MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 29



Mohinder hold her wrist and said “Geet, I did not laugh for what you said I was just got confused who is daughter and who is mother thats it…teek hai , tum jaise teek samjo waise karo you can admit Pari to play home I don’t have any problem I was just pulling you legs”

Geet: teek hai papa I will go tomorrow to school for Pari’s admission.

Then they talk so some more time and went to sleep



Geet woke up early morning and started getting ready to Pari’s school and office and she kept Pari’s birth certificate. Later she gave tea and breakfast for Mohinder and said “Papa I will take Meera along with me while going to school, after Pari’s admission Meera will take Pari to her house and evening while coming from office I will bring Pari with me or else you can inform Meera she will drop Pari here, hey teek rahega naa Papa”

Mohinder: haan beta tum teek keh rahi wo, par tumhe nahi lag raha hai ki tum Meera ko aaj kal bahut pareshan kar rahi wo Geet

Geet: Papa hey bhath aap Meera ke samne math kejiley, agar usko pata chala ki aap uski barien mein aise soch rahe toh wo aapse naraz hojahegi

Mohinder: tum teek khe rahi wo Geet,usko math batana

Geet naughtily aap Meera se darr rahe wo Papa

Mohinder: nahi toh Geet, mein kyun darunga Meera toh meri bachi jaisi hai. He saw Geet’s smirk and changed topic and said Geet tum Pari ka sab document ley lina, aur Meera se bhath ki na tumne

Geet: hey babaji, Papa miene Meera se bhath karna hee bhool gayi, saying this she took her mobile and called Meera immediately

Meera woke up with Geet’s call and lazily took her phone and said haan Geet bhol kya bhath hai etne subha dubha tumne mujhe call kyun hai

Geet: Meera please wake up immediately I want to talk to you its very urgent

Meera: kya Maan bhai ne tum kuch ki nahi na Geet said Meera worriedly

Geet: MEERA shouted Geet and said tumara dimag toh teek hai naa, tumara bhai mujhe kya karenge, Meera sapne se bahar aa jaa aur haan tum tumarah kali dimag ko enta zor kyun deh rahi wo Meera, tum ek kam kar tum zaldi se ready ho kar muhje bus stop mien mil Meera

Meera: kyun Geet, bathav naa kya bhath hai, aur itne subhe hum kaha jaa rahe hai, tum ghar bhi haa sakti hoo naa

Geet: ohh meri maa please mera dimag math kaa, aur haan hey sunn hum aaj  Pari ka admission karne ke liye jaa rahe hai, aur tum mera sath jaa rahi wo, zada socho math, now you know the reason why we are going out so please jaldi se tayyar hojaa, and I will call you when I am near to the bus stop

Meera  itna gussa kya kar rahi wo aur haan Geet Pari ka admission itne jaldi zaroori hai kya

Geet: Meera, aab tum bhi shuru math ho, phele papa, aab tum, tum logon ke waja se mein ek din pagal ho jaungi

Meera making baby face, teek hai mien aa rahi hoon,

At the same tome Dev woke up and asked “kisse bhath kar rahi ho Meera itne subha subha”

Meera: haan patidev meri ek lauti boy friend se bhath kar rahi hoon mein apko koi problem said naughtily

Dev; darling tum mujhe chodh doh gi mera aur Arnav ka kya hoga Meera, hum kaise rehenge tumara bina…said making baby face

Meera: please Dev don’t pull my legs, you know very well that I am talking to Geet

Dev: haan wo toh mujhe pata hai par tum mujhe he bhata Geet ne tume kya kaha

Meera: aaj aapki pyaari behen Pari ko school join karwane keliye ja rahi hai, so she want me to join her aur koi question Dev , she told me to wait near bus stop and she will pick me while going on the way

Dev: why are you going on taxi? Take my car, you first get ready and go to Geet house then pick her and go to school

Meera kissed his cheek and said “thank you very much Dev, I love you”

Dev: I love you too Meera, aab romance ke liye time nahi hai so please get ready and go fast or else Geet will come here

Meera nodded her head and went to washroom. She took bath and got ready. Dev kissed her forehead and gave her purse and car key to her. Then Meera gave instructions to the servants and told Dev to inform to Dadi and Maan that she will be back soon and went towards Geet’s house


Here Geet woke up Pari and gave bath to her. She dressed up her with cute frock. She gave breakfast to Pari and decided to buy bag and lunch box to Pari while coming from the office, Mean while Meera entered Geet house and took blessings from Mohinder

Geet surprisingly told you to wait near bus stop Meera, but why are you here

Meera: meine tumara bhai ko bataya unhone mujhe kaha ki tume aur Pari ko car mein le jane ke liye so I am here because I don’t want to hurt my husband

Geet: mujhe pata hai Meera you dont want to hurt your husband but sach mein car ki jarurath nahi thi, now you already brought car chal hum breakfast khate hai

Then Geet and Meera had their breakfast and Naina entered house and said “Geet are you taking Pari somewhere today”

Geet: haan Naina Pari is joining school today

Naina: ohh I thought to take her to my aunt’s house for two days

Meera did not like Naina taking Geet’s innocence for granted and she got angry listening to Naina about taking Pari along with her and go for two days, so she said “sorry Naina we have already planned it and my Dadi will be leaving to Delhi in two days so she wants to spend time with Pari till she is here”

Naina just glared at Meera and went out of Geet’s house annoyingly. Once Naina was out of her site Meera said “Geet, be careful with Naina, I dunno why I am not having good feel about her Geet, Pari ko kitni Naina se dur rakhna chahiye utna rakho Geet, how dare is she, how can she even think about taking Pari with her, see her guts she came directly to tell you that she will taking Pari with her and that too for two days, no request, she is ordering you Geet, she may be helped you so many times but that does not mean that she can take decision on behalf of you, Pari is your daughter, I dont want to see you suffering Geet just stay away from her, and from now I dont want Pari to stay with her when you and uncle both are not there at home, then  just call me or drop Pari in my house I will take care of her, I am there at home itself,…” then looking at Mohinder she asked “kyun uncle don’t you feel that Naina is taking advantage of Geet’s innocence. Aap hi usko batate kyun nahi uncle”…said Meera fuming

Mohinder: Geet I too agree with Meera, I know she has helped us but now she is not allowing me to spend time with Pari, she always take Pari forcibly from me and also even Pari also do not like to spend much time with her…anyway its left to you , now you decide and think about it

Geet: I dunno why you both feel like that, ok from now I will make sure that Pari will spend less time with Naina…aab aap dono khush fine then chal Meera, we should meet principal

Then Meera Geet and Pari went to school after saying bye to Mohinder. Meera was so much angry on Naina and Geet so she was silent through out the drive


Dadi came out of her room and thinking why Meera did not called her so far for breakfast, when she came to kitchen she saw Dev and asked him “Where is Meera Dev, dikhaye nahi deh rahi hai, aur usne mujhe milne ke liye abhi tak nahi haya”

Dev: Ohh Dadima aaj Geet  Pari ko school admission karwane ja rahi hai, isliye Geet Meera ko subha uski ghar bhula liya tha

Dadi: Pari kya etni badi hogayi hai kya Dev

Maan who came out of his room asked “koun badi hogayi hai Dadi…aap kisi barein mein bhath kar rahi wo”

Dadi: kuch nahi Maan, hum Pari ke barien mein bhath kar rahe hai, aaj Pari ka admission ho rahi hai school mein, so Meera went along with her mother

Maan: ohh, then I cant meet Pari today, I thought of meeting Pari today before going to Delhi, i have important meeting

Dev: Maan if you have time then you can wait, after admission Meera will bring Pari here itself, she told me about this

Maan: Then fine I will meet her and go, before that I will meet Arjun and come

Dev: Maan have your breakfast and go or else your sister will not leave me in peace


Later Maan Dev and Dadi had their breakfast and Dadi fed to Arnav also. After breakfast Maan went to meet Arjun, then thought “before Pari comes here I should go to Arjun place and see Geet once, after spending time with Geet I am thinking about her only all  the times, I never thought that she will again occupy his mind and heart, and also he wanted to see the after effect of hug they shared”… he informed Dadi to call him once Pari comes home and then he turned is car to Chopra constructions and he was welcomed by Arjun, Maan told Arjun that he want to discuss with the team when they are going to start the project and I just want to meet them personally once again as we are working in team

Arjun: I agree with you MK, but the problem is our Head Architect Geet will be late to office today, she has some personal works to do

Maan: ok then no problem I will meet others

Arjun: Mk I just wanna check do you know Geet personally

Maan knew why he is asking this question because he has seen Rahul when he was giving ride to Geet and he don’t want anyone to doubt on Geet so he said “Arjun I know her but not much, actually she is my sister’s friend and I have met her before 2 times” and looked at Arjun sterly and continued “haan Arjun Maan Singh Khurana does not give explanation to anyone, and i am just telling you this because I don’t want you to think bad about Geet”

Arjun: no MK I just asked in curiosity that’s it

He got call from Dadi saying that Pari has reached house so he informed Arjun that “I will leave now, I have an emergency now, i cant meet the team now”

Arjun; its ok MK, you can meet them later

Arjun called Inder and said “Mr Inder Geet is Mk’s sister friend so he gave drop to her, I told you earlier also that Rahul was misbehaving with our lady staff including Geet, I checked with my staff also. So even I don’t prefer Rahul to work on this project, for me I want my employees to safe”

Inder: ok Arjun, I understand I don’t have any problem on that, I discussed about this with my wife even she agreed with MK because she had also seen Rahul’s behavior yesterday. I will not allow Rahul to work on this project


Then Maan went from Chopra’s because he wants to spend some time with Pari before leaving to Delhi. He rushed to Meera’s home

Geet saw Pari playing with Arnav said “hum chalte hai Meera, office ke liye dher ho raha hai”

Dev: ek minute Geet I am also going to clinic now, I will drop you on the way

Meera; hey teek rahe gaa Geet

Geet kept quiet and Dev dropped Geet to her office and went to his clinic.


Maan came to home and enjoyed his time with Pari and around 5pm he left to Delhi along with Adi and Sasha. Later in evening Geet picked Pari while going home

Next day was as usual for Geet went to office finished her work and went to home. Mohinder now he is taking Pari everyday and dropping and picking her. Even though Naina said she will pick but Mohinder told her that he is going to do that and he don’t have any problem, when he is not able pick then he will inform her then she can go to pick Pari, After Meera warned Geet, he was worried because of Pari he is now able to see his daughter’s happiness. He was happy that Geet took two passes, because priniciple informed Geet that due to security reasons other then mother if any one comes to pick children then they should have passes or else they will not send kid with them, When Geet met with principle she took two passes because of Meera and gave one to Meera and other pass with Mohinder, she kept Xerox of pass in case of emergency

When Geet came home from work she saw Meera talking with Mohinder, she was surprise to see her, looking at Geet Meera told “the after tomorrow Arnav’s birthday, so I am going to purchase dress for him, and fresh up soon we are going for shopping now”

Geet surprisingly said “Meera you did not told him till now?”

Meera: I will tell about it later, now go and get ready Geet, we are getting late already

Then Geet and Meera took auto and went for shopping leaving Arnav and Pari at home itself. Meera purchased dress for Arnav and then also purchased for Pari, Geet did not liked it and said “why are you buying dress for Pari, Meera, last time only you brought for her and how many dresses are you going to buy for her”

 “Geet, Pari is growing kid, and now she need more dress and for children you should keep on buying dresses, now she is going to school also it will be useful, and don’t argue with me about this Geet, I have right to buy for her”…said Meera sternly

Geet Kept quiet knowing that Meera is angry with her. Meera paid for dress and came out of shop and Geet followed her. They both waited for auto, has it was evening time all auto was full, then Meera murmured “Dev said he is going to send car for us, see till now he did not send the car, for him he only cares for his nursing home and patients and forget about his family once he reach nursing home”

Geet smiled seeing her friend and said “Meera I know you are not angry with bhai, and you are appreciating his dedication to work now leave that matter and tell me why you did not informed me about Arnav’s birthday”

Meera: Geet maa aur bauji Mumbai gaye hue hai Annie di ke pass, after aunt’s death they were with bhai till now because they did not want to leave Maan bhai alone, now bhai has taking care of business and home so mom and dad went to meet Annie di. Bhai cannot come for function because he left 2 days back, he informed me about this and even Dadi went yesterday to her friends place because one of her friend is not feeling well. Without anyone how we can celebrate birthday, I thought of not celebrating Arnav’s birthday this year, but Dev was adamant of celebrating Arnav’s birthday and told Meera Geet and Pari will be there with us as family members and has elder to bless Arnav Mohinder uncle is there, Even my colleagues will come and to eat and go we have lot of friends then whom do you want more than this Meera. So I have decided to celebrate his birthday, and the after tomorrow we only called closed ones and next day we thought of giving party to others

Geet was about to say something but Meera did not allowed her and continued

Meera: Geet I don’t want any excuses from you, I want you to be at home early morning and stay with me whole day. Now don’t tell me that you don’t have leave and all

Geet: Meera i dont have leave but dont worry i will manage that and Meera, bhai is correct why you worry about that Arnav’s birthday when we all are here, comes lets other side and catch auto

They were waiting for auto and saw auto standing near to them and couples getting down from the auto. Geet was shocked to see Rahul Mallothra and girl getting down from auto, she was surprised to see then and thought how to face Rahul Mallothra and then she laughed at her thought and gave smile to Rahul who was looking at Geet. Rahul came near to her and asked “How are you Geet?

Geet: I am fine, how are you?

Rahul. I am fine and then he introduced the girl next to him and said Geet she is my wife Natasha

Rahul and Natasha

Geet spoke to Natasha and invite them to home. Then Rahul and Natasha entered shopping mall and Meera and Geet sat in the auto

Meera: Geet I have seen this guy somewhere and suddenly she remembered that she has seen Rahul snap at Geet’s house and then Meera looked at Geet, there was no jealously it was as usual calm and same innocent face…Meera earlier used to like and respect Geet but today it doubled and thought “if bhai did not spoil Geet’s wife today she would have been wife of Rahul, now she is living alone without life partner, how can she be so silent. Why she is not getting angry and jealousy looking at Natasha, if I would have been in Geet position, I would have not left Maan to leave peacefully…and if I got engaged to Rahul and he came in front of me with his wife, will I was able to control my feelings? In this small age from where she got so much patience and kind heart?”

Geet saw Meera who was sitting silent and thinking, looking at her face and Geet can easily guess the fight, and confusion going on her mind, and said “Meera why you think about the unnecessary things and get disturb, instead of thinking about unwanted things just think about Arnav’s birthday”

At the same time they reached Geet’s house, Geet paid for auto and went inside house along with Meera. When they entered house they saw Pari and Arnav who spread all the toys in living room and busy with their own world. When they heard car horn Meera looked outside and saw Dev coming inside saying “Sorry Meera, I got stuck” said Dev naughtily

“Stop it Dev, you always will do the same thing, when did you come on exact time”…said to Dev with fake anger

Meanwhile Geet came from kitchen and said “bhai, she is showing fake anger, and now she is pulling you leg, she simply show anger with you when you are in front of her and she always appreciate your work, and keep telling me about your social service, when you are not here

Meera: Geet, don’t tell lie to him, if he comes to know that I am appreciating his social services and dedication to work then he will stay at nursing home itself and completely forget about me and Arnav.

When Mohinder came to hall, everyone kept quiet and Dev invited him to Arnav’s birthday. Mohinder agreed to attend the function


It was birthday of Arnav. Meera gave bath to him and made him wear new dress. She was angry on Geet because she had promised Meera that she will be on time but still did not reach Meera’s house. They have planned to celebrate in the morning and go to Omkareshwar Temple Located in Shaniwar Peth, Pune and Chaturshringi Temple Located in Senapati Bapat Road, Pune in evening

Meera was not at all interest in celebrate her son’s birthday, because of Dev she is celebrating. When the door bell rang Meera thought Geet has come so immediately opened door and saw Maan standing in front of her, Maan gave place for servants to keep fruits baskets inside.

Meera: bhai you told me that you can’t attend the function now when I called you, then how come you are here

Maan: mujhe yahan aane ka mann kiya toh mein agaya…chalo I want to take bath first saying this he went to his room and directly went to bathroom

Meera was very much happy because he beloved brother had come to her house on Arnav’s birthday, but she immediately thought if Maan and Geet meet here then how she will going to answer Geet, she did not get the time to think about that because Dev came and they were arranging for morning arti. Then Dev asked “Meera, Geet abhi tak nahi ayee kya? which Meera nodded her head saying no to Dev

Maan who was combing his hair missed his heart beat when he listened to Dev. He was very much happy, after spending time with Geet in the party and while driving her back home, he was not able to forget her for second also. Even though he concentrated on his work in the morning but in night he was only thinking about Geet and dreaming about her. Maan came out of his room. Dev spoke to Maan and had his breakfast then informed Maan that he will come soon he has some urgent work

Arnav was playing with his toys, Maan made to sit on his lap and put Beautiful Platinum Foxtailmesh design chain. Currently this chain is available in a 16″ with a bayonet clasp and an 18″, 20″ with a lobster clasp. Foxtailmesh chain measures a fantastic 3.1mm in width with

Lovely design Platinum diamond chain slide Diamonds total .30ctw in this slide and are SI2 clarity, G-H color.

Meera: Maan why are you spending so much, it will be very difficult, think about your children in future and if you spend like this to us what will Nita think about you, and for kids etna expensive gift?

Maan: stop it Meera, I don’t need to give any explanation for you nor to anyone, it’s my wish I will do what I like ok now give me breakfast I am tired I will sleep after taking my breakfast

Meera kept quiet and served pasta for Maan.




After his breakfast, Maan went to balcony and was watching people, auto rickshaws, and cars and stood their looking at them, when auto rickshaw stopped in front of the house he eyes immediately caught the attention and saw Pari who got down from the auto first, he wanted to see lucky mother who gave birth to Pari, and he kept watching the lady who got down from the auto, and the suspect which he had till today after meeting Pari was cleared now then he remembered Meera saying Geet did not get married and then whose daughter is Pari? Or else…….

He remembered the night he spent with Geet in his farm house and current passed to his veins. He got zor ka zatka, his eyes filled with tears because Pari was his daughter, he was very much happy today, he thought of giving Pari’s details to detective today and this for that he needed snap of Pari so he came to Meera house and celebrate Arnavs birthday and along with that he can take Pari’s snap with him. Now he knew why he was feeling good when Pari was with him, why he forgot all his tensions talking to her? Why Pari behaves most of the time like him, even he remembered his mom saying that Pari is like him, he no need any proof for him to prove that Pari is his daughter and he sat on the chair thinking about Pari and Geet



Geet and Meera talk

Mohinder suffering from fever

Maan hugging Pari

Maan seeing black mole on right hand side on Pari’s back

Going to temple



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