MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 21



Niharika: hai Meera, aaj tum shopping ke liye jana hai.. Nita did not like the saris I purchased for her, she informed she will also come here then we will go for shopping and you keep yourselves free…



Nita also came to Meera’s house, she wants to spend some time with Maan, she is not ready to lose him, he tried calling him so many times but he did not respond to her calls, she wants to attract Maan so that he will not go far from her …Poor did she know that Maan is not ordinary man who will fall into her trap so easily and she is not too attractive so that she can make the great MSK to fall on her trap. Niharika and Meera welcomed her

Then Niharika looked at Maan and said “Maan, you also come with us for saree selection”

Maan: no Mom I can’t come, today I have one meeting here, Adi and Sasha already here. And by the way you are going to select saris, what will I do there? Maa please I am not interested in all these…please don’t pull me into that

Niharika: hey kya bhaat hui Maan, you should select saris for your like…because when she wear it after marriage you should like it, we dunno anything about you taste, so you better come and select which saree and which color for your wife…saying this she forcibly made Maan to agree for shopping


Geet as usual got ready for office and saw Naina coming inside her house and said “kya baat hai Naina, subha subha edar,” 

Naina: Haan Geet, I am going to shopping thought of asking permission with you to take Pari with me

Geet: What is this Naina, why you are asking permission from me…you will take Pari always with you, what’s new in that

Naina: nahi Geet, Sameer told to take permission from you before taking her, because you are her mother, you have right to know where your daughter went today and what is she doing

Geet: ok fine, you can take her Naina, I don’t have any problem…saying this she went inside and kept the dress aside for Pari to wear when she goes to shopping with Naina…

Geet went to her father and said papa aaj meeting hai, ashirvad kejiye hai aapki beti iss meeting ko acchi tarah handle kare…she took ashirvad from Mohinder and informed to take his medicine and food at proper time. Geet kissed Pari and said to not to trouble Naina …to which Pari nodded her head.


Geet went to office, once again checked the files, CD and blue print which is necessary for meeting and then called Nandini

Geet: Nandini, please come to my cabin

Nandini came to Geet cabin and knocked the door,

Geet: come in, looked at Nandini and informed her to sit down showing chair and said, Nandini, take this documents to conference hall, and make sure that there should me any mistakes, check everything once again and if you find any problem you can tell me, inform Pinky to be ready with financial documents and also take other team members with you, I will come within 15 minutes.

Nandini nodded her head and went towards conference room taking romeo and Pinky with her

Everything was ready, and Geet gave a presentation demo. Everyone was happy.


Mean while Adi got call from Maan…

Maan: Adi, you and Sasha attend the meeting and inform Arjun that I will meet in him evening, you send me the details through mail; I will go through it before meeting Arjun

Adi: ok sir

Maan: and make sure that each and everything is cleared before coming out of the meeting, inform sasha to go through client description

Adi said ok to Maan and informed same thing to Sasha. Then they both headed towards Chopra construction. Receptionist informed Nandini that Sasha and Adi waiting for Geet in reception. Nandini welcomed them and took both Adi and Sasha to conference hall. Seeing Adi, Pinky came near to him and Adi introduced her to Sasha.

Adi: Sasha, she is Pinky my wife… Pinky shook hands with Sasha

Sasha smiled at Adi and said “so Adi sir, now I came to know why you were happy when MK told you to come to Pune”

Adi was blushing and said “no sasha…”. Then Pinky laughed at her husband, and called Nandini and Romeo and said

“Sasha Mam, she is Nandini and he is Romeo, we three is part of Kapoor project”

Then Sasha asked Pinky “I heard that Shiv is out of station, who is handling this project”

Pinky: Geet mam is looking after this project, she is in meeting now with our MD, and will be back within few minutes please be seated, and you can go through the design meanwhile and  Geet will be come and explain to you in detail

Adi and Sasha looked at design, and were quiet impressed with it.

Sasha: Adi sir I thought this girl is new, and will not able to work with MK, but I think now none other than Geet can design it, Geet and MK can handle this project very well, I think even client will be impressed with Geet’s work…to which Adi nodded his head

Geet entered her conference hall and said “sorry Mr. Aditya and Ms Sasha for being late, I was in meeting with MD, there was some last minute changes, hope my team gave you the design”

Sasha: yes Mrs Geet, we are impressed with the design, now let’s have the presentation and then client requirement so that we can decide about it.

Geet: smiled at Sasha and said Sasha you can call me Geet…

Sasha nodded her head and then Geet said Romeo to start projector. At the same time Arjun Chopra and Inder Kapoor also joined them in the meeting, and Sasha informed Arjun that MK will meet in later. Without wasting time Geet explained blue prints, and Nandini was making note of meeting and explained about time consumption for the project and Pinky gave them cost estimation details. There were some minor changes which Geet agreed to do that.  

Geet got call from receptionist saying there is an important call from xyz client.

Geet: please excuse me for minute I will be back and  informed Nandini to handle meeting and went to her cabin

Inder: Mr Adi and Ms Sasha, Mr Khurana said he is going to attend the meeting today, why he did not come

Adi: wo actually sir, he was held up with work at last minute. Till morning he said he is coming for meeting

Arjun: yes Mr. Inder, I have spoken to Mr. Khurana he said he is going to meet me in the evening

Inder said ok and Geet entered conference hall after taking to client.

Inder: everything is fine Arjun. You can go ahead with the construction process, ok I will make a move now I have to attend function today

Arjun went along with Inder and Sasha turned to Geet and said

Sasha: Mrs Geet, I can please give the soft copy of blue print I should mail to my MD, because he will be meeting Arjun sir today, so that it will be easy for him to discuss.

Geet: Sasha, you can call me Geet. I told you earlier itself.

Sasha: Sorry Geet

Geet: it ok ,and regarding blue print give me your mail id I will forward it by 3.00pm after scanning it.

At the some time Adi and Sasha left Chopra Constructions and here Geet informed Arjun that Sasha needed blue print scan copy for MK. After getting permission from Arjun, Geet sent blue prints scan copy to Sasha. Geet called Sasha got confirmation of mail. Then Sasha sent mail to Maan and informed him to go through it. Even Maan was impressed with the designs and he notices some small flaws in the design and thought to talk to Arjun when he meets him today.


 Niharika, Nita, Meera, Arnav and Maan went to Kalaniketan, shop owner welcomed Maan and his family and they started looking for saris. When Niharika Nita and Meera endorsed themselves in selecting saris and Maan was as always busy in phone…When Meera was checking saree design which she was holding she heard someone calling “bua…..bua..” , Meera just turned back, she saw Pari, who came out from Naina who was holding her, Meera got up from the place and walked towards Naina and Pari. Pari came running towards Meera saying bua….bua again.

Pari hugged Meera’s leg, Meera took Pari in her arms and kissed her cheeks and looked at Naina was waiting for Pari near counter. Meera went towards her and Naian said “I came for shopping today, and after finishing sari shopping we should go to market also, so kept sari here and thought taking it while going back, When we came back to take sari, Pari caw you, and came to you”…saying this Naina pinched Pari’s cheeks

Naina said bye to Meera and asked Pari to come with her, but Pari was not ready to leave her bua’s hand. Even Meera told Pari to go with Naina…to which Pari nodded her head and hugged Meera neck saying “nahiii”, Then Meera informed Naina that she will drop Pari home, Naina took her sari and kissed Pari’s cheeks saying bye and walked back to home. Here Meera had no other option and she took Pari in her arms and walked back to the counter where Niharika and Nita were selecting saris.

When Meera came inside Maan saw Pari in Meera’s hand he rushed towards her and took Pari in his arms and said to Meera

Maan: Meera, you go and select saris, Pari will be with me…saying this he made Pari to sit on his lap, hold her securely around her waist.

Meera had tears seeing this and thought “atleast for some time, Pari sitting in her father lap…thank god, for giving this opportunity to Pari. Babaji…kya Pari hamesha bahi ke sath nahi reh sakti, I am so much willing to see Geet and bhai stays together along with their daughter. I want them to be happy, I know Geet is suffering and bhai is also suffering because of his so called mom…hope as Dev says sub kuch teek ho jahegaa”

Niharika and Nita were too busy in selecting saris so they did not see Pari with Maan, Pari was asking so many questions with Maan cutely and he was answering her patiently without getting irritated. After selecting saris Niharika saw Pari who was sitting in Maan’s lap, she was shocked, Pari resembles her son very much. Suddenly she got doubt whether Pari is Maan’s daughter knowing Maan’s nature. She did not want any hurdles in the marriage, she is eagerly waiting for the wealth which Pratap and Seema transfer their property to Niharika after Nita’s marriage.Then Nita looked at Niharika who was shocked and asked

Nita: mumijji kya hua…then Nita saw Pari and Maan together

Niharika was not able to control her emotions one side she want Nita to get married to Maan, and another side she was feeling to take the baby in her arms, then she surprising said “Meera look at this baby she looks like Maan itself, she is so cute, even my Maan was like this in this age” saying this she took Pari in her arms. Meera was surprised for the incidents that Pari meeting her dad and grandmother in different situations. But cute Pari did not like to me in her grandma’s arms and she started jumping from her arms forwarding her hands towards Maan and said

Pari: uncal…take mee ap sath (Uncle, take me in your arms)

Niharika put Pari down, and Pari ran towards Maan and hugged his leg, as if she does not want anyone to take her, Maan took her in his arms caressed her head and kissed her cheeks, and Pari did the same thing to Maan, and Meera and Niharika laughed at them

Niharika thought: I am dreaming, Maan enjoying with this little girl, how can this happen, he never liked children, he used to get irritated but what’s magic in this girl that my son is holding her in his arms and answering her question. Even he did not spend this much time with Arnav. But how this miracle happened, the baby looks like Maan itself and if anyone sees them together they can say that Pari is Maan’s daughter,

Maan paid bill and came out of shop, Niharika, Nita and Meera followed him. Driver came to them and took shopping bags from them and kept it in car

Maan: maa, you all sit in car I will come…without waiting for their answer he walked along with Pari

Niharika saw the retreating figure of Maan and she surprisingly asked Meera

Niharika: Meera, do you know Pari’s parents?

Meera: Pari is Dev friend’s daughter; she likes us very much and adjusted to us. And Pari’s father is like Maan…said Meera so that Niharika should not get doubt on Pari

Nita who was silent till now asked Meera “from when Maan meeting this girl, it seems like she likes Maan more than you, see she is only with Maan and not coming towards you, how can her parents allow their daughter to go to strangers, and even Maan is comfortable with her”

Meera can see jealousy in Nita’s eyes seeing Maan closeness to Pari , she as pissed off with Nita and thought “what type of woman she is, she is not able to share Maan with a small baby also, will she allow her children to be close to bhai or not…god only knows, I dunno what aunty has found in her and selected this chudail to my brother” and then said to Nita

Meera: Nita she is a cute baby, everyone likes children, what is new in that, and you don’t need to worry about Pari’s parents, they love pari so much (because now she knows that even her bhai likes Pari and Geet she knew it already) and you don’t worry about her…said Meera sarcastically.

Niharika was who listening to them said “Meera, Nita ka khene ka wo matlab nahi tha, you also know Maan did not like children so she was curiosity to know the reason behind Maan and Pari’s closeness that’s it”

Meanwhile Maan came along with Pari with small cover containing biscuits, chocolates and wapers and with some toys

Meera: Mujhe kisi ka matlab se kuch lena dena nahi hai…and I don’t like to listen anything against Pari said seriously and walked towards Maan to take Pari from his arms.

Maan: kya hua Meera, why are you serious, and why are you taking Pari with you, she will be there with me

Meera: no bhai, some people don’t like you taking someone’s baby, so you give it to me I will hold her

Maan knew what might have happen, and he was also angry with Nita and his mom and he angrily said “Meera, first of all I am doing lot of sacrifice now, and I don’t want to continue it, if people has problem me holding Pari then tell them to go in car I will take cab I don’t have any problem, if you want you can also join me. And I like to spend some time with Pari rather than spending with some unwanted people”

Niharika seeing the situation going out of control, she said “oh oh Maan, you are acting as a kid, come lets go, no one is having problem with Pari…its getting late come”

Niharika Nita and Meera sat on backseat and Maan took Pari on his lap and sat along with the driver. The drive was silent.


When the car stopped in front on nursing home Meera called Dev to come to near gate. Dev saw Pari who was sitting in Maan’s lap, first he was surprised and without showing that he said “aap log ko meri bhanji kaha mili”… Maan was already in foul mood so he just smiled at Dev

Meera: Dev, while coming to home just drop Pari at her home and saw Pari who was sleeping on Maan’s chest hugging him and thought “babaji kuch kejihe naa, I want see this always, what is Pari’s fault in this, because of bhai’s fault you can’t punish Pari for this, why should Pari suffer for father’s love…I should tell to Maan that Pari is his and Geet’s daughter, and it’s his responsibility to take care of Pari…then she thought “it’s no use, Geet will not agree for this, and within few days Maan is getting married and I don’t think that aunty will agree, she will suspect Geet and make sure that Geet will not be live in peaceful”….Meera had tears in her eyes

Dev: Pari, come let’s go inside

But Pari hugged Maan tightly, she do not want to go, she wants to be with Maan and said “mamu…Pari…new uncal sat rehgi” (Pari will stay with new uncle).

Dev was thinking how to convince Pari. Meera was feeling bad, but she got alarmed because if anything goes wrong than the sufferer will be Geet so she hide her pain and said “Pari, tum Mamu ke sath ghar javo…mamma will be waiting for you, if you not there when she come home he will feel bad”.

As soon as Pari heard ‘mamma’ word she got down from Maan’s lap and went to Dev and holds his hand. Dev and Pari went inside clinic while driver turned car to Meera’s house.


Evening Maan went to Chopra Construction to meet Arjun. He met Arjun and both discussed about the project and Maan informed about the flaws which should be taken care. Arjun called Geet,

Arjun: kaha wo tum…Mk is waiting here he wanted some changes in the project

Geet: Sir I will be there within one hour, I came to site to check the work

Maan gave the details to Arjun and told him to call him if they have any doubt. Arjun agreed for that. Maan after meeting Arjun , he turned car towards Meera’s house. In the signal,

When he turned towards to right he had glimpse of Geet who was busy in buying flowers, she was in her cab,

He lost looking at her, same innocent face, light smile on her face, he remember the night with her, current passes through his veins. When he heard horn sound from back he got out of his dream and looked towards the cab where Geet was there, she was no were to seen, he cursed himself for missing his chance and went to home

He was in his bedroom, and now he is sure that Geet is staying in Pune.



Nita talking to Maan..

Meera meeting Geet before going to Delhi

Maan’s marriage and …………………….TWIST


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