MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 27



Geet smiled having tears in her eyes. Later everyone had lunch. Two days Geet enjoyed very much along with Meera and family. Now she no needs to worry, because she has Dev has her brother, Meera and Dadima…two days passed, no one came to know about this. Next day when Mohinder and Karan came, Dev discussed with Karan, Dadi met Mohinder.Till evening Dev Meera and Dadi spend time with Geet family and they went to their house




Maan thought: here Maan from the day he came from Pune, he is only thinking about Geet. He was frustrated, he want to take out Geet from his mind but everything failed because where he look he can only find Geet, her smile, hazel eyes. I came running from the reality, first time Maan Singh Khurana was not able to face reality. He still remembered when he asked about Geet with Meera, she shouted at him, he can’t show his anger with Meera, because he knew he is at fault so without delaying he came to farmhouse thinking that he will get relief here, but everything went on vain. Finally he took scotch bottle, drunk fully and slept due to intoxication.

Next day when he woke up, his head was aching badly,  Ramukaka came inside his room to give black coffee, but seeing Maan’s and room condition he took back coffee and prepared lime juice. Ramu kaka gave lime juice and Disprin tablet to Maan and went out of his room without saying anything. Maan took lime juice and had tablet also. Later he had cold shower bath. When he went to dining table he saw his breakfast was ready. He knows after Geet’s incident neither Ramu kaka nor Dadi speak with Maan. So he silently had his breakfast and came out of his house.

When he came near garden he saw Megha standing there. Megha was his neighbor Manish Kanna, Mr. Kanna has three sons and one daughter. As she was only daughter of Kanna’s everyone pampered her and he is spoil brat.  Maan and Megha were close to each other, they were attracted towards each other and even Maan had physical relation with her earlier. And later he went to abroad for higher studies. Maan came near her smilingly and asked “when did you come Megha? I came to know about your marriage. How is your husband? Why did you come alone? You would have bring your husband along with you”

Megha: I came today morning itself Maan, I came to know about your arrival so came to see you. I heard about Niharika aunt’s death…felt bad about it

Maan did not talk anything about it and went inside and sat on sofa. Megha followed him and sat beside him.  Maan wanted to change topic so he asked “tumara sasural kaisa hai Megha? Aur tumara shadi shuda zindagi teek se chal raha hai naa Tum tumara pati ka bareien batao Megha”

Megha’s made dull face and saw servants moving here and there. So she stood up and said “Maan can we go out for walk”

Maan did not like to go with her, so he purposefully made her to come inside house because servants were there. When Megha directly asked him, he could not deny her, so without telling anything he followed her. They both came to the regular place where they used to meet each other. Megha saw around and after getting confirmation that no servants were there she put both her hands around his neck and hugged him tightly. Current passed in Maan;s vein, but it did not last long, he remembered about something and took Megha’s hand which was there in his neck and stood far from her

Maan thought: once I raped Geet, because of me she lost her sanity. As Meera said to me after losing her sanity she is leaving like saint now as if she lost everything in her life. But Megha, in spite of getting married she is trying to get physical with me…he was numb. He sat down and thought there is so much difference between these two girls, he scolded himself and said Maan how you can think so cheap about Geet, Geet is so pure, and the girls who came and went from his life don’t have any right to stand in front of Geet… while saying this smile crept on his lips.

He did know how long he sat there thinking of Geet. When he came out of his thoughts he saw Megha was not there. He got up and came back to farmhouse and had his dinner and went to sleep. Then suddenly he remembered Pari’s face. He got up from the bed and took album from bureau. Which was having his childhood snaps and switched on bed lamp, he was surprised because Pari in all angels was carbon copy of him and he thought “how is it possible, how come Pari looks exactly like me and that too why I feel so much attract to her, what is the relation between us, when she is near to me why I forget all my tensions”…he was in strange situation he was not able to understand what is going on around him. He thought in different angle also but he did not get any solutions and in that itself he went to sleep, when he woke up in the morning album was in his hand

Maan: its better I find solutions for this, I think I will give this work to detective and get complete information of Pari’s family. Maan now get ready to work, yes I have rested for so many days now I should back to action, till now I have not taken lightly my business. I can’t wait and enjoy my life; it’s my dad’s dream. He determined his mind and packed his bag. After finishing his bath he had his breakfast and started his journey to Delhi


Here in Delhi when Maan came back Mohan and Kumud were happy, because they both were taking care till that time. He decided to look after his business and to be serious. (MSK decided about something no one can stop him right guys). On the way to Delhi he had called Adi and informed him to be ready for meeting and all the projects heads to be there in the meeting with documents.  Maan wore black trouser and white shirt with black vest coat. He said bye to Mohan and Kumud and went to office.


Maan entry to Khurana Construction

Maan entered his cabin and started to looking at files which were in his desk

MSK working in cabin

Maan called Adi to his cabin…after few minutes there was knock

Maan: come in

Adi: yes sirrr…you called me

Maan: I want all the details of the project which are pending within few minutes and also while coming tell Sasha also to join the meeting

In conference Hall

Maan and team discussed about all the projects which they should finish soon. Then Sasha said “MK, chopra constructions is throwing party for Kapoors, and the head architect and Mr Arjun Chopra requested us to attend the party, it will be good if you attend the party MK, because you were not able to attend the meeting last time”

Maan: yes Sasha, I should attend the party, even I got personal invitation from Mr Arjun and Mr Inder. Ok fine do one thing Sasha, line up meeting with Mittal’s in the morning, we will finish meeting and then in the evening we can go for Party, and haa Adi you also join with us. take care of flight bookings

Adi nodded his head, he had tears in his eyes and he was happy after Maan’s Dad’d death this is the first time Adi seeing Maan so serious about work

Maans: Sasha give me project file of kapoors

Sasha gave him file and then went out along with team members. Later Maan went through the projects, he was working very hard, when he came out of his file he saw time in his watch which was showing 12.45am. He came out his cabin and went to home. Nakul gave him dinner and after dinner Maan went to sleep. As he worked hard today and also tired due his journey from Chandigarh to Delhi, he had sound sleep, in all these he forgot to inform detective to search details about Pari


Here in Pune Geet came to know about the party with MK and Inder Kapoor. Arjun informed Geet and team to prepare for the party and dress code will be black or white. Geet nervously nodded her head. Then they had meeting and Geet distributed work along with the team. Geet and Nandini will handle decorations, Romeo will look after catering and bar, Pinky will look after guest invitation. As it was decided in the last moment everyone helped Pinky in sending invitations to clients and colleagues. They finished that and then Geet informed Pinky to help Romeo, to which pinky agreed. Nandini and Geet showed the sample decoration to Arjun and after getting approval from him they ordered necessary items for the decoration and when the left for home they were completely exhausted


Geet called Meera after her dinner, because she wants to check with Meera about the dress which she should wear for party, she was confused whether she should wear saree or chudidhar. So she called Meera immediately

Meera: haan Geet bolo kya baat hai

Geet: Meera kal mera office mein party hai, so I am confused whether I should wear saree or chudidhar

Meera: ok I will arrange for it but tell me what your plan is for tomorrow

Geet: morning till evening I will be at party hall and then I should come home and dress or else I should get ready there itself

Meera: ok I will arrange saree for you for tomorrow and is there is any dress code

Geet: haa Meera , white or black

Meera: ok I will arrange it; you come to my house after completing your work

Geet: thank you very much Meera, you know me right, this is the first time I am going for business party

Meera: don’t worry Geet, everything will go fine. Now take rest so that tomorrow you will get enough energy to attend the party

Then after saying Goodnight both disconnected the call.


Next day morning Maan was ready to go for Pune for meeting and client’s party and he informed same to Mohan and Kumud. Both were happy seeing Maan’s dedication to work again. In the next flight Sasha Adi and Maan headed towards Pune. Maan went to Meera’s house and Adi, Sasha to Pinky’s apartment. Pinky welcomes her husband Adi and Sasha. She prepared breakfast to them and after fresh up they had their breakfast and later Pinky gave addition key to Adi

Pinky: ok fine I will move to office, we should prepare for the party, I will meet you in party

Adi and Sasha agreed for that, later they got ready for meeting and waited for Maan

Maan came to Meera’s house, after his bath he had his breakfast and informed Meera he is going to meeting, he will talk to her later and picked Adi and Sasha on the way and they headed towards Mittal’s office


Geet Nandini Pinky and Romeo went to party hall, and started making arrangements

Music lightings

Main Hall

End Dance floor

Left Side Bar   

Right side Catering

LED light waterfall

Around three Geet sent Romeo and Nandini to get ready for the party and told them to come soon and once they are back Pinky and Geet will go. It was around four when Geet and Pinky completed their work. They once again checked everything and once they finalized they both sighed in relief. Around 4.30pm Nandini Manish and Romeo entered party hall. Manish congratulated Geet team for their effort. All thanked him. Later Geet and Pinky took cab and Geet first dropped Pinky on the way and went to Meera’s house. Geet has already informed about the party to Mohinder. Later Geet freshen up and hurriedly got ready to the party. She was looking stunning.


Both Meera and Dadima praised her beauty and Meera strictly informed Geet to keep her mobile in her hand itself, and to not to come in taxi because it’s not safe Dev will pick her up once the party is over. Meera informed driver to drop Geet at party avenue, once Geet’s car took left turn to party hall while Maan took right turn to Meera’s house



Manish (Nandini Husband)

Adi and Pinky




Maan saw the time it was around 6.30pm. In another 1 hour he should reach Party Avenue. So he took shower and got ready to party. He was looking handsome in white and back combination


Meera saw him coming down with smile and asked “kya baat hai bhai aaj aap bahut khush lag rahe wo, you are working seriously I am looking different MSK now”

Maan: haan Meera, I am serious about work now, I want my company to be number one as always. I want to fulfill dad’s dream projects which are still pending from so many years. I should be more responsible now. Let’s see whether I will win in this

Meera was very much happy to hear this and said “kya bhai, you are the great MSK; once you decided about something then you will definitely win. As always I am there for your support bhai”

Maan smiled at her, and here Dadi who listened to their talk had tears in her eyes for the first time she is happy because of Maan. She came near to him and patted his cheeks and said “from so many years I was waiting for my Maan, I am happy that I finally got him, I hope you won’t disappoint me again Maan”

Maan hugged Dadi , he was very much happy today, because his Dadi spoke to him after so many years. Then Maan said “Dadi I am going to the business party and I will be back soon”…he kissed both dadi and Meera and went to party hall.


He was welcomed by Arjun and Inder. They were busy discussing. Then Inder asked with Arjun “where is your head Architect Mr Arjun, she is not able to see anywhere in the Party”

Arjun: she is here itself, maybe she is busy wait I will call her

Inder towards Maan: Did you meet her Mr Khurana

Maan: No Mr Inder, I have not met her, I think today I can meet her

Inder: You should meet her Mr Khurana. She is very prominent in her work

When Geet entered Party she was looking outstanding in her white saree, she was not less than the angel. Maan was drinking her beauty. Rahul Narayan, colleague of Inder was very much interested in her, then he asked Maan to introduced Geet to him, thinking that Geet is his employee. Then Romeo informed Rahul that Geet is employee and he took him to Arjun. in return  Arjun introduced Geet to Rahul Narayan

Maan who was talking to Inder was burning in jealously, he was first shocked to see Geet. She was looking hotter than before. Maan saw Rahul who is looking at Geet lustfully. He was angry, his eyes were spitting fire seeing Geet shaking hands with Rahul. He wanted to kill Rahul from his bare hands. Then he saw Geet face who was trying to take her hands back from Rahul. Maan saw Arjun coming towards Geet so he involved himself in talking with other business man

Then Arjun who saw Geet, he felt bad for her. So he came near to Geet said “Geet come with me I want to introduce you to Mk”. Geet in mind thanked Arjun and went along with him to meet MK

Arjun touched Maan shoulder and said “Geet he is Mr.MK, MD of KC”. Geet smilingly looked at MK and she was shocked to see Maan there, Maan forwarded his hand to her and said “Nice meeting you Geet”.


Geet had no other option so he shook hand with Maan. He holds her hand and pressed gently, meanwhile someone called Arjun

Arjun : Geet talk to him I will be back soon

Once Arjun was out of her sight she took back her hand forcibly from Maan. Geet had tears in her eyes.

Geet was angry on herself, till today she was eagerly waiting to meet MK, but now she was disturbed, she turned her face to other side said “excuse me” and Geet went to Nandini and Pinky.


After sometime Geet went to washroom and freshen up again and called Meera. She immediately responded to her call

Geet sobbing: Meera do you know whom I met in the party

Meera: what happened Geet? Why are you sounding low?

Geet: Meera why you did not inform to me that your brother is coming to the party

Meera: what? Bhai is there in your party? How is it possible he said he is going to Kapoor’s party to me?

Geet: Idiot, Chopras is hosting party for Kapoors dear. Don’t you know about this? i have already told you about this. Do you know one more thing without knowing that MK is your brother, I took this project and I should work with him now I dunno how I am going to face him, even I should go to delhi also. How I am going to manage this Meera?

Meera making baby face said “Geet you know how much intelligent I am? How will I come to know about your clients dear? Bhai came in the morning and went for some meeting and evening he said he is going to party, I did not concentrated much on that”…she kept quiet for some time and said “if not today you should face him, why are you giving much importance to that, see Geet as a sister I am telling you; now you decide whether bhai is important for you or your work. If work is important then concentrate on your work and try to do best”

Geet: thank you Meera, for me work is important I will concentrate on my work. Ok I will talk to you later bye

Here Meera informed about this to Dadi…Dadi said leave everything for god and keep quiet


There was the announcement for everyone to join the dance floor. Nandini and Manish, Pinky and Adi, Romeo and Sasha, Inder and his wife, Arjun and his wife joined dance floor. Rahul saw Geet standing alone, he came towards her and said “hai beautiful, can I have the pleasure to dance with you”

Geet: no thanks…I dunno dancing

Rahul: I will teach you…come darling

Geet was feeling disgusted, Rahul try to pull her hand. But Maan who was having his drink in bar saw Rahul who was compelling Geet for dance, he was frustrated with his behavior. Maan wanted to save Geet from Rahul so he came near to Geet and hold her wrist in anger and took her to dance floor

Maan and Geet @ dance floor

Rahul was watching then with furious, because he thought to enjoy with Geet tonight but Maan spoiled his plan so he took some random girl to dance floor. Suddenly the light dimmed. Geet stared at Maan and was about to go. But Maan stopped her and pulled her back and put his left hand on her bare waist, hold her right hand and twirled then Maan took Geet’s hand to the side ways


They both finished dance along with others. As everyone were busy in their dance no one concentrated on Maan and Geet. Geet took hands of Maan which was in her waist and went towards catering side. Maan went back to meet his business partners. Geet sighed in relief once she came out of dance floor.

Geet Thought: how can I involve so much in the dance, I never danced in front of others, but today I was feeling secure in Maan’s arms, is it my illusion. I am feeling completely different today. But how can I feel safe with him when he is the reason behind my condition today? But today in his eyes there was no lust, my heart beats rapidly when he is around me? OMG I will definitely go mad if I think about this man, as Meera said it’s better to concentrate on my work.

Then dinner was served to everyone. Rahul try to be close to Geet. While Maan informed Adi to be with Geet, Adi is trust worthy employee of Maan, how can he disobey him so he made sure that Nandini, Sasha, Manish, Romeo and Pinky with Geet so Rahul did not get chance to near Geet. From the time Arjun introduced Geet to Rahul he saw that Rahul irritating Geet. Rahul came out of Party hall thinking that he will get another chance to be with Geet and went from the party, Maan spoke to Arjun and then informed Inder that if Rahul is working in this project then he will not work and even Arjun supported him knowing that Rahul will be trouble for Geet. Inder agreed to their condition and left the party.

After knowing that Rahul left the party hall, Adi went to Maan and said “Maan sir, we are leaving now, Manish is dropping us, one more thing sir, Rahul left the party but Geet is alone, and she said her friend husband will drop her”. Maan just nodded his said and said “Goodnight Adi, you carry on I will take care from now”. Later Manish dropped Adi Sasha and Pinky at Pinky’s apartment and went to his house along with Nandini


Geet called Meera and informed that party is over. Dadi took call from Meera and said “Dev should start now from the house and you will be left alone in the party, so if I say someone to pick you, can you able to come with him”

Geet: Par Dadi how will I come to know about him, I have not seen him

Dadi: before getting into his car I will talk to you

Meera and Dev watching Dadi amusingly, Dadi winked at them and said “Geet wait, I will talk to him and call you back”. Then Dadi called Maan. Maan who was sitting in his car and looking at Geet was surprised to see Dadi’s call and he answered

Maan: Jee Dadi boliye

Dadi: Maan I need one favor from you

Maan: Dadi tell me what should I do, I will do it what is this favor and all

Dadi: Maan can you able to drop someone to their home

Maan annoyingly “Dadi, how can drop someone I am busy in the party”

Dadi: Maan first listen to me

Maan: je dadi

Dadi: Maan , Meera friend Geet had gone to her office party, she is alone and I have assured her that Dev will pick her up after party, but Dev did not come so far, I just want to check whether you can drop her or not

Maan: Geettt

Dadi smirked and said: haan Maan I said Geet why are you pulling her name like chewing gum

Maan: I have no problem Dadi but check with her. I am also in the same party, if she says yes I can drop her

Dadi innocently: do you know her Maan

Maan : jee Dadi, she is working with me for the kapoor project…said stammering

(Maan does not know that Dadi knew about Geet.)

Then Dadi talk to Geet and said “Geet beta, Maan will drop you”

Geet eyes popped out listening to the name and said WHAT

Dadi: Geet if you trust me then go along with Maan, I don’t want you to go in cab, it’s not safety. I have spoke to Maan he has agreed. Please beta its already late now

Geet hesitantly said Ok and asked “where is he Dadi?”

Dadi: Geet come to the entrance he will be waiting for you

Geet said ok and walked towards entrance. Meanwhile Dadi informed Maan to wait near entrance

Geet thought: “waah Dadi? You are worried about my safety and you gave responsibility to the same person who spoiled my life. I think I will be much safe in cab more than his car, but I can’t say no to Dadi or else she will feel bad…chal Geet to go with modern Ravan…” She smiled at herself for the name she gave to him and saw him waiting for her at entrance. She looked up and said “dekihe naa babaji hey kaise gur rahe hai mujhe…please aaj isse mujhe bachalena”, she silently prayed and slowly went and sat in his car



Maan and Geet in car

Problem in Geet saree

Maan buying new dress to Geet

Geet and Maan drenching in rain



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