MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 24



Whole day Pari played with Arnav Dadi and Meera,. Geet finished her work and went to Meera’s house in the evening and Dadi told Geet to drop Pari at Meera’s house every day till she is in Pune. She likes to spend some time with her, to which Geet nodded and then left to house and meanwhile Maan saw Geet and Pari ‘s back when he entered to Meera’s house.


Maan hurriedly parked car inside and went out to see whether they are still there. Before Maan come out of compound Geet and Pari went to house in auto. Maan who entered house saw Dadi and Meera talking to each other. Maan went and sat near Meera and he was looking at Dadi and asked Meera, he was feeling jealous of Meera because she was sleeping in Dadi lap and both were talking deeply without realizing that Maan has came inside. Maan coughed to gain their attention and asked Meera

Maan: Meera Pari ayee thi kya??…just now I felt like I saw Pari going with some lady me be her mom

Both Meera and Dadi were surprised to see Maan there; they both were gaping at Maan. Maan saw their expression and said

Meera I am asking with you whether Pari came here today…said Maan little bit loudly

Both came out from their thought and Meera said

Meera: bhai aap kab agye…

Maan: abhi…aur mein tumse pooch raha hoon kya Pari ayee thi edar

Meera: haa bhai …par aap ko kaise pata…asked Meera hesitantly…because she was scared thinking that whether Maan has seen Geet also along with Pari

Maan: jab mein andar aaraha tha meine dekha. Wo kisi aurat ke sath ja rahi thi…kya wo Pari ki maa thi?

Meera nodded her head

Maan: ooh I just missed the chance. If I came here few minutes before I could have met Pari’s mother also…Pari’s parents are lucky enough to have such a cute baby, you can forget your tension when she is with us

Dadi and Meera both were shocked after listening to Maan.

Dadi ST: aap sach key rahe hai Maan, Pari ka mata pita lucky hai, aur aap teek keh rahe hai, jab Pari hamara sath hoti hai, unke masoomiyat hamara dil chu jati hai, hum unka par dadi hai phir bhi aap ki waja say hum haq se unke sath nahi rehe sakte. Mein bhi aap ka feeling samaj thi hoon Maan, she is your daughter, you will have divine peace when you take her in your arms…I am just waiting for the day when you can say to this society with proud that Geet is your wife and Pari is your daughter. Hope the day comes soon so that I can spend my remaining life peacefully without guilty. I know I am rude to you, I am sorry Maan, has your Dadi I can forget whatever you did to Geet, but ek aurat hone ke natir, hum nafrat karte hai aap jaise insaan se jisme bina soche ek acchi ladki ka zindagi karab kardi. Aaj aap ki waja se Geet akeli hai, aur Pari ko baap ka aur hamara pyaar nahi mila… but I will not wait to your decision I will do everything to Pari, as her grandmother. Jab hame Meera se pata chala ki, Maan ki beti hai, toh usi waqt humne decide kiya ki hamara khandani haar Kal hum Pari ho de rahe hai.

Dadi just took haar from box and caressed it lovingly.

Khurana Khandani Haar-

Meera saw Dadi who was busy in her thought and then informed Maan to freshen up. Maan just went to room to shower


Here in Geet’s house

Geet paid to auto and took Pari in her arms and went inside house. Mohinder saw them and said

Mohinder: Geet, where were you both? You know how much I was worried about you and Pari

Geet felt bad and then said “I am really sorry papa, I went to Meera house, and her Dadi was also their so I was late”

Mohinder: it’s ok beta, I forgot about you going to Meera’s house. Tum log fresh hoke ajayeye hum khana kate hai

Geet confusedly asked “khana”

Mohinder: haan Geet, ghar mein bait kar bore ho rahi thi isliye hum aaj khana banaya, wo kya hai naa jada din hogaya tha isliye socha hum aapko surprise detai hai

Geet hugged her father and said “you are the best father in the world papa, and my hero”, she had tears in her eyes

Later they had their dinner and Pari slept on Mohinder’s chest because she was busy today playing with Arnav Dadi and bua.

Mohinder: Pari ghar mein nahi hai toh ghar suna suna lagta hai Geet…mein aaj bahut miss kiya hai,

Geet: bhai ne kya kaha apko papa

Mohinder: Mujhe phele do din ke kiye Bangalore jana hai, waha mera test ek aur baar karengey uske baadh hame un logo ne phone karke bata hengay

Geet: teek hai papa, kab jana hai…

Mohinder: pata nahi beta, wo kya hai naa, Dev ne kaha kal discuss karke hame bata dega

Geet: ok papa I will get permission from office, I will talk to HR tomorrow

Mohinder: nahi Geet uska zarurath nahi hai, Dev ka friend Dr Karan hai naa, inko Bangalore mein kuch kaam hai, so he said he will take me. So you no need to apply leave if it is necessary then Dev will inform you.

Geet: par papa..

Mohinder cut her talk in the middle and said “nahi Geet, anjana seher hai, hume kuch nahi pata hai, aur Dev ne kaha ki anjan Seher mein tume jana nahi chahiye, tumara kayal rakhne ke liye koi nahi hoga, in the known place itself it is not safe for girls then how you think that you will allow us to take risk Geet, its better you stay here itself, and I will be calling you, aur tum do din Meera ki ghar mein raho”

Geet: par papa, mien yaha rukh sakti hoon, koi problem nahi nahi, Meera bhi haina, aur abhi Meera ke ghar mein mehmaan hai, hame teek nahi lag raha hai, hum ek kaam karte hai, I will be here and while going to office I will drop Pari there and bring her back with me. agar kuch problem hui toh mein sach mein Meera ki ghar javungi

Mohinder said Ok beta jaise tum teek samje

Geet: Papa ek aur bath, Meera ki Dadima edar hai, unhone aaj kaha ki jab tak wo Meera ke ghar mein hai tab tak mein Pari ko subha unke ghar chodu…abhi abhi unke bahu ka dehaant hogaya hai, unko thoda peace milega

Mohinder: teek hai Geet, you drop Pari to Meera’s house before going to office, so that Meera’s grandmother can got out of grief

Geet: bahut rath ho chuki hai papa, aap so jahiye, then she took Pari in her arms and made Pari to sleep on her shoulder and went to her room saying goodnight to papa.

Geet carefully made Pari to sleep on the bed and thought “kyun mujhe lagta hai ki Dadima mere bare mein sab kuch janti hai, Meera ne kaha ki wo uski Dadima hai, kya wo wahi Dadima hai jiske bare mein Meera ne mujhe college time pe bata thi thi, ….OMG then she is Maan’s Dadima,  kya Meera ne mere bare mein unko bata diya hai…par Meera aise kyun karegi ,Meera be mujhe promise kiya hai ki wo kisiko mere bare mein nahi bathaegi. Jab Dadima ne mujhe dekha unke ankho mein asoo tha, babaji aab mein kya karu, if Dadima knows me then how I will face her”…she was blank for some time and then decided “if she is Maan’s dadi or Meera’s dadi, I don’t have to do anything with her. Maan ki galti wo ka saja mein Dadi ko kaise de sakti hoon,… she know about me also its better for me to keep quiet, I will drop Pari at her house and then I will go to house. I will less interact with them. Pari ko unke ashirvaad ke zarurath hai so it’s better that I will keep quiet and behave as if I dunno anything…if Dadima knows about me or not I will be same Geet for Meera, why should I make Pari suffer in future, she will get family, Pari knew only me and papa earlier and Naina and Sameer helped us whenever we were in problem, agar mujhe kuch hoga toh Dadima aur Meera Pari ka parvarish karenge”…after struggling for some more time then she went to sleep.

In all these Meera and Dadi forgot to inform Geet about Maan’s arrival, it’s just slipped out of their mind.

Next day as usual Geet got up early and prepared breakfast. She woke up Pari, gave bath to her and dressed her up. While having breakfast Karan came to Geet’s house, to pick up Mohinder because Dev informed him that he will be late today. Geet gave breakfast to Karan and Mohinder and after their breakfast, Mohinder went along with Karan. Geet got ready and went to Meera’s house.


Geet was greeted by Dadi and Meera

Geet looking

Geet took blessing from Dadi and said “Dadima, mujhe aaj zaldi jana hai, and Meera bye”.

Then she kissed Pari and left to office. At the same time Maan came out after his shower, he was feeling light at heart today, as if something good going to happen.

Dadi took Pari in her lap and made her to wear khandhani haar

Meera saw this and asked “Dadi hey kya hai,”

Dadi: hamara khandani haar, Pari is my granddaughter so she has the right to wear it

Meera: wo toh teek hai Dadi, par, it’s not safe to make Pari to wear it, she is too small, aur kisi chor ne dekh liya, aur hamara Pari ko kidnap kar kliya toh nahi Dadi hum risk nahi le sakte hai

Dadi: tum teek key rahi wo Meera, then do one thing…she took chain from Pari and gave to Meera and “tum ek kaam karo, hey haar tum Geet ko dedo”

Meera: Dadi aaj aapko kya hogaya hai…agar mien iss haar Geet do dediya toh mein uska kahi sawalonka jawab dena padega…aur apko pata hai, Geet ko shaq hogaya hai ki aap uske bare mein sab kuch jante hai, to clarify karne ke liye, wo mouka dhoond rahi hai thaki wo mujhse bhath kare… phele is mein nervous hoon use batane keliye aur aap usko aur bhi mushkil kar arahe hai mujhe hey haar dekh kar

Dadi: hum kuch nahi jante hai Meera, aapko pata hai ki hum jhoot nahi bol sakte, aur Pari hamar par poti hai, and neither you or Geet can change it now, you can take it has my order and give to Geet

Meera: without any other choice said Ok and mujhe thoda time dejiye Dadi I will first convince Geet and then give this to her, once she is convinced then I will take it from you

Dadi: ok no problem, you keep it with you and give it to Geet later

Meera nodded her head and thought “Babaji kiss janam ka dushmani le rahe wo mujhse, hamesha mein bhai ki waje se sabse datt kati hoon, aab Dadi bi mujhe aur muskhil mein dal rahi hai, Dadi kyun nahi samajti , mein Geet ko kaise hey haar doon, already usko mere upar shaq hogaya hai, aab iss haar mein usko di toh wo mien mar dalegi, Dadi naa meri bath samajti hai aur Geet ko mein samjha nahi sakti…ek kam karti hoon, I will keep this haar with me, babaji please help me in this, let everything get settled first then I will talk to Dev and decide about his haar, only he can guide me. If I put this haar on Pari even Maan bhai will get doubt, first of all he is trying to find out why Pari is so much attracted to him, if he sees this haar then he will come to know about this and I should face the consequences”

Meera came out of her thought and took haar from Dadi and went inside to keep it in locker. When she came out she saw Maan who dressed up and coming down but his gaze was full on  Pari, who was in dadi’s lap

PARI was looking like this-

Maan came down and sat on sofa. Pari who was busy playing his Dadi saw Maan and gave sweet smile

Maan: Hi Princess, Good morning

Pari immediately came down from Dadi and stand in front of Maan. Maan took her in his arms and kissed her. Even Pari kissed him saying “gud mornly uncal…pali miss u…ap kah gai, Pali ape kathi…” (Good morning uncle, Pari missed you so much, aap kaha gayi Pari ko chodke…isliye Pari aapse katti hai) Pari turned her face to other side showing fake anger and seeing Maan from her corner of eyes

Maan: Even I missed you so much beta, you are my princess right, so I came running to see you,

Pari: sache…(Sachii)

Maan: Mucchi

Pari: uncal ap ko pata he ma sade Pali gowne up, Pali will go to scool, (Uncle you know mamma said Pari has grown up now and Pari will go to school)

Maan: chuckled seeing her excitement and said “ohh then you are big girl, will be also take me to your school, I will also join you”

Pari: uncal buddu, ap baut big wo, onely Pali wil go u nt (Uncle, you are buddu, aap bahut big wo, so you are not allowed to go to school, only Pari can go)

Maan: making baby face asked “then who will teach me”

Pari: thought of some time and said pali wil che mammi to teat u, u com home (Pari will inform Mammi, you can come home, Pari’s mummy will teach you)

Dadi and Meera who were silent spectator till now, both was shocked to see the bonding between Pari and Maan. Both liked each other company. Meanwhile Meera got call from Geet, she dunno what to answer her, because Maan was sitting with them. Then Meera took call and said

Meera: haan bholo, kya baat hai…tum teek se office pounch gaye hona

Geet: confused with Meera’s talking and said “Meera, Pari did not take milk today, please give it to her and I forgot today I should take to nursing home for pulse polio”

Meera: thank god you remember me that, even I forgot, and just think about your brother who is doctor he only forgot to inform us about this…you don’t worry I will take Pari also with me. you just concentrate on your work

Geet: ok Meera, thank you

Meera: oye…tabhiyat kaisi hai tumari….mujhe thanks bhol rahi woo.

Geet: ooh oye meri maa, please mujhe maaf kardo galti hogayi mujhse…teek hai sir is coming I will talk to you later bye

Meera: bye

Then Meera looked at Pari and said “Pari, edar ajav beta, apke mumma ka phone haya tha, chaliye hum apke aur Arnav ko doodh dete hai”

Pari purposefully did not had milk at home, she thought in urgency her mom has forgotten about that. Then Pari made yuck face and said “bua plz dude naaa, muje pasand nahi….” (Bua please dhoodh nahi, mujhe dhoodh pasand nahi)

Meera:” waah meri pyaari bhanji…….aaj aap mujhe bua bhula rahi hooo, taki mein aapko dhoodh naa du”. Then looking at Dadi and said “Dadimaa apko pata hai, whenever I met her she used to call me Mami see today she is buttering me by calling Bua so that I should not force her to have milk”…

Then Meera forcibly made Pari to drink milk. Maan was the silent spectator thinking that Pari in always resembles him, even he used to avoid milk when he was small but now he used to it, meanwhile he got call from Nita

Nita: “Maan I am going to shopping today evening at 6.00pm, can you please join me because I am alone today, and can you please join me”

Maan: said OK

Even he wanted to go out; he was at home from morning looking at Dadi Arnav Meera and Pari.  He played some time with Pari and Arnav, he was enjoying with them. Then had his lunch with Meera and Dadi, he tried to talk to Dadi so many times but Dadi was ignoring him, Dadi went to her room to sleep, Meera told Arnav and Pari to sleep.


Geet was busy with her work as usual. Pinky and Nandini entered her cabin,

Nandini: Geet after office time we will go to shopping and salary has already credited to our accounts

Geet: Nahi Nandini, my daughter is at my friend’s place I should go there before going to home, so I don’t think I can come with you, it will be late, we do one thing we will go some other day

Pinky: come on Geet to purchase one sari it won’t take much time, Nandini should go to her cousin’s marriage so we will go with her today, and we can plan some other day and go for complete shopping

Geet finally agreed to go with them and said “you should not take much time to select sari Nandini or else I will not come”

Nandini: no Geet , we will select it soon

Then all of them decided to do the finish there work soon and go for shopping. Later in evening Geet Nandini and Pinky went to shopping @ Lifestyle International.


On the other hand Nita told Maan to meet her @ Lifestyle International. Maan met Nita at mall and Nita was selecting saris and dress materials and Maan went to men’s section to check on new arrivals, at the same time Geet Nandini and Pinky entered shopping mall and started selecting saris, looking at saris Nandini said

Nandini: Geet I am going to select two saris today, I don’t want to miss this opportunity, I dunno when Manish will give his card for me to purchase again

Geet: Nandini, please don’t take much time you know I should go home soon, my daughter is waiting for me

Pinky: Geet, if you keep on talking to us then it will be late, its better we select saris first

Geet kept quiet and both Nandini and Pinky were selecting saris and Geet was looked was checking on displays. She saw a lady who was purchasing sari, she looked familiar, she was thinking about her then she immediately realized that she is Nita, Maan’s future wife, Geet has seen Nita only once so it was difficult for Geet to recognize her. Geet just went near Nandini and Pinky showing her back to Nita.

“Nita, did you finished your shopping” …when Geet heard that voice without her knowledge she turned and saw Maan. Nita’s back was facing to Geet, so even Maan saw Geet…there was eye lock between them




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