MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 22



He lost looking at her, same innocent face, light smile on her face, he remember the night with her, current passes through his veins. When he heard horn sound from back he got out of his dream and looked towards the cab where Geet was there, she was no were to seen, he cursed himself for missing his chance and went to home

He was in his bedroom, and now he is sure that Geet is staying in Pune.



Here Geet came to office, and met Arjun. He gave the details which Geet should correct in the design. Geet was impressed with MK and said “Sir, I heard a lot of MK from my team, Shiv, Sasha Adi and you…I am quite impressed…I never thought the he can find such a small flaws in the design. Hope we will meet him soon”

Arjun: Yes Geet, he is genius in this field…we will meet him next month

Geet: said ok and continue sir, actually I was thinking that we should give a party, as two big companies working together, even I discussed with team. Sasha and Adi informed me that Mk is in Pune, why not we take this opportunity and give party

Arjun: its good idea Geet, bue we can have party now, MK is getting married within few days. So we should plan it after his marriage

Geet was disappointed she thought she can learn more from MK, while working with this project. Then said “Ok fine sir I will correct the design and send it to Mk for final approval. Once it is finalized we will start working on that. Then we can think about party when MK is free… I will finish the design today itself sir, I don’t think it will consume more time…we will finish and send through mail for you in return you can send to MK” to which Arjun nodded his head. Later Geet and Nandi both worked on the design and sent mail to Arjun and Nandini and Geet went to home


Here in Meera’s house

Maan ST- Pari kitni pyari naam hai, she is really like princess, her mom and dad both are lucky enough to have her as their daughter. But I am getting attracted to her, even my mom told me that she looks like me itself…as Meera said her may be her father is like me.

The he saw Nita coming towards him so he came out his thoughts.

Nita: Maan you have changed so much, now you don’t have interest on anything, I saw that when we were selecting saris, what happened to you? I am seeing you from the time you came from US, you don’t spend with me…said Nita bit angrily

Maan pinched Nita’s cheeks and said “I have start romancing you now itself then after marriage we will get bore, so I am hiding my emotions, you will get to know more about me after our marriage”

Nita rubbed her cheeks which Maan pinched and said “Maan, before going to US you told me that you don’t like kids, and you don’t want kids also in future…but now I am seeing you spending most time with Arnav and Pari. What’s the matter Maan?. I still remember you told me to not to have dream of having kids, but now you completely changed”

Smile crept on Maan’s face when he heard about children and said “Nita, I want to have children like Pari, and If I have one dozen children also I am happy…..I am so much attached to her, I have some kind of relief when she is with me”…

 While saying this he pulled Nita in his arms and hugged her tightly, Nita had breathing problem, because Maan had held her tight. Seeing her sweating face Maan came out from the hug and went to Meera’s room. Nita was so much tired that she sat on sofa…she took minimum half an hour to come out of this and not only her body even her heart is also tired. Then she remembered about her doctors words “Nita you can’t give birth to children, you don’t have enough strength also, you need a husband you look after you like flower…Even she thought of informing this to Maan but she can’t reveal it to him because she likes him so much and also do not like to share him with others. Nita came out from the thought and saw she is alone in the room, he came out looking for Maan, but he was busy playing with Arnav. Then she went to her room and slept without having dinner. Neither Niharika nor Maan asked about her while having dinner.

Meera thought “babaji…aapko hey family mera nasib mein likna tha kya…koi aur family nahi mila apko…dekhiye aunty ko Nita ka property chahiye, and she is not worried about her future daughter in law. And see my idiot brother, he is getting married then also he is not caring about is would be wife, first of all my future bhabi does not look healthy, she is not eating properly also, I dunno how these people going to be in KM. Thank god I am far from them or else I will be been in some mental hospital”

Maan opened his laptop to check mail, he got mail from Arjun for the final approval. Along with that he mentioned Geet mail id also. Maan ST: hey kyun baar baar iss naam mein samne hati hai…mein kitni koshish karu ki Geet ko bhool jao, wo hamesha kisina kisi tarah mere samne uska naam, uska roop hata rehta hai…. Then he came out of thought and sent mail to Arjun, marking CC Geet Adi Sasha as finalizing design and slept


Here Geet came home and saw Pari, who was playing with Mohinder. Geet had a smile on her face seeing them. She came and sat next to Mohinder and kept her head on his shoulder and said “Papa aap teek toh hai naa, I am sorry papa, taking Pari in her lap and continued mein aap dono ko time nahi deh rahi hoon, wo kya hai naa, promotion hone ke baad mera kaam thoda bad gaya hai, mein ek nahi project kar rahi hoon, isliye time nahi mil rahi hai mujhe, par aab mein thode din keliye free hoon, mera client ka shadi hai, toh mein soch rahi thi ki hum Bangalore jate hai aapka check-up keliye”

Mohinder kissed Geet forehead and said “Geet, thank you beta, wo kya hai naa mera Geet kahi koh gayee thi itne din, mein usko dhoond raha tha, aab wo mera pass agayee…mujhe khush hai ki tum kaam mein busy ho, hey acche bath hai, tum hamara chinta math karo beta, mai aur Pari khush hai, haan ek bath aur hai mera poti aab bahut badmash wo gayee hai”. Pari listening to her grandfather made a baby face, seeing her father and daughter laughed whole heartedly.

Geet: Papa, I know that you are worried about my future, till now you lived only for me; your life is only me, so I want to ask with you and I do not have anyone other than you. As per Pari’s future is concern I will leave it to you, because you are my best papa, you can think and decide better than me, you know what is right and wrong.

Both father and daughter had tears, and cute Pari is busy playing. Then Geet got freshen up and went to kitchen to prepare Dinner.


Next day Nita went to Batinda and Niharika to Delhi. Maan had some pending works so he decided to stay back for 2 more days. Maan went to the same signal to check whether he can see her again, but no luck; a week passed and Meera left Arnav with Maan and gave some silly reason because she wants to meet Geet today.

Geet who was preparing report saw Meera and welcomed her. Geet from so many days did not go to Meera’s house and even Meera did not called Geet once to house, Geet know the reason very well she thought “Maan might be there in Meera’s house, or else some relatives, so Meera did not want me to meet them, and even I don’t have enough strength to face Maan now”

Meera: Where is Pari?…asked Meera with Geet while sitting on sofa

Geet: why she will be there in the house Meera? Naya kiraidarr haye hai wo teesri ghar mein, unke ghar mein do teen bachiya hai, Pari has gone there to play with them. If is there at home I will be tired looking after her, now a days she has become too naughty Meera, even she will make papa to run after her so I have decided to admit her in play home…said Geet little worryingly

Meera: omg Geet…I can’t believe my bhanji is going to school, she has grown up…saying this Meera smiled at Geet, even Geet joined with her.

Geet knew why Meera has come to home well in advance. So she asked Meera without any expressions on her face “when you are travelling to Delhi Meera for your brother’s marriage?”

“We are planning to leave today evening Geet, Bhai bhol rahe the ki shadi ki do din phele jate hai. But he does not understand Geet, I am getting scolding from Niharika aunty. She can’t say anything to her son but from yesterday she is eating my head. He is not going to Delhi, because of him I should go one week before to marriage or else I would have gone before two days to marriage. He is not at all interested in this marriage, aunty is forcibly getting him married, he don’t want to marry Nita and nor he want his mother to get hurt. So he is avoiding both of them and I have become sandwich between these people”

Geet: Meera, its better you go to Delhi earlier itself

Meera closely watched Geet to check whether there is any pain in her eyes, but it was clam as usual. Then she asked Geet “Geet after knowing that Maan bhai is getting married don’t you get angry and feel jealous…how can you be so clam Geet, I am not able to understand you, I thought I know you better than anyone”

Geet: Why I should feel jealous or get angry Meera? Maan did not love me not I loved him. And that day’s incident was written in my destiny, why I should blame anyone for my fate, babaji has given me a reason to leave in form of Pari. I am happy with my life. I have dad with me, you are always there for me as a best friend and sister, I have Dev bhai, and to come out of my loneliness I have Arnav and Pari, what else I need now Meera, even I have settled in my career so no problem. I am only thinking about Pari’s future.

Meanwhile Pari came inside house with full of sand in her head, face dress. She was rubbing her eyes to get rid of mud. Geet took Pari in her arms and said “Meera, tumara bhanji ka naya avatar” saying this she took Pari to bathroom and gave bath to her, Geet dresses Pari and took her to Meera who was lost in her thoughts “today while coming to Geet house Meera purposefully did not bring Arnav with her, she was afraid that Arnav will inform to Maan that they had been to Pari’s house”

Meera did not talk much on that day, she just kept on looking at Geet and Pari continuously. She was worried that Pari will not get father love and Geet should leave alone lifelong, she had tears in her eyes then is hugged Pari and kissed her cheeks and said bye to Geet and went to her home.


When she came home except servants no one was there, she went to her room and selected saris and jewels, kept it in her suitcase and also kept Arnav’s dress. Then she went to Maan’s room and kept all the dress in his suitcase and got ready.

Maan came along with Arnav and Dev. Meera informed everything is ready they will move now and asked about Dev. Dev said “Dr Karan is out of station and I don’t have any other doctor to take care do nursing home. So once Karan comes I will hand over him the duties and join you”.  He sent Meera and Arnav with Maan and assured them that he will come before two days. Meera was silent till she reached Delhi. If anyone ask anything with her then only she used to just answer him. Maan thought that Meera is missing Dev so he also kept quiet.

Khurana Mansion was decorated with full of lights, even though marriage is happening at Batinda , Niharika decorated KM in full zoom because it is the marriage of her only son who is heir of Khuranas. She had planned for the grand reception in Delhi. Marriage is happening in small profile because she did not want any Maan’s ex girlfriends to create problem. So they have invited only family members and closed relative. Niharika thought of giving grand reception after one month of Maan’s and Nita’s marriage.

Meera met her sister’s and happily enjoyed shopping and outing with them. Niharika was not leaving any chances to show her richness to her relatives. She showed all the jewels, dress she bought for Maan and Nita. Has marriage is happening in small profile they avoided mehendi sangeet and haldi. Because Maan was not interested in any one of this, there was small puja one day before marriage and after finishing that they should leave to Batinda that evening.

Dadi informed Mohan that she will come to Batinda directly. When everyone questioned about Dadi Niharika informed them that Dadi will come to marriage directly from Haridwar, because Dadi went to finish her mannat .So Niharika was so much happy about her son’s marriage today all her dreams were coming for true, she will get all the properties of Nita.

Niharika was so much happy that day, because it is her only sons marriage and he will get lot of property, she wanted to have property papers from oberio’s , she was eagerly waiting for the time ot pass soon. She was not able to control her feelings, she was doing all the work thinking about her future, But poor sole does not know that without god’s grace nothing will happen.

Without hesitatingly she had asked oberio’s to give diamond sets for her marriage and informed them to not to give anything to Maan, because he do not like to anything from them, she knows her son properly, Oberio’s took niharika along with them to jewelry shop and told her to select what she want. Niharika selected these items


She has clearly informed them to give it to her on marriage day without anyone knowing. In this over enthusiasm Niharika was coming down from stairs fastly, suddenly she had  severe chest pain, she tightly hold her chest, she was sweating furiously and fell down from stairs, immediately Maan, Mohan and Arjun took her to the room and others informed to their family doctor. Doctor checked her and said “She is no more, she had severe HEART ATTACK”.

 (Niharika is no more :))



Maan crying,

Meera consoling Maan

Meera coming back to Pune

Geet knowing about Niharika



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