MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 9



“Geet, pls bare for some time, uncle has gone out to bring taxi, I do one thing I will prepare coffee for you in the meantime, I heard it’s good”…without waiting for Geet answer Naina ran to kitchen and prepared coffer for her. Mohinder came with taxi, when Naina brought coffee for her from kitchen…she forcefully gave coffee to Geet , and went along with Mohinder and Geet to the hospital while giving a letter to her neighbor informing Sameer to come to hospital asap


Jehagir Hospital

When taxi reached Jehagir Hospital, nurses took Geet inside Operation Theater seeing her in pain, when they put Geet on the operation theater Geet’s pain reduced. Nurses said they should wait, and went to inform doctor Shilpa…Here at Kalyaninagar Sameer came home, seeing door locked in his and Geet’s house he asked neighbor about their whereabouts. The neighbor lady gave the letter to him which Naintara has given to her before going to hospital, and Sameer also reached hospital. As doctor Shilpa was not on duty, nurse called her and informed her about Geet’s condition to Dr. Shilpa. Then doctor Shilpa rushed to hospital knowing Geet’s condition…all waited till morning but Geet did not deliver baby, seeing her condition Mohinder and Naintara went to meet Dr Shilpa

Mohinder: Dr. Geet kaise hai, abhi tak uska delivery nahi hua

Dr. Shilpa: Ho jaye ga Mohinder Jii…abhi test kiya hai meine, sabh kuch normal hai, Geet ko labour pain rukh rukh hai ha raha hai, isleye dhair ho raha hai, abhi hum Geet ko ward mein shift karenge, ek kaam ke jiye aap ghar chali jahiye, aur aap mein say ek edar rukh sakte hai, agar kuch emergency ho hum apko bula lenge

Mohinder and Nanitara came out of doctor cabin, and informed same to Sameer who was waiting for them, later Naintara said

Naintara: Sameer aap aur uncle ghar jahiye, agar mujhe apka zarurat ho toh mein apko bulalungi

Mohinder: Nahi beta, hum Geet ke pass rukhenge

Naintara: Uncle pls mera bath maan lijeye…hai female ward hai, apko awkward feel hoga, Mein apka beti ka kayal rakungi, agar jarurath padi wo toh mein apko bula lungi…aap kal subhe aajahiye  

Listening to Geet screams everyone went near her bed…

Geet: maaa,…seeing Geet in pain Mohinder hold her hand tightly…seeing her father’s face, Geet said “papa mujse nahi hoga papa bahut dard hora hai, pls kuch kejihai naa”

Mohinder had tears in his eyes, he just caressed her head saying “sab teek hoga Geet, Naintara tumare pass rukegi” to which Geet nodded her head closing her eyes, she knows her father needs rest and she cant tell him to wait in the hospital for her. He had not slept properly from so many days. Then Mohinder left with Sameer has Naintara assured them that she will take care of Geet.

In Hoshairpur

Everything was fine in Meera’s life; only one thing that was eating her head was about Geet.  Here in this few months Meera and Dev came too close to each other. Mohan has the doubt about Meera and Dev’s relation, finally he decided before they both decide about their life its better to look proposals for Meera. After continuous search he found his friend son Karan,

When Meera entered house she was happy that Maan has finally agreed that he will talk to his chacha and chachi about Meera’s marriage with Dev, she saw guest sitting in the hall and Mohan called her and introduced to everyone…Meera did not understand whats going around her for few second, she was numb. When Kumud shrugged Meera’s shouldwe has Meera was not responding, Meera came out of her trance and stood up. She went to Karan and said

Meera: Sorry Mr. Karan I can’t marry you , I am in love with someone and I want to marry him only, sorry apko taqleef den eke liye, wo kya hai naa, mein abhi tak mera papa aur maa ko iss bare mein nahi bataya isliye wo mera ristha ke bare mein apse bath ki hai

Karan Parents: He kya hai Mohan Jii’aap ghar bulakar hame sharminda kar rahe hai

Meera: sorry uncle ji, issme unka koi galti nahi hai’hai mera waje se hua hai, actually mein aaj unko batane wali thi ”pls uncle forgive me

Karan: Its ok Meera, thank you, chaliye papa hum chalte hai

Karan’s parents look at Meera’s parents in angry and went from there. Mohan got angry with Meera and slapped her

Mohan: Koun hai wo ladka Meera’hai math khena ki wo DEV hai

Meera: kept her head down and said “DEV”

Mohan: I knew it, muje pata ta, tum Dev se pyar kar rahi wo, isliye mein tumara shadi, acchi ghar se karana chata tha

Meera: Papa…crying agar apko mera aur Dev ki bhare mein, then why did you bring this alliance for me’

Mohan: because I don’t want that BEGGAR as my DAMAD

Meera: Papaaa

Mohan: Kya papa? , he is orphan and uska agay piche koi nahi hai…aur tum chati wo ki khurana khandhan ki beti ek mamuli insaan se shadi kare…wo har giz nahi hoga Meera, Tumara shaadi hamare pasand dita ladka se hi hoga

Meera: mein maar jaa ungi, Dev ke bina kisise shadi nahi karungi

Mohan: then that is best, mein mera khandan ka naam badnam hote nahi dekh sakta hoon



Next day Meera along with her father and mother moved to Delhi, Meera and Mohan did not talk to each other,  everyone were silent at home seeing clash between father and daughter, later Meera went to her room and cried continuously…Then she called Maan and narrated everything to him, has Meera is Maan’s sweet sister, Maan consoled her and informed to not to worry anything now, he will take care of that..Without any delay, he came to Delhi in next available flight and met Dev first

Maan:  entering into Dev’s cabin after knowing that he was alone and said “hi Dev”

Dev;: Here Dev was busy in reading patient case history was shocked to see Maan in front of him, then said “Hai Maan, how are you? When did you came back from US

Maan: abhi, actually Meera called me and narrated everything happened in house to Dev

Dev: got worried and said aab kya hoga

Maan: kuch nahi aap duno ka shadi , before that I want to talk to you

Dev: kya Maan

Maan: Just I want to know about your future plans…

Dev: smiled and said wo aap mera interview lene aaye hai US se

Maan: smiled at Dev and said “aapni jaan jaise behan de rahi hoon tume, phir interview toh lene padenge naa??? “

Dev: yeah that is also right…and then said “kuch nahi Maan, I have got my land at Vimalnagar in Pune, I am planning to open clinic there, now  planning for the construction, then I should buy equipments and I will shift their”

(Especially this place because my darling Sweet_Ashum is staying there and she wanted to meet Geet, but I want her to Meera first then you can meet Geet what’s say )

Maan: sighed and said “Dev can you meet me today at my office by 5.00pm along with the blue prints”

Dev agreed to that and Maan called his chacha Mohan and informed him to meet him today in KM. Chacha agreed to that. Later at evening Dev met Maan in his office and gave him blue prints to him. Dev did not understand why Maan needed blue prints of his clinic, later Maan said he will look into the design first and then talk to them, Dev agreed to that and left the place. Maan Immediately called Adi and Sasha to the cabin

Adi :Maan’s right hand and handles account

Sasha: Head Architect

Maan narrated to Sasha his plans and told her to design for nursing home…and mail him once finalized with everything they are going to start construction…Later went to KM. Here in KM Maan spoke to everyone then also Niharika, Mohan, and Kumud did and agree to him, but Maan is Maan, then he informed him that it is his final decision that Meera is getting married to Dev and he don’t have any problem, once Dev’s clinic is ready Meera and Dev will settle in Pune. Niharika khurana got angry listen to Maan, she did not like Maan spending money for Meera, but she knows if she say anything to Maan he will not agree and will not get married to Nita, so she controlled her feeling inside and giving fake smile at other …within months time Dev and Meera had a grand wedding, now Dev is working in Delhi itself as Maan said he will take care of clinic and it’s his gift to Meera for her marriage. Even though Dev and Meera denied it, Maan did not listen to them and next day flew to US



For Maan he is the happiest and busy person…his day’s starts with exercise, having black coffee and breakfast, lunch from his favorite Italian restaurant and client meetings, end of the day he will end of in clubs with one or other beauties.  One day when he received call from Meera whne was with Neha, a model,

Seeing Meera’s number he responded to the call and asked her whether everything is fine. To which Dev informed Maan that he will become MAMU soon…listening to Dev Maan’s happiness is no bound, he was in the peak, and gifted Neha a diamond necklace and landed up in her house, and made love there. There was no change in this schedule, it was same as usual, next day when he came out of meeting he got call from Sameera saying that they whether he can meet her at XYZ club tonight…Maan agreed to her

Jehagir Hospital

Here Geet was screaming because of the pain, because sometimes she had severe pain and sometime no pain…Geet was broken completely due to the pain and she cursed her fate thinking about the incident which took place in her life…suddenly she remembered Meera and cried and (st) “Meeraaa pls come near to me, I want your support Meera”

In Delhi

Meera woke up suddenly and was sweating badly, she called Dev who was sleeping beside her and said “Dev, mujhe lag raha hai ki Geet mujhe bhula rahi hai, wo parishaan thi Dev, pata nahi kya wo rahi hai uski sath” and cried holding him tight…Dev consoled her, has it is not the new thing for him, after their marriage sometime Meera used to remember Geet and cry, he thought even today she is having bad dream, then he gave water to her and told her, “Geet teek hogi Meera…mera mann key raha hai ki wo teek hai, kuch nahi hoga usko, dekhna wo hame jaldi mil jayegi, tum aab sirf apne bare mein soch, apne baby ke bare mein soch, agar Geet ko pata chala hum iss halat mein apna dyan nahi rakh rahi hai toh wo tumse naraz hogi, kyat um  Geet ko naraz karogi “…like a obedient student Meera nodded her head, Dev smiled at her innocence…then Meera kept her head on Dev’s chest, Dev patted  her slowly and both drifted to sleep


Jehagir Hospital

Seeing Geet sitting on the bed and holding stomach tightly calling Meera, Naintara rubbed her back and consoled her, and said “Geet kuchi dher ki bath hai, sub kuch teek hoga dekhna, mein babaji se mannat bhi mangi hai”.

Geet thought “agar delivery mein mujhe aur bacche ko kuch ho gaya toh,papa ka kya hoga, iss umar mein papa kaise apne apko sambhal payengee, if something happened to me and mere bacche bacch gaye toh, no papa can’t take care of my baby, he is already aged, my baby is far from father’s love and if anything happened to me then it will not get mother love also and then prayed god, “please babaji bachana hai toh hum dono ko bacha lejiye, papa hamare bina reh nahi payenge, aur mera bacche ko mera jarurat hai”  

Next day Naintara got up hearing Geet scream and saw Geet holding her stomach tight to suppress pain and when Geet felt hand in her back she looked at the person and saw Naintara who was rubbing her back. seeing Naina Geet got a new idea “Naintara, agar muhje kuch hoga toh pls mere bacche ka zimedhari tum lena, usko akela math chodna,”…Geet about to continue, but Dr shilpa sent Naintara outside…after check up Dr shilpa informed nurse to get ready OT and went out. Naintara saw doctor coming out of the ward; she went to the doctor to check the status

Naintara: Doctor, Geet teek hai naa,

Dr Shilpa: smiled at Naintara and said “Geet bilkul teek hai, kuchi ghato mein uska delivery ho jahega”

Naintara was happy listening to doctor and informed to Mohinder, Then Mohinder and Sameer came to hospital, Sameer brought clothes to Naina has he know his wife will not move from hospital now, Nurses took Geet to OT and here Naintara got ready in the hospital itself



Maan reached XYZ club, and started to drink, then saw Sameera coming towards him, they both spoke for some time and they both hugged and went to dance floor

[Imagine Maan bachelor party dance]

(Ignore Geet in this) Then Maan and Sameera went to hotel…enjoyed each other company who night… (Maan will enjoy with so many girls but he will not bring anyone to his mansion, till now he went to girl’s house or some luxury hotel,)

Jehagir Hospital

Mohinder, Naintara and Sameer moving from one place other, everyone wants to know what is happening inside. From one hour they are waiting outside and they only can hear Geet screams, Sameer hold Mohinder hand tightly to assure him that everything will be fine, at the same time they heard loud scream of Geet , followed by baby cry…Monhinder eyes had tears, even Naina and Sameer, he was waiting to see the next generation,…after bearing pain for continuous three days finally Geet gave birth to the healthy baby girl …after 15 mins Dr. Shilpa came out of OT smiling followed by nurse holding Geet’s baby and said to Mohinder

Dr Shipa: he lijeye apki poti”’apki beti thoda weak hai, par she is alright now, you should care of her more now

Mohinder nodded his head and took baby in his hand, seeing the little bundle he was happy, and had tears in his eyes, his eyes twinkled in joy, Naina and Sameer was also happy…baby weight was 7 pounds 3 ounces, it was so cute, they all did not had words to explain their joy. After shifting Geet to ward, nurse took baby from Naina and told them they can meet Geet now and she is taking baby for test now. Everyone went inside ward and here Geet slight opened her eyes and saw her papa who was in tears, Mohinder came near Geet , kissed her forehead and said “tumari beti bilkul pari jaise hai Geet, thank you very much for making me grandfather,”, Naina and Sameer wished her. While nurse handled baby to Geet, Geet was so lost in her baby, she was like princess she forgot all the pain she bared so far, her bonding, she was feeling like to shower her baby with love and affection, she felt that can do anything to protect her. Geet smiled in tears and kissed her baby’s forehead

Naina was not satisfied seeing bundle of joy in her hand…she kept on looking at baby, she was so cute…beautiful  eyes, chubby cheeks, she was not enough of her…



Namakaran for Baby

Geet looking for job

Meera  and Dev in KC


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