MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 19



Maan sat on knees and kept his two and on ground, Pari sat on him, Maan started to go round Dev’s private room, after sometime Maan felt that Pari sleeping on his back, he carefully took Pari in his hand and made her sleep in bed, then he went to washroom washed his hand and came to Pari, seeing his princess sleeping, he came towards are and slept next to her, Maan took Pari and made her to sleep in middle of bed, Pari was not comfortable in bed and even Maan was worried because she might fall down, he slowly took Pari in his arms and made her sleep on his chest… He crossed his hands on Pari’s back and both father and daughter slept peacefully, when Dev came to his room was happy to see Maan and Pari sleeping together, then he went back to his cabin.



After 2 hours Pari woke up and saw Maan who was holding her…Pari tried to come out of his grip, but Maan held her two tight that she was not able to come out from his hold. Maan woke up due to Pari’s slight movements and carefully made her to sit on his stomach and asked“Princess aapka neend puri hogai”…

Pari nodded her head and said “uncal Pari su su” (uncle Pari wants to go to washroom).

Maan took her to washroom and thought “it’s strange till now I am not able to understand what Arnav says for me, but whenever Pari talks to me I can understand clearly…then he scolded himself and said Maan tu pagal hoga hai, Arnav is younger to Pari, obviously you can able to understand Pari… you are thinking as it’s a miracle” he came out of his thought when Pari tugged his pant. Then Maan took her to wash basin and washed her hand, he made her sit on bed and told to wait for him he will use washroom. Pari nodded her head.

When Maan went inside washroom Dev came to room and saw Pari sitting on bed and thought “hey duno baap aur beti kitne soothe hai, inki waja se mein khana bhi nahi kaya…koi bath nahi atleast they are together now and caressed Pari’s head thinking that poor baby she won’t get father’s love…” then he came out of trance and asked Pari “you got good sleep Pari”…

Pari “ys mamu uncal…..Pari so gayeee naye uncal ke sat” (yes Mamu, Pari so gayee nahi uncle ke sath) meanwhile Maan came out from washroom and said “Sorry Dev, pata nahi chala, Pari ko solathey mein bhi sojaya hoon, its rare me sleeping in odd hours, but I had sound sleep and you know Pari woke me up”. Dev “it’s ok Maan, come lets go for lunch, I came to call you, but when I saw you both were sleeping so I told pap we will drop Pari later he agreed and went”, they drove to nearby restaurant and had the meals. Maan and Dev dropped Pari to home. Dev went to hospital after dropping Maan at home

When Maan came to Meera’s house servant maid opened the door and said no one is there, Maan slightly nodded his head and went to his room. He took laptop and started replying to mails and called Adi and Sasha and discussed about some projects and told them to handle and involved himself in the work.


From two days Geet was not able to talk to Meera, so she thought of going to her house in the evening so she came soon from the school, Pari went with Naina to market, so she was waiting for Pari so that they can go together or else she should answer hundred questions of Meera. Then she saw wedding invitation in window and decided to not to go for Meera house and thought “I think Maan might have come from US, he likes Meera very much so I think he might staying in Meera’s house, may be this is the reason why Meera did not come to meet me”. Mohinder has gone to nearby temple, Geet was getting bored at home so she came to front door and kept watching the people. Then she saw Meera’s car coming from far, Geet came inside house and sat on sofa in the living room

Meera came inside house taking Arnav in her arms and put Arnav on Geet’s lap and said “from two days he is not leaving me to do any work first of all guest at home and here my son wants to meet you” saying this she pinched Arnav’s cheeks. Geet smiled at Meera and kissed Arnav cheeks. Looking around Meera asked “Geet where is Pari? I have not seen her from two days”

Geet: she has gone to market with Naina, she might come now. Even I was planning to meet you today, so I came early from office also

Meera immediately asked Geet “then why didn’t you come”

Geet: if I come alone will you leave me in peace…I was waiting for Pari itself, once she comes then I can start said little hesitantly

Meera wanted to tell Geet that Maan has come from US, but she did not have enough courage to say his name in front of Geet, due to cool breeze the invitation which was in window fly and fall down near Meera’s feet. Meera’s face changed its color after seeing invitation. Seeing Meera face Geet immediately said “Papa aur Pari had gone to clinic yesterday, may be Pari brought it from there, while playing she torn it, so I put gum on it and kept near window to dry, I don’t want any hurdles in their life, want them to be happy”

Meera hugged Geet tightly and cried…Geet caressed her hair and said“Meera please don’t cry”…Meera came out of her hug and said “kaise Geet, usne tumara zindagi barbad kiya hai Geet, tum hey sab kuch kaise bhool sakti wo, how can you wish him to have happily married life, don’t you get angry on him? Don’t you want to question him why he did this to you? After sometime Meera again said that Geet you are not normal human being you are goddess”. Geet closed Meera’s mouth from her palm and said “Meera please use such a big word, how can you say that I am goddess, no Meera I am also normal human being, I just put gum to torn invitation and nothing more than that I did, and what’s the big deal in it”.

 In the meantime Pari came running inside calling “bua…….bua” and hugged Meera’s leg, Meera took Pari in her arms and kissed her and said“pari phele tum hey decide karo ki mein tumari Bua or Mami, you call me bua and Dev Mamu, chakkar kya hai”, then Pari said to Meera“chuchi uncal mamu and ap bua” (Dev is Mamu and you are my bua).

Meera looked at Geet and complained “Geet tumari beti ko please samjav naa, tell her to call me Mami or Dev Phupha”…Geet smiled at her friend who is behaving liked kid and said “phele mujhe hey decide karna padega ki yaha koun baccha hai, Meera you know her very well, she will do what she like and does not listen to me, and she likes to trouble you only Meera, I dunno why, she is good with everyone and when it come to you she likes to pull your leg in this age only…pata nahi kyun”

Meera thought: “bilkul apne baap par gayi hai, dekho kitni tang karti hai mujhe, Maan bhai bhei aisa hai aur uska beti to 2 kadam agey nikli…Meera be careful, one day you will get chance to take revenge on this father and daughter, why can’t she call me Mami, she is separating me from my husband, kitni mushkil se Dev se shadi karli mein, please bagwan either Pari call Dev as phuphaji or me Mami….” 

Pari came down from Meera and went to Geet and kissed her cheeks and hugged her, seeing this Arnav also first hugged Meera and then Geet and kissed Geet cheeks. Looking at children’s both friends smiled whole heartedly.


When Meera and Arnav reached home it was seven, Maan immediately went to Meera and asked “where did you went, can’t you even lift my call, I was getting bored sitting alone at home”.

Meera: I went to my friend’s house saying this she went to her room to change her dress.

Maan took Arnav in his arms and asked “where did you went leaving me alone” to which Arnav said in babyish language “mumi howz”(Mami house). “Who all are there in their house?” asked Maan, because he was waiting for Meera to come out of her room. Arnav “mumi, pali, nanu” (mami, pari and nanu),

 Maan did not had enough patience to listen to Arnav so he took Arnav in his arms and went to Meera’s room; she was keeping saris in wardrobe.

 Maan: Meera you went to Pari’s house right?…Meera was shocked listening Pari’s name from his mouth and she hesitantly asked him “how do you know Pari?” without answering her question he said “Even I wanted to meet her, I am missing her if you told me earlier I would have accompany you”…Nita who went to her aunt’s house returned house. Seeing her Meera kept quiet. 


Dev come from clinic and saw his wife’s angry face and decided to talk to her later, it won’t be good to talk in front of Nita. After his dinner Dev went to room and was looking at report of the patient.

 Meera came to bedroom and locked the door, Dev hugged her from back and asked “kya rani saiba aaj aap bahut gusse mein wo….” Meera asked Dev angrily “why did you told about Pari to Maan”. Dev “my goodness… why I will tell Maan about Pari, Maan met papa and Pari at clinic, he liked her and they spared sometime together that’s all”.

 Meera apologized with Dev was her rude behavior and she was angry on herself for behaving rudely with Dev.understanding her

Dev turned Meera face towards him and said “Meera, I know that you don’t want to hurt Geet further, because she has already suffered a lot, and if Geet is hurt you will also get hurt, and for Geet happiness I will always support you. And don’t worry about my sister much, every thing be fine…waqt ko kuch samay dete hai…we are not god to decide about anyone’s life let babaji decide on that”.

Meera had tears listening to Dev, and said “aap kitne acche kyun hai?”Dev lifted his collar and said “peoples say doctors are very good, but when he gets to listen praises from his own wife, then I think I am very good, wow this sounds really good, Meera keep on praising me everyday…said Dev winking at Meera”

 Meera left him and said “no, no you are not good I told you simply, you are not good, it was a joke Dev don’t take it to heart”, Dev hugged her even more tight and ended up with making love.


Next day when Geet went to office Arjun called her and Shiv and informed “Geet, Shiv will be there was only two days, and I think we should give him enough time to do his packing and spend some time with his close friends, so I have decided that today Shiv will handle all the work to you and pls go through it carefully and call him if you have any doubt on that and then turned to Shiv and said Shiv, give all the details to her, so that she can handle it from now.”

Both Shiv and Geet nodded to him. After coming out from Arjun’s cabin Geet called Nandini, Romeo and Pinky and informed them that Shiv can’t support them from now, meanwhile Shiv joined them and gave all the related files to Geet and said

Shiv: Geet after two days you have meeting with Sasha and Adi, they both will come from Delhi so these are the files related to this project and this is presentation CD. You have already started prepared designs for Mr Inder Kapoor,’s hotel project in Delhi. Here we work together with KC Delhi .Sasha and Adi from KC will work from Delhi office and we from here

Inder Kapoor- MD of Kapoor Hotels

Proof of Kapoor’s Hotel Construction- Delhi

Once design is ready just have chat with Adi and here is his number and then you can talk to their head Architect Sasha. I heard that their boss Mr. MK is in Pune itself, they will finalize the design. Once the design finalized you should go to site if required

Geet listened carefully to Shiv and made note what all should be taken care by her from now and when she finished making note she nodded her head

Shiv: all the best Geet…I will be there to support you just mail me whenever you require my help

Geet: thank you very much Shiv, I will definitely get in touch with you.

Shiv said bye to everyone, and in evening they had small get together part in office. Later Geet went to her home.


Maan had important work in Delhi so he went to Delhi and Pratap took Nita to Batinda, next day when he came back to Meera’s house, Maan was very much angry on Meera. He went directly to his room and throws his coat which was in his hand…

Meera acted as if she was surprised to see him and said “kya bhai shaadi ke baad apko gumne ka time nahi milega he osh ke aap shaadi se phele he goomna shuru kar diya hai…said Meera jokingly keeping her hand on his shoulder”.

Maan shrugged off Meeand asked angrily “I have given car for you, for your benefit and not as credit, how can you people send money for me for that, what you want to show Meera, you are careless because it is my gift”.

Meera knew that Maan likes her very much she can’t doubt on that and said “bhai, please dotn feel bad, there is a limit to get gift from you,  for nursing home you only paid for the construction and the equipments you brought everything from US, and also you gifted this car for us…so we thought at least she should pay back for you, if not in full……a little, which is possible from our end”

Maan who was removing tie, throws tie on Meera’s face, his eyes was splitting fire, he was very stubborn, but he was very good for her. Meera did get angry on Maan, she came in front of him, took his hand in her and kissing his hand she said

Meera: you are my favorite brother right, please don’t get angry on me…seeing her pouted baby face Maan melted and said

Maan:“whatever you say Meera you are not like, something is missing in your love towards me when you talk to me”

Meera: it’s your illusion bhai…saying this she got up to go from his room. Maan immediately hold her wrist and made her to sit in front of him and told her

Maan: Meera, I don’t agree with you, sometime you behave as my lovely sister, and then immediately as if you remember something you show your anger on me and neglect me

Meera took her hand from Maan forcibly and went to her room, lying down on her bed she started to cry like anything, Maan went near her and caressed her head and said

Maan: tell me Meera, what’s your problem? Your brother will do anything for your happiness; please don’t cry I can’t bear tears in your eyes.

If Maan did not spoil Geet’s life than Meera would have happy listened to him…But now…thinking that Meera got up from bed and went near window, staring at moon said “when I was not feeling well in farmhouse, Geet came to see me right? She came there for me bhai but what gift you gave to her? You made her to spend her life lonely”….

saying this Meera went close to Maan who was shocked listening to Meera, Meera holds his collar and asked “how can you do this to your sister’s best friend bhai? What was Geet’s fault? It is such a big crime to meet friend who is suffering from fever? She is my best friend, I looked after her like a sister, and she is so innocent bhai, never ever hurts anyone knowingly”

she left Maan collar and sat on floor crying and said “I have saved her from boys in our college who were behind her, who used to tease her, and I was so much worried about her safety that I used to always pick an drop her to college, thinking that she will be safe around me, but see chote chote badmash se mein toh Geet ko bachaliya par bahut bada gunda mera he bhai nikla”

Maan opened his mouth to say something and kept quiet

Meera: “you know one thing bhai, her marriage was fixed when she came to meet me?  After losing her Virtue from you, like your other girl friends she did not get married or not enjoying with other males. Hey soch kar ‘Ek aurath ek admi keliye bani hai’ she cancelled her engagement and left her place in fear of facing this society. She is still leaving alone, you have helped me so many times bhai, but Geet jaise sunder aur pavitr ladki ke sath tum bahut bada gunah ke hai, iss bath ko mien kabhi bhool nahipavungi…….pata hai kyun, jisko mein apne jaanse jada izzat ki unhone meri behan jaise dost ke izzat ke sath kheli… I will not forgive you for this bhai, and even bhagwan bhi apko kabi maaf nahi karega…”……while saying this tears were continously flowing from both Maan and Meera’s eyes


Maan’s reaction about Geet

Meera informed dev that she told abt Geet to Maan

Maan’s flashback

Geet meeting Adi and sasha

Niharika in Pune


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