MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 30



He remembered the night he spent with Geet in his farm house and current passed to his veins. He got zor ka zatka, his eyes filled with tears because Pari was his daughter, he was very much happy today, he thought of giving Pari’s details to detective today and this for that he needed snap of Pari so he came to Meera house and celebrate Arnavs birthday and along with that he can take Pari’s snap with him. Now he knew why he was feeling good when Pari was with him, why he forgot all his tensions talking to her? Why Pari behaves most of the time like him, even he remembered his mom saying that Pari is like him, he no need any proof for him to prove that Pari is his daughter and he sat on the chair thinking about Pari and Geet




Geet entered Meera’s house along with Pari, Maan was able to hear their talk

Geet: Meera please gussa math ho, papa ko bukhar hai,sare rath unhone sohe nahi, I was not able to come here leaving him alone at home, isliye late ho gaye…today morning Dev bhai aur Karan ha gaye the, after his check up Karan informed me that he will stay with Dad till I come back. So I thought

Meera cut her in the middle and told “you would have called and informed me about this”

Dev came to Geet rescue and said “Meera its better we go for temple or else we will late. Geet should go back home, I have requested Karan to stay back until we come, then we should arrange dinner for night also…chalo aab, abhi tak keh rahi thi ki Geet nahi ayee and now see you only making late”

Meera: haa haa aab aap mere bath kyun sunegi aapki behan toh hai aapki pass, jab dekho aap Geet ke side lethe wo, mujhe koi support nahi karta

Maan came down listening to the conversation of Dev and Meera and said “mein hoon naa Meera tumara sath, you favorite brother when I am there with you then why do you think that you are alone

Dev Meera and Geet looked at the voice and got shocked to see Maan there. Meera and Dev completely forgot about Maan and now they dunno how to face Geet. But Pari who saw Maan came to him and hugged his leg saying “uncle… ale you, I miss you” (Uncle how are you, I missed you so much). Geet first shocked to see Maan and then Pari telling him uncle, and thought: how Pari know about Maan, did Maan by any chance got to know she is his daughter, if he separate Pari from her then, she was sweating.

Dev saw Geet face and to lighten the mood Dev said “Meera Geet chalo aab, or else temple will be rushed, if we go early we can come early too” and then looked at Maan who was holding Pari in his arms and said “Maan we are going to temple, if he want you can join us”

Maan: sure why now, I am ready even I want to go to temple. From so many years I did not went to temple, so let’s go now

Dev sat in driver’s seat and Maan sat in front passenger seat, Meera and Geet in the backseat along with Arnav and Pari, then after few minutes Pari said “uncal I sit front,”(uncle I want to sit front).

Geet did not liked it and said slowly “no Pari, you will be sitting with us, no need to sit in front, if you want to see out come to the window side and see as much as you want”

Pari started to cry then Maan turned back and took Pari from Geet and made her to sit on his lap. Pari who sat on Maan’s lap, Maan wiped her tears then she started to ask so many questions and Maan was answering her patiently. Dev and Meera looked at each other, they can’t do anything now. Here Geet was feeling jealous seeing Pari closeness to Maan, earlier whenever they go out Pari will sit only with Geet and today Pari ignored her from the time she met Maan.

Geet thought: babaji please aaj mujhe himmat dena iss dust danav se mujhe bachne ke liye…aur unko hey pata na chale ki Pari unke beti hai…please babaji Pari mere jeene ka sahara ban gayi hai, please usko mujse math cheeni hai, Pari ke bina mein jee nahi pavunga. Pata nahi kab se unhone pari ko jante hai…Meera se isske barien mein puchna padega”

Geet came out of her thought when Arnav was crying. Arnav who was sitting with Geet, he was getting bored, even he wanted to sit in front with his father and said “pa mein age”(papa mein bhie agaye baitungi). Meera and Geet both tried to convince Arnav but he did not listen to them. Then Dev parked his car side and took Arnav and made him to sit on his lap

Meera and Geet silently talked to each other because after so many days they were alone

Geet whispering: Meera you tumara bhai nahi ayenge

Meera whispering: Even I dunno Geet, he told me he cannot come to Arnav’s birthday and today morning he came, I was about to call you and let you know, but I did not get the time dear I am sorry

Geet whispering: it’s ok Meera, one more thing, do your brother know that Pari is his daughter

Meera whispering: no Geet, he dunno anything about it, tum fikar math karo Geet, he only knows Pari has Dev’s friends daughter

Geet whispering: But how come he is so close to Pari, see today she did not come with me, she is enjoying with him

Meera: kyun tume jealous ho raha hai  kya Geet, Pari ko bhai ke sath dekh kar

Geet glared at Meera for making fun of her and then turned her face towards window. They reached Omkareshwar Temple first, Maan took Pari in his arms and Dev took Arnav and went inside temple along with Meera and Geet,

Omkareshwar Temple

They finished there pooja and came out of temple and they sat outside for sometime then Pari came towards Geet, Pari was talking to Geet and Meera, she was animating something to which Meera and Geet were laughing, Maan was feeling jealous now because Pari was with Geet, Dev came towards Maan and they both discussed about some family matter and then went to Chaturshringi Temple, this time Pari was sitting with Geet and slept on her lap due to tiredness. Even Arnav also slept on Dev, Meera took Arnav from Dev and made him to sleep on her lap. After sometime they reached temple

Chaturshringi Temple

Geet was trying to awake Pari, Dev parked car and took Arnav from Meera, Maan came towards Geet side and took Pari who was sleeping in Geet’s lap, Geet was completely shocked; she never thought that Maan will do like this. Maan guessed what is going on in Geet mind. Dev and Maan washed Pari and Arnav’s face, Then everyone went inside temple, after pooja they all came out  and Maan took car keys from Dev and started to Geet’s house, Journey was completely silent, has Geet want to go to house early first they dropped Geet and Meera informed her to come to party soon in the evening. Geet was hesitating to take Pari from Maan. Then Geet said “Pari chalo ghar agaya hai”

Pari: nee mumma, mein bua ke ghar javungi

Dev Meera and Geet looked at Pari in shock, then seeing this Meera said “Geet I will take Pari with me, anyhow you will come in the evening and don’t worry about her dress, I have extra dress for her at home” Geet just nodded her head and went inside her house and thought “iss Pari ka badmashi zada hogai, unke samne Meera ko bua bulenka kya zarurath thi, agar unko shaq hoga tho, wo meri barien mein kya sochenge, i dunno how I am going to face him today evening in the party, when he said he cant come for the party then what is the need for him to come…dust danav…kadus…hey Pari toh bikul unki jaisi hai, pata nahi babaji kyun mera sath aise kyun kar rahe hai…Geet tum temple wali hadse ko bilkul bhool gayi…see his guts how he came to me and took Pari from my lap, as if he is my husband”…her face became read thinking about him as her husband and then thought “Geet tu pagal ho gayi hai, pata nahi jabse unse mili hoon mera dimag kaam karna band kar gaya hai, aab mein unke sath bhi kaam karna hai pata nahi mein kaise karungi hey sab…chal Geet aab sochana band kar”


Maan turned car to Meera’s house then Dev got important call from nursing home so he went, Maan went to his room to change, he was thinking about Pari. Here Pari and Arnav were playing, and then Maan came out of his room so that he can spend some time with Pari. Pari who looked at Maan rushed towards him saying “uncle”, it pricked his heart for the first time, he wanted to listen Pari calling him “Daddy”, he knows now he should first make sure whether he is thinking right and then he will make Pari to call him Daddy. He was feeling like he has won this world when Pari touched him. He took her in his arms and kissed her full face, he was so much happy today. Meera was shocked to see Maan’s love towards Pari and then thought “Maan bhai might have came to know that Pari is Geet’s daughter, and he is thinking that Pari is his daughter, earlier he was confused with his emotions with Pari and now he came to know the reason for that so he is so much enthusiastic” Maan was not aware of his dearest sister’s son Arnav who was also playing with Pari

Meera at a moment left jealous seeing Maan closeness towards Pari, and smiled at herself and then thought “hey kudrath ka niyam hai ki maa baap apne bacche se zada payar karte hai”

At the same time Dev entered house and said to Meera “papa is having only fever, I dunno why Geet is so much scared, she said by evening if possible she will come” then went to his room to change his dress, they three of them discussed about evening get together party and finished their lunch.

Arnav sat on Dev’s lap, Maan heart ache looking at Pari, she was feeling sleepy, and her she kept her head on table then without saying anything he took Pari in his arms and went towards his room. Maan entered his room and made Pari to sleep on his bed, then he was looking at her…chubby cheeks, small nose, cute lips, dark eyes, straight hair, she was looking like princess. Pari was sweating badly, he switched on AC and opened her frock, his hand stopped like statue there because Pari is also having a black mole on right hand side, like him, with this his little bit doubt also got clarified

Meera and Dev stood in front of Maan room and was surprise to see Maan caressing Pari’s head, his eyes was showing so much love and happiness to Pari. Dev was very much happy to see father and daughter togetherness, they went to their room

Meera: Dev I think Maan came to know that Pari is his daughter…said Meera little worryingly

Dev: Meera, why do you worry so much, you should be thankful to babaji that Pari got her father’s love, you agreed with Dadi also on Geet office party day.

Meera: Dev you and Dadi both are not thinking about the consequences, I have heard that men’s don’t think about future, it would have been good if Maan bhai did not come to know about Pari. Even Geet wish was also same, for god sake Dev bhai is already engaged to Nita what about their marriage? What we will answer to Nita’s parents? If the society comes to know about this then will Geet able to leave a respectable life, no Dev, what we are going to answer our relatives? Aab tak Geet jo kuch sehna hai Maan bahi ki waja se who kya kafi nahi hai Dev, after so much struggle she now able to stand on her feet, you know today when we were in the car she even asked me whether bhai knows about Pari being his daughter, she has doubt Dev, then she will think that I am not trust worthy, she will doubt about my love and care towards her, how can I able to bare her questioning looks Dev.

Dev did not liked what Meera thought “when Maan itself recognized about his daughter then why is Meera worrying, may be now Geet will have life like others” said to Meera “Meera you did not tell Maan about Pari, when he only came to know about it why do you worry, leave it for god let him decide and one more thing Meera we may be relation to Maan, but we do not have right to decide about his personal life, let us wait and see what happens in future and I warn to Meera, leave it to Maan let him think about it, you did not say anything to Maan so no need to feel guilty, even Geet will not ask about this with you because she also knows that Pari looks exactly like Maan” saying this he changed his dress, he thought of talking to Maan before leaving house but then he thought that its important that Maan spend some time with Pari  and he came out of his house. Dev turned his car towards Geet’s house


Geet welcomed Dev inside house and he checked Mohinder and said “gabraneki koi bath nahi hai Geet, everything is normal, papa zaldi teek hojayenge thoda fever hai, and gave tablets and informed Geet what food to be given to Mohinder”. Geet cam behind Dev till door and hesitantly asked “what Pari is doing? She is very naughty bhai”

Dev: Pari is sleeping Geet, don’t worry about her we will take care and don’t forget about evening party or else Meera will come here to celebrate Arnav’s function and thought “Geet you are looking very beautiful without any make-up, why a beautiful flower like you should dry without any selfishness, I want to see you settling Geet, life partner zaruri hai Geet, may be what Maan did not forgivable but as a brother I need your safety, I want you and Maan to be together forever”

Dev came out his thought when he heard Geet saying “yeah bhai I will come in the evening don’t worry”. Dev smiled at her and turned his car towards his nursing home thinking that everything will go fine from now with Maan and Geet’s life


Here Maan closed his door and hugged Pari tightly; it was like she will disappear from his eyes any moment. Maan made Pari to sleep on his chest and was caressing her head. Maan never left so much relief and happy in his life when he cracked crores project also. Then he thought “first I should get DNA test done, even I know that Geet will not deny the fact that I am father of Pari then…..omg Maan tu pagal ho gaya hai, why are you taking Pari has some business deal, first you enjoy this fatherly feeling and remaining about other things you can think about it later”


Once Dev went Geet came inside house and checked temperature of Mohinder and felt relieved because fever has gone down. The she went inside room and took white and red combination saree along with matching jewellery, when Geet heard Niana’s voice she came out of her room and smiled at Naina.

Naina: where is Pari Geet?

Geet: she is at Meera’s house Naina, today is Arnav’s birthday so Pari is with him

Naina was very much angry with Geet and said “so what Geet, what is the necessary to leave Pari there, you would have brought her here with you”

Geet: Even I called her Naina she said she will be with Meera then what I will do, papa is not feeling well so I came here, and I will be going in the evening, if you want you can also join me

Naina: no need Geet, I am not coming anywhere and went out of Geet house angrily

Geet thought “what happened to Naina, even after knowing papa is not feeling well then she did not ask about him? Why there is difference in her behavior now, earlier she used to spend most time with me but now she only comes here to check about Pari. Did Meera studied her correctly and told me to keep Pari far from her, anyhow why should I worry I will be with Naina likes always let her think whatever she wants, I cant forget their help”

Geet came to Mohinder room, Mohinder called her and said “Pari kahan hai beta, dikayee nahi de rahi hai”

Geet: Pari Meera ke ghar main hai papa aaj Arnav ka birthday party hai naa

Mohinder: aur tum yahan kya kar rahi wo, tum Meera ke ghar kyun nahi gayee

Geet: papa aapka tabiyat teek nahi hai, subha Dr Karan the aapke pass aur aab koi nahi. Mein kaise jaa sakti hoon papa, soch rahi thi ki jaldi se jake gift dekhar hati hoon

Mohinder: Geet aab mein teek hoon, mera fikar math karo tum Meera ke ghar javo beta, aaj Meera ko tumare zarurath hai

Geet: par papa

Mohinder cut her in middle and said: no Geet its just fever I will manage myself, if I am not feeling well then I will call you

Geet said ok and went to kitchen, she prepared adrath wali chai to her papa and gave to him, she put hot water in flask and kept near his bed

Masala Chai

Vegetable soup

Pepper Rasam

Moong dal khichidi

Geet kept all these in hot box and her father’s bed and told him about it, Mohinder was overwhelmed with his daughter love, he had tears in his eyes looking at his daughter who is looking after him like his mother.

Then Geet went to bathroom to get ready for the party. She gave her phone to Mohinder said to call him on Meera’s or Dev number and also to take care of him hundred times before leaving house and went to Naina house. Naina who was sitting reading welcomed her, then Geet said “Naina I am going to Arnav’s birthday, papa is alone at home, if you don’t mind can you please look after him, I have already prepared everything for him, you only keep eye on him Naina I will be back soon”

Naina: mujhse nahi hoga Geet, mujhe bahut sara kaam hai karne keliye and I am not nurse to look after him

Sameer who is entered house shouted “Nainaaa”, Naina glared at Geet and Sameer and went to her bed room banging door. Geet cursed herself for coming to Naina’s house, then Sameer came near to Geet and said “I will look after him Geet, you don’t worry if there is anything then I will call you….and Geet I am sorry for Naina’s behaviour”. Geet got hurt with Naina’s behavior today and said ” its ok Sameer, papa will take care of him, I just came here to inform Naina to check him once and if necessary to call me, now I think its not necessary papa will take care of himself, and said thankyou “ to him and took cab to Meera house and she and decided to not to ask any help from Naina from now onwards … was thinking about Naina’s changed behavior till she reached Meera’s house


Here Meera dressed Arnav and Pari, Even Dev and Maan was ready by the time, Dev was welcoming guests, Maan took pictures of Pari and Arnav. He took Pari in his arms and Dev told him that he will take snaps of them together to which Maan happily agreed, Dev took pictures of them and Maan said to take his picture with Pari in his mobile to which Dev agreed, after the photo session, Pari joined Arnav and was playing with him while Maan was looking at the guests. Then his eyes caught attention of Geet who entered Meera house, he was stunned by her beauty, Geet was talking to the neighbor while Maan took her picture in his mobile, he was confused with his feeling still he did not know why he taken Geet picture, he can understand his bonding with Pari but with Geet????????

Dev informed photographer to take Geet picture, Geet posed for picture

Pari saw Geet and ran towards her, Geet also hugged her daughter because she missed her badly today.

Pari Dress

Pari jewellery




she looked at Pari and  Geet was very much happy to see Pari, was impressed with Meera love towards Pari, little did she knew that today Maan bought all these things to Pari. Geet was shocked to see diamond set on Pari, she wanted to scold Meera for that but she was called by her neighbor Kavita, When Geet went towards Kavita along with Pari.

Kavita forcefully made Geet to sit between them and introduced her to everyone. Geet just folded her hand and said “namaste”, then all the ladies looked at Pari, she did not have resemble for Geet much then Pallavi, Kavita friend said in front of Geet itself “Geetji, I think Pari is like her father, she don’t have any resemble of you”…Geet just nodded her head saying yes. While Maan was listening to the conversation from staircase, Dev came towards Maan and they were discussing with their friends, but Maan concentration was only on Geet and Pari.

Then Pallavi called Pari and made her to sit on her lap and asked “beta what’s your dad name”…Pari did not know what to answer and looked at Geet, then Kavita said “Pari did not see her father till now, when Geet was pregnant her husband went to foreign country for higher studies and did not come so far, god only knows whether he will come or not”. One of Kavita’s kitty party friend said “even my SIL went to foreign country for higher studies and did not come, boys will go to foreign country for higher studies and then they settle their itself getting married to the foreigners even same thing happened with my daughter also, when my SIL was with my daughter he used to love her so much now see its already 7 years now, earlier he used to write letter and call my daughter but now everything stopped, one of his friend said that he got married there and have one baby also and here my daughter is crying everyday”…then she looked at Geet with sympathy and said “you should only take care of your daughter beta”…Geet was feeling bad to her daughter. Geet had tears in her eyes thinking about Pari’s future. Geet turned her face to check whether Meera, so that she can escape from these ladies, at the same time Maan also turned, their eyes met, Maan was feeling bad to see Geet in tears

Maan and Dev who were sitting at drawing room listened to their conversation. Even Meera came out of kitchen listened to their conversation and felt bad for Geet, then Meera came to Geet and said “I have lot of work inside Geet, without helping me you are sitting here and chatting come Geet lets go inside” then looked at others and said “sorry aunty I have some work with her”…Geet thanked Meera in her mind for taking her out from the ladies gang who were about to ask some more question with her about her husband.

Geet joined Meera in kitchen and helped her, it was the time cut the cake, everyone wished Arnav happy birthday he was enjoying very much. Meera Geet and Dev distributed cake and cool drinks to everyone then served dinner. Arnav got so many gifts and Pari was feeling bad that none gave gift to her, she wanted to ask with her mom, but Geer was busy with guests,

Maan came to Pari who was standing alone with grumpy face and asked “hi princess, why are you standing alone”

Meanwhile Dev also came to Pari and Maan and asked “kya hua beta, why are you looking dull today”

Pari showing her hand towards Arnav and sobbingly said “mamu no gift for me, my dess is also good” (mamu no one gave me gift, everyone gave only to Arnav, even I have dressed nicely today with new dress)…she hugged Dev and cried

Dev looked at Maan, even he had tears in his eyes, then Dev caressed her hair and said “beta aaj Arnav ka birthday hai, so everyone is giving gifts to him, even you will get lot of gifts on your birthday”

Pari innocently “wen iz my bday mamu, I want gifts” (When is my Birthday Mamu, even I need gifts)

Dev: I will tell you tomorrow now you go and enjoy with Arnav

Pari nodded her head, and before going Dev wiped her tears in his hanky, gave her chocolates and then kissed her forehead, Pari went towards Arnav and started to play with him, but Maan was not able to control his feelings, he went to terrace, Dev saw and followed Maan



Maan and Dev talk about Pari

Maan asking help with Dev

Pari questioning about her father with Geet

Geet telling Pari father name

Geet and Pari travelling to Delhi






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