell you, Pari is coming with you and if you stay in Pinky’s house then Adi will get daubt seeing Pari and you should answer so many questions of Pinky. Till now your office people have not seen Pari so it will be good if you stay with Dadi

Geet also felt what Meera is saying correct and then she agreed to Meera after that Geet told to Mohinder and first he hesitated to stay with Meera but he knows very well that Geet will not leave him alone in this house and go so finally he agreed. Here Meera informed Dadi that Geet will stay in outhouse.

Next day as per Geet instruction, Meera went to Pari’s school and gave leave letter of Pari to HM Margaret and she informed to Meera that Pari’s father MSK  came to office and he donated for school and paid Pari’s fees also. Meera informed to Margaret that MSK is her brother and Geet her bhabhi, she thanked god because Geet did not come to meet HM. Then he called Dev and informed what has happened at school.

Dev: Meera calm down, now you know about it and tell Geet that you have done that, or else Geet will not like and also make sure that Geet will not meet HM here after

Meera agreed with Dev and came home along with Pari after informing Geet about Pari’s leave


Here Geet came to office next day and handed over responsibility to Nandini, she waited for Pinky but she was not were to seen, then Geet called Nandini to check about Pinky whereabouts,

Nandini: Geet Pinky told to inform you that she will meet you in Delhi itself, she has taken off today so that she can spend sometime with him, and Geet even she told you to call her once you reach Delhi, and you can stay with Pinky, she will talk to Adi

Geet: no Nandini, I am staying in my relatives house (wah Geet Maan is relative to her he he he ), my daughter is also coming with me, I will talk to her and let her know about this and I will become kabab mein haddi if I stay with her, let Pinky spend some quality time with her husband

After discussion with team Geet called Pinky and informed Pinky that she is staying in her relative house, and meet her once she comes to Delhi to which Pinky agreed. Then Geet met Arjun and discussed official matter, later Geet collected her’s and Pari’s ticket from admin department. Geet told Nandini to keep in touch with her and also she can call Geet anytime if she is having any problems. Geet went to her cabin and took all the necessary files of projects before going home


Has per her conversation with Meera, Geet packed her’s and Pari’s dress then she went to Mohinder’s room and packed his bag and kept medicine along with that, Dev came to Geet house, he kept her bags in car and Mohinder sat in the car. While Geet locking door she saw Naina coming towards her house and asked “where are you going Geet”

Geet: I am going on official trip to Delhi for one week

Naina: you are going then why are you locking door where is Pari and uncle

Geet: Pari is coming along with me and Papa will stay in Meera’s house

Naina: why are you taking Pari with you Geet, you can leave her here, I will take care of her

Geet: no Naina, one week I can be far from Pari so I am taking her….

Naina: Geet then why did you asked me before taking decision, you are so selfish Geet, why cant you tell me directly that you did not liked my closeness with Pari, you are afraid that she will forget you if I am around her…said angrily

Geet did not liked to continue the discussion and now she came to know why Meera was alerting her everytime about Naina, she cursed herself for neglecting Meera’s words and said “Naina I am running late, and I don’t think I need to answer you anyway please don’t forget that Pari is my daughter and I don’t have any problem with you…and as a mother I have right to take my daughter and I do not need any permission from others” saying this Geet went and sat in the car. Mohinder and Dev saw Geet talking to Naina and guessed that they both had some serious discussion looking at Geet, they both did not want to hurt Geet further by asking her so they both kept quiet and driving was in silent

Dev Geet and Mohinder reached Meera’s house, Meera welcomed Mohinder happily and informed servant to keep his luggage in Guest room. They had their dinner together along with Arnav and Pari. Meera has already informed Pari about her trip to Delhi with Geet, and she will stay in Maan’s house along with Dadi. Dev checked Mohinder again and said Geet to not to worry he will take care and now temperature has been reduced. Pari slept soon and Dev took Arnav and went to his room. Meera took Pari in her arms and made her way to Maan’s room, Geet informed Meera about Naina, Meera was fuming in anger and said “I told you Geet to not to trust her, why didn’t you listen to me, now see how she behaved with you”

Geet: leave it Meera, anyway give me the address of Khurana Mansion

Meera: its not necessary dear, Dadi is going to pick you in the morning, so you don’t need to worry about that. Now you take rest and went to her room

Geet was not feeling sleepy, she was uncomfortable in that room and thought “why I am feeling uneasy? I know this is his room then also Meera gave me this room and if I say anything to her then madam ko itna gussa atha hai jaise meine kuch galat kiya hai, itna saal hogaya hai phir bhi I dekho naa babaji I still feel the same scent” she went and locked the door. She took Pari in her arms and slept

Morning she woke up early and prepared breakfast and tea to everyone. Meera also helped Geet. Geet woke up Pari and after bath she dressed Pari and then Geet also got ready. After having breakfast, Dev Mohinder Geet Meera Pari and Arnav went to airport to drop Geet and Pari, Geet took ashirvad from Mohinder, he had tears in his eyes, because this is the first time he is staying away from Geet for one week, and he is also proud of his daughter because of her achievement. Geet bidded bye to everyone and Geet and Pari sat in the flight, Pari was so enthusiastic because this is the first time she is seeing such a big flight, after the Geet boarded flight Dev Meera and Mohinder went back home. After announcement Geet and Pari’s journey started from Pune to Delhi after one hour 18 minutes flight landed in Delhi Airport



Dadi and Maan at airport

Maan knowing about Geet stay in out house

Maneet moments………

Maan and Pari enjoying in KM



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