MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 23


She has clearly informed them to give it to her on marriage day without anyone knowing. In this over enthusiasm Niharika was coming down from stairs fastly, suddenly she had  severe chest pain, she tightly hold her chest, she was sweating furiously and fell down from stairs, immediately Maan, Mohan and Arjun took her to the room and others informed to their family doctor. Doctor checked her and said “She is no more, she had severe HEART ATTACK”.



Khurana Mansion which who filled with happiness was filled with sorrow now, When Niharika was alive she did not helped to any servants and she made their life hell. So workers did not feel bad for her death. Mohan and Arjun took initiative and first they informed Pratap, started working. Even though Niharika did not do any good things for others, she loved her son so much and gave him whatever he wanted. Maan was completely on shock and he did not come out from his room, Meera entered Maan’s room and saw him sitting like statue. She kept hand on his shoulder and said “bhai, please don’t control your sorrows, it’s not good please let out your emotions…” but Maan did not bulge a little. Then Meera shook and crying bitterly and said “bhai please cry, you can sit numb, apne maa ka bidai ho rahi hai bhai, please come out”, when he heard “maa” word from Meera, tears started flowing from his eyes like river.

My Mother seems so far away from me,
On that beautiful white shore across the sea.
Yet I remember love’s soft glow upon her face,
And the feel of her touch and tender embrace.

When I am weary from the burdens I’ve borne,
And the path is unclear and I feel so forlorn,
I remember her loving support was always near,
And her advice made the path ahead seem clear.

When I feel there is no one who seems to care,
Or when the heartache seems too hard to bear,
I remember how she always stood by my side,
And would tenderly wipe away the tears I cried.

When there are moments of great joy and pride,
And I wish my Mother was standing at my side,
I remember she saw more than I thought I could be,
And know I owe my triumphs to her belief in me.

When I reminisce about the things she used to say,
And I miss her and think she is so far away,
I remember what she gave lives on through me,
And one day I’ll see her on the shore across the sea.

When Niharika ‘s Funeral rights were going on, Pratap Seema and Nita came to Khurana mansion, Maan came down from his room running hugging Niharika’s body and was crying and Maan was crying like a small baby,. Everyone trying to console him, but he did not listen to anyone.

Seeing his condition Dadi came towards Maan and hugged him. Maan saw Dadi’s face and hugged her and said ” Dadi pls tell mom to get up, how can she leave me alone and go, please Dadi” Dadi just caressed his head and said “apne apko samaliye Maan, it’s not in our hands, everyone turns will come…now stop crying and look after bidai now, it’s getting late”

Dev who came to Maan’s marriage attended Niharika’s funeral. Dev forgot about his nursing home and did all other works and also consoled Maan.  After Funeral all relatives started leaving to their houses. While going some said that Nita is bad luck to the family so before she entering KM, she killed her mother in law.  Pratap and Seema were angry on them, but they can’t talk to them because they are from girl’s side. And none supported them. Meanwhile Mohan and Kumud entered KM who was out sending relatives back home and then decided to stay with Maan for some days. Even Dadi forgot about her angry with Maan and informed Ramu kaka to bring her luggage to Khurana Mansion.

Pratap and Seema came to Mohan and Kumud, because they do not have even strength to face Savithri Devi, they both were not able to voice the issue. Sensing their condition Mohan informed them “We won’t blame your daughter for whatever happened, it’s written in our destiny, even I am father of two daughter’s I can understand your problems, so you don’t worry about that, according to our custom we can’t conduct any function for one year, and this is not the right time to talk about marriage, without doubting you can go home, I will talk to mom and inform you about this later”. After listening to Mohan both Pratap and Seema sighed in relief


Meera went to meet Maan before going to Pune, Maan cried looking at Meera saying that now he is alone “Bhai, aap please mera sath Pune ayee hey, maa aur papa edar thode din reh lengey, Dadi bhi aab yaha rehengi, leave your work tensions for some day, none of them guessed that aunty will leave us so soon, and it’s not in our hands also, please don’t keep on crying like this, come out of this”

Maan consoled himself and said “Meera, who will be responsible for this? It will take some time to heal…I will come out of this grief soon, you don’t worry Meera, Dev should take care of his nursing home you go with him and I can manage myself. If I feel bad here then I will come to your house”

Meera: Bhai you would have told Nita to stay with you for some days, when we share our emotions with the person we love, I hear it we will get relief

Maan: When I get the person who loves me and when I feel like sharing my feeling them, I will definitely think about it…said Maan sarcastically. Maan kept looking at Meera and Dev’s car till it out of his sight.


Next day Meera came to Geet house. Meera was disturbed, so Geet decided to take off and informed Arjun about her off to which he agreed, Then Geet called Nandini and gave the task to team to work on her absence and informed her to call Geet if they have any problem.

Geet: Meera please 10 mins dena, I will give breakfast for papa, he is going to meet his friends.

Meera: ok Geet , Pari kaha hai,

Geet: soh rahi hai Meera,

After Mohinder finished his breakfast he went to his friend’s house, then Geet prepared tea for her and Meera and took Meera to her bedroom closing front door and said

Geet: last week I went to nursing home, at that time I came to know that Niharaiki ji is no more, it was quiet shocking, hope her son will come out from this grief and I pray god for his peace

Meera: leave that matter Geet, now tell me why you went to nursing home

Geet: nothing to worry Meera, I just went to meet Dr. Karan , wo kya hai naa papa ka ankh mein kuch problem hai, papa bhol rahe the ki unko paper padne mein problem wo raha hai, because alphabets are nor clearly seen, I am planning to take him to Bangalore once. So I went to meet Dr Karan, but he said once Dev bhai is back he will discuss with him and let me know

Meera: haan Geet Dev bhi yahi bhol rahe the ki wo uncle ke sath Bangalore jahenge…I will tell Dev to take uncle to Bangalore tomorrow itself, then we can decide after their discussion with doctor

Geet: no Meera, first let bhai handle his nursing home, you know naa he was not here for more than 10days, he will have lot of works , once his work is reduced then we can decide

Meera: yeah Geet its sounds good, Geet, I will leave now, Arnav is alone at home.


Meera came to home and saw Arnav sleeping peacefully. And then thought “kya Maan bhai ke galti ke sazaa aunty ko mila, kya babaji Maan ko punishment de rahe hai wo akele rahe aur ek saal…for Geet she had papa to take care of her and to forget her past she has Pari, she can easily come out from her dreadful past…but who is there with bhai….abhi tak Maan bhai ke sath aunty thi, par aab koun bhai ko sambalega? Dadi kitne din Maan bhai ke sath rehengi, he need someone, with whom he can share his feelings, who will take care of him. Pata nahi bhai aur Nita kitne ek dusre ko samaj the hai, but when I said him he would have told Nita to stay with him for somedays to come out of grief he refused saying that he will think about it when he get them, that means he is not in love with Nita. OMG I will definitely get mad thinking about bhai’s life. Dadi said he will come today here because she wants to meet Pari. I do one thing I will talk to Dadi when she comes here”

Meanwhile Arnav woke up from his sleep ma papa sath” (Mama I want to go to papa)…said Arnav weeping. Meera tried to convince him but he was not ready to listen to her later without any other option she called servant and informed him to get cab and took Arnav to bedroom and dressed him. Both got get and came down, cab was waiting for them, Arnav and Meera went to nursing home, while going Meera saw Nita with her relatives near theater and asked the driver to stop cab and called “Nita”, she turned back and saw Meera and said

Nita: “I came here yesterday itself, and thought of coming to your house today, but my aunt and bhabi presurised me to come with them to watch movie, so I came out with them, then how are you? Dev? and Maan”

Meera: Even I came yesterday; Maan is still in his shock of his mother death. I have told him to come and stay with us for some days. It will take some time for him. Atleast you would have gone to Delhi first before coming her and spend some time with him.

Nita face color changed, even she wanted to be with Maan, but her father did not agree for this and he forcibly sent her to Pune, because he knows that Nita should not get stress now and it will affect her  and without waiting for Meera’s answer

Nita: I am getting late Meera I will talk to you later saying this she went inside theatre leaving Meera and Arnav behind


Meera sat again in the cab and went to nursing home. Once the cab parked in front of nursing home she paid to the cab and took Arnav along with her took Dev’s cabin. While she was heading towards Dev cabin Karan saw them and waved his hand to Meera and said

Karan: Hi Meera, how come you are here?

Meera: Hi Karan, came here to meet Dev, wo kya kai naa Arnav wanted to meet his dad and was not listening to me. So I came. By the way where is Dev? is he in his cabin?

Karan: Meera, its tea time, so Dev might be in his Private room, you can go and meet him there.

Meera nodded her head and went towards Dev’s private room.  Dev was busy in his reading some medical books. When he heard “papa” he lifted his head from book and looked up and saw Meera with Arnav.

Dev kal se jab aap nursing home ayenge naa, aap apne sath Arnav ko lekar ayiye, hey toh bahut badmash ho gaya hai, you have pampered him so much he is spoiled because of you, pata hai neend se utne ke baad ek hi bath lekar baita hai, ‘mujhe papa ke pass lekar javo’ I tried to convice him so much but he did not listen to me…said Meera to Dev with fake anger

Dev picked Arnav in his arms and just smiled his wife.

Meera: Dev I just now saw Nita, she is here, I thought of calling bhai because if he spends some time with her or us his pain may reduce.

Dev: Meera, just think about Geet…it’s not good to call him here, by any chance if they meet then there will be problem, think about it before calling Maan.

Meera: I think that bhai is not like before, he has changed lot, and that to if not today he will get married to Nita after one year.  Aunty would have died after his marriage…now I am thinking about only bhai and not Geet, for Geet atleast she have Pari and uncle, and even now Dadi is staying with him she had not forgiven him Dev,

They got call from Dadi saying that she has reached their home and wanted to meet them, Dev Meera and Arnav rushed home. They took blessings from Dadi

Dadi: I want to meet Pari Meera, I got delayed at airport or else I would have been on time

Meera: Don’t worry Dadi, I will tell Geet to drop Pari at home before going to office, so that she will not get doubt, you know Dadi she has taken promise from me to not to inform anyone about her. I broke her promise I telling to Dev and Bhai.

Dadi: Meera don’t think much about that, it’s their destiny, leave it to god, everything will sort out soon

Meera nodded her head and went to call Geet. 


Mohinder and Geet finished their dinner and Geet was making Pari to sleep. Same time she got call from Meera. Geet responded to the call and said

Geet: haa Meera bol, kya bath hai

Meera:  kuch nahi Geet, tell did you finish your dinner

Geet: haan, just now, and I am struggling to put your bhanjii to sleep, she is doing so much nakra today

Meera laughed and said “Geet, before going to office can you drop Pari to my house, or else I will send Dev to pick her, tomorrow I am planning take Arnav to children’s park” 

Geet: thought for some time and said OK Meera I will drop her to your house before going to office. Actually papa is going with nursing home tomorrow.

Then Geet made pari to sleep and she also slept after that.

Here Dadi was tossing bed thinking that finally she is meeting Pari and Geet tomorrow. From the day she came to know about Pari from Meera, she was not able to hold her feelings, she thought of coming here the very next day but the problem was Niharika and Maan were here along with Pari.  Dadi did not want to create any scene. Today she got chance to meet her. Dadi was eagerly waiting for morning and finally slept due to tiredness


Next morning after finishing breakfast Geet woke up Pari and took her to bathroom. Pari being naughty she drenched Geet fully. Geet got angry and said

Geet: hey tum kya kar rahi hoo….Pari…shouted Geet

Pari: got tears in her eyes, looking at her mother face who was looking at her angrily and then said “Pali sorly ma”...tears started coming from her eyes, Geet felt bad was shouting and Pari and then kissed her cheeks and hold her ears and said “Mama sorry Pari”. Then Pari smiled at her. Geet dressed up Pari and changed her dress, Geet backed one more pair of dress to Pari, because she knows her daughter very well. Then both daughter and mother came out of house, took cab and went to Meera’s house.


Meera forcibly made Dadi take her breakfast, because from morning she kept on asking Meera every minute when Geet and Pari will come to home. Dev laughed silently looking at Meera and Dadi, he also got ready because he want to pick Mohinder and today they will decide, whether he should go to Bangalore or not. When he was about to come out he saw Geet and Pari near the gate. Pari saw Dev who was at door, she rushed towards him, she came running and saying “mamu………..mamu”. Geet paid to cab and came inside, Dev took Pari in his arms and kissed and told Geet also to come inside.

Dev: Meera, dekho Geet and Pari is here

Listening to Dev, Dadi and Meera came out, Dadi had tears seeing Geet and Pari,



Meera: Geet andhar avo, and took Pari from Dev

Dev: Pari, mamu ko bye nahi kavogi….

Pari kept hold Dev face in tiny and kissed his cheek and said “gul morlng mamu, pali..mis you…bye “. (Good morning Mamu, Pari miss you, bye). Dev, Meera and Dadi looked at her amusingly. Dev kissed Pari and Arnav and saif bye to Dadi Meera and Geet , then went towards Geet house. Meera introduced Dadi to Geet

Meera: Hai mera Dadi hai

Geet took blessing from Dadi

Geet; Pari, don’t trouble mami, be like a good girl. Then kissed her forehead,

Then Pari made Geet sit down on the floor and kissed her forehead and said “bye ma” and after that Geet said bye to them saying she will get late to office.  Dadi took Pari in her arms and kissed her and said “bilkul Maan ki jaisi hai, kya usko dekhar Maan ko shaq nahi hua kya, Even Niharika has seen Pari , then also they did not get doubt on her, it’s unbelievable”

Meera: pata nahi Dadima, but bhai is very much fond of her, he loves to spend time with her, even Dev said bhai and pari slept in Dev’s private room in nursing home, he went for shopping with Pari, Bhai took care of Pari as father, but he did not get doubt, bhai who was not interested in children, he was saying me that now he want daughter like Pari.

Whole day Pari played with Arnav Dadi and Meera,. Geet finished her work and went to Meera’s house in the evening and Dadi told Geet to drop Pari at Meera’s house every day till she is in Pune. She likes to spend some time with her, to which Geet nodded and then left to house and meanwhile Maan saw Geet and Pari ‘s back when he entered to Meera’s house.


Geet thinking about Dadi

Geet meeting Nita

Maan and Geet face to face @ Saree shop-MOST AWAITED



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