MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 26



Maan laughed loudly after listening to her and said “Meera you look beautiful when you are angry so now I came to know why Dev always pull your leg” saying this he pinched her cheeks lovingly and packed his language and went to farmhouse




Meera was completely shocked by Maan’s behavior, she did not understand head and tail. She got confused and called Dev

Meera: Dev, kya aap free wo

Dev: Nahi Meera patients ke sath hoon, batav kya bath hai, tum pareshan lag rahi ho

Meera did not want to disturb Dev so she said “kuch nahi Dev, aap apke kaam katam karke ghar ahiye hum apka intezar kate hai”

Dev: Meera, tum teek toh ho naa

Meera: haa Dev mein teek hoon, nothing important you finish your work and come home then I will talk to you

Dev: ok Meera, I will try to come soon


Here Geet finished with kitchen work and saw Pari who was busy watching cartoon. Geet went to her and said “Pari, kafi rath ho chukka hai, chal khana kake so jawo, kal jaldi utna naa, aap Meera bua ke ghar jana hai naa”

Pari: mumma pali kal be jaygi Meela bua gal (Mumma, will Pari go to Meera bua’s ghar tomorrow)

Geet: haa Pari aap Meera bua ke ghar jahenge kal bhi, mein Meera se bath karungi.

Geet (st): OMG I did not informed Meera about Maan, if I go tomorrow to Meera’s house then I should face Meera, if he comes to know that Pari is his daughter then what if he separates me from Pari, even I want to talk to Meera and Dadi, anyhow tomorrow is weekend so its better I will go to clinic frist and then to Meera’s house, before that I should talk to both Meera and papa and then decide what I should do. First I will talk to Meera and then feed to Pari and then talk to papa. Uske badh I will decide what to do and inform Meera accordingly. Before going to Meera’s house I should make sure that Maan and Nita will not be there in house…haa hey teek rahega

Geet: Pari, I will talk to Meera bua and come, till that time you watch your program and call if nanu wake up by the time

Pari: ok mumma, nanu utt ne bad par apko bulegi (ok mumma, once nanu get up from sleep Pari will call you)

Geet went to her room and called Meera.

Meera after talking to Dev, thought: why Maan bhai’s behavior is changed today, he was acting completely different. There was something in his eyes, as if she got the treasure which he was missing how is it possible, he was with Nita, even Nita said that Maan had ignored her while shopping akir kya bath ho sakta hai…then prayed god babaji, please mujhe sahi rahah dekahiye, iss bhai ke waja se mein ek din completely pagal ho javungi. Jab mein Nita ki bare mein bath kar rahi thi, un hone mujhe Geet ke bare mein poocha, kya bhai aur Geet ek dusre se mile aaj, par Geet ne mujhe iss bare mein bath bhi nahi ki. Wo kyun mujhse iss bath chupayee

Meera came out from her thought when she got call from Geet. She immediately responded to the call and said “Geet are you ok? Why did you called now?,  Geet I want to ask you something very important ?  are you free?, Geet kyun chp wo kuch bholo naa?”

Geet: agar mujhe bath karne ka mouka dogi tab bath karungi naa Meera…tum express train ke tarah bath karte ja rahi wo …toh mein kaise bath karungi tumse

Meera: sorry Geet, aab batah kya bath hai? Tum iss waqt mujhe call kiya

Geet: haan Meera mujhe tumse zaruri bath karni thi, wo kya hai naa mein aaj Nandini aur Pinky ke sath lifestyle shopping mall gayi thi, aur udar meine tumara bhai aur Nita ko dekha, isliye miene tumara ghar jaldi akar Pari ko lekar chali gayi, kyunki mujhe darr tha ki mein unke samane karna padega

Meera shockingly “tabhi toh bhai tumara bare mein mujhse pooch rahe the, aab mujhe sab pata chala”

Geet surprisingly said Tum mujhe bataya kyun nahi ki tumara bahi , haye hai aur unhone mere barien mein kya pooch rahe the

Meera: Geet, bhai ne kal sham he haye hai aur abhi chale gaye hai, mera dimak se nikal gaye hey bath…sorry Geet agay se dhyan rakungi…aur bhai ne mujhse poocha ki  “Geet kaha hai Meera” par meine unko bataya nahi…sirf daat diya

Geet: its ok Meera koi bath nahi, unko pata nahi chala na ki Pari meri beti hai

Meera: nahi Geet, aisa kuch bhi nahi hua. Aur hey bata tum abhi call kyun ki

Geet: mein tumse confirm karne ke liye phone kiya hai Meera, because today I saw your brother and I don’t want to face him again, and tomorrow is off for me, so I just want to make sure that whether I can bring Pari to your home and also whether your brother will be at home

Meera: yeah Geet you can bring Pari, because now my brother is not here

Geet: ok Meera, I also want to ask you something about Dadimaa

Meera: Geet we do one thing we talk tomorrow about this, it’s already late

Geet half heartedly said ok

Meera: Good night Geet

Geet: Good night Meera

Later Geet fed Pari and said “Pari we are going to Meera bua’s house tomorrow and I don’t want you to do any badhmash with Meera bua. Why you always trouble her? Can’t you call her bua?”

Pari making cute puppy face and said “mumma pali did not do anything, bua only play wid pali, pali is gud gal mumma” (mumma Pari did not do anything, bua only plays with Pari and irritate me, Pari is good girl mumma)

Geet: haan mujhe pata hai meri beti ki bareh mein. And Pari listen to me carefully I want you to call Meera has bua, she likes to hear from you u better call her like that itself…said strictly

Pari made puppy dog face and said “yes mumma”

Pari finished her dinner and Geet made her sleep and went to Mohinder’s room. Mohinder who was resting his headrest, Geet went near him and asked “papa aap teek ho naa, kya mein bhai ko bulao”

Mohinder: nahi beta, mein teek hoon. Chal lets have our dinner and then we can talk

Geet: ok papa

Mohinder and Geet silently had their dinner and then Geet cleaned kitchen and came near Mohinder

Geet: aab bataye papa, kya bath hai, bhai aur karan ne apko kya kaha

Mohinder: kuch nahi beta mei aur karan kal Bangalore jahenge do din ke liye. Uske bath pata chal jahega agey kya karna hai

Geet: kal mujhe chutti hai papa may bhi apke sath avungi

Mohinder: nahi beta, tum edar raho mein tume iss ke bare mein phele batah chukka hoon..tumare liye safe nahi nahi..muhje aur risk nahi lena hai..par

Geet: Par kya papa batey naa

Mohinder: do din tum akele yaha kaise rahogi beta…isliye mein soch raha tha ki mein Bangalore nahi javunga

Geet: Mere bare mein zada sochiye math, edar Meera hai, dadimaa bhi hai aur naina bhi toh hai papa. Aap nischinth wo kar jahiye. Meera hai naa, wo toh mujhe akeli nahi chodegi

Mohinder smiled at her and said “wo toh hai” and stared at his daughter and said “Geet tum disturb lag rahi hoo, batav naa kya bath hai beta”

Geet: kuch nahi papa. Aap teek hojay toh mera sare tension gayab ho jahega…aap apna kayal rakh hey gaa. I will pack your bag for two days…she forcefully smiled

Then Geet packed his bag and gave her ATM card to him and said “Papa, hey card aap apke pass rakh lejiye, password apko pata hai na”

Mohinder: uska zarurath nahi hai beta, mera pass paisa hai

Geet: Papa aap out of town jaa rahe wo…mera pass das hazaar hai, wo mujhe kafi hai, jarurath padi wo toh mein Meera aur Naina se manlungi. Pay by card at hospital, and don’t allow Karan to do that, I know by now bhai would have told him to take care of everything.till now he has not taken single paisa from us. Bhai has done so much help for us Papa, it does not look good to take their help every time. Tell Karan strictly that you will come only if he allows you to pay for medical expenses and if we need we will ask for their help

Mohinder was proud at his daughter and said “mujhe garv hai beta tumare upar. I will do as you said itself don’t worry; even I did not like to put entire burden on them”

Mohinder took ATM card and money Geet gave him without telling anything to her. He knows if he argue with her then she will feel bad

Mohinder: kal subha 6 baje ke flight hai Geet, Karan said he will be here by 4.45am

Geet: ok Papa aab aap so jahiye…kal zaldi utna hai apko

Mohinder said ok and rested on the bed. Geet covered him with blanket and switched off light. When Geet came to her room she saw Pari who was sleeping. She caressed her head lovingly. She went and stood near window watching moon.


Dadi came along with Arnav and Dev. Meera busy with the thinking. Dadi shook Meera’s shoulder and asked “Meera sab kuch teek hai naa”

Meera: haan Dadi, phele hum khana khate hai badh mein discuss karlenge.

Then everyone finished their dinner, after Arnav slept Meera Dev and Dadima came to living room. Dadima saw Meera who was deeply in thought. She came near to Meera and asked “kya bath hai Meera? Aap itne pareshan kyun hai”

Meera: Dadi aaj phir se bhai aur Nita ka jagda hua hai

Dadi: isme nahi bath kya hai Meera said annoyingly, Dadima did not liked Nita from day one

Meera: jab meine iss bare mein Maan bhai se bath ki un hone mujhse Geet ki barien mein pooch rahe the aur jab mein unko Geet ke bare mein nahi bataya. Bhai ne luggage pack karke farm house chale gaye

Dev: toh kya hua Meera, why you called me? you want to discuss something with me right

Meera: aaj ………aaj

Dev: agay batau Meera

Meera slowly said Geet aur bhai ne aaj ek dusre ko dekha hai lifestyle mall mien

Dadi curiously asked tume kisne bataya hai

Then Meera said Geet ne and narrated all the happened between Nita and Maan and also her talk with Geet.

Dadi: bechari Geet, Maan ki waja se kitna sehena padega usse, pata nahi kab he sab teek hoga. Then looking at Dev “when you came to know about this”

Dev: Meera told me after Maan returned from US. and i had doubt before that itself , because Pari looks exactly like him

Dev: Even I want to tell you something, papa will not be in town for two days. Geet and Pari will be alone at home. So he was worried about her safety

Meera: then I will say Geet to stay with us for two days

Dev: phir ek baar soch loo Meera, we are seeing Maan and Nita come and stay with us. Now Maan is not here and I dunno about Nita. If Geet is staying with us then make sure that Maan and Geet will not meet each other. And its better we avoid Nita also, I don’t think she will be happy with Pari

Dadi: Dev teek keh raha hai Meera…. We should be support for Geet, I know she will not say no if we ask her to stay here but we can’t take decision on Maan because now a days i am seeing him most of the time here itself, so I don’t want Geet to regret in future….aur mera pass ek plan hai. Kyun naa hum log Geet ke ghar jahe do din ke liye

Meera was exited and said “hey teek rahega Dadi, Geet ko naa Maan bhai se naa Nita se milna padega, mein kal Maan aur Nita ko bhol dungi ki hum kisi friend ke ghar jaa rahe hai do din keliye”

Dev: phele Geet se poochna padega Meera, if she says ok even I don’t have any problem

Meera immediately called Geet.  Geet who was sitting near window, thinking about her life, She came out of her thought when she got call from Meera. She immediately responded to the call and said “Meera, bhol, kya baat hai, etne rath mein call kiya tune”

Meera: Geet I just want to ask whether we can stay in your house for two days

Geet: hey kya poochne ke bath hai Meera, you can come here whenever you want, hey bhi tumara ghar hai

Meera: actually Geet, just now Dev said that uncle is going to Bangalore tomorrow morning. And we thought why we can’t stay in your house for two days

Geet: its brilliant idea Meera, you all can come and stay with us. Even papa will be happy listening to this. He was worried about me staying alone in this house

Meera: Teek hai …then we will meet you at your house

Geet said Ok then I will wait for you guys, we all can have breakfast here itself so dont prepare anything

Meera: tume taqleef hogi Geet, hum breakfast ke badh milte hai naa

Dev: nahi Meera hum Geet ke ghar mein breakfast karthe hai …how he will lose the chance to have breakfast in his sister house

Meera: Teek hai Geet, tumara bhai tumara hath ka khana, khane chate hai

Geet smiled and sai i will wait for you guys bye Good night

Meera: hmm goodnight

Meera informed Dadi and Dev and they went inside to pack their things for two days. After packing they drifted to sleep

Geet ST: why I am feeling bad seeing him with other women, I did not love him, what is this relation called? He is only father of my baby other than that I don’t have any relation with him”…then she consoled herself and decided “babaji…lagta hai aap mujhe ishara kar rahe wo ke mein unka samna karu…pata nahi mujhe lag raha hai ki wo aab mere samne hamesha ayenge…..I can’t be run away from him each and every time I should face him…I should stand on my feet, I am living for my Papa and Pari. They both need my support…mein kamzoor nahi bann sakti…I will face this society. Meine koi gunaah nahi kiya hai…kisika gunaah ka sazaa bhugatrahi hoon”

At the same Maan who was in farmhouse came near window and started at moon. Maan (ST): Geet ko dekhne ke baad mujhe kyun itna dard mashoos ho raha hai…when I looked at her eyes first there were so many emotions, she was happy, sad, angry on me. Why can’t she move on her life, why it looked like she is waiting for me? How can she ignore me? mujhe kyun baar baar uska chera mera same aa raha hai…why I am feeling that I am missing something important in my life


Listen to song

Geet was happy that she can spend two days with Meera and family. Both Geet and Maan came out of their thoughts and went to sleep.


Next day Geet woke up first and prepared Tiffin for Karan and Mohinder. She woke up Mohinder and told him to get ready. She kept all the necessary documents in the file.  Mohinder got ready and Geet told “papa doesn’t need to worry about me, Meera Dadima and bhai will stay with me, I got call from Meera yesterday night. She came to know about your trip from bhai so they decided to stay with us for two days”. Mohinder was relieved from tension and said “aab mein chain se jaa sakta hoon Geet”

Karan came to house sharply at 4.30am, Geet welcomed him and after some time gave breakfast to both father and Karan

Karan: aap kyun taqleef utai Geet jii, we would have managed

Geet smiled and said its nothing like that,

Mohinder and Karan finished their breakfast. Mohinder went to Geet’s room and kissed sleeping Pari. Then informed Geet to take care of Pari her herself in his absence and said bye to Geet. Mohinder and Karan left to airport. Geet saw the time it was around 5.30am. she started cleaning house, because today Meera and her family will come to stay with her by 7.00 Geet cleaned whole house, then she took bath and she started preparing breakfast, while she got from Meera saying that they are starting from there house.

Geet cooking

Sabudana Upma


Tomato chutney

Kadai Choley

Mango Pickle


Geet once again looked at all dishes. Once everything finished she went to her room to wake up Pari. Geet saw Pari who was sleeping peacefully; she caressed her head and said “Pari, Meera bua aa rahi hai, chalo utto beta”

Pari: mumma neend aalahi hai pali koo (mumma Pari ko neendh aa rahi hai)

Geet: badh mein so lena Pari, mujhe bahut sara kaam hai, mujhe Meera bua ka call haya tha, usne kaha ki tumara mamu, dadima aur Arnav bhi ayenge. Tum toh so rahi hoo, aur sara kaam mujhe akeli karna padega…koi nahi hai mera help karne keliye, aur Meera bua kahegi Pari is bad girl…said Geet sadly

Pari woke up immediately and said “Pali help kalegi mumma ko, pali iz gud gal” (Pari will help you mumma, Pari is good girl)

Geet kissed her samajdhar beti, even sometime she will be shocked to see Pari understanding her feeling and support her, now she stopped going to Naina’s house if she is there at home, Naina has complained her so many times about this , when Geet asked about this Pari will ignore that and try to diver Geet’s mind, knowing her daughter Geet will keep quiet. (of course Pari will support her mom, she is after all MSK daughter)

Pari saw her mom in deep thought she went and shook her shoudher and said “mama late hogayee”. Geet came out of her thought and took her to bathroom. After finishing bath Geet made her to wear dress. Then gave milk to Pari, both mother and daughter were waiting for Meera’s family.


Geet happily welcomed Meera Dev Dadima and Arnav. They all seated in the hall. Then Geet gave Mohinder room to Dev Meera and Arnav and shared her room with Dadima. Geet informed them that breakfast is ready. Everyone had their breakfast. Dev and Dadima thanked Geet for delicious breakfast. Then Dev “its time now I will go to nursing home and meet you guys at lunch”

Meera: Dev aap chutti leliji ye na aaj

Dev: Nahi Meera I need to go, you know about mr

Dadi: it’s ok Dev beta you go she is kidding with you

Dev said bye to all and went to nursing home, Pari and Arnav were busy playing with each other. Then Geet closed the front door and came inside to her room where Dadi and Meera were waiting for her. Geet joined them and Dadi was looking at Geet. Geet felt little uncomfortable in front of Dadi. The Dadi said “Meera, I want to talk to Geet, if you want you can be here”

Geet sensed what Dadi is going to ask her, so she holds Meera’s hand tightly. Meera knew it will be difficult for Geet to confront Dadi so she said “its ok Dadi, I will be with Geet, she is more than a sister for me”

Dadi knew about Meera and Geet bond so she did not want to say to Geet that she knows about her past from Meera so she said “Geet kya mien aapse kuch puch sakti hoon, don’t take me in wrong Geet, you are like Meera to me, so can you answer my question”

Geet said slowly ‘jee dadi’

Dadi: Geet hame aapke barein mein sab pata hai… mujhe Meera se pata chala ki Pari aapki beti hai…sirf mujhe hey bataye kya Pari ka pita hamara Maan hai. Mein aapke muuh se sunna chati hoon,

Geet was shocked and she dunno what to answer Dadi she slowly nodded her head. Tears were flowing from her eyes. She thought Dadi will blame her.

Dadi wiped Geet’s tears and said “aap kyun roh rahi wo Geet, iss mein aapki galti nahi hai, mujhe apke barein mein Ramu ne bataya, shayad aapko yaad hoga”…Geet nodded her head and then Dadi continued “jab Meera ne mujhe aapse milaya tha, hum samaj gaye ki aap he wo ladki hai, jiska zindagi Maan ne barbaad kar di. Pari ko dekthey hai hame pechan gaye ki wo hamara Maan ka beti hai.. Maan ki taraf se hum aapse maafi manthe hai Geet” Dadi had tears in her eyes

Geet : Dadi aap kyun mafi maang rahi wo,  mera nasib mein jo likha hai wahi hota hai naa… mujhe kisi se koi shiqayat nahi…aab mien khush hoon, Pari hai mera zindagi mein mera ghum door karne ke liye

Dadi: Geet tumare barein Dev bhi janta hai…hum sab tera sath hai Geet…jabbi tume hamara zarurat wo please hame bataye

Geet nervously smiled at Dadi and said Thank you Dadi will definitely let you know whenever I need help from you.

Meera was happy that Geet did not misunderstand her. But Geet was little disturbed with Dev knowing about her. Later when Meera and Geet were in kitchen preparing lunch, Geet asked “Meera aab Dev bhai ko mera bareien mien pata hai, kya wo mujse phele jaise bhath karenge” Geet had tears when she asked this with Meera. The she side hugged Geet and said “Geet Dev ko abhi nahi phele se pata hai, unko hey doubt tha hamesha. Dev ne bhi mujhse iss bareien mein bhath ki, mein hamesha un bathon ka talthi rahi. Jab se mein Maan bhai se milkar ayee, meine Dev ko tumare barien bata diya hai. Aur tum Dev ko galat samaj rahi wo, Dev tumara izzat karte hai, jab unko tumara aur bhai ke barein mein pata chala un hone mien kaha ki tu Dev ki behen hai, jab Dev ne mujhe propose kiya, tabse unhone kaha ki aaj se Geet meri behan hai, kyunki Dev ko hamare siwa koi nahi hai Geet. Isliye wo uncle ko papa aur tume behan mante hai…please Dev ko shaq math karna wo tuth jahenge”

Geet: nahi Meera, mein bhai ko kaise galat samju, tume bhi achi tarah se pata hai ki mein Dev ko bhai nathi hoon. Par mujhse unke samne jane ki gabrah hat ho rahi hai

Dev who came to house for lunch listened to the conversation between Geet and Meera, and said “agar tum mujhe bhai manti wo toh gabrahat nahi hoti hai Geet, mein hamesha tumara sath doonga. iss mein tumara koi kasoor nahi hai, phir tum kyun darti wo, mujhe meri behan par poora baraosha hai…Iss bhai ka wada hai Geet, jabhi tume koi bhi problem , hey math sochna ki tum akeli wo, jo bhi bath wo tum mujhe bata dena, agar mujhe wo bhath share nahi karpavogi  to Meera hai naa tumara sath usse share karo”

Geet smiled having tears in her eyes. Later everyone had lunch. Two days Geet enjoyed very much along with Meera and family. Now she no needs to worry, because she has Dev has her brother, Meera and Dadima….two days passed, no one came to know about this. Next day when Mohinder and Karan came, Dev discussed with Karan, Dadi met Mohinder.Till evening Dev Meera and Dadi spend time with Geet family and they went to their house


Maan Geet another face off

Maan meeting head Architect of Chopra Constructions at party

Party @ Chopra Construction


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