MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 25


“Nita, did you finished your shopping” …when Geet heard that voice without her knowledge she turned and saw Maan. Nita’s back was facing to Geet, so even Maan saw Geet…there was eye lock between them



Both were shocked looking at each other. They never thought they will see each other after that dreadful night Geet was sweating badly; she was finding difficult to stand in front of him. There was fight going in between Geet’s heart and mind. After sometime Geet calmed herself and concentrated on her friends who were selecting saris, as if she did not see him.  In the meantime Nandini called Geet and showed saris and dress which she and Pinky selected; Geet just nodded her head and went towards billing counter with them. Maan was just gaping at Geet till she was out of his sight

Maan thought: Maan was full mesmerized by Geet’s beauty. Same innocent face, body structure, hazel eyes which attracted him years back…she has not changed a bit, it’s almost four years then also there is no change in her. He remembered the night he forcibly made her his, he was in his beautiful dream

Here Nita packed all her selected materials and she only paid. Today she was every much angry on Maan because this is the first time she paid for the purchase made by her. She took all the covers in her hand then also Maan did not turned to her side, he was in his beautiful dream he was disturbed by Nita who came towards him and said loudly “can we go now”

Nita: Maan drop me to my aunt’s house,

Maan who was in this dreamland did not listened to her and went directly to Meera’s house. Nita even tried to talk to him 2 to 3 times then also Maan did not listen to her. Maan parked car and went directly to his room, closed door and locked it. Nita came out from the car and took all the covers. Meera who was playing with Arnav came towards her, smiled at Nita and said

Meera: Nita, looks like you both enjoyed shopping,

And then both came inside and sat on sofa. Seeing Nita fuming Meera tried to lighten the movement and said taking covers in hand “I think these all are Maan bhai’s choice…Am I right Nita?”

Nita just said “No” rudely and went inside guest room; today she was very much angry and just trying to calm her anger. She does not want to show her anger to Maan nor Meera. Meanwhile Maan came out of his room and Meera asked “bhai…kya hua aap dono phir se jagda kiya kya…lagta hai apki  fiancee apse bahut naraz hai, jahiye unko mana lejiye”

Maan: Mujhe nahi pata Meera, agar tumko uska gussa ke bare mein jana hai to tum jakar usse  pucho…saying this he took Arnav in his arms and made him sit in car, Maan started car and went off without saying bye to Meera.

Nita heard car sound and came out of her room and saw Maan and Arnav going out, she was fuming.  She came and sat on sofa, shopping items were lying on table, Nita did not even look at it once. Meera saw Nita and she came to know that Nita is angry because whenever she goes to shopping she will show it to Meera and say why she selected it but today she did not even opened the covers. Meera went and sat next to Nita and took her hand in her and said “Nita don’t mistake Maan bhai, he still did not come out of his mother death, he is still suffering, give him some time and keep patience everything will sort out soon”

Nita: Meera, I don’t have much knowledge about this and neither patience. I know it’s not my fault; I am only daughter to my parents. And till now they got each and everything I liked, they never questioned me, if I do anything right or wrong they were with me always and due to my health condition they were feared. If anyone ignores me then I can’t tolerate myself Meera. And I don’t want to share my beloved person or things with others”

Meera felt bad for Nita’s health, and thought pata nahi hey kaise bhai ke sath life spend karegi, he is so arrogant, short tempered

Nita: Maan has changed now Meera, he is not like before. Now a day’s he is spending most of the time with that Pari, I hate her, and see now instead of coming and convincing me he took Arnav and went out. He used to hate children before, after coming to Pune I am seeing most of the time with that Pari or Arnav…said unknowingly

Meera: was surprised listening to Nita and said “Nita, firstly Niharika aunty has pampered Maan bhai more than your parents. Because of that sometime he behaves rudely, instead of getting angry and disturbed for small things it’s better you understand him and go according to his wish, he will not come to you, you only should go to him. Till now you have not seen his other face, so be happy that atleast he spends sometime with you, because you know he does not even care of the other person, if he wishes something than he will make sure to own it” and rahi bath Arnav and Pari ki “you should be happy that bhai loves children now so that you both can have your own children….and one more thing Nita, human beings like babies, they just forget all their tensions playing with children’s to feel the happiness you should have kind heart, instead of hating children try to mingle with them, and I really appreciate if you stop talking about children”…said angrily

Nita’s face changed its color because unknowingly she blurted out in front of Meera. And thought damage has already done so it’s better; I go to aunt’s place

Nita: Meera I will go to my aunt’s place, she will be waiting for me

Meera: you can wait until car comes Nita, may be bhai will drop you

Nita: it’s ok I will go by cab …saying this she went out without taking shopping bags. Meera took bags and kept in the guest room


Here Geet who came out of shopping mall along with Nandini and Pinky, was disturbed. Looking at her face Nandini and Pinky thought that she is angry with them because they are late.

Nandini: I am really sorry Geet, because of me you are late today

Geet: koi bath nahi Nandini, I can understand. Chalo I will go now, I should go to my friend place before it is late. Saying bye to Nandini and Pinky, Geet stopped the cab and went directly to Meera house, and informed cab driver to wait for few minutes and came inside house

Meera and Dadi happily welcomed her and said “Geet wait I will bring tea for you” but Geet stopped her and said “Meera, please aaj nahi, I want to rush to home, papa is waiting for mr, while going to clinic today he forgot to take key with him, and he is waiting outside. Even Naina is not there…” Geet looked around and said “where is Pari, it’s getting late, cab is waiting Meera”

Meera: you wait here I will bring Pari..saying this Meera went to her room to bring Pari who was sleeping

Dadi: kuch waqt hamare sath baitiye naa beta, itna jaldi kya hai

Geet: aaj nahi Dadima, phir kabhi

Meanwhile Pari woke up and said “mami, uncal kaha hai” (Mami where is uncle)

Meera: tum kal milena…mumma is waiting for you

Pari got down from Meera and ran towards Geet and hugged her.

Pari: mumma pari played today …but Geet cut her in middle and said “Pari cab is waiting for us, chalo abhi chalte hai, baki badh mein karenge…haan abhi Dadima aur bua ko bye kahiye”

Pari first went to Dadima and said bye Dadi and then told Meera to sit. Meera sat on her knees, Pari kissed her one cheek and bit her another cheek and said “bye mami”

Meera pulled Pari back and said “Pari, mujhe bue bol, nahi toh mein tume jane nahi dungi”

Geet smiled and told Meera “tum dono ka jagada badh mein suljalena, mujhe late ho raha hai”…then she took Pari in her arms and said bye to Dadima and Meera and went. Pari waved her hands to Dadi and put her tongue out to Meera

Meera: Dekiye Dadima mein apko bhol rahi thi naa, hey dono baap aur beti mujhe tang karna pasand karte hai, subha Pari ne mujhe bua bholo, abhi dekiye mami bhol kar apna Jeebh (tongue (I dunno whether it is right or wrong I googled it)) dikha kar chali gayi…complained Meera to Dadima like small girl

Dadima just shook her head and said “Meera abhi aap andhar ahiye”. Meera and Dadima went inside room.


Geet sat inside car and said the driver to go to Kalyani nagar. She kept Pari on her lap; tears were continuously flowing from her eyes. And thought I did not want to meet him, earlier I was disturbed with his marriage news, and calmed myself by saying that I will not meet him, but today I saw him… pata nahi babaji kyun mera pariksha ley rahe hai baar baar. I dunno why I am feeling bad looking him with Nita. I knew about them earlier itself then also why it is pricking my heart seeing him with her…abhi tak unko pata nahi hai ki mien unke bacche ko janam de chuki hoon, agar unko hey bath pata chala kya wo Pari ko mujhse dur lekar jahenge, she hugged Pari tightly and then thought Pari meri beti hai, he don’t have any right on her …..babaji please help me to come out of this

Pari looked at her mom who was crying, she wiped tears from her eyes and said “mumma pali se gucha wo, aaj pali kuch na kia, Meela mami ko tagh nahi kiya..pomice”(mumma aap Pari se gussa wo kya? Aaj Pari ne kuch nahi kiya hai, aur Meera mami ko tangh bhi nahi kiya hai…promise)

Geet just wiped her tears and said “nahi Pari, aapki mummu apse gussa nahi hai, wo kya hai naa, mummi ke ankh par dust chala gaya hai isliye taers aa raha hai…”.

Driver: madam hum punch gaye

Geet paid for cab and came inside house. She just changed her dress and got freshen up. Then she took Pari and gave bath to her and dressed her in night suit. Mohinder came from hospital Geet prepared tea for them

Mohinder: Geet, mien thode der so jata hoon, bahut tired wo raha hai, badh mein tumse bath karunga

Geet left ok with that, even she wants sometime to come out from her feelings. Geet agreed and went to prepare dinner for night


Maan who went out with Arnav came inside and saw Dadi and Meera both were seriously endorsed in their talk and thought “pata nahi en dono ke beech mien aise kya kichdi pak rahi hai, they both will be discussing something seriously and if I come in front of them then will either change topic or keep quiet”…Maan just shook his head and made Arnav to stand on his foot, Maan directly went inside room because he knows dadi will not talk to him

Dadi: Meera I will go to temple and come, diver is also here. I do one thing I will take Arnav with me and go

Meera : said Ok and took Arnav and gave him bath

After Dadi and Arnav went to temple, Meera went to Maan’s room. She thought that Maan will ask about Nita, but he did not utter anything and sat in front of her.

Meera: Nita was feeling bad today bhai, you wou….

Maan interrupted her in middle and said “Meera, I am not a machine to make people happy, I never told her to get angry and feel bad. I have not at all come out of my grief, then why should I worry about someone else…and I am trying to concentrate on my work”…said angrily

Meera thought: its better I keep quiet, these two are getting married and settling in the life why should I worry about them, let them sort out their differences and problems. Meera stood up to go out of his room. But Maan hold her hand and asked

Maan: Meera, don’t you know where is Geet now?

Meera thought: I am asking about Nita with him but in return he is asking me about Geet. what is the relation between Nita going from here and bhai is asking me about Geet,

Maan saw Meera who was looking at him intensely and asked again softly “where is Geet Meera”

Meera got angry on him and said “I don’t know”

Maan: Geet is in Pune, you both are so close friends and don’t tell me that you did not meet each other till now. I know very well that you both are in touch. Then why are you telling lie to me Meera

Meera: Mein Geet ke bare min zoot ya sach bolu, aap jankar kya karoge bhai….Geet kaha bhi hai kaise bhi rahe apko kya…said angrily

Maan laughed loudly after listening to her and said “Meera you look beautiful when you are angry so now I came to know why Dev always pull your leg” saying this he pinched her cheeks lovingly and packed his language and went to farmhouse


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