MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 20



Meera: “you know one thing bhai, her marriage was fixed when she came to meet me?  After losing her Virtue from you, like your other girl friends she did not get married or not enjoying with other males. Hey soch kar ‘Ek aurath ek admi keliye bani hai’ she cancelled her engagement and left her place in fear of facing this society. She is still leaving alone, you have helped me so many times bhai, but Geet jaise sunder aur pavitr ladki ke sath tum bahut bada gunah ke hai, iss bath ko mien kabhi bhool nahipavungi…….pata hai kyun, jisko mein apne jaanse jada izzat ki unhone meri behan jaise dost ke izzat ke sath kheli… I will not forgive you for this bhai, and even bhagwan bhi apko kabi maaf nahi karega…”……while saying this tears were continuously flowing from both Maan and Meera’s eyes



Meera was quiet relief after informing Maan about Geet. Looking at Maan she can say that he is in pain.

 Meera came near him and caressed his hair lovingly and said “Maan, I was not intend to hurt you, but how can you think that I can tolerate it, that to from you to Geet. Now don’t take it to heart, forget it as if it is a bad dream, atleast after knowing this please don’t go behind girls, and now also there are lot of girls like Geet…I know it’s not your fault completely, I know from whom you became like this”…

Maan just opened his eyes and looked at her and sarcastic smile.

Meera continued “Niharika aunty has called me to Delhi, for your marriage preparation, if you are going I will also accompany you…now only 20 days is left for your marriage, I will be with you this time you don’t worry”

Maan stood up as if he did not listened to her and turned his face to other side like showing his back to Meera and asked seriously “Meera, where is Geet now?”…Meera got alarmed by Maan’s question, she did not want Maan to meet Geet so she said “I don’t know anything about her after she went from Hoshairpur, and after marriage I came to Pune, I dunno where she is?” Meera was relief that Maan believed her. Little she know that he is Maan Singh Khurana and said “Meera, I know very well that you are in touch with Geet till now and you don’t want to reveal it to me, it’s fine with me, but no need to lie”

Maan thought: Maan was totally numb; he was shocked because of him someone is suffering. And this is the first time he getting to know about it. All his girl friend’s got married and settled in their life and they are still in touch with him and having relation with them,…But Geet……he sighed in pain. He came to his room and sat on the bed thinking how he forced Geet on that day, why he was not able to control his desire, why he did not think twice that he is forcing someone. Yes I was so much involved in her beauty and did not think twice making her mine…Then he remembered about her struggling and pleadings…did he did not cared on that day but today it irked him so much…. he thought about his life how and because of whom he changed 


Maan’s flashback

When Maan finished his matriculation exams Tarun (Niharika’s brother)came to Khurana Mansion. Niharika knowing that her husband don’t like Tarun staying with them, he sent him to Chandigrah farm house and Maan also joined college there itself, it was dream house was Rishab Khurana. One day when Maan came out of his college he saw Tarun waiting for him; Tarun was 8 years elder to Maan, but Maan used to call him by name.

Tarun kept his hand on Maan’s shoulder and said:Maan we will go somewhere else, estate life is so boring, and Jiju will not allow us to beautiful girls also.

Maan: no Tarun, Dad will stay here some more days, I don’t want to get into wrong books. You know he will get very much angry on me and he will not care for you

Tarun: Maan, bude logon ki samaj mein nahi hata hai, wo toh enjoy nahi kar sakte aur hame bhi enjoy nahi karne denge… aur they are jealous of us…and forcibly took Maan with him

First Tarun used to tease girls, and roam around them, until they enjoyed with them, and started looking for new girls. But Maan was reluctant about this at first and later it has become habit for them…One day Mohan (Meera’s father) came to check on these guys and he saw Maan and Tarun with girls in their bedroom almost naked, he was not able to stand the sight and he called Tarun and scolded him like anything. Mohan called Rishab and Niharika and told them to come immediately to Chandigarh. Once Rishab and Niharika reached Chandigrah, Mohan explained them everything. But Niharaka took Tarun and Maan side and supported them saying that it is common in youth.

Rishabh without delaying he took Maan with him to Delhi and Maan studied there. After completing his graduation Rishab sent Maan to London for higher education. And Niharika also sent Tarun there, so that Maan will not feel alone and have company. When Rishab asked Niharika about Tarun she said that he has gone on tour. Rishab had meeting in London…without informing Maan, he went to his flat and was shocked to see 3-4 girls naked and dancing in front of Maan and Tarun…not able to control temper Rishab slapped Maan in front of those girls, and pointed his finger in from of then and shouted “ALL OF YOU, OUT OF MY SIGHT NOW”. Then hold Maan collar and said “tu mera khoon nahi wo sakta, tu mera beta nahi hai, mera parvarish itna galat kaise wo sakta Maan… tumara naam ka matlab bhi pata hai tume…” then went to Tarun and slapped on both the cheeks and said “meine tumara kya bigada tha Tarun, kit um mera beta ka zindagi kardiya, mera phele galti hey hai ki, tum jaise gatila logon ke sath riste jodna, mein tumara baap ke bathon mein akar mera tumari behan se shadi karli, par mein nahi janta tha ki mera ek faisa mera jeevan badal dega”…Rishab was sweating furiously then he kept hand on his heart and looked at Maan “hey empire meine apne balbuthe par kada kiya hai, take mere aane wale pidi ko koi kast naa hoo…but not for you roaming behind these girls who are unfit to call girls also. Tumhe bahut shock hai naa nanga gumne kaa ladki ke same then get out from here..i will donate all my properties to ananth ashram and I see to that you are in streets …..Rishab roared like lion”

This is the first time Maan seeing him like this…he was cool father, but he used to scold him whenever he do fault. Tarun seeing situation going out of limit Tarun signaled Maan and both of them hold Rishab’s leg and asked for forgiveness. Here Rishab fell down on the floor clutching his heart. Maan and Tarun admitted him in hospital, Doctor informed them that Rishab had 1st heart attack to keep him always from tensions. Next 10days when Rishab was there in hospital of them behaved nicely and Tarun came back to India along with Rishab. Once Rishab back to Delhi he sent his mother to London to be with Maan until he finishes his studies. Maan had no other options…After his education Maan came back with Dadi, and told Rishab that Maan as changed now. Believing his mom, he handed over the business to Maan as CEO of Khuran Constructions and Dadi MD. Maan should give details to Dadi. Because Rishab’s knows very well of his wife and his son

Once Rishab came to know that Maan has not changed from one of his friend and thinking about the future of KC, and Maan, his heath was spoiling day by day. One day he called Dadi and took promise from her to look after the business and trusts and not to believe Maan and his wife …taking his last breath,  Dadi was very much angry on her grandson and did not allow him to do his last rights to his father. She told Mohan to do it on behalf of Maan and Niharaka was so much annoyed because she was questioned by her kitty party friends.

After few months Tarun died in car accident. Maan was equally hurt by Dadi, but he knows that what he did is wrong, then it took him so many years to get trust from Dadi, he kept it secret from her.

Flashback ends


Maan: Maan, hey kya kar diya tune, he remembered his Dadi, Dad who were always informed him what he is doing is wrong, he was so much frustrated on himself, he pulled his hair in his fist and screamed “DADIII” . When Meera hear Maan screaming he came running to his room and hugged him “please bhai apne apko samaliye…“, she cupped his face in her palm and said “Bahi I know you are hurt, you can’t hurt yourself bhai…..please come out from this…listen to me please”. Maan took off Meera hand which was in his cheeks and said “please Meera leave me alone for some time, please I beg you, please please…go from here”, Meera went out of the room and immediately called Dadi

Dil Ki Aawaaz-Maan

 “aaj ye dil keheta hai, tu ab laut chal
guzarti nahin hai, meri koi bhi pal
mujhko yahaan se le chal
aaj ye dil keheta hai, tu ab laut chal

woh manzil yahaan nahin milegi
jise tujhe talash hai
woh manzar yahaan nahin dikhega
jo tere dil ke aas paas hai
milti nahin hai mujhe yahaan koi bhi hal
mujhko yahaan se le chal
aaj ye dil keheta hai, tu ab laut chal

waise log yahaan nahin hai
jinko dhund raha hai tu
yahaan log waise nahin hai
jinse jud raha hai tu
na banegi yahaan mere sapno ka mahal
mujhko yahaan se le chal
aaj ye dil keheta hai, tu ab laut chal”


Maan remembered his Dadi saying “Maan you are enjoying your life now, but when you actually come out this or when you know the truth of life then you will die in each and every minute thinking of the sin you did…and if you agree or not the truth is you are the main culprit who killed my son…he was lucky enough, ki usko tumse chutkara mil gaya, but see me abhi tak  zinda hoon, apne bte ka mauth dekar bhi mein zinda hoon, pata hai kyun…to suffer each and every minute looking at you, because I failed to teach you sanskar, I failed to do my job properly, I would been there with you in each and every step without trusting your greedy mother…I will still have some hope on my son’s blood …when you realize your mistake I will talk to you”.

Here Meera called immediately to Chandigrah farmhouse, Ramu kaka lifted call

Meera: Ramu kaka, please give the call to Dadi, its very urgent……please said Meera crying

Ramukaka: wait a minute beta, dadi is in pooja

Meera shouted: RAMU KAKA….mein apke samne hath jodti hoon plsss Dadi ko call dejiye warna bahut late wo jahega

Ramukaka: sensing the seriousness of call he said teek wait karo

Ramukaka went to Dadi, who was sitting in god’s room…informed her Meera is calling, and she wants to talk to you urgently and also informing Dadi that Meera was crying. Dadi thought something might be wrong and received call

Dadi: haan Meera beta bolo…

Meera: sobbing informed Dadi please Maan bahi se bath kijeye, sirf aap sambhal sakte hai aaj unko

Dadi: Kya baath a Meera, tell me properly what has happened then I will decide whether to talk to him or not

Meera informed everything about from her encounter to Geet till Maan knowing about Geet to Dadi and said Maan told her to leave alone. Then Dadi said “Meera you don’t worry, he will come out from this, iss chote bath per aap chinta naa kejiye…he should learn from his mistakes now…ok fine leave and tell me howz Dev and Arnav”…

Meera: everyone are fine Dadimaa, when you will come here…

Dadi: I will come soon beta, I want to see Pari…

Meera: Dadi, one more thing, I have not informed about Geet to bhai and he does not know about Pari

Dadi: koi bath nahi Meera, I won’t inform him, and its better you also don’t tell him, because you have already broken promise of Geet by saying about her to Maan and now leave it to waheguru let him decide what is best for them, and Maan is getting married now it is waste informing him. He won’t go against his mother even if he knows what he is doing wrong.

Meera: ok Dadi, I will wait for you

Dadi: teek hai beta sab ka kayal rakhna aur apna bhi

After taking to Dadi, Meera came to check what Maan is doing because she was worried of him, he was not so silent. She came to his room and switch on light, saw Maan sitting on bed resting his head on bed rest and asked “Bhai, why are you sitting in dark, I was waiting for Dev he has not come so far…come lets go outside, we will do some shopping”…Meera thought if she take him out then he will forget about it.

Maan: please leave me alone, now I don’t have mood to go out, give me some time I will be ok…when I feel relief I will call you till then please do not disturb me

Meera: ok bhai…please….come out of this guilt soon. I will wait for you. To which Maan just nodded his head

 Meera saw Dev entering house and she just hold is hand and told “Dev, I want to talk to you..It’s very serious matter”

Dev: tell me Meera

Meera: Dev, I am sorry, today I was not able to control my feelings, and narrated all the incidents from she informing about Geet to Maan, Maan sitting alone in his room and then talking to Dadi

Dev just listened to her and said “it’s ok Meera, but make sure that Maan and Geet don’t meet each other, I am not worried of Maan, because for me Geet’s is important, I can’t see Geet suffering…and I won’t trust Niharikaji on this matter. She can do anything to harm Geet if she comes to know about it…now for us Geet safety is important and you can’t even tell this to Geet”…

Meera nodded her head and said “I would have kept quiet Dev, pata nahi kyun when bhai started asking about my changed behavior I could not hold my anger and I outburst on him”

Dev: koi baath nahi Meera aaj nahi toh kal Maan ko pata chal jahega..till then you keep quiet.

Maan controlled himself saying that “if Geet is alone than it is not my fault, I should I worry, I know I have forced her, but that’s not mean that I should think about her. He can’t still forget the pleasure he got from Geet. Which he was missing till date with his girl friends, Maan chal come back to you old position or else you will go mad” (Maan was not able to convince him to he thought if he think I like this atleast he him stop thinking about Geet and come out of his guilt)

He took cold shower bath and joined Meera and Dev. They chatted for some more time and had their dinner. When Dev came to room

Meera asked “Dev, aapko kya lagta hai, bhai few minutes back was in remorse and now he is behaving like nothing is happened”

Dev: Meera this is the first reaction…but you have to wait when he comes to know about Geet and Pari, what will he decide, or how will he handle things…how he will face Geet. Without knowing Pari is his daughter he is attached so much to her. Let’s wait and watch Meera… come lets sleep it is already late

Next day Maan was busy because today Adi and Sasha will attend meeting at chopra’s and report to him. He was planning to attend meeting

There was a knock at Meera house, when she opened the door she was surprised to see Niharika

Niharika: hai Meera, aaj tum shopping ke liye jana hai.. Nita did not like the saris I purchased for her, she informed she will also come here then we will go for shopping and you keep yourselves free…




Maan’s Wedding shopping in Pune

Geet meeting Adi and sasha.

Pari meeting her dadi and father at shopping mall



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