MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 28



Geet thought: “waah Dadi? You are worried about my safety and you gave responsibility to the same person who spoiled my life. I think I will be much safe in cab more than his car, but I can’t say no to Dadi or else she will feel bad…chal Geet to go with modern Ravan…” She smiled at herself for the name she gave to him and saw him waiting for her at entrance. She looked up and said “dekihe naa babaji hey kaise gur rahe hai mujhe…please aaj isse mujhe bachalena”, she silently prayed and slowly went and sat in his car



Maan started his car and ride was silent.  Geet was looking out, she did not have enough courage to face Maan, she doesn’t trust him for a second also. She was cursing him inside. Maan looking at Geet facial expression knew that Geet is cursing him and he was enjoying Geet’s plight.

Car stopped in middle of road and Maan tried to start car two to three times, but it was unsuccessful. He came out of his car and opened car bonnet. Even Geet also got down from the car and she saw Maan doing something, His both hands were dirt.  He told “Geet, if you don’t mind can you please give me the tool box, my hands is dirt, and I like like my car to get dirt so can you please” said showing his dirt hand to Geet.

Geet saw his dirt and she nodded her head and self thought “hey pagal hai kya dust danav kahi ke, I don’t want to dirt my car can you please, jaise hum sub gande karte hai yahi toh ek aise insaan hai iss puri duniya mein clean rehate hai…Dadi kaha pasa diya aapne mujhe iss dass sar wala ravan toh mera dimak kah raha hai” saying this she took tool box and closed car door while she did not noticed that her pallu got stuck in car’s door without thinking that her pallu is stuck in car’s door, she just turned to give tool kit to Maan, While she was about to give tool kit her pallu torn into piece, because hers is netted saree she hold remaining pallu in near her chest and crossed both hands around her chest, she was numb and stood like statue, tool box fell from her hand, Maan who was busy in repairing just put his head out because of tool box sound, and saw Geet’s condition. Tears were coming out from her eyes. Maan immediately wiped the dirt from waste cloth and washed his hand. Then he took his blazer, he kept blazer on her shoulder covering her waist and chest. Then wiped her tears

Geet came into trance when she felt Maan’s hand on her cheeks, then Maan looked at Geet then give his back to her and said “Geet wear the blazer properly and sit in the car” . Geet did has he said because she did not have any other option left. When Maan turned back he saw Geet holding his blazer tight then he opened car door for her and made her to sit in the car. He saw tears in her eyes again which pricked him, he did not understand why it is paining for him to see Geet in pain. Then he saw some cloth shop and told “Geet, please sit in the car, don’t come out, I will come in minute” to which Geet nodded her head.

Maan went to cloth shop and dress for Geet. Then he came out and took Geet with him to shop and made her to wait in trial room and handled dress material for her. Maan paid for the dress and Geet wore the dress selected by Maan . Then with the help of shop keeper, he called nearby mechanic. Car was repaired. When he came inside shop and waited for Geet to come out. Here Geet kept her saree and blazer in the cover and came out from trail room.

Maan was stun to see her; she was looking very beautiful like Pari.

When they came out it started raining. Maan ran and sat inside car and said “abhi iss barish ka kami tha, I hate this rain”. While Geet drenching in the rain, she stretched her both hands sideways and enjoying, she completely forgot that she is with Maan, because from childhood she is very much fond of rain. Maan who sat inside car saw Geet who is enjoying in rain. Maan was mesmerized by her beauty, he was aroused seeing Geet, he had never seen a girl who is so innocent and he was attracted by her, he remembered the day when he spent with Geet, and felt sorry for her for few minutes, he was feeling like taking her in his arms once again, and and enjoy her beauty once again, then he thought there is not much difference with Geet when he saw he first and now also. But now he is looking dam sexy compare to before.he slowly came out of his car.

Geet who was playing in rain thought of her life, from childhood till she went to Meera @ Chandigarh, then she remembered that dreadful night where her life completely changed because of Maan. She had tears in her eyes, how she spend each and every day , then Pari’s birth, Vikram incidents again meeting Maan in today party

Maan came near and stood behind her and asked “what happened Geet, you were happy till now…why are you crying now”. Geet came out of her trance and while crying she hugged Maan tightly.

Maan was completely shocked, he never thought that Geet will come so close to him, he was thinking whether to hug or not then after sometime he forgot everything and hugged Geet tightly. They both were lost in the hug

(just delete Dev’s image in video) while Geet opened her eyes after sometime and then looked at her position, she was close to Maan and that to hugging him. She felt angry on her because she knows that Maan belongs to Nita, she can’t come in between them, and then she came out from the hug and said “Sorry” and went and sat in the car. Maan stretched his hand sideway for some time to come out of his erotic thoughts. Once he got calmed he came inside car and started his car. Then after getting address from Geet he went and dropped Geet at home.


Here in Meera house

Dadi saw Meera and Dev who were looking at Dadi surprisingly. Then Dadi said “Meera and Dev why are you looking at me like that, what happened”

Meera: Dadi I just want to know why you made Maan bhai to drop Geet. After knowing that Geet hates him so much, now she will definitely doubt on us and I don’t trust Maan bhai

Dadi:  Meera you don’t worry, I know what I am doing and Meera now you can trust Maan because he knows if he do anything now or try to get close to Geet we both with not leave him, and I gave this responsibility to Maan, and now Maan won’t take any wrong step after knowing that I am talking to him after four years and he don’t take that risk where he again lose me and now his mom is also not there…you can trust me in this

Dev: Par Dadima, what about Geet, if she gets doubt on our intention, then we should be in the position to convince her Dadi, she has self respect we can’t hurt her now, she has face so many challenges, now she is living peaceful life, I don’t want her to get into trouble because of Maan

Dadi: Dev I know you treat Geet has your own sister, as a woman I respect Geet, but I am thinking about Pari. Why she should suffer, she should get fathers love also Dev, she is my great granddaughter, how can I see Pari like this? I want to see Geet and Pari to stay with us. I am just trying to bring them closure

Meera: Dadi please don’t do this, aapko pata nahi aap kya kar rahi wo, agar Geet ko jarasi doubt huwa toh then she will not allow us to meet Pari and she will stop talking to us, and doing anything Dadi , but now Maan bhai should know that Pari is his daughter first. After knowing this we should watch bhai’s reaction and then we can plan next step. You completely forget that Geet will forgive Maan bhai

Dev: Meera sahi khe rahi hai dadima,. First we should make Maan and Pari to come closure and we should see that Pari likes to be with both of them and lately we should bring to the notice of Maan that Pari is his daughter. But before doing anything Maan should concentrate on his business first, he should come out of his playful nature then only we can think about that

Dev: Now first we should see Maan’s reaction today because he met Geet today let’s see whether he is happy or not then we can decide about other things later

Then everyone decided that they will watch Maan closely and then they will decide about it, now for time being they will leave this matter and then decide it when they all feel that Maan has changed and they will make him to fall in love with Geet, and make Pari to tie bond between her mother and father.


Geet came inside home and got freshen up. Then checked Mohinder once and went to her bed and saw Pari who was sleeping, she came next to her and thought “what happened to me today, mera pallu patt gaya aur mien aise hi kadi rahi sharmse, mujhe hilne ke himmat bhi nahi thi, phir Maan ne mujhe unki blazer se cover kiya…then this rain, I completely forgot about Maan and enjoyed in the rain…and even hugged him, how can I do this because of him I am struggling till today, my daughter is also suffering now it is all only because of him. Today she is too small to understand this, but what about once she grows up, how I am going to face her, will she believe me?…tears were forming in her eyes thinking about her daughter’s reaction when is grow up… but the strange thing is Maan acted like truly gentleman today…I dunno whether it is true or not. Then she suddenly thought of her dress and thought OMG I did not give money to the dress which Maan brought for me and also his blazer is also with me, I don’t have right to take it…teek hai tomorrow on the way I will go to that shop and ask them the price for this dress and give it to him in the next meeting…yes it will be better”…then she went to sleep, but sleep was far from her, again and again the flash of Maan covering her, and there hugging was coming in front of her eyes “pata nahi wo mere barien mein kya sochenge, agar mujhe bhi unke girlfriends ke tarah soch liya toh…Babaji please mujhe unse raksha karna, pata nahi aaj unke mann mein kya bhut sawara tha, unhone mujhe aise chod diya, aur mera time accha tha ki kuch galat nahi hua…Geet aab tum unse bach ke rehna hai, haan babaji aap unko MK kyun banaya, koi aur nahi mila tha kya apko MK banana keliye, mein kitne besabree se MK ka intezaar kar rahi thi, par mujhe MK ke avtar mein iss ravan hi mila hai, Kaise gur rahe the wo mujhe, jaise mujhe kaccha kane ka dil banaliya wo jaise”

“I do one thing I will inform Meera about this and gave his blazer to him, why I should meet him then he will think that I am trying to get close to him, so it’s better for me to maintain distance between us so that no one will face problem, everyone will leave their life peacefull” then she thought of office tomorrow “Haan Geet tum kal office mein sabko muh kaise nazar mila pavogi, aab sub mujhe zaroor unke barien mein poochenge…kya une koi nahi mila tha kay dance karne keliye…aur mein khi unke ankoh mein ko gayee thi and pata nahi mein kaise dance kiya hai. Par ek bath toh sach hai unke waja se aaj mien Rahul se bacch gayi. Par party ke badh koi bhi mujhe kuch pucha nahi, Pinky toh aise chup rehne wali nahi…kya pata kisine hame dekhi naa ho…may or may not hey sab mujhe kal pata chalega hi”…thinking about office Geet went to sleep.


Maan parked car in Meera’s house and walked inside house. He did not see Dadima Meera and Dev in the living room; he was smiling when he entered house, he directly went to his room and rushed to take shower

Dadi: isko kya hogaya Meera, he did not even watch us, aisa lag raha hai jaise hum log hai nahi edar

Meera: haan Dadi, par bhai kyun muskura rahe the, pata nahi party mein aisa kya hogaya tha

Dev: wo sab chodh Meera, aaj atva jazuba deki tumne

Meera: Kya

Dev: Maan is full wet, lagta hai wo barish mein bikke ghar agaya hai

Dadi: haan Meera Dev sahi kheraha hai meine bhi dekha hai, tum haldi wala doodh lekar avo, mein aur Dev Maan kamre mein jathe hai

Meera: Teek hai Dadimaa

Maan came out of shower and stood near window, today he was so much happy, he dunno why he was watching rain. He never left so relief in these years. In the mean time Dadi and Dev came inside his room. Dadi kept her hand on his shoulder and said “Maan sab kuch teek hai naa, kya hua beta aap kohe kohe se lag rahe wo”

Maan: kuch nahi hua Dadi sab kuch teek hai

Dev: kuch toh hua hai Maan…teek hai hume hai bataye aap Geet ko teek se ghar pounchaya naa

Maan: Haan Dev, I have dropped Geet home safely, don’t worry..he got confused why everyone is asking about him and Geet now

Dadi: party kaisa tha Maan

Maan: teek tha Dadi…

Meanwhile Meera entered his room with haldiwala milk and gave to Maan.

Maan: mein baccha nahi hoon Meera, I don’t want to have milk

Dadi: chup chap pee legiye Maan, aaj aap barish mien bikar bhi aye hai said Dadi sternly

Maan making yuck face finished his milk and gave glass to Meera. And then said “I am tired today, I will sleep now and talk to you tomorrow Dadi

Meera: no bhai tell me what happened today, I want to know, first you were smiling when you came inside house, secondly you completely drenched today…bath kya hai

Maan now knew that these three will not leave him and if he did not say anything then definitely Geet will tell them so its better he only tells them what happed and then he narrated everything happened between then excluding his and Geet’s hug

Everyone said goodnight silently came out of his. They were shocked with Maan’s action today, they never thought that Maan he behave like gentleman with Geet, then dadi said “I told you know Meera everything will be fine and now you can trust on Maan , see I was right, now we should wait for Geet reaction and Meera you talk to her tomorrow”. Meera just nodded her head smiling and then they went to sleep in their respective rooms.


Next day when Geet came to office no one questioned her anything so she was quiet relived. Then around afternoon Arjun came to office and informed Geet to come to his cabin. Geet knocked at Arjun cabin door

Arjun: come inn Geet

Geet came inside and sat in front of him then Arjun said “Geet did Rahul misbehaved with you yesterday”. Geet was surprised to listen to this and asked “how you know about this sir, I never told to anyone”

Arjun: actually yesterday MK informed me that he was misbehaving with you and other team members, he wanted professional environment when he is working on particular project, and he found that Rahul is not the right person and even I saw him coming towards you most of the time. You are working for me Geet, I want my employees safe first so I am asking you

Geet: yes Sir, Rahul was trying to get close to me yesterday, I can’t talk to him rudely because he was our client

Arjun: one more thing Geet, I heard from Rahul that you went with MK to home yesterday, is it true

Geet did not want to lie so she said “Sir, its true that MK gave ride back to home yesterday, and one more thing Sir, Mk is my close friend’s brother, actually her husband was suppose to pick me, but he was busy in his nursing home so MK’s Dadi called me and informed me about MK giving ride”

Arjun: I am sorry to ask you about this Geet, as I told you earlier for me my employee safety comes first. Even I heard Pinky saying to her husband that someone is coming to pick you. When I came to know about this from Rahul, and thought to check with you about this, please don’t take me wrong

Geet: no sir its ok,

Arjun: Ok Geet, now I understood why Rahul told me about this…Geet looked at him surprisingly, then looking at her he continued “Actually MK clearly informed Inder to not to involve Rahul in this project, if Inder wants Rahul then MK will back out from this project…fine Geet, now you go and continue your work and there is no need to discuss about this with others, I trust you in this matter Geet”

Then Geet was busy with her work and later she came home in the evening.


When Geet was at home, Pari came running to her and gave flower which she was holding. Geet was impressed with Pari and asked “you bought flower for me Pari…so sweet of you…where is Nanu Pari?”

Pari took Geet’s hand and pulled her front door and showed Mohinder who was coming home slowly

Pari: mum….I came fast…nanu slow hai….I am first..(mummy I came very fast, nanu did not come so far he is very slow…see I am first no )said lovingly

Geet kissed Pari’s cheeks and said “Pari, you should not leave Nanu like that and come alone, you should hold Nanu’s hand and come along with him slowly”…came looked from the front door once again because Mohinder did not reach home so far. She saw him talking to someone then she came inside house. When she came inside she saw Pari who was busy drawing, seeing that she remembered Meera saying ” Maan bhai is very much interest in drawing, he had learnt it without going to drawing school, his teachers used to appreciate him”…Geet face become dull and thought “Baghwan Pari ko unke jaise math banav, roop se unke jaisi hai, isski harkat dekh kar pata chal raha hai ki uski character bhi unki jaise hogi…please baghwan kuch kejiye…I know want anyone to get hurt because of Pari”..she silently prayed god

Meanwhile Mohinder interested house and sat on sofa and said “Geet, I person with whom I was talking is Rahul’s father Kunal, he said Rahul got transfer to Pune”…he was about to say something but stopped in the middle

Geet understood her father, she know what he is feeling so to lighten his mood she said “aap unko ghar bhula lena chaiye tha papa”

Mohinder; I called him Geet, un hone kaha ki aaj wo busy hai, koi aur din ayenge..Saying this he looked at his granddaughter, who did not listen to them and was busy in drawing with full interest. Pari finished drawing bird and showed it to her Nanu

Pari: nanu my birld, kaise laga (Nanu I drew bird, how is it)

Mohinder praised Pari saying that “it is the best Pari…Good”

Geet have tea to Mohinder and milk to Pari. Then Geet said “Papa, I am thinking to join Pari to some play home, I have already spoke to the principal of “Little Millennium” about Pari’s admission, I am taking her to tomorrow there”

Mohinder: itni jaldi kyun hai Geet, she can go next year

Geet: nahi papa, if she is at home either she will be in Naina’s house or play with children nearby, I tried to teach her so many times but she is not listening to me, she has become more naughty now, when I try to teach her she is diverting my mind to some other things, it looks like she is my mother

Mohinder laughed at his daughter who is complaining like a small child. Geet saw at Mohinder surprisingly and said “aap bhi hass rahe hoo, even when I said to Meera and Dadi they were laughing at me and now you also…you all are not taking my talks seriously,”…stood up with fake angry

Mohinder hold her wrist and said “Geet, I did not laugh for what you said I was just got confused who is daughter and who is mother thats it…teek hai , tum jaise teek samjo waise karo you can admit Pari to play home I don’t have any problem I was just pulling you legs”

Geet: teek hai papa I will go tomorrow to school for Pari’s admission.

Then they talk so some more time and went to sleep



Arnav birthday preparation

Meera Rahul and Geet Amna Samna

Maan ko zor ka zatka-TWIST


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